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Zac Efron & Imogen Poots: Kiss Kiss on 'Dating' Set!

Zac Efron & Imogen Poots: Kiss Kiss on 'Dating' Set!

Zac Efron shares a romantic kiss with Imogen Poots on the set of their movie Are We Officially Dating? on Monday (January 7) in New York City.

The 25-year-old actor has been hard at work filming for the upcoming romantic comedy, which is set to wrap filming in a few weeks.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

Be sure to look out for Are We Officially Dating?, which will hit theaters later this year.

Earlier in the day, Zac was spotted grabbing coffee with another one of his co-stars, Miles Teller.

30+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Imogen Poots kissing on set…

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  • R U sure

    Zac you look so very hot. Can I be next in line for a kiss ?

  • ‘ery

    Fat facefron.

  • Elena

    She is really pretty but such a horrible hairstyle.

  • lauren

    you would think the haters would have some different comments buy now?
    but no they think saying the same original comments is funny.

  • anonymous

    Predictable cheesy romantic stupid movie in which he will end with the blonde..When will he start doing some respectable movies?

  • taylor
  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @anonymous: When are you starting with “some respectable movies”? Let me guess, never.
    He has signed for 5 movies and he can’t shoot them all at the same time. He can’t split himself and be on 5 different sets at the same time, that doesn’t work.
    Are We Officially Dating is supposed to be wrapped on January 24. Then he starts with Parkland, produced by Tom Hanks.
    And his other movies This Is Where I Leave You, You Belong to Me and Townies will follow after that.

    If you’re better than him, prove it … until then it would be better for you when you keep your mouth shut.

  • Wild Child

    Compared to Vanessa she’s not even attractive :P

  • cece

    Guys, I was just thinking: is Zac Efron gay? I’m not homophobic, I would be happy for him whatever he is, straight or gay, it’s just that he really looks gay, and after Vanessa he never had a serious relationship.. Just wondering..

  • anonymous

    Why in the hell would I start?I am not a pseudoactor like he pretends to be.Let’s not make this about me,shall we?He stars in shitty films cause nobody wants him in a serious project cause he cannot act..or else he is plain dumb and he just can;t choose a good role (if offered,which I doubt)

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Zachry

    ‘Three Manhattan bachelors make a pact to have as much fun as possible while remaining single.’
    And he wants to be taken serious like a future Oscar winner starring in masterpieces like this.. *smh*

  • anonymous

    @Zachry: OSCAR,,are you fckin kidding me?!He couldn;t act if his life was at stake and you talk about OSCARS

  • PharmAnimal89

    I’m totally shaving off 10 years of my life in right now in regards to maturity..but is her name IMOGEN POOTS?!! LMAO

    …Poor girl must have had an insufferable time in school. Good to see she is doing well

  • 13

    im glad they finally found a girl shorter than him to help his selfconfidence . i still lol remembering him next to TSwift or NKidman .

  • pootsy

    Short little guy, never be a leading man or have a box office success.

  • cece

    Yeah, just like Tom Cruise.. Never seen a short leading man before… Right!

  • Rofl

    Dude looks like a oompa loompa with that long jacket

  • Rofl

    Sweetie as a maniac as Cruise can be dont ever dare to compare the two of them its like comparing Grace Kelly to Kim Kardashian

  • Derpina

    Lucky Girl

  • Hoiuy

    I want to kiss Zac Efron!!!

  • http://Peggy Sue

    Why do some of you hate him so much? At least he is working some actors in Hollywood can’t get a job. He is not hurting anyone. Either you are jealous or you just have nothing better to do . Some people just like to be negative and hate on others especially people they do not even know and it is sad.

  • LOL

    She is SO unattractive. Like REALLY unattractive. Her hair looks like a fried mop. And nope, he hasn’t done anything really respectable yet. A teen romp, a couple sappy schmaltzy chick flicks, and one where he gets appropriately peed on. We shall see with the ones coming. This one will be crap too.

  • `

    But of course he is doing this flick because of the brainwashed hsm teen fan base he still has, he is not dumb at all he knows how many $$$ he will get from this type of movies, why would he care of becoming a respectable actor when he can be a mediocre one but with bags of cash

  • Vitaly

    I saw ‘The Paperboy’. It bears some promise as a good-bad movie, but it unfolds as a bad-bad one.

  • VanessaFan

    We Vanessa fans just don’t have a lot to talk about

    Only see pictures of her dating and going to the gym

    While Zac is working and just promoted 5 movies, have more 4 movies to do already

    Talk of her become kind of boring

    Let us say that he is short, fat, ugly, gay, untalented, loser…

    And several things that are incorrigible flaws for us

    This just make us happy

  • Well


    Try to change at least one word when you plagiarize reviews from “The Star” lol

  • kylie

    I think she’s reasonably attractive but could they have done something with her hair? It looks like a bad wig. I think Zac is a reasonably good actor but he’s made a string of bad movies lately. He was very good in the Paperboy..much more believable than Kidman who went way over the top. But that movie was really bad as in bad script, terrible directing, and very confusing editing. The should give Macy Gray a razzie for her performance. But then again, that movie is so bizarre people are going to want to see it.

  • lanas-world

    @cece: hmm why would would he be in a serious relationship? and just because he doesnt have one , doesn’t mean he is gay. besides he is 25. he had a serious relationship for 5 long years. it makes sense not to have someone now.

  • Derpina

    I watched “The Paperboy”, I liked the performances (mainly Nicole)

    I don’t think the movie is actually this bad

    Some “trash” factor at least seems very authentic in the movie

    The editing by example is so bad that I thought there was a problem with the video file lol

    A real nice “trash” movie will never be done to get 99% in Rotten Tomatoes, so get over it

  • kylie

    @cece: I don’t think he’s gay. I don’t think he really has the time to devote to a relationship right now. I think he has a ways to go in his career and that’s the number one priority now. He had a very long relationship prior and I don’t think it ended well. I don’t think it ended horrible but I don’t think they are on each Xmas card lists or hang out at all. When he’s ready to go back into a relationship it will happen and his I’m sure his fans will be on it with the 411.

  • kylie

    @Derpina: I was so confused by the editing shaking my head the whole time.

  • http://@leylita4ever FOR THE HATERS- WITH LOVE…

    for hate filled, zac efron is a great actor and not everyone must like … but you are no one to criticize someone who doesnt know, that gives a lot to be desired. which gives me more grace, is to take your time to get to this page and put their frustration to someone who will not even read it. the truth … get a life. we dont care what u have to say about it. these people aside—- ZAC IS GREAT and HOT GIRLS WOOOW!!!

  • toots

    This girl’s name bugs me. Like when I see pictures of her I can’t get past that name. It’s so weird.

  • http://@vivi-li6 colombian girl

    handsome man…..good luck tomorrow zac in PCA

  • liza

    They look so sweet, and I love Zac ♥

  • http://Comcast Bridget

    Zac was great in the Paperboy. He really had charisma with Nicole Kidman surprisingly. I loved the two of them together even with the age difference.Nicole deserves an Oscar for her performance.

  • Deb


    First of all, you can’t tell if someone is gay by what they look like. A man can look like the burliest man in the world and can be gay. Stop using stereotypes to judge people. This issue has been addresses several times. He isn’t gay. You know, there a lots of women in Hollywood who you could describe in the same way, no serious relationship after ending a long term one, but no one wonders if they are gay. Geez, he’s young, hot, and career-oriented. I’m sure he has his share of women. He just doesn’t publicize it

  • Maria

    Congratulations Zac for winning the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor. He so deserves it!!

  • pita


  • amelia25

    Yes!!! Zac is the winner!!!

  • Sophie

    I kind of lost respect for him when I heard he and his friends have hung out with Paris Hilton. She is a complete waste of space with absolutely no redeeming qualities. Plus she’s a D-lister and a pariah to most of the “real” celebs in HW. Thought you were better than that Zac! Plus this movie really looks predictable and bad.

  • Sophie

    He looks really heavy here too!

  • Beverly Ann Clark

    She had a boyfriend on her web- site Zac is mind BFF

  • Rachel


    A lot of cash? It is an indie movie so what are you talking about?!

  • Rachel


    He can’t act for his life? Well, Roger Ebert thinks he did a good job in At Any Price. He got good reviews for his role in Liberal Arts. And he got good reviews for his work in ‘The Paperboy’ though the movie got a generally mixed review.
    ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ said : he’s quite good in it.
    .In the spirit of the venture, the entire cast gets down and comes off all the better for it. Both Efron and McConaughey get very messed up physically, and both actors seem stimulated to be playing such flawed characters.

    So yes, he can act for his life.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @VanessaFan: You’re pathetic. You have nothing better to do? Why don’t you go to your role model and tell her, that she should start working instead of doing nothing? Hmm? And to say such stuff about Zac shows what kind of low life you are.
    He’s working, trying to get roles, has his own company and he’s doing much more other stuff. He’s doing the only right thing, he’s working, learning and getting better with every movie he’s doing.

    And I tell you and a lot of other Vanessa fans out there, you all together are the biggest haters of Zac and her current boyfriend. You should be ashamed to the ground. I’ve been watching the whole stuff that’s going on on Twitter, FB and other websites. Vanessa’s fans are the biggest haters of the guys. You can be really proud of yourself to hurt your role model with the whole crap that you’re writing to her bf. They are anything but happy about it.

    A good advice if you don’t like Zac, then don’t come here. Nobody wants the entire haters here. NOBODY.

  • kate

    @Revenge Is Sweet I think that @VanessaFan was making fun of Vanessa’s fan base. As a Zac and Vanessa fan I have to tell you that yes many Vanessa’s fans “hate” Zac. But on the other hand many Zac’s fans also “hate” Vanessa. Especially those who say that they support Zanessa always say insulting things about Vanessa and her bf. Also each person has his/her priorities. Zac has his work, Vanessa her relationship. You can’t judge her about that….

    I love that Zac is having so many upcoming movies! I haven’t seen Paperboy yet but I look forward to it! Also in this movie he looks very stylish! :)

  • hesst

    @Elena: maybe it was for her role

  • kylie

    I hope this movie is well written because I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of dialogue….lots of walking and talking scenes.