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Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Split?

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Split?

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have reportedly ended their short romance, according to multiple reports.

The 23-year-old country singer and the 18-year-old One Direction heartthrob were spending a post-New Year’s holiday vacation together in the British Virgin Islands when they reportedly had a big fight, which ended in Taylor leaving the topical locale a day before Harry, according to Page Six.

Taylor and Harry debuted their romance at a taping of The X Factor in November and were spotted together in Central Park in early December. They have since flown all over the world together and even shared a kiss in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

Pictured inside: Harry landing at Heathrow Airport on Monday (January 7) in London, England following the reported split.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have reportedly split?

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    Why would this surprise anyone? First shes dating a boy barely legal for her to date. She needs to date men that are more age Appropriate! Time to grow up Taylor

  • Chris

    New song coming….probably called “Dear Harry” this time! Damn, I think she goes from guy to guy to come up with new songs to write!

  • LOL

    The Biebs is next!

  • aquarius64

    And another one gone, and another one gone…another one bites the dust!!!

    Seriously, Swifty needs to cover the Queen classic when she goes through her break ups. She’ll have to pay the group for the use of the song, but it would save her some time.

    To everyone who defends her airing out the details of the break up in song: Swift is in NO POSITION to complain if her dumped beau puts her business in the streets, especially if it’s true. Swifty can’t have it both ways; and her getting a dose of her own medicine is long overdue. I hear Harry likes to kiss and tell. Watch your back, Swifty.

  • Danielle

    Oh well. She’ll write a song and be on to the next one in no time. Bad day for Haylor fans, but at least Taylor’s gynecologist’s practice is flourishing.

  • B

    Do we have song yet?

  • Rachel

    That was fast…again.He will be her 13rd ex-boyfriend in 3 years,right?Well,nobody wasn’t expecting this relationship to last anyway,maybe she got tired of being his beard,or the contract was up,who knows.Now i wonder what the name of her new break up song will be…any guess?lol

  • laura

    The answer is no, i’m not surprised.
    It’s just another week, another boyfriend for fake virgin Taylor!

  • Tracy

    Why is everyone blaming Taylor. But, Taylor should have known I mean Harry is only 18.

  • sid

    this is hilarious

  • Italy19

    Ok people……who do you think is goning to be Taylor’s next victim? _mmm. Names?

  • cnadadry

    @Rachel: The blind item was on Blind Gossip and it was titled They Won’t Make It to Valentine’s Day. It talked about the exact nature of the relationship and the time line. Scarily accurate.

  • rikki

    huge fight? wtf?

    yeah. totally normal to have a huge fight with a boyfriend you’ve known for 2 months and are on vacation with. i don’t believe any of this crap.

  • Jess

    Im not that surprised that they split, and i also wouldnt be so surprised if a new single of her comes out soon. Im fan of both of them but taylor should take a break from guys. A looooong break.

  • rikki

    and by that i mean i don’t believe haylor was ever real to begin with. it

  • Huh?

    What a great example Taylor is… Stop buying her records!!!

    She only dates this guys because she knows that her insanity will force them to dump her and that means new material for her upcoming album. This girl is sick!!!

  • liz

    @Italy19: the hipster looking actor from her latest music video.

  • Soccertwin4

    She already wrote a song about it called “I knew you were trouble”… she even added dubstep

  • groundcontrol

    Right! Now she’ll make her move on the Biebs. lol

  • emma

    Everyone is giving her such a hard time for dating a lot,
    but she’s still young and she can’t hang out with a guy without tabloids jumping up and down saying she’s a serial girlfriend…
    I wouldn’t want all that pressure!
    She’s had a few boyfriends, but who knows what goes on in her intimate life really, and most of all she seems like a really good person.
    Falling in love or being in a relationship is never easy, especially in the public eye with that crazy life, so if it means she dates a lot for a while, how is it a crime?
    I’m not even her biggest fan, just saying :)

  • Warren

    Taylor always seems to have another guy waiting in the wings. I really don’t understand what was the attraction on these last two guys. I like Taylor’s music. I bet I would last longer with her if she would date a non-celeb.

  • Ellgy

    Not surprising. They are both young and it was most likely just lust which brought them together and now they have bonked each other repeatedly, they are bored and need to move on.

  • Arie

    I’m starting to believe the rumors that she is a lesbian.

  • AL from brisbane

    @liz: ugh noo!!! I will flip the **** out if she goes after Reeve! he is wayyy too good for her

  • Minral

    @emma: I would agree with you that she if free to date cuz she’s young but she makes it obvious who she is writing about and deliberately hurts their reputation when she knows they can’t fight back. That is not fair.

  • http://eryy Lucas

    Working a new song……

  • Jessie

    She’s got her song! Her romances are like pre-teen dating. She’s still probably a v irgin. This is how she tries to keep her life interesting. But one day she’ll get tired of trying to recreate the days when she was an outsider at school and her fans will get bored.
    Check that, there will always be young girls for whom her message strikes true. But she probably will want to get a real life instead of a made up one by the time she’s thirty.

  • Leni

    News flash Taylor: There is no such thing as a perfect love!!! You have to take the good with the bad, and not dump the guy as soon as he falls off that ridiculously high pedestal you put him on. Actually get to know these guys as friends before jumping in so quickly. Stop making these guys out to be prince charmings. Go take a trip…learn to knit…read a book…play some video games…hang out with your girl friends, and take a break from the dating scene, because you are a wreck >.>

  • fatima

    no.i like taylor but dates to many guys.

  • WTH

    I actually might start hating Taylor after this .

  • Andamentothat

    She sure is swift in her relationships!

  • Nikki

    Taylor probably has high expectations that the kiddy guys she date can’t live upto.

  • woohoo

    BREAKING NEWS: Taylor Swift will release a new song next month called DIRTY HARRY

  • jd

    All the guys should get together and write a song about HER

  • mina

    she’s cruising a high school right now

  • ozzie

    It’s healthy to date lots of people in your teens and early 20′s … it’s how you learn to relate with people and find out what type of people you are compatible with. Marrying your high school sweat heart is why the divorce rate is at 50% in this country.

    That being said Taylor does keep picking unavailable guys … most of which she gets from Hollywood’s closet.

  • KAY blood

    Taylor! Start dating MEN not little boys and teeny boppers! You are too old to be dating 17 and 18 year old boys.

  • sherlock

    she should date a girl instead

  • So annoyed

    And her next boyfriend, Beardy McBeardster, has already been selected.

  • paniz

    i think ill listen to her next new song about harry and smile and laugh uncontrollably….who else?
    it wouldnt have lasted long anyway….

  • ha

    @ozzie: yeah but everyone is different, i know a lot of my friends parents, and my own have been together since high school, i also know people my age (early 20s) that have married the guys they were with in H.S..

    i don’t think everyone has to date consistently in their 20s.. some people do, some don’t.. it’s all about the person not the statistics.

  • Delilah

    Anyone who doesn’t realize this was a set up from the beginning is delusional. I also think things didn’t go the way Taylor expected. Harry wanted to do more than some fake photo ops, so he went over to Bransons’ to party. He looked like he was having a ball, no worries, and she took the boat back and she was all pouting. Tough. I can’t feel sorry for a complainer who has everything she has and she doesn’t even appreciate it. She is a joke.

  • a

    no jared, im not so surprised.

  • q

    @Delilah: you seem to be slu(t shamming when you yourself said ‘Anyone who doesn’t realize this was a set up from the beginning is delusional’. they were both in it for the same reason, this is nothing new, every celebrity does the same thing it’s just that we don’t get a new album out of them for it.

  • Marie

    okey! another hit song about a breakup or fail relationship for Taylor! I gave them six month together, but really they only lasted like a month? Taylor really have to take things slower! OMG she have only 23 and had more boyfriends that shoes, and people thinks she’s a good example for girls??. She needs help hahaha

  • Gabby

    Wow, her contracts don’t last long, huh? This one was shorter than Jakey G. Was the Kennedy kid romance even real? I figured that one for real, and they didn’t actually break up. They’re still together but fake broke up so she could do this publicity stunt / future song “romance” with the One Direction kid. I predict Taylor and the Kennedy kid will be back on, stat.

  • LOL

    Is no one curious to ask: WHAT WERE THEY FIGHTING ABOUT?!

    ok for two RICH and young people soooo in love what would be their reasons for a blow up?

  • wtf

    gaaaaaaaaaaaawd… so earth shattering… end of the world… go do something significantly & F more people…

  • souless wanderer

    Taylor needs a woman in her life.

  • ugh

    WTF is a 23 yr old doing with an 18 yr old? o.O