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Liberty Ross: Farmers Market with Tennyson!

Liberty Ross: Farmers Market with Tennyson!

Liberty Ross is casual comfy while grabbing some snacks with her cute son Tennyson in the Farmers Market at The Grove on Monday (January 7) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old actress was seen enjoying a smoothie at the tables while chatting with friends.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Liberty Ross

Liberty was last spotted at the end of last year while attending the world premiere of the smart forjeremy Showcar in Hollywood, while her husband Rupert Sanders was seen grabbing lunch in Studio City.

15+ pictures inside of Liberty Ross drinking a smoothie…

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liberty ross farmers market with tennyson 05
liberty ross farmers market with tennyson 06
liberty ross farmers market with tennyson 07
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liberty ross farmers market with tennyson 09
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  • lisa

    It’s crazy how easy she forgets her husband’s mouth was on another woman’s private parts.

  • julie

    Not that I am making it sound easy but I think this woman is making him suffer and is not thinking of the kids. If Rob could take K. back after all the yelling from fans about her w*horedom, she should be working at it a bit more for the sake of the kids. I think she’s just dragging this out and she either doesn’t want it to work or she’s milking this to get as many diamonds as she can carry.

  • Val

    Here come the crazy Kristen fans bashing her like everything their idol did was her fault…

  • Sandy

    Did you ever think that maybe she’s with her husband because of her kids? They have two kids. Divorce with kids isn’t an easy thing to do.

  • Dee

    I just don’t get it. She’s so much prettier and cleaner than that dirty sk@nk Kristen.

  • Suz

    Care factor nil.

  • K

    @Val: Lol and look at you Val a crazy Kristen hater trying to spin this back on Kristen. I admit Kristen is at fault, however Rupert is more to blame in this, he is the married one, he is the one with kids, and he is the older one with more life experience. But Kristen was the one who faced and continues to face the fall out of all this. She faced the questions, the scrutiny and the drama. I can see how people think thats deserved since she is famous…but Rupert walked away unscathed…because it’s okay for men to cheat, it’s acceptable considering the way Kristen was burned at the stake. No true Kristen fans dislike Liberty. She was undeservingly the part of a betrayal by her husband, it’s just you haters like to stir up trouble.

  • R

    Leave this woman and her kids alone, please.

  • R

    @K: they share the blame, both knew very well what they were doing, they have choose to be assholes to their partners, but Stew is the most famous and most controversial of the two, too bad for her.

  • A

    @K: Rupert didn’t have an affair with thin air so yes Kristen is EQUALLY responsible for it, you cannot just shift the ENTIRE blame on Rupert since he was the experienced one.Kristen had the right to say no but did she do that? NO. Kristen is movie star so its obvious that media will act like its entirely her fault.
    Plus Kristen never faced any questions about this cause her PR team is extremely good at handling these things,they lever let those kind of questions through.

  • jenn

    the only reason any of you “know” this women is because her HUSBAND cheated on her with someone famous, now you all say once a cheater …well i wonder how many other times he did cheat and never got caught

  • Jill

    @A: she wasn’t shifting the entire blame to rupert. like you said they are both equally to blame but people need to stop just attacking kristen and calling her names just cos she is the one who is more famous. the whole thing happened 7 months ago, the past is the past and they both will have to live with what they did as thats life.

    @Sandy: but staying together for the sake of kids is not good either because they will have to see their parents unhappy together every day

  • mel

    you know i use to think it’s was only kristen you guys hated on but you look at comments and you know are very few you like …like very few. it doesn’t matter you all think their lives(kristen,robert,liberty,rupert&everyotherceleb) are yours to comment on and judge…you all know nothing and are so sad and miserable you hate on everyone. jared, you should just rid this site of all comments

  • Casey

    Can’t tell me she isnt loving all this attention. she was on the catwalk for the first time in about a decade, had photoshoots and got job offers in movies that shes blatantly only getting because shes suddenly ‘someone’ again. pathetic. shes being photographed for the first time in ages. totally pointless waste of space

  • Rose

    Do pictures even sell now of Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders?? Their relevance is kind of moot since Rob showed he had no back bone and took KStew back. If public humiliation wasn’t enough, that must be love… right??

  • kingkayski

    You can really tell when a man like Rupig is a major douchebag when not only he cheat on his wife but to think he’s that big enough or important enough to take another mans girlfriend,as big as important as Robert Pattinson and as famous as Kristen Stewart and get away with it.I hope Rob used all his power to make this garbage go away and never work in hollywood for the rest of his life, and just let her ” famous model wife”to work for a living for a change since she seems to be loving all the attention she’s getting anyways.Good thing Rob is not shallow enough to believed all the BS he’s been seeing and reading from all the hags and rags and man enough to take Kristen back because he probably knows deep in his heart ,all Kristen wants is him and that’s all he needs to know.

  • jenna

    It’s so sad when people hate on the victim. Leave the woman alone. She hasn’t spilled her story to the press and she’s trying to repair her marriage. Sounds like a good, mature person to me.

  • kingkayski

    You can really tell when a woman like Kskank is a major douchebag when not only she cheat on her boyfriend but to think she’s big enough or important enough to take another woman’s husband, as beautiful as nice as Liberty Ross and as talented as Rupert Sanders and get away with it. I hope Liberty use all her money to make this garbage go away and never work in Hollywood for the rest of her life, and just let her out of work “actress” try to find a job in porn films since she seems to be loving all the attention she’s getting anyways. Good thing Liberty is not shallow enough to believed all the BS she’s been seeing and reading from all the hags and rags and woman enough to take Rupert back because she probably knows deep in her heart, all Rupert wants is her and that’s all she needs to know.

  • A

    @Casey: How do know Liberty Ross hit the runway after a decade? Have you been keeping a record of her career for past 10 years? A woman who is trying to deal with this mess without trying to cause drama is a “totally pointless waste of space” but a sl*t who slept with a married guy is 22 years old “kid” who made a “mistake” Are you kidding me?

  • LOL

    @Rose: He is waiting for her sextape with Rupert LOL

  • xo

    @Casey: Funny how so many people who insist they knew nothing about Liberty before her husband and Kristen Stewart were caught pawing each other on the street suddenly know everything about her career. How is that? Because if you had spent the 30 sec to check it out you’d have seen how much work Liberty was doing BEFORE the scandal.

  • ns

    Well looks like Liberty was out and had the paps on speed dial to make sure she can milk it while she can and interestingly she hasn’t been seen by the paps since Halloween night out with the Ruprick and kiddies in tow.

  • A

    @ns: Same way how Kristen gets “caught” wearing Rob’s stuff,right? ;)

  • ns

    @A: Kristen is Rob’s GF so yes she can wear his things and besides that people knew she was headed to the Tiff festival in early Sept. for OTR to do promotion so she was working.Stop being such a screeching banchee.

  • A

    Kristen is such a loser its not even funny any more

  • Butterfly

    What if Liberty decides to write a tell-all or do interview with some big mag about this? oh man I cannot even imagine

  • xo

    @ns: NS, it’s the Grove. Paps are there everyday because it’s a very popular LA spot and there are always celebs there shopping. Liberty’s been all over living here life, in NYC, in London, and in LA and you haven’t gotten any shots since Thanksgiving because, unlike Kristen, she living a real life not a pr constructed fantasy.

  • lol

    @Butterfly: Then she better make sure she has no skeletons in her closet. If she opens her mouth, it pretty much means that she and Rupert become enemies. Don’t you think Rupert will have something to say about her? It could get ugly for her and her kids. Does she really want that?

  • Love Fairy

    call her all the names you want… you’re still not getting Rob he’s too in love with her you ugly cow lol

  • ns

    @xo: Yeah Liberty and the kiddies plus Ruprick in tow were the only ones who were non celebrities that had the paps snapping their pics while out trick or treating in the neighborhood.They obviously love the attention.While Rob and Kristen have been out living their life together and only a pic here and there from a fan who snapped it at a restaraunt they were eating.They have been pretty much flying under the radar the last few weeks.

  • yanira

    pattinson will never be yours lol

  • guest

    Looks like kristen’s stupidity and ugliness has been transmitted to her fans. So sad…

  • http://yahoo essie

    i’m sad that the woman who is being cheated by her husband with a 22 year old popular actress who did not say NO to a making out afternoon tryst is the target of the popular actress fans. From her physical appearance to the supposedly speculations about the reason her husband cheated on her. IT IS NOT HER FAULT IF UP TO NOW AFTER SEVERAL MONTHS OF CHEATING SCANDAL SHE IS STILL THE FAVORITE OF PAPARAZZI while tabloid management love to feature her. Inspite of her 34 years age, she is BEAUTIFUL.

  • green

    @essie: agree with you, well said.

  • A

    @yanira: @ns: Oh really? R/K get pap’d whenever they feel like selling their epic lurve relationship for their own benefit. Remember how they kept getting “caught” before BD2 promo began? A parazzo even manged to “sneak in” their love nest lol