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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Sheer Golden Globes Kick Off Party!

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Sheer Golden Globes Kick Off Party!

Kate Bosworth keeps it sheer while arriving at Audi’s 2013 Golden Globes Kick Off Party with her fiance Michael Polish at Cecconi’s Restaurant on Sunday (January 6) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress was seen posing with Connie Britton and Naomi Watts, who brought her partner Liev Schreiber.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Jamie Chung was also present for the event.

FYI: Kate is wearing an Emilio Pucci dress, Stella McCartney
shoes, and Roseark earrings. Connie is wearing a Black Halo Eve dress.

20+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish attending a pre-Golden Globes celebration together…

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kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 01
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 02
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 03
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 04
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 05
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 06
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 07
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 08
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 09
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 10
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 11
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 12
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 13
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 14
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 15
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 16
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 17
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 18
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 19
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 20
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 21
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 22
kate bosworth & michael polish sheer golden globe kick off party 23

Credit: Paul A. Hebert; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Connie Britton, Jamie Chung, Kate Bosworth, Michael Polish, Naomi Watts, Sheer

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  • Ina

    She had her fair share of hot boyfriends, I just don’t get why she’s with this guy! She can do better. Maybe, the guy’s very nice?

  • ladybug

    She looks good here, though is once again overdoing the posing.
    And another Audi party, but at least this one has slight higher star power than their Christmas party.

    @Ina, she’s with this guy because he’s really been the first one to completely indulge her in her famewhoring and clingy ways. He apparently really does believe that she’s a wonderfully talented artist, bless his heart.

  • Iris

    I bet these 2 smell of stale tobacco.

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    I can´t hate this look – its over the knee and she looks okay.

  • Eyes

    She’s really pretty but she’s skeletal. The two of them consume enough calories per day to satiate a cockroach.

  • Really?

    First let’s all take a moment to acknowledge how much better her hair looks in this shade and at this length compared to what she had a year ago. Let’s also point out how beautiful her makeup is. (I genuinely do like it.)
    Now let’s laugh at how she broke her heal!
    (Or are they designed that way/detachable? Some shots make it look like they aren’t there at all.)

  • Glampagne

    aww Kate’s heel broke but she still posed like a champ. She looks stunning.

  • ladybug

    @Really?: This shot does make it look like she has no heels:

    And in this shot it looks like I could put my hands around her waist.

  • toriiw

    Why in the name that is holy are these two at thisparty–no dog in the fight.

  • DailyNightly

    Well at least she was smart enough to pull the other heel off instead of limping around. I wonder if she had to stand on tiptoes the whole night?

  • mforman

    The funniest thing I find about these shots is truly how much better her hair looks and even her makeup, is that all the suggestions that so many people have made on JJ regarding her filthy, stringy, unhealthy hair and awful makeup, has been done. She not only finally washed her hair, but cut it and dyed it a more natural looking color as so many of you suggested. As for her makeup for once she doesn’t look washed out and wasted. The creature needs to keep reading JJ for all of the ideas she gets because they work, she needs to put some of you on her payroll. To bad her low calorie, small portion diet that she claims a nutritionist gave her is completely ridiculous.
    The only thing the creature needs to now listen to is to stop posing the way she does and get rid of that ridiculous smirk on her face.
    KB needs to realize she doesn’t walk on water, that she is a d list celebrity who buys her way into these events, so there is no reason for that smirk.

  • jackie

    Connie Britton looks awesome in red :-)

  • Suze

    She covered her chest & knees. Good job KB!

  • Annie

    These two are doing some sort of uppers for sure – and I don’t mean just because they’re thin either; that greasy wax candle complexion they both have is a dead giveaway, as is that alert-yet-vague expression.

  • Nina


  • Mary

    @mforman – YOU ARE “THE CREATURE”! (and truly pitiful too)

  • ND

    I think she looks really nice. I like the dress and the make-up coloring is lovely, I just wish her smile looked more authentic. I wouldn’t mind the posehardiness so much if her face looked more natural/genuine. I’m not saying I think she’s had tons of work done, I just think SHE thinks she shouldn’t smile with her teeth. Oh well, I don’t do toothy smiles too often either. But whatever, she looks really nice here. I generally enjoy her red carpet looks.

  • Whycantipost

    I’ll be honest and say it: she looks really good here. The hair and make up is nicely done and I really like the dress. So no snark from me today xD

  • http://justjared mjforlife

    She looks better than usual can’t hate on the look but all the looks she had are gone I don’t where to begin…it’s the damaged skin and skeletal body I guess…I won’t go WOW about this .

  • ladybug

    @toriiw: I’m wondering why Jamie Chung is there. Connie Britton, Naomi, they’re GG nominated. And some Modern Family stars were there, but here are some ‘stars’ who were there:

    Who are these people?

  • WOW

    Kate looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • Xxxxx

    HaHa get ready Alexander skarsgord and newly girlfriend emilia verginelli will be attending some pre golden globes bash parties XXXXXX in LA XXXXXXXXXget ready for the JJ posts andXXX dissecting there relationship

    I love you Kate bosworth not fair you and Alex split But glad you both moved on happy and in relationships married. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • LOL

    @22- mforman see you are back to riling up the troops here and at the Skarsgard post using different troll names. Keep it up!

  • Fashionista

    Everything about Kate’s look at this event is perfect. She gets best dressed of the week.

  • Harley

    “It’s Monday morning, so that means one thing, it’s time to look over what all the A-Listers were wearing this weekend. The stand out star has to be Kate Bosworth, who looked incredible in an Emilio Pucci black silk long-sleeve cocktail dress with sheer overlay from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection to the Audi Golden Globe 2013 Kick-Off Cocktail Party in Hollywood. Divine!
    Fourth picture down = Divine!

  • mforman

    @LOL—-I have no idea what the hell you are talking about. I have never used any name but my own to make my posts, why would I bother.
    It is you trolls and stans that seem to enjoy using different names for whatever reason.

  • ladybug

    Oh, Michael K:

    “I couldn’t tell you the name of the last movie, TV show, community theater production or public access broadcast that Kate Bosworth was in, but kadooze (copyright: Ramona Singer) to her for still getting invited to crap. Kate was a guest at a Golden Globes pre-party thrown by Audi and the bitch posed like Lea Michele in a Barbizon photo shoot. She went for it. The photographers were all yelling at her, “Who are you again?”, …”

  • Suze

    @ladybug: Ha ha! I love Michael K.

  • Tulip

    Fourth picture down = Divine!

    You are so right! Kate’s dress is one of the best LBD I’ve ever seen.

  • chelle

    @ladybug: Michael K is the best! He’s always hilarious… she does actually look good but the posing crap, REALLY??? All she needed to do was stand there and smile but NO not pose hard Bos… she has to flit and apparently twirl like a freaking ballerina…. give me a break

  • mforman

    I hope this link works, I have watched this more than once and laugh harder each time. The smirk, the hair flipping, the trying to pose like she actually can and of course pulling the hobbit in for part of the video, there is just so much to say about this YouTube clip. I know you guys will get a good laugh as well.
    Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at Audi 2013 Golden Globe …
    Sorry this is so long, but I didn’t want you guys to miss this post from Celebitchy, because they finally got it so right about her.
    My two favorite parts were the comment about her billing in the meth addict film, just classic how they wrote it and second the comment about poor Naomi Watts.
    I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do.
    “This is a really big week for the awards season. Here are all of the things going down within the next seven days: New York Film Critics Awards (tonight), National Board of Review Awards (tomorrow), People’s Choice Awards (Wednesday), Critics Choice Awards (Thursday), the Oscar nomination announcements (also Thursday), then Golden Globe weekend, full of industry parties and the official start of everyone’s Oscar campaigns. This is all to prepare you for the onslaught. It’s going to be major.
    So last night, Audi sponsored a “kickoff cocktail party” for the Golden Globes, and only one of the potential (and likely) Oscar nominees showed up. The rest of the people were an assortment of famewhores and television actors. Amongst that group, Kate Bosworth was literally the most photographed person there. How? Why? I mean, I guess I understand. Better to invite The Bos to a “kickoff cocktail party” than invite her to something that matters, like the actual Golden Globes. Of course, you wouldn’t know how unimportant this event is by the way she’s posing. This is her Oscar red carpet!! The Bos’s LBD is Emilio Pucci. And that’s her (somewhat creepy) fiancé Michael Polish.
    Kate just turned 30 years old last week, and Michael (who is 42!!!) helped her celebrate by getting this story into Us Weekly:
    “Kate Bosworth is a lucky gal. On Wednesday, Jan. 2, the Straw Dog star’s 30th birthday, Bosworth woke up to a gorgeous bouquet of roses and lilies from her fiance, Michael Polish, along with this sweet message:
    “Happy Birthday to my #1 on the #2 day of 2013,” the 42-year-old director tweeted. “I love you.”
    “What a beautiful way to start my bday!” the actress replied, along with a picture of her birthday blooms. “Thank you, Michael Polish.”
    But flowers are just the beginning. An insider told Us Weekly that the blonde stunner’s beau has an even bigger surprise in store for his love of more than a year.
    “Michael always wants to make Kate feel special and he can’t wait to celebrate her big day,” the source teased. “He’s completely crazy about her!”
    The feeling is mutual. Engaged since summer, Bosworth told Us that even though she has yet to start planning her wedding to Polish, whom she met on the set of Big Sur, she’s got the most important detail down — the perfect groom.
    “I’m not sure what I want [our wedding] to look like,” she said. “But I know the man, and that’s the only thing that matters.”
    [From Us Weekly]
    Poor Bos. She’s trying to drum interest in something – anything! Would you like to hear about her birthday? No? Would you like to hear about her engagement? Would you like to hear about her wedding plans? She will tell you anything!! Anything except for news of her future projects, because her career is really faltering. The last movie she did was a Jason Statham action film, in which The Bos was cast lower than Winona Ryder. Burn!
    PS… Bonus Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber at the same event. I feel bad for Naomi if she felt like she had to share the red carpet with The Bos. Naomi is about a million times more talented than The Bos.

  • ladybug


    She really does look good here. But as the video just posted by mforman (thanks, I think) shows, she was seriously overdoing the posing/try hardness.

    In the end she dressed very nicely for a party that had 2 GG nominees and a couple of people from Modern Family. And KB and a bunch of other no names.

    But Harlo/Fashionsita treat this as if she was dressed best at the Oscars or something.

    mforman, I couldn’t make it past 50 seconds of the hair flipping.

  • LOL

    @ladybug – you couldn’t make it past 50 seconds of hair flipping like I couldn’t make it past 50 words of @mforman #31.

  • mforman

    @ladybug—-How is she not in a neck brace today with all that flipping, it just wouldn’t stop. I would love to know what Robin B traded for the invites for the two of them and those pap shots.
    @LOL—–I am surprised you could even read up to 50 words, maybe if you did, you would see the truth about this creature.
    We do not make these things up, I didn’t write the Celebitchy artilce or make up the YouTube video.
    I will never understand why you think this thing is so special, I myself have always asked you stan/trolls why you feel the need to defend her and make her out to be something she is so not.
    Each time you give us the same thing—-she is pretty, she is thin, she dresses nicely, you guys never change and I do not think you ever will.
    At least everyone here knows my reasons for disliking KB, I have never hidden it or made up things. You stans/trolls need to try that for a change.

  • LOL

    @mforman- I’m surprised that you go over 50 words in depth on someone who really is not worth your time. Wait take it back, I am not surprised at this point. By the way not a stan or a fan but you and the gang are entertaining as all heck.

  • Suze

    I think she looks better, but the dress reminds me of the LBD’s she wore at Sundance & Deauville film festival. She played it safe & I find it boring.

  • ND

    I watched about 30 seconds of that YouTube video, IF that. I feel sorry for anyone who has to stand in front of photographers and get yelled at. That looks horrifying. What exactly makes it worthwhile?

  • Fashionista

    ALL the press is, rightfully so, loving Kate’s look.
    @ND: That’s the way it works.

  • Really?

    @ND: Attention? Whatever the appeal is, Kate obviously disagrees with you because it’s not like she has to be there; she has nothing to promote.

  • Really?

    A video of an interview done on the red carpet if anyone is interested:
    I had to laugh at her trying to suck up to Naomi Watts on how great she’s sure The Impossible is, even though she hasn’t seen it. And she gets oddly flustered when the interviewer what she does to get ready for a red carpet. Apparently it’s a very difficult question.

  • @Really?

    She has the premiere of Big Sur at the Sundance Film Festival this month.

  • Really?

    @@Really?: She does, but I wasn’t aware that her movie premiering at Sundance had anything to do with the Golden Globes. She also didn’t mention Big Sur in the interview I posted so if she went to the party to promote Big Sur she didn’t do a very good job of it.

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    After having watched several different interviews it´s oblivious her interview skills are lacking. Should she have acquired some speaking skills by now? It´s not very composed.

  • InsertCoolNameHere


  • ladybug

    @InsertCoolNameHere: She’s not good at interviews, especially impromptu ones. I think it was the Nylon part two years ago where she couldn’t explain JewelMint.

  • mforman

    @Really?—-Thank you for the link, what a pleasure at the beginning of the video to see a couple who does not have to cling to each other and act like famewhores all the time, Naomi W and Liev S are a couple, everybody knows it and they just seem so in love and gracious, they don’t go after publicity, like some people.
    I love how the creature tries to make herself important by mentioning Naomi’s film and saying how happy she is for her, meanwhile she hasn’t and probably wont see the film. Naomi’s face in the one photo that JJ has of the two of them is classic, it is like she is thinking “who the hell is this and how do I get away”, it reminds me of the face Anna P and Stephen M had in that one shot from the Scream Awards. Just soooo funny.
    Also, why did she have to bring up being with “the family” for the holdiays. The funniest was the comment about having a whiskey before getting ready for an awards show.
    We have always said she looks wasted and now we know why.
    I still would love to know what Robin B traded for the invite for her and MP, I bet it was big.

  • Macy

    I made almost this exact comment, and it’s in moderation. LOL! Interesting. I used the word vacant, was that the kicker?

  • @Really?

    The press from the Audi party was all about how stunning Kate looked and they mention Big Sur. She didn’t have to bring it up and I think it’s classy she didn’t.

  • Really?

    @@Really?: The two non-JJ articles I saw didn’t mention the release of Big Sur once. Neither did the caption for single picture I saw in a daily breakdown photo album. Actually the two articles I read commented on how little she works and how the work that she does get isn’t good. (The bad part was in direct reference to Homefront.)

    Did the outlets that you saw that mentioned Big Sur in conjunction to her Audi appearance mention Big Sur in any previous articles? Because if they had already mentioned it, then the party didn’t really help the movie get any new attention, did it?

  • ladybug

    @Macy: The mod system didn’t like vacant? Sometimes I swear that JJ’s moderation matrix goes on drinking binges because what it moderates makes no sense.

    Perhaps it would prefer clueless? Vacuous?

    But where are my manners, after she was accepted into Princeton! :)

    We’ve written this before, and will so again: she’s been in this business for over 10 years now, and yet she’s still a lousy interview.