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Brad Pitt Joins China's Version of Twitter

Brad Pitt Joins China's Version of Twitter

Brad Pitt has created a Twitter account… in China that is!

The 49-year-old actor has joined the social networking website Sina Weibo and has already sent out a tweet from his verified account.

“It is the truth. Yup, I’m coming …” Brad wrote on his account, which is currently being followed by over 160,000 people.

Brad‘s tweet alludes that he will be visiting China, where he was reportedly banned from in the 1990s after the country was unhappy with its depiction in the film Seven Years in Tibet.

Brad’s tweets on Sina Weibo?

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126 Responses to “Brad Pitt Joins China's Version of Twitter”

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  1. 1
    Extra Garlic Butter Says:


  2. 2
    As Says:

    Why ???

  3. 3
    As Says:

    Great FUGelina Family , stay there, they can have you

  4. 4
    Lol Says:

    Who cares

  5. 5
    Lol Says:

    More attention

  6. 6
    Passing Through Says:

    Angie’s been wanting to go to China, so maybe Brad’s getting his paperwork in order. I wonder if Brad’s going to be filming a movie there? Hmmmm…

  7. 7
    Passing Through Says:

    # 2210 Wonderbust @ 01/07/2013 at 7:35 am
    TMZ has the twins on their list and it wasn’t $14MIL. It was $12.3MIL. They said all the money was going to the JPF, so all you have to do is look at the 2008 JPF tax return. There were 2 contributions – one from Angie for $6.1MIL and one from Brad for $6.2MIL (or vice versa). What annoyed me was that they didn’t say that Brad and Angie gave away all the money they got and everybody else kept the money for themselves.
    Also, the $4.1MIL for Shiloh was on the Peeps money. There was another $4-5MIL from Hello for UK, Canada & Australia and other publications around the rest of the world. So altogether they gave away $21-22MIL to charity. Meanwhile, JLo bought 2000 pairs of Louboutins with her $2MIL.

  8. 8
    Phool Says:

    To be honest very much doubt its true but goes to show hoe every News agency has jumped on it :

    Brad Pitt hints at China trip
    (AFP) – 13 minutes ago
    BEIJING — Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt made waves on Monday with his first post on Chinese social media, a cryptic message suggesting he would soon visit the country.
    “It is the truth. Yup, I’m coming…”, said the initial entry on the star’s verified account on Sina Weibo, one of China’s hugely popular Twitter-like microblogs.
    It was unclear if the message from the star of “Fight Club”, “Spy Game”, “Ocean’s Eleven” and other films meant that he would be physically coming to China.
    Various Internet movie sites say Pitt was banned from entering the country after starring in “Seven Years in Tibet”.
    In 1997, the state-run China Daily said that Hollywood would “never be forgiven” for a series of films on the region, specifically citing Pitt’s movie, along with Richard Gere’s “Red Corner” and “Kundun”, directed by Martin Scorsese.
    China has long waged a campaign against Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, whom Beijing accuses of seeking independence for the troubled region, and the paper said the films “totally distorted historical facts and events”.
    But Pitt’s Weibo account was an instant hit on Monday, drawing more than 100,000 followers within six hours of his first post.
    “Bring Jolie along”, said one comment, referring to Pitt’s glamorous partner actress Angelina Jolie.
    China imposes strict controls on the Internet and blocks sites popular in the West such as such as Twitter and Facebook.

  9. 9
    Phool Says:

    maybe Brads chinese ban has been lifted ? well its been quite few years since SYT.

  10. 10
    Julian Says:

    @Passing Through: Who cares?

  11. 11
    Julian Says:

    He said Yup? What a gay!

  12. 12
    Lol Says:

    @Passing Through:

    Really .brad and anglina not Together for while now hhhhh

  13. 13
    Passing Through Says:

    BTW – I looked at the Weibo acct…looks fake to me. Why would Brad use an 8 year-old photo of himself that looks like it’s from a photoshoot?

  14. 14
    sarah Says:

    What it really means is Brad is getting paid ALOT OF MONEY.

  15. 15
    Lol Says:

    Brad is OVER

  16. 16
    Phool Says:

    I must say its funny to see chinese demanding Angie to be there with him as well they just can’t get enough of Brad & Angie and the trolls said no one likes them lol

  17. 17
    Alissa Says:

    Wow! Let’s hope that the whole family goes to China AND stays there.


  18. 18
    Lol Says:

    @Passing Through:

    Loon meltdown . That is real account


    Did they spilt I mean brangelina ?????

  19. 19
    Phool Says:

    Passinh Through
    have you seen Huffington Post remembering this date and what happened 8 years ago lol damn they are still stuck on Brad lol

  20. 20
    twitter Says:

    Everyone in China Is Freaking Out About A Cryptic Tweet From Brad Pitt

  21. 21
    cee Says:

    Remember Angie saying she really wanted Brad to be able to go to China. Maybe she helped work it out for him with her UN connections. Another family gift.

  22. 22
    Phool Says:

    It is the truth. Yup, I’m coming …” Brad wrote on his account,
    yes fake account with fake typo Brad never uses work YUP how old was the person who opened this fake account , and know people are freaking over the cryptic message lol

  23. 23
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through: PT, as you mentioned, Angie hinted they wanted to go to China. I hope it’s true.

    PT, are you serious? JLo bought 2000 pairs of louboutin shoes? You got to be kidding, right.

  24. 24

    still no fucking wedding?
    jolie still vvhoring as usual
    leaving lots superstinky FJWP
    many vile rotting soiled undergarment
    horrible stench
    CHANEL N°5 no help
    jolie biggest fucking vvhore ever
    FJWP thick on ground
    soon cover china
    toxic biohazard
    use thickest rubber
    use gaz mask
    use hazmat suit
    use long pole
    use net
    use tong like big blue one
    disease 4 u
    u puke anyway
    u r warned now

  25. 25
    cee Says:

    Lol you are such a fool.

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