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Matt Dallas Comes Out as Gay Man, Engaged to Blue Hamilton!

Matt Dallas Comes Out as Gay Man, Engaged to Blue Hamilton!

Matt Dallas has officially come out as a gay man and has announced that he is engaged!

“Starting off the year with a new fiancé, Blue Hamilton. A great way to kick off 2013!” the 30-year-old actor wrote on his Twitter account.

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Matt kicked off his career with the title role in the series Kyle XY and most recently starred in the show Naughty or Nice. Blue is a Los Angeles based musician.

Congratulations to the happy couple on the great news!

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  • Saline Dijon


  • nina


  • watevs


  • Juliana

    NOOOO, just crushed my dreams :/ But I’m glad to know he’s happy, and FINALLY decided to come out, not that we all didn’t know already! :)

  • old news


  • chels


  • Charles

    The gays are everywhere!!!

  • Cindy


  • Lou

    i thought this was a known thing?

  • Anon

    Matt is a gorgeous man! Blue is lucky.

  • Blake

    @Charles: Not as “everywhere” as the straights are.

  • Yaddle

    The only think “schocking” is that he has to come out. He’s gayer than gay. And besides, more than half of Hollywood is made up of rectum bandits.

  • Bridget Jones

    @Lou: only within the gay community yes

  • Blake

    Personally, I did not know that… he was engaged to Blue.
    Congratulations to the both of them.

  • Blake

    @Yaddle: What a clever boy you are.

  • Maddie

    Didn’t we know this already? He dated that guy from Mean Girls and they did not have a happy breakup…

  • Uli

    @Maddie: oh shat i remember that lol and how they were always fighting at The Abbey

  • Jennay

    wait i thought everyone already knew he was gay? Regardless, great for him!

  • Blake

    He announced his engagement on Twitter, that was all. This was not some sort of “splashy” coming out.
    So sure, a lot of us knew he was gay, but this was not a coming out for the sake of coming out, he just did not want to treat his new fiancé as “dirty” secret.

  • Miracle

    So what? I don’t even know who are those people!

  • Lana D

    great for him…but is this a thing now? for every person that comes out as gay its news?

  • cool

    its like we all kinda knew..but i was still giving him the benefit of the doubt

  • Larry

    Yes I love it !!!! We need more people to come out in this industry. Gaaaaaaaaay gaaaaaaaaaay gaaaaaaaaaaay love!!!

  • hum

    Jeez. Is everyone in Hollywood gay? I just won’t have a celeb crush anymore.

  • SunnyAutumn

    I remember seeing clips of that show XYZ. My gaydar must’ve malfunctioned at that time. Took me by surprise. In this day and time, nothing should surprise me anymore. Sad.

  • Jay

    That’s what comes from having no belly button.

    Congrats to Matt and Blue.

  • Jonathan

    Too bad he didn’t have the guts to come out when he was actually still relevant. Another has-been coming out when they’ve got nothing to lose. What’s new?

  • siennagold

    OK, I have nothing against gays but damn, I thought he was straight!

  • an

    blue ? how could you call your baby blue ? How twisted is that ?
    Anyway another one … Who’s next ?

  • LOL

    who is he?

  • Joanna

    I’m pretty indifferent. Especially since I always felt he looked like this- Really, could his eyes be any closer together?!

  • Pattycake

    Why, every time someone comes out as gay, does someone ask the question, “Is everyone in Hollywood gay?” No, they’re not. But many more than will publicly admit it. Wanna live in a world where people agree that it doesn’t matter, cause it doesn’t.

  • Joanna

    @Jonathan: I agree! It just makes me wonder if they’re honest or not about it when they do so after being out of the public eye.

  • lupe

    blue ? how could you call your baby blue ? How twisted is that ?
    Anyway another one … Who’s next ?

    Probably JLo boytoy…. Casper.I mean in the gay community everyone knows he gay.I don’t know who’s she’s trying to fool?

  • Joe Rodriquez

    From 2006 show archive of the Howard Stern Show ( and search for matt dallas):

    Howard got Matt Dallas, the star of “Kyle XY,” on the line to talk about how he was “outed” on the show by Perez Hilton, even though he is (and always has been) straight. Matt said he wasn’t too bothered by Perez’s claims, adding he was happy that he was now considered a big enough star to have lies spread about him. However, when Matt acknowledged that he recently broke up with his girlfriend, Howard recommended he find a new one soon in order to prove he wasn’t gay.

  • http://RavenDarkholem nicky

    I kind of had a feeling he way gay. Goof for him for coming out and for getting married!

  • see

    So that was the gay famous actor, nobody guessed him. Really not that famous if everybody gets the guesses wrong off of gossip.

  • tessa

    @Jonathan: Jonathan Bennett is that you? lol

  • yellow

    Congratulations finally some great news!

  • Alice

    @cool: that sounds like he commited a crime you idiot.

  • bubbaness

    How is this any different than a straight person announcing an engagement?

  • British Latin American

    Always liked Matt and am happy for him, but I thought his being gay was common knowledge. I guess this means that the rumour that he and Jonathan Bennett were once a couple is true.

  • lola

    Wow, double congratulations to Matt, for having the courage to come out and for his engagement, they make a great couple !

  • Renee


    How did he crush your dreams when you already knew he was gay?

  • lila

    Regardless of how i feel about gays or gay marriage, it’s nice to see someone happy. believe what you believe. Do what you’re going to do – everyone will be judged accordingly. So you should just live your life and be happy, and be happy for other people if they’re happy.

  • Tex

    Is Henry next?

  • samantha

    It’s a pretty great love declaration to his fiance coming-out this way, congratulations to the happy couple !

  • Nikita

    No wonder there are no men left on the planet for single straight girls looking for straight men hehe, and there are more single women out there. Many cuties and hot men in this modern time and even men who physically look very machos and manly now you have to doubt if they are gay or not as look manly on the outside does not mean a men is straight in current times. What a bad luck for us the straight single ladies in this era.

  • Jey

    Everyone knew already!!!

  • Matt

    Have you seen Blue Hamilton shirtless (and with short hair)? Hell, I’d go gay for that sexy looking man!