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James Franco: Justin Bieber 'Boyfriend' Parody with Ashley Benson!

James Franco: Justin Bieber 'Boyfriend' Parody with Ashley Benson!

James Franco does his best Justin Bieber impression in this new parody video posted to his WhoSay account.

The 34-year-old actor stars alongside his wig-wearing rumored girlfriend Ashley Benson in the clip, which features James lipsyncing to the hit song “Boyfriend”.

Back in October, James denied that he was dating both of his Spring Breakers co-stars, Ashley and Selena Gomez, saying “those are [Justin] Bieber‘s girls and I wouldn’t dare tangle with the Biebs. I heard he wants to kick my ass. Yikes!” Looks like he doesn’t mind impersonating him!

James Franco: Justin Bieber ‘Boyfriend’ Parody with Ashley Benson!
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  • ospc

    that ashley girl is so annoying! why is james hanging out with those losers!

  • Hunger Games Fan

    friggin dumb

  • TK

    That was highly disturbing. Btw, I wonder who the third party was…

  • rikki

    lmao franco is such a creep. he gets weirder with age apparently.

  • Yell.

    I’m afraid to watch

  • catgrrl

    James has officially lost his mind! And why is Ashley making fun of her friend Selena?

  • Lauren

    Is he on drugs still?

  • wonder

    that was hilarious, but also very disturbing. He loves imitating young kids that are pop stars while he’s high. Kudos for the vid tho.

  • victoria

    ajajajaa que gracioso !! muy buena james! =) love you

  • Dani

    OMG JAMES. What is he doing. Love him though hahaha.

  • Gilmore

    I literally said, “I can’t” to this video probably a million times. I don’t really get it- whats the punchline here? Sometimes I think Franco can be cool, but hanging out with a 20something actress (whose highly suspicious with her motives) and making vids like this really questions why I ever think that.

  • liz

    this guy needs rehab A.SA.P

  • victoria

    lol that’s funny! james good! =) Love you

  • Dina

    poor selena
    ashley’s a d*mb

  • Babbom

    That was messed up but hilarious. Oh James Franco you crazy man!


    IMO they are mad cuz the “LEAKED” photo got less media coverage than jelena’s SIXTH BREAKUP :P…… SPRING BREAKERS is still going to flop…. GET OVER IT!

  • what the

    what did i just look at? oh my god, ashley benson is looking extra desperate!

  • No.

    There’s just so much more I could’ve done with my time than watch this…SO many more things they could’ve done than made this. Not sure if they’re also making fun of Selena or doing this for her benefit. Still. WHY.

  • Cupcake

    Is this their official coming out as a couple video? *confused*

  • Emily

    Can this douche disappear already please?

  • mmmmmmmmmm

    It’s official James Edward Franco, is the most fun celebrity out there and not creepy at all. He truly does what he wants and I don’t blame him as life is far too short and he works extremely hard.

    That was funny as hell, strange and a little disappointing in Franco, in his taste for Ashley (don’t trust her motives at all) and song choice but the fun outweigh it all.

    Not sure they were both trying to tell the world to f**k off because they’re not going out with each other but just friends or that they’re?

    If only more A-list actors/celebrities in general were more like him, instead of putting on a show for their fans. Franco what you see is what you get, he looks hot clean shaven.

    Hahaha, this made me laugh….

  • WHAT


  • XxXxX

    WHAT IN THE FLYING FVCK DID I JUST WATCH!?? ….. I didn’t find it funny. All along the video, I was like Omg he’s so fvcking sexy and handsome…. but then I saw Benson and I was like.. Girl, what is your goal in life!

  • hft

    he is trying so hard to be funny. awkward.

  • FrancoRules

    Franco has gone wwwwwaaayyyyyyyy 2 far this time. I just had 2 listen 2 a Justin Bieber song 4 02:54 minutes. Stop testing your fans Franco.

    Sorry, that sh*t was funny, chill people. This could have been taken from an SNL skit. He needs 2 host again.

  • TĂșlio

    He’s so funny. I love the fact that he’s just having some fun and don’t care about other people’s opinion. He wants to do a stupid but funny think that people will probably criticize, so he does. Love it.

    I also love that he he does not take himself seriously. He enjoys himself.

  • Francos video

    Was so difficult to me found the video but here it is:

    You’re welcome.

    PS This is weird and awkward but kinda funny.

  • Lea

    James Franco is awesome! I just don’t get why he’s with Ashley Benson?? He could do so much BETTER than her!!!

  • mk


  • thanks mate

    @Francos video: thanks man!

  • Brynne


  • Mels

    It is called satire so calm down a tad. He’s always been funny. He rocks and this is just fun.

  • hahahaha

    I loooooooved this soooo much!!!lmfao

  • emma

    its so sad, that people think they know these pepole. I think it is actually fun that they can be themselves and do what they want.

  • samsam

    im guessing they are together now. but i think that ashley is no longer friends with selena and justin so this is a way of taking the pi ss out of them too. it could also be because ryan good is justins coach and set them up so they are pis sed off i dunno. hollywood.

  • blarh

    @XxXxX: your comment reminded me of shanaynay (don’t know if you know “her”),but made me laugh :)

  • LOL

    Ashley Benson is trying to make herself happen

  • jc

    This was way too funny!…….hilarious, Franco and Benson having some fun with Biebs….haters, get over yourself!..

  • asa

    He doesn’t need to do this to be relevant. I didn’t think it was funny…

  • xo

    He should have wore those diaper Hammertime pants that the Biebs wears. Would have made it even more hysterical.@asa:I think it’s hysterical and let’s be real, JF never does anything just to be relevant. He’ll always be relevant in HW.

  • Flo

    That wasn’t funny at all. Just so awkward…

  • dfgasd

    youtube is right, you guys are wrong: Great one. James Franco is great.

  • Kylie

    is that Dave Franco as the other “girl”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

  • Cara

    Loved this, found it funny :) Love ashley and james looks hot.

  • sally

    @Emily, thank you. After James Franco horribly hosted the Oscars, he has revealed himself to be a pesky douche.

  • Rakes

    Can’t believe this dude will be 35 in a few months.

  • Hehe

    Who is Ashley Benson? Never heard of her.
    Why is James Franco hanging out with nobodies and little kids? Yes
    Dude your an A List or you were before.

  • POI


  • jflegend

    @Rakes: Jimmy Fallon also made a parody of Justin on his show. No one said anything about age differences and Jimmy is older than James Franco.

    @ hehe, James Franco is still an A list star, a Justin Bieber parody doesn’t change that.

    @ POI, the point is it’s FUNNY.

  • Hermia

    Who’s the other girl?One of them is obviously Ashley Benson…The other is Selena??I dont think so…doesnt look like her