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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Split?

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Split?

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have reportedly ended their short romance, according to multiple reports.

The 23-year-old country singer and the 18-year-old One Direction heartthrob were spending a post-New Year’s holiday vacation together in the British Virgin Islands when they reportedly had a big fight, which ended in Taylor leaving the topical locale a day before Harry, according to Page Six.

Taylor and Harry debuted their romance at a taping of The X Factor in November and were spotted together in Central Park in early December. They have since flown all over the world together and even shared a kiss in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

Pictured inside: Harry landing at Heathrow Airport on Monday (January 7) in London, England following the reported split.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have reportedly split?

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# 1

That was quick. I was hoping they’d stay together forever, seeing as it tortures his insane fans so much.

# 2

Taylor needs to check into a mental hospital. She has been through more guys than John Travolta. I am sure she will write a dumb teen song about this split, too.

# 3

what was that like a week or something? besides we all saw this coming. now whos her next victim…

# 4

Damn, I at least predicted they would last until early February. Taylor needs to take 2013 off and stop serial dating. She is a pretty girl but something seriously must be wrong with her to go through so many men in such a short period of time.

# 5

wow there’s a surprise…

# 6

Not that I’m routing for them but ugh, people don’t even try anymore to work out their problems. Thats how immature both of them are. If this is true, that sure lasted long. She needs to take a break from men or boys for a while

# 8

she’s pathetic.

# 9

The contract was up.

That was fast. I don’t care anymore.

surprise. surprise. I really, really, really tried to support Haylor – but it’s like girl, you’ve gotta stop.

LOL wow didn’t see that one coming…

These two have officially topped my punch list.

taylor’s too predictable. i’m sure everyone saw this coming…

mlllllllllllle @ 01/07/2013 at 6:23 pm

faster and faster

guess 2 breakup songs from her next album: Connor Kennedy and Harry Styles

plus i love how earlier shes like “Omg there are 13s EVERYWHERE, this is good luck and sh it”…guess she read the signs wrong

Aha! That’s why Taylor never has a relationship last more than a month. Because she breaks up after the first fight!

Yeah…that’s not the way to a lasting relationship.

EndOfTime @ 01/07/2013 at 6:29 pm

*slow clap*

has anyone noticed that this girl always blames the guy for her short comings? It’s never her fault when they break up, geez just once will she write a song that says its either both their faults or HER fault. She’s not perfect.

new song coming out..

omg i’m so one see this coming
”had a big fight, which ended in Taylor leaving the topical locale” and of course hi is the problem.
ugh I’m so don with her.she use pple and insulting them in her stupid song

Already? Well it’s better that way. And if new song about it came out? What it wrong with that? Everyone writes about their experiences otherwise it’s pointless, empty..

I just don’t understand this – she is usually so good at relationships!

Yup her standard MO, eff em leave em and write a hit song……
she’s an epic user and a loser

she’s a serial date like several high school teens!

lmao time to write a new song I guess

Josephine @ 01/07/2013 at 6:38 pm


Men? What men? Lately she’s only interested in dating 18-year old boys. Who’s next – Bieber?

He better write a song about this quickly. Get his version out while she is busy touring with the Jake Gyllenhaal album…

lord bless @ 01/07/2013 at 6:39 pm

About time

Next song: “Wrong Direction”

@tara: Yes cus she can’t stand any one tell her she’s wrong or she’s did something bad.this sl**t used to tall that she’s the best person in this planet
if you say some thing els she’ll break up with you.
sorry for my English

Oh great here comes another taylor song about how a guy hurt her!
Seriously she dates all these guys and writes all these songs about being hurt. The thing is the only common thing in every breakup is the fact that she’s in it. Maybe she needs to realize she is the problem.

I’ve always thought their relationships (or most of them) are fake.

Ana Maria @ 01/07/2013 at 6:48 pm

It was pretty obvious this wasn’t going to last, but I think the problem might be Taylor since she’s the one who dates every single guy there is out there, like please girl settle down and give yourself some time! And a new album will probably come out next month after this lol

Why is a 23yr old woman dating an 18yr old to begin with?

i’m shocked. *insert heavy sarcasm*

“ARE YOU SURPRISED that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have reportedly split?”

Is this a trick question?

there was a blind item posted on Dlisted as soon as they started dating that was obvi about them. go read it. it said they are only scheduled to “date” until a little after the new year..

that wasn’t obvious or anything.

definitely not surprised. it was probably for publicity and they were an awful couple.

İm gonna give her one week (for write a emotional songs) and then boom she shows up a new guy..

She needs to relax…really….like seriously calm the eff down and relax. Enough is enough.

Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahha seriously, she has some issues.

break up soon as 1D’s new song is out hmmm

@samsam: Or she read them perfectly RIGHT!!

Waow this one lasted even shorter than her MTV awards speech before Kanye cut in.

She should just give up on men and turn to women. I think that’s the only option she has left is doesn’t want to grow old alone lol

lanas-world @ 01/07/2013 at 7:16 pm

and let the songs being

Why would this surprise anyone? First shes dating a boy barely legal for her to date. She needs to date men that are more age Appropriate! Time to grow up Taylor

New song coming….probably called “Dear Harry” this time! Damn, I think she goes from guy to guy to come up with new songs to write!

The Biebs is next!

aquarius64 @ 01/07/2013 at 7:21 pm

And another one gone, and another one gone…another one bites the dust!!!

Seriously, Swifty needs to cover the Queen classic when she goes through her break ups. She’ll have to pay the group for the use of the song, but it would save her some time.

To everyone who defends her airing out the details of the break up in song: Swift is in NO POSITION to complain if her dumped beau puts her business in the streets, especially if it’s true. Swifty can’t have it both ways; and her getting a dose of her own medicine is long overdue. I hear Harry likes to kiss and tell. Watch your back, Swifty.

Oh well. She’ll write a song and be on to the next one in no time. Bad day for Haylor fans, but at least Taylor’s gynecologist’s practice is flourishing.

Do we have song yet?

That was fast…again.He will be her 13rd ex-boyfriend in 3 years,right?Well,nobody wasn’t expecting this relationship to last anyway,maybe she got tired of being his beard,or the contract was up,who knows.Now i wonder what the name of her new break up song will be…any guess?lol

The answer is no, i’m not surprised.
It’s just another week, another boyfriend for fake virgin Taylor!

Why is everyone blaming Taylor. But, Taylor should have known I mean Harry is only 18.

this is hilarious

Ok people……who do you think is goning to be Taylor’s next victim? _mmm. Names?

@Rachel: The blind item was on Blind Gossip and it was titled They Won’t Make It to Valentine’s Day. It talked about the exact nature of the relationship and the time line. Scarily accurate.

huge fight? wtf?

yeah. totally normal to have a huge fight with a boyfriend you’ve known for 2 months and are on vacation with. i don’t believe any of this crap.

Im not that surprised that they split, and i also wouldnt be so surprised if a new single of her comes out soon. Im fan of both of them but taylor should take a break from guys. A looooong break.

and by that i mean i don’t believe haylor was ever real to begin with. it

What a great example Taylor is… Stop buying her records!!!

She only dates this guys because she knows that her insanity will force them to dump her and that means new material for her upcoming album. This girl is sick!!!

@Italy19: the hipster looking actor from her latest music video.

Soccertwin4 @ 01/07/2013 at 7:52 pm

She already wrote a song about it called “I knew you were trouble”… she even added dubstep

groundcontrol @ 01/07/2013 at 7:58 pm

Right! Now she’ll make her move on the Biebs. lol

Everyone is giving her such a hard time for dating a lot,
but she’s still young and she can’t hang out with a guy without tabloids jumping up and down saying she’s a serial girlfriend…
I wouldn’t want all that pressure!
She’s had a few boyfriends, but who knows what goes on in her intimate life really, and most of all she seems like a really good person.
Falling in love or being in a relationship is never easy, especially in the public eye with that crazy life, so if it means she dates a lot for a while, how is it a crime?
I’m not even her biggest fan, just saying :)

Taylor always seems to have another guy waiting in the wings. I really don’t understand what was the attraction on these last two guys. I like Taylor’s music. I bet I would last longer with her if she would date a non-celeb.

Not surprising. They are both young and it was most likely just lust which brought them together and now they have bonked each other repeatedly, they are bored and need to move on.

I’m starting to believe the rumors that she is a lesbian.

AL from brisbane @ 01/07/2013 at 8:09 pm

@liz: ugh noo!!! I will flip the **** out if she goes after Reeve! he is wayyy too good for her

@emma: I would agree with you that she if free to date cuz she’s young but she makes it obvious who she is writing about and deliberately hurts their reputation when she knows they can’t fight back. That is not fair.

Working a new song……

She’s got her song! Her romances are like pre-teen dating. She’s still probably a v irgin. This is how she tries to keep her life interesting. But one day she’ll get tired of trying to recreate the days when she was an outsider at school and her fans will get bored.
Check that, there will always be young girls for whom her message strikes true. But she probably will want to get a real life instead of a made up one by the time she’s thirty.

News flash Taylor: There is no such thing as a perfect love!!! You have to take the good with the bad, and not dump the guy as soon as he falls off that ridiculously high pedestal you put him on. Actually get to know these guys as friends before jumping in so quickly. Stop making these guys out to be prince charmings. Go take a trip…learn to knit…read a book…play some video games…hang out with your girl friends, and take a break from the dating scene, because you are a wreck >.>

no.i like taylor but dates to many guys.

I actually might start hating Taylor after this .

Andamentothat @ 01/07/2013 at 8:47 pm

She sure is swift in her relationships!

Taylor probably has high expectations that the kiddy guys she date can’t live upto.

BREAKING NEWS: Taylor Swift will release a new song next month called DIRTY HARRY

All the guys should get together and write a song about HER

she’s cruising a high school right now

It’s healthy to date lots of people in your teens and early 20′s … it’s how you learn to relate with people and find out what type of people you are compatible with. Marrying your high school sweat heart is why the divorce rate is at 50% in this country.

That being said Taylor does keep picking unavailable guys … most of which she gets from Hollywood’s closet.

KAY blood @ 01/07/2013 at 9:06 pm

Taylor! Start dating MEN not little boys and teeny boppers! You are too old to be dating 17 and 18 year old boys.

she should date a girl instead

So annoyed @ 01/07/2013 at 9:39 pm

And her next boyfriend, Beardy McBeardster, has already been selected.

i think ill listen to her next new song about harry and smile and laugh uncontrollably….who else?
it wouldnt have lasted long anyway….

@ozzie: yeah but everyone is different, i know a lot of my friends parents, and my own have been together since high school, i also know people my age (early 20s) that have married the guys they were with in H.S..

i don’t think everyone has to date consistently in their 20s.. some people do, some don’t.. it’s all about the person not the statistics.

Anyone who doesn’t realize this was a set up from the beginning is delusional. I also think things didn’t go the way Taylor expected. Harry wanted to do more than some fake photo ops, so he went over to Bransons’ to party. He looked like he was having a ball, no worries, and she took the boat back and she was all pouting. Tough. I can’t feel sorry for a complainer who has everything she has and she doesn’t even appreciate it. She is a joke.

no jared, im not so surprised.

@Delilah: you seem to be slu(t shamming when you yourself said ‘Anyone who doesn’t realize this was a set up from the beginning is delusional’. they were both in it for the same reason, this is nothing new, every celebrity does the same thing it’s just that we don’t get a new album out of them for it.

okey! another hit song about a breakup or fail relationship for Taylor! I gave them six month together, but really they only lasted like a month? Taylor really have to take things slower! OMG she have only 23 and had more boyfriends that shoes, and people thinks she’s a good example for girls??. She needs help hahaha

Wow, her contracts don’t last long, huh? This one was shorter than Jakey G. Was the Kennedy kid romance even real? I figured that one for real, and they didn’t actually break up. They’re still together but fake broke up so she could do this publicity stunt / future song “romance” with the One Direction kid. I predict Taylor and the Kennedy kid will be back on, stat.

Is no one curious to ask: WHAT WERE THEY FIGHTING ABOUT?!

ok for two RICH and young people soooo in love what would be their reasons for a blow up?

gaaaaaaaaaaaawd… so earth shattering… end of the world… go do something significantly & F more people…

souless wanderer @ 01/07/2013 at 10:59 pm

Taylor needs a woman in her life.

WTF is a 23 yr old doing with an 18 yr old? o.O

@souless wanderer: leave the lesbian community alone, we’re going through enough. :)

OMG TAYLOR SWIFT IS SO ANNOYING. I liked her during her first year, now I hate her. It’s like she has no creativity to write songs so she dates and dumps all these guys because that’s the only way she can write a song..what a HORRIBLE rolemodel. Wow.

Taylor is a good musician but a horrible girlfriend. #justsaying

****! take a break, she is becoming the female version of John Meyer.

AL from brisbane @ 01/07/2013 at 11:36 pm

@beat slap: good musician? LOL wut? correction: good songwriter. horrible vocalist. decent guitarist. but not godo at piano or banjo (but she tries).

Janise Grubber @ 01/07/2013 at 11:40 pm

She got what she wanted for a new song

billiam billiamson @ 01/07/2013 at 11:44 pm


Harry dodged a bullet, thats for sure.

Saw the head line and an immediate HAH came out of me…
Though this is probably rumor if you look at how it was reported but still, HAHHHH

You’re all a bunch of jealous haters. Taylor is beautiful and talented. Hopefully she finds her prince soon.

@sam: lolllllllll thanks for the laugh

Why am I not surprised?

pops Smuck @ 01/08/2013 at 2:07 am

She should try Niggers now, right? isn’t that the next natural step?

I guess it lasted long enough for a lot of people who had never heard of Harry Styles to come to know his name which is good marketing for the solo career he wants to launch.
As for Taylor, she will again play the victim even though he is a known player (as were most of the dudes she dated). She’s got serious issues.

Omgosh no ! I thought they were going to last forever ! lol

Charlie Harper @ 01/08/2013 at 3:08 am


this girl must be crazy or something because she has a new boyfriend like every month!!!

i guess she was going in the wrong direction! ahahahahahah!!

hillbilly @ 01/08/2013 at 3:58 am

typical taylor. at first i looked up to you and wanted to be just like you but then after all these break-ups i thought i don’t want to be a playa.! geez gurl! i wont be buying your next album about your sad split. no offence..

what a shocker!LMAO!Come on this chick has serious issues for real.She can have as many relationships as she wants but please stop acting like this naive innocent girl…….then writes about her breaks ups and acts like she’s a victim……

Taylor is rapidly becoming the ***** of celebrities – she will soon take the crown as “the ultimate *****” away from Jennifer Aniston.

yes she’s 23 !
but she have a 16yrs mind !!!

aquarius64 @ 01/08/2013 at 7:16 am

Swift looks like she’s trying to take the title of “trampire” away from Kristen Stewart. To those who are defending her saying you don’t know she’s had sex with these guys – well, you don’t know with absolute certainty that she DIDN’T. But when you allow yourself to be papped coming out of a hotel in the wee hours of the morning with your guy of the moment, there’s a reasonable assumption that it’s a sexual relationship. You’re simply believing the public image of America’s Virgin, and she well may not be. It’s an image used to sell CDs, perfume and any other product that has her name slapped on it.

Oh…soooo unexpected!! haha

Next stop: Justin Bieber…

I guess a new breakup song is gonna be released soon… This girl is mental, seriously !!!

people just come and go

I can hear the song already. Something about kissing as the ball drops and then ending up in paradise…..

Guess new song title: Your hair is up…, We were so young, Don’t bother call me again, Your head is bigger than mine etc etc

taylor hoho @ 01/08/2013 at 9:54 am

she’s on the hunt for extra large meat

@Yaddle: Six guys though.

Noooooooooooo!!! Didn’t see that one coming…

Can’t wait for the new song … “Dirty Harry”

She is gonna run out of guys to date pretty soon at this rate…can’t sing, can’t keep a man. #NOT a Taylor fan.


Wow, so much hate in this comment. I’m starting to think you’re a closeted Taylor fan.

Okay, all the hatred towards Harry and Taylor is wrong. Completely uncalled for. I didn’t think it was a good idea either but it isn’t AND WASN’T your place to say “I told you so” or “She should check into a hospital”. You don’t personally know her. Or Harry. If this happened to any of you, you wouldn’t want people to judge based on any decisions you made. You’d want them to just listen and comfort you. That’s probably where Taylor is now. Or not. Either way, they’re young and full of life. Let them learn. Really starting to think that all these haters are closeted 1D or Taylor fans since they seem to be commenting more often than not on these articles.

2013 will be interesting…

No! really? i can’t believe it… irony

Another bit of proof..... @ 01/08/2013 at 11:45 am

Poor Taylor. Back to combing high schools for the next two monther. That is the average teen boy’s attention span.

now her new song about her break up is coming!!

@Rue: you can’t be serious. how do you not see it? this relationship is phony. fake. DOCTORED.


villedeville @ 01/08/2013 at 2:29 pm

Who knows? Maybe next year her taste will turn to mature and older men! Hopefully, Hugh Hefner will be unattached and ready by then.

I think she should turn lesbian because ……men aren’t her forte .

coffeeaugur @ 01/08/2013 at 4:21 pm

OMG … Taylor must be totally dysfunctional, that she cannot keep a bf. God help the man that marries her … she is obviously just way too high maintenance .. get a girp girl!!!

She’s already trying to act like the victim and that’s it’s all Harry’s fault… Tipical Taylor tsc tsc… ¬¬ please watch this YouTube video! A girl I know from school who has sung all her life, she’s from England thank you

Well that was a big shocker that no one saw coming (sacrasm)…

Not surprising at all…
I mean, I saw this coming, maybe a little latter but still. I think she takes everything to seriously and fast, we are not witness of her relationships but I believe that she calls the guys she dates “boyfriends” in a short period of time and sometimes they are just having a good time and don’t want to commit in a serious relationship. Even more considering that most of the guy she dates are like 18 years old.
I love her and I like Harry but not together idk why, anyway she needs to take a break and not only write a song about this but other things too, she so talented that she doesn’t have to focus on break-up songs

The stunt is over, i see.

Wow, what surprise given her track record.

carla carvalho @ 01/08/2013 at 7:19 pm

cara, ninguém fica com essa garota! A mais mala de todas!

Well this does not shock anyone with 2 eyes……did you see how into her he was in that NYE kiss video? He was so not interested imo & seemed to look not very happy whenever they were out in public together, it was just very odd all around..

This relationship was a horrible excuse for a publicity stunt. Thank God it’s over.

Can somebody make this girl DISAPPEAR ALREADY!!!!! She goes through guys like a new song, it’s getting so old. She has so much money why can’t she just rent these boy toys in privacy so we don’t need to read about her or her love life. Poor Harry, he’s the subject
of another song. Please, Please, Please somebody, vanish this girl
into thin air already:)

I literally lol’d when I saw this. So typical, so staged, so fake, so Taylor Swift. What more can you expect? Now she’ll continue on playing the victim and 4 songs on her next album will be about Styles.

Somebody is probably right, something wrong with Taylor Swift mindset, she’s jumping from one boyfriend to boyfriends, seems like those butterflies. What went wrong along the way,since the first boyfriend?


Another failed relationship for Swift to sell out to stupid fangirls


HA!!!!!!!!Just like all his TRUE fans predicted it would happen!!!! she broke his heart…… she did with about 13 other men!!!! what with wedding rumrs tho, i expected dem 2 b together till l8 feb @least. sooo hazza fans…………….we r all anxous! is it a REAL split?? lets hope so den his single agen!!!!!!!!!!

Haha she probably found out he was to boring and gay and could write a song about him then again i hear Justin Bieber’s single hide the 18-19 years she’s come for you

This PR relationship..I wouldn’t even call it a relationship was as fake as Lee press on nails.

Uh oh… I smell a new song in the air … ‘new year/month/day/hour/min/nanosecound, new guy, same me” delivered with a nice hook, some guitar styling and a polished melodrama music video.

Here comes another Taylor Swift hit album…

they looked cute together but they werent ment to be

Her next hit: Wrong Direction

Can’t wait to hear her next single called “wrong direction”

They been dating and broken up a hot minute and I am effing sick of them both. Can he please cut that ridiculous mop of hair. Not cute.

If you’re hated just because you’ve dated 6 guys during the time Taylor has become more well known publicly, okay, that averages out to be 1 guy a year. All I can say is wow. More people on internet dating sites has dated more than 6 people in a year.

@Rose: She wrote “Back to december” about her relationship with Taylor Lautner (Yeah, she dated him too and didn’t last xD shocking right?? Hahaha) and, this song is about her saying sorry because she admits that time it was entirely her fault.

She’s really weird with her relationships, but her songs are fun and cute, guess is because of the boyfriends, we should thank them :P


I’m guessing they are fake. Given the amount of guys she’s reportedly dated in the past couple years

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