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LeAnn Rimes: Barefoot In The Backseat!

LeAnn Rimes: Barefoot In The Backseat!

LeAnn Rimes giggles while barefoot in the backseat of her ride home on Saturday (January 5) in Hollywood.

The 30-year-old singer spent her evening enjoying dinner with a group of friends at Katsuya.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

The day before, LeAnn was spotted arriving back at LAX Airport with hubby Eddie Cibrian following their fun holiday vacation.

In case you missed it, check out LeAnn and Eddie stealing a kiss while enjoying the sun and sand in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

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155 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: Barefoot In The Backseat!”

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  1. 76
    Marshmallow Says:

    Six inch Heels Done!!! Why do u need to wear six inch heels leAnn…. U never use too???!!

  2. 77
    Suess Says:

    @GreenEggs&Ham: I do not like LeAnn Sam I am. I do not like her on a train, I do not like her on a plane. I do not like her in the air, I do not like her anywhere. I do not like Miss LeAnn, I do not like her Sam I am.

  3. 78
    Brave Says:

    She is a little cutie with a great patootie. So many jealous old ladies here!

  4. 79
    Brenda Says:

    I see she is still copying Brandi Glanville. Brandi wore a couple fake fur vests on the last 2 episodes of RHOBH, And lo and behold, LeAnn suddenly turns up in one.

  5. 80
    Carla Says:

    @Brave: Jealous of what? She isn’t even remotely pretty imho. And she is not even likable. Ok, she has a nice voice, but her last on screen performance was horrible. She has a good looking husband, but she had an affair with him, when both of them were still married, and only got him, when his ex kicked him out. There are countless beautiful stars that have qualities I will admit admiring and might even envy somewhat. But she is not one of them.

  6. 81
    @Carla.......#80 Says:

    Oh please, who are you to criticize others when you’re a fan of Brandi….lol….A z lister on a crappy reality show with a foul mouth & no class. Says it all really, you don’t even know Brandi yet you stalk LeAnn across the Internet abusing her with your spiteful comments. Typical bully, you like to dish it out but can’t take it in return. LeAnn’s fans have every right to post about her, unlike you sickos at least their comments are not full of hatred!

  7. 82
    Carla Says:

    @@Carla…….#80: I don’t know what rock you crawled out from, but who told you I am a Brandi fan? I don’t watch the show, my sister does, and says she likes her very much, but that is neither here nor there. I do know that it was LeAnn who cheated with Brandi’s husband, so I got her back on that one either way. I also know that LeAnn fans seem as obsessed with Brandi as LeAnn does. Personally, I think she is jealous of her. And why not, she is far better looking.

  8. 83
    Carla Says:

    @@Carla…….#80: Also, non fans have a right to express themselves about her as non-fans. There is a thing called freedom of speech in this country. And bullying is ridiculous word to use. She goes out of her way to get people talking about her, writes songs about her infidelity, and pays the press to keep her image up all the time. But the fact remains, there are a lot of people that don’t care for her, and are going to say so. Get over it.

  9. 84
    nomorerimes Says:

    How nice of LR to take all her gal friends out to eat. And she took her favorite pap too! Now how many celebs do that, huh? Did you buy him his dinner too, LR?? See how generous she is!! Oh, by the way–you sure got over being sick fast. Just like your other “illnesses”. You must have a miracle drug that works FAST.

    And where is your hubby? Bet he was glad to get home from vacay. Can’t stay away from his others too long, huh? Got to keep everyone happy happy happy.

    What a FARCE!

  10. 85
    Borrowed lyrics DESPERATE much Says:

    Well I keep myself alone in case you call tonight
    Its pathetic how I lie around
    And wait all the damn time
    It’s a short high and long low,
    Every time you have to go
    How much time is left and you don’t return?
    And you don’t return?
    How much time?
    Oh it’s no return, no return, how much time?

  11. 86
    Dee Says:

    When did she become Asian?

  12. 87
    CThomas Says:

    @Dee: When you became black.

  13. 88
    CThomas Says:

    @Borrowed lyrics DESPERATE much: Sounds like love! HooRa!

  14. 89
    betty Says:

    @CT Thomas When you have to “Borrow” a man that means he is never yours only on loan until he gets the the next user. Love is never having to BORROW it’s something you get to keep.

  15. 90
    CeeCee Says:

    @betty: So true Betty!

  16. 91
    CThomas Says:

    @betty: When you have to come to a website a HUNDRED times a day just to check LeAnn Rimes out, you may be a SUPER FAN! Love ya Betty, keep on lovin’ LeAnn!

  17. 92
    CThomas Says:

    aww…look at beety responding to her own comments…awww….

  18. 93
    Gwen Says:


    Says the person who bombards the beginning of EVERY Leann thread with 30 positive comments using the names he hijacks from other sites and people’s twitter accounts. So who did you steal the name C Thomas from?

    You respond to your own comments. What did you make the racist comment in post 87? Your posts are getting more and more out of control because you are under the impression that being the moderator means that you will never be held accountable for your actions.

    These are the same posts you made about Betty when your name was SWEET! It’s also the very same posts you are on twitter making as ANDITFEELSLIKEX!

  19. 94
    betty Says:

    I’m like Leann she likes to be photographed and I like to make comments about her. Keep the articles coming and I’ll keep the comments updated.. How would you know what I do unless you are here too. (Chuckle)

  20. 95
    Gwen Says:

    Leann’s staged photo-ops are like those “What’s wrong in this picture” questions.

    1) “Photos: AKM-GSI”

    That’s the same AKM-GSI who took the photos of them at the airport and the 4-5 photos of them while they were in Cabo. So as usual this was just a STAGED photo-op.

    2) Of course Leann is giggling. She fooedl several sites into thinking that she was “attacked” at the airport by the paps and to show just how stupid the media is for falling for her pr stunt, she sets up another staged photo-op with the paps she claimed attacked her at the airport.

    3) The Dailymail is saying that this was a girl’s night out, but in the photo you can clearly see that it’s Dave sitting next to Leann. And Eddie must be in the backseat with Lizzy. Eddie and Leann are double dating with Lizzy and Dave and just like what Leann did to Brandi, Lizzy is doing to Leann. So why didn’t The Dailymail acknowledge that Eddie and Dave were present in that car? Which means these stories are being feed to The Dailymail by Leann.

    4) Her shoes are off (she is trying to show that her feet are swollen) and she has her legs curled up(to hide her baby bump) and prior to releasing this staged photo-op to DM, she gave Hollywood Life an exclusive interview about how she is preparing to get pregnant. So the purpose of this staged photo-op was to fuel pregnany rumors.

    5) “The 30-year-old singer spent her evening enjoying dinner with a group of friends at Katsuya.”

    Friends? Those very same friends that this site refused to acknowledge in the boat, beach, and airport staged photo-ops? So why acknowledge them now, when this site has been ignoring them all week long? Wasn’t Leann just complaining about how she was sick on Friday? Now she is well enough to go out for sushi? How is it that one minute she is dealthy ill and the next minute she is well enough to eat sushi?

    6) Spotted implies that the paps stumbled upon Eddie, Leann, and Lizzy by accident. Leann, Lizzy, and Eddie weren’t spotted, it was a photoshoot. bought and paid for by Leann. Again, why isn’t this site acknowledging that Lizzy and Dave were at the airport and on vacation with Leann and Eddie?

    7) Of course Leann and Eddie were “stealing a kiss”. He is a paid for hire GIGOLO and it was a STAGED photo-op. Eddie plays the devoted husband and in return, he gets money, a 5 day vacation for his mistress Lizzy and his friend Dave, and a new house for him and his mistress Lizzy. A dinner date with his mistress complete with a backseat limo ride with her! Why emphasize the kiss? Does it have something to do with Scheana being on RHOBH and SUR today? To hide the fact that Eddie hooked up with Lizzy?

    8) Did anyone see Leann’s tweet to Just Jared? Do other celebs tweet Just Jared or is Leann the only one who does this? By tweeting Just Jared, Leann acknowledges that she reads this site! Why would she read this considering all the mean and nasty things her fans write about Brandi here?

    9) Are Lizzy and Leann dressed a like? Well that just confirms that Eddier is sleeping with Lizzy. Leann said that Eddie picks out her clothes and if Lizzy is wearing the same thing that Leann is, then that means that it’s because Eddie picked out Lizzy’s clothes too.

    10) From Dec 30 to Jan 5, Leann has been photographed by AKM-GSI. What are the odds that Leann is photographed more than AJ and BP, especially when BP was ranked in the top 10 of 50 Most Popular Celeb lists on this site. We are only seeing these back to back photos of Leann because she is arranging them.

  21. 96
    Gwen Says:


    “Astroturfers use software to mask their identity. Sometimes one individual operates over many personas to give the impression of widespread support for their client’s agenda.

    For examples of Astroturfers See posts: 2-6, 8, 10, 11-16, 19-22 & CThomas.

  22. 97
    Gwen's excuses Says:

    quack quack quack quack quack… astroturfers.

  23. 98
    Gwen Says:

    If Leann was cured by rehab like she and The Dailymail are constantly saying, why is she still doing the very same things we saw her doing last year?

    1) “Planning my GF baby shower…. Oh the fun! ”

    Is she refering to Kim K? And will AKM-GSI get “candid” shots of this as well?Oh the fun of pimping out a child to keep her name and face in the press.

    2) “…yes, I do like to be reminded of my happiness no matter where I am in the world”

    Question: If you are happy, why do you have be reminded that you are happy?

    Leann has to be reminded of her happiness because her life with Eddie is miserable.

    3)” .@LeAnnRimes gets personal in her brand new video. Take a look at “Borrowed”"

    And then she and her fans just can’t understand why Brandi won’t move on.

    4) “@JustJared my feet hurt, 6 inch heels…done ”

    Why is Leann tweeting to Just Jared?

    5) “@leannrimes Thanks so much for getting involved with the NoH8 organization and standing up for equality! Much love! ”

    This should really read, Thanks so much for using NoH8 to promote your marriage and using equality when you are the biggest bully in the world!

    6) “I love my new casetagram iPhone case. They rock “.

    And what’s on that case? Photos of Brandi’s kids and a drunk Eddie kissing Leann. That is behind creepy and it’s inappropriate. What type of person has a case made of the photos of another woman’s kids? So this is what Noh8 stands for? A woman taunting a mother with her own kids? Thanks NoH8 for selling out your own cause. Leann doesn’t represent NoH8, not after she took to twitter to show everyone how she had a case made for her phone using the photos of Brandi’s kids.

    7) “they are MY stepsons not my children and when they are with Eddie and me, they are loved and we are a blended family. Everyone else loves to put wods in my mouth or think they know through a tweet my intentions. I’m happy living my life and sharing happiness and others are on twitter bitching about god knows what. I’m proud of them, I love them, that’s it! All good!! Nothing else, nothing more. Thank you! Much love to you in 2013! ”

    Notice how Leann can tweet someting like this and the media completely ignores it? Anyone else shocked by how Leann is flipping out? Nope. She is losing it over what’s going to happen on RHOBH tonight!

    They ARE BRANDI’s kids and their mother has made it very clear that she doesn’t want you to keep posting photos of her kids to public places. If you loved them, there you wouldn’t continue to do things like what you just did with the photo case. No one is putting words in your mouth. Let’s see when a mother asks you to stop posting photos of her kids to a public forum and you do it anyway, it’s obvious what your intentions were. If you were happy, you would have never did what you did with the photo case of the kids.

    Dear Leann: If you LOVE YOUR stepsons, then remove every photo that you put on twitter and that fan website. Come on Leann, that shouldn’t be hard. The privacy of YOUR stepsons vs YOU happiness! Thought so. You don’t love those kids, you love the way you use them to taunt their mother.

  24. 99
    Gwen Says:

    @Gwen’s excuses:

    I heard that you used EXCUSES name on another site the other day! What’s the matter upset because you are being reported all over the internet for hijacking names? You do know that your posts here are being sent to PH, right?

    quack quack quack quack quack… ANON upset because he is being exposed as a astroturfer.

  25. 100
    TJ Says:

    I am glad I am not the only one to notice that LeAnn is back to copying how Brandi dresses. The funny thing is, when I saw Brandi wearing those vests, I even wondered then if we would soon see LeAnn wearing one. And sure enough, she is wearing one. On another website someone once put up a long thread of pictures showing how Brandi would wear something , or pose in a certain way, and a week or two later LeAnn would be dressed in the same thing or posing the same way. It’s freaky weird!

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