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Alexander Skarsgard: Gelson's Grocery Shopper!

Alexander Skarsgard: Gelson's Grocery Shopper!

Alexander Skarsgard pushes his shopping cart full of groceries to his car after shopping at a local Gelson’s Supermarket on Sunday (January 6) in Los Angeles.

A new photo from the 36-year-old actor’s film The East was just released via USA Today!

The film, which is a story centered on contract worker (Brit Marling) who is tasked with infiltrating an anarchist group, only to find herself falling for its leader, will premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival this month.

“The question is, morally, where do you draw the line?” Alex told the paper. “How far are you willing to go for this cause?”

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alexander skarsgard gelsons grocery shopper 01
alexander skarsgard gelsons grocery shopper 02
alexander skarsgard gelsons grocery shopper 03
alexander skarsgard gelsons grocery shopper 04
alexander skarsgard gelsons grocery shopper 05

Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Myles Aronowitz
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  • ladybug

    Looks like the magic baseball cap of invisibility didn’t work this time.

    And another still from the East:

  • OutlawHobbies

    Alex almost always looks down when being papped. He was super nice In Vancouver about signing autographs but the moment he saw a pap his entire demeanor changed.

  • Invisible GFs

    Yep, just like the rest no shows. People need to stop marrying him off. Trolls get your own lives. The man is single. He will find his GF just he choose he own projects on his own. Then he will go out grocery shopping and other things with her. Stop starting up nonsense rumors. Congrats on The East Alex and Disconnect is coming up too.

  • toriiw

    He is sex on a stick no matter what he wears oe doesn’t. I hear good bibes on the East.

  • Anton

    That’s some shopping 4 one person yep shopping for his Italian actress g.f as well,
    Even the swedish mag confirmed it he was in Sweden with her 2c his fam and spend time together snnow moiling with buddy milzz She will visit las angelese nothing wronge with a distant relationship he looks happy 2have a g.f now . Carnt Waite 2c them together @ Events a tb premiere party .

  • Strange

    Yummy!! Welcome home gorgeous .

  • ladybuug

    I wish he was back with Kate Bosworth. They made such a lovely couple!

  • chelle

    Welcome home cutie!! I can’t wait for his new movies they look really good

    @ladybuug: grow the fukc up name stealing troll.

  • ladybug

    Aw, I’m being sort of name stolen. How tweenish! Shouldn’t you be over on the Taylor Swift thread or something?

    Anton/Mimi/whatever you’re trolling under today, reposting from last thread for you:

    “it reminds me of the line from GK, which I can’t repeat here, but is the last three words of the next to last sentence of the first paragraph (clear as mud?):

    @chelle: all three look good, and hopefully soon we’ll have some idea if The Hidden will be out this year.

  • trollls

    So first she is there and will be out with him for award parties now its TB premiere next it will be for christmas. Haha losers.
    Alex looks great but it looks like he is going fishing. Love him still.

  • Magdalena
  • mforman

    I am so happy to see some new photos. No matter what this man wears he is truly gorgeous.
    I cannot wait to see all his upcoming films, they all seem so different and interesting like everything he likes to act in.

  • trollls

    And that proves what? Old made up news got anything newer???

  • Lilla

    I can’t wait to see this!

  • Macy

    Nice to see him back in LA and back to work. Hope to see some interesting stuff in season 6, with focus back on the main characters and less convoluted storylines. Hopefully things will improve without Ball at the helm.

  • Tänka

    You guys will believe anything that you read about him in the press, would’t you? Believe his friends and Alex’s actions. Don’t believe everything that is printed.

  • gäst

    Alex is goodlooking I guess but his brother Bill is MUCH better looking.

  • Disney Villainess

    Skars dear, and I say this with so much love, how the hell is your tall, awkward ass with those trademark loose sag-ass grey pants and those “been there done that over it” white sneaks gon’ try to go incognito?……..Stop playing with folks man, LOL.:D

    And those stills from the East look ok, though he’s not as beardy and stringy as I thought he would look, oh well.:)

  • ladybug

    @Tänka: “you guys?” most of us on here don’t, especially not from tabloids like Aftonbladet. Or Star, or NE or L&S, etc.

    @Macy, they really need to concentrate on the leads this time, and not so much on the side stories. I know, we say that every season.

    And casting call for episode 2, with possible spoilers:

  • Laura

    @gäst: Only if you like teenagers. I like men.

  • ND

    Lots of tabloids, blogs and “insiders” say lots and lots of things. I think the most educated guess considering all the possible facts/fiction is that he’s still enjoying the single life. In far more interesting news… How about “The East”? I’m curious to see that one and my guess would be it’s in theaters on a limited release this summer. My only concern is why does everyone look so friggin’ dirty?!

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: I guess we know how he’s losing his tan. :)

  • Keiko


    Does it ever? He’s too f*cking tall to hide. I feel bad for him, how he can never slip away because of his height. If he were 6 feet tall he could easily blend in.

  • Lawrence

    He looks so sexy rugged!, very handsome Alex.

  • Lawrence

    I think Alex likes to keep his guard up when the Paps are around, that would explain the serious look, the vultures lay in wait for any chance to print one their stupid little stories.

  • ladybug

    @ND: The photo with Ellen Page? Apparently when they’re not out actually being terrorist they live out in the woods, being one with nature, so not much bathing. Doesn’t really stop him from being hot, though..

    @Keiko, I love his height, but it does work against him going incognito.

  • Keiko


    It’s also likely the sh*t they say to him. Paps are notoriously rude, saying the most inappropriate, even juvenile, nonsense to get a celebrity to look up and at the camera.

  • A

    Hellooooooooooooooo there! <3

  • Cafélady

    It’s nice to see new pics of him…but somehow it causes more and more mixed feelings to me – because meanwhile the most of us know that he doesn’t really like it when the pap’s follow him (yeah I too think, he knows exactly it’s part of this job – but this doesn’t mean necessarily that he has to love it).

    However, he looks good here as always. The shoes remind me on my teeny-and twenty-something days…LoL At that time I loved white sneakers too! LoL :)

    The little serious look is understandable I think – who would like it, to get photographed when he is just go shopping to the supermarket? I’m not sure whether I would like this – in the beginning it might be funny, but then…but ok, I guess he has to live with that, as long as he works in that industry.

    @ladybug: I’m looking forward to his new movies – I only hope I have a chance to see them in the theater near by me! I hope it won’t go like with “Anna Karenina” (Bill had also a little role in it), because somehow I missed that. May be, they had shown it only for two days or something, no clue. But a movie like “Skyfall” runs and runs and runs there…LoL Don’t get me wrong; I like Daniel as 007…it’s just..I think it isn’t fair to the people who also want to watch such movies like “Anna”…

  • ladybuug

    @ chelle – Glad to see you are the same low class, trailer trash bumpkin you have always been. Nice of you to stick up for your boo in your always elegant way, LOSER!
    @ ladybug – Sorry, but you haven’t a clue, do you?

  • Whycantipost

    Ohhh, the still is hot, in a very unwashed and dirty way xD I like it!

  • Macy

    I think they live off the land so to speak, so that’s why they’re dirty looking. They’re supposed to be freegan, granola types.

  • Ann

    Bill is not a teenager, he’s 22 (23 in August).

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: Apparently Bill’s part in AK was cut.

    The theater near me showed Melancholia so I’m hoping they’ll show WMK, Disconnect and The East. Or at least one of them.

  • ladybug

    Another interview from his CK promotional tour. Same old, same old, and once again the writer seems very confused by Alex’s ‘dating’ life (I’m rather certain that just because Ellen Page took Alex to a SC finals game it didn’t mean they were dating):

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: #34 ..oj..that’s a pity that they cut bill’s scenes. In most of the articles I have read regarding AK, bill’s name was not mentioned in the cast list – but thought the whole time, the reason could be that it was just a small part.

    The theater near by me had for “Melancholia” a so called “Arthouse day”, which means, that the movie only ran on certain days (weekdays) and at impossible times. LoL
    The biggest hope I have is for WMK, because Julianna Moore is also here in G a famous actress and I guess some people know the book too. I can just hope and pray for his other new movies – it would be great to see him on big screen in all three. But I would be already satisfied if I could see at least only one of them.

  • Fox

    I see Battleship is nominated for a Razzie.

  • Hemlock grove ?

    Off topic nothing to do with Alex but

    Does anyone know when hemlock will be airing in the UK. I carn’t Waite for sexy bill skarsgard much longer :( I want to see the series.

  • ladybug

    @Hemlock grove ?: The only air date info out there seems to be the US air date:

  • Cafélady

    Ok I coming out with it; I’m a Skardigan-lover :)
    I love everything here – the clothes, the hairstyle and this sassy glimpse :)

    @ladybug: #35 yeah, the interview sounds not really new and I quit to hope that they would stop to insinuate every girl aquaintance to be a “date” or more…*sigh*
    As for his mentioned (allegedly) favorites; now will almost every troll utilize this as a “proof” that he (allegedly) prefer “lolita-type” girls…;) LoL

  • Strange

    Vampires on Cabrillo Beach filming tonight Season 6 . All cast and crew there . People Choice Awards Favorite Cable Tv Show True Blood won .. Great news .

  • Cafélady

    Regarding “The East”-movie:
    “The ethics of all of it become very muddled,” says Page, particularly when murder’s on the menu. “The question is, morally, where do you draw the line?” adds Skarsgard. “How far are you willing to go for this cause?”

    well…a terrorist like Benji would perhaps answer: “How far? As far like it is needed.”
    as true – like page said; the movie raises some interesting questions…

    I’m looking forward to it to see the movie – that’s for sure.

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: I’m hoping it’s thought provoking, but not preachy.

    @Fox, Battleship may be up for Razzies, but the movie that Gustaf has a supporting role in, Kon-TIki, is up for best Foreign Language Film at the GGs and now the Oscars.

  • Oops

    I saw battleship and it’s not that bad, It is the movie which does not take itself seriously and which must be taken in the second degree.

  • Canuck

    Is it just me, or is the thumb troll missing his favorite toy today?

  • ladybug

    @Oops: BS wasn’t that bad of a movie, it was a decent popcorn movie.

    @Canuck, the thumbs up/thumbs down have been down for two days.

  • Rea

    I don’t think it was that bad of a movie not much of a story the general alien invasion want to take over the human race etc etc very entertaining the special effects helped.
    Taylor keische ? Ok , love sick puppy, hoping to marry his sweetheart Sam( brooklyn decker)
    Alex didn’t really make me go WOW what a performance, big bro type of role
    To be fair Rhianna was ok, not as cringe worthy as I thought she would be
    Liam neeson usual excellent actor made good use of the material he had.
    But I like him in other roles like taken, high spirits love that film
    Brooklyn deker model turned actress WHY? Stick to modelling , The love struck GF of Taylor keische character nothing I haven’t seen before

    There were other good supporting actors who I thought were pretty good.

  • Macy

    Battleship was ok, not super great, but a decent action flick for the summer. I didn’t buy the whole brother act thing either, because it barely existed in the movie yet it kept getting spoken about in interviews.

  • Just asking

    Any news on the Italy lady that was reported who he was with in sodermalm last wk? At a celeb party any further sightings or was it false relationship artical

  • ladybug

    @Rea: Rihanna had more screen presence than I was expecting, but Brooklyn, meh. Liam, as much as I love Liam didn’t really do anything. Though I don’t think it was worthy of a Razzie nomination (which he as now received, for worst supporting actor).

    I think he enjoyed his experience filming it, but something tells me he’ll probably stick to smaller films for the time being.