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Beyonce Covers 'GQ' February 2013

Beyonce Covers 'GQ' February 2013

Beyonce shows off some major skin on the cover of GQ magazine’s February 2013 issue, on newsstands Tuesday (January 15).

The 31-year-old songstress was photographed by famed photographer Terry Richardson for the cover.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Beyonce Knowles

It was announced today that Bey will be performing at President Obama‘s inauguration! She will take the stage to belt out the National Anthem on January 21. Be sure to tune in!

Also be sure to tune into the Super Bowl – Beyonce is the half-time performer!

Bigger cover inside…

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102 Responses to “Beyonce Covers 'GQ' February 2013”

  1. 1
    Yaddle Says:

    Wouldn’t it be a great new year if this overexposed and self-important tart took a long vacation. And I mean, l-o-n-g.

  2. 2
    Barbara Says:

    Is this what singers do now…silly girl

  3. 3
    Emma Says:

    Can no longer stand this egomaniac ever since the news about her wanting to direct a movie about herself…she thinks she is the ish…pffff, laughable…

  4. 4
    love Says:

    Madonna is what 190 years old? and still flashing her titties. Bey looks amazing. Be your own kids’ role models.

  5. 5
    amensister Says:

    desperado why dont you come to your senses …………………

  6. 6
    Trinity J Says:

    Oh my goodness she is stunning.

  7. 7
    Oh Yeah!!! Says:

    Beyonce is a very sexy woman!

  8. 8
    P Says:

    She has and never will be that thin lmfao

  9. 9
    lala Says:

    So cheap, thought she had more class.. kinda lost respect.

  10. 10
    DB Says:

    Honestly – that doesn’t look even remotely comfortable or natural – or sexy for that matter.

  11. 11
    Message Says:

    I don’t particularly care for Beyonce. I think she is incredibly overrated as a singer… But dayum. She looks hot in this picture. Like seriously. Can’t hate on her for that!

  12. 12
    SHE HATES HERSELF!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    Skin bleaching.

  13. 13
    senna Says:

    worst model ever. always POSING, Trying to hard. Rihanna had a GQ cover now she has to have one. ps:
    direct a movie ABOUT YOURSELF.
    is that before or after the doc on hbo ABOUT YOURSELF.
    didn’t we learn enough ABOUT YOURSELF
    in the elements of 4 DVD ABOUT YOURSELF.
    now do a documentary about ure lace front BLOND wigs and i’ll watch that.

  14. 14
    Kris Says:

    She looks nice but I don’t like the angle of the photo.

  15. 15
    A Says:

    2013 should be THE year when everyone ignores overexposed celebrities like Beyonce, Kim K, Kanye, Jay Z etc
    let’s ignore them completely, starve them of the attention they so desperately seek.
    Let’s not comment on their stories and pictures on celebrity sites anymore!

  16. 16
    tom Says:

    Bigger cover Here

  17. 17
    senna Says:

    and i forgot the abc special ABOUT YOURSELF. HAHAHHAHAHHA

  18. 18
    Jessie Says:

    I seriously didn’t know who this was until i say the name.

  19. 19
    CutTheBS Says:


  20. 20
    wht Says:

    It’s all about her but at the same time she fakes it. Im not sure if she loves herself…

  21. 21
    sam Says:

    Man they photoshopped the hell outta her chunky thighs. And they gave her a tiny waist. Actually they trimmed her all over.

  22. 22
    Leslie Says:

    I would LOVE to see the unphotoshopped pic of this bwhahaha! Oh and we all know that no baby came out of her! When is she gonna fess up on that?

  23. 23
    aly Says:

    I would have expected this from Rihanna, not Beyonce. :/

  24. 24
    Abhaelb Says:

    You rock girl ! Show ‘em what you got ! Seriously this girl is SUPER HOT and she’s not 20.

  25. 25
    y Says:

    damn she FINE

  26. 26
    IKNOW Says:

    Yeah gurl show me what you got! But what for? To marry Jay Z?

  27. 27
    Ferris Says:

    Photoshopped to make her appear white

  28. 28
    Marie Says:

    Looking good Beyoncé.

  29. 29
    Marie Says:

    Can’t wait for new music.

  30. 30
    hah Says:

    I dont get it, why to photo shop your body so evidently. Everyone knows she has fat thighs and ass. Who are you trying to delude?

  31. 31
    Sayer Says:

    Photoshopped much.

  32. 32
    reverie Says:


    Haha ha this post was so funny. The last thing she’s trying to do is be like rihanna. Do your research girl, this is beyonce’s 5th GQ cover. She was featured in it before rihanna even was. Why would she try to imitate someone she has already surpased. Rihanna has had 7 solo albums and only one of the were #1. Beyonce has 4 solo albums and all of the were #1. Their quality of work is COMPLETELY different.

  33. 33
    Karen Says:


  34. 34
    Odd Says:

    I didn’t want to write it, but its very Rihanna-esque. I thought Beyonce had moved away from this

  35. 35
    l Says:

    why B, why? you don’t need the money

  36. 36
    Sean Says:

    I’d lick every inch of that stomach

  37. 37
    .. Says:

    doesn’t even look like her
    i thought it was a white chick until i read it was beyonce.

  38. 38
    Smurf Says:

    She looks great but that is def a LIPO stomach

  39. 39
    Louise Says:

    @Karen: Well.not that body,because this cover photo was photoshopped in every single corner and space.She’s not so thin and her thighs are not that thin
    I still like Obama,but i’ll start hating him soon because of Beyonce and Jay-Z.I can’t stand them and their fake lives.

  40. 40
    footballplayer Says:

    um beyonce is one the most talented singers out there and crazt sexy!! she also has a ton of class name one scandle ever!! grow up and stop hating!!

  41. 41
    psy Says:


  42. 42
    psy Says:


  43. 43
    PATA Says:

    This pic seems to look photoshopped! Not healthy for any female living in the real world.

  44. 44
    Kenny Says:


    Yes, but compare the album sales over time. Rihanna is the only artist is history to sell the most digital music. Rihanna has 12 #1 singles, 26 top 10, etc. Beyonce’s album sales barely hit 30 million while RIhanna is at 30 million and 120 million records sold.

  45. 45
    Who Cares Says:

    Terry Richardson is the worst thing to happen to women in American mass culture in the last ten years. Eff that effing pig and the pathetic women who sell their self-respect.

  46. 46
    cindy Says:

    It’s amazing how everyone loves yet it had been someone like Christina Aguilera people would be saying ***** etc. What’s funny Christina has done GQ in the past.. So I guess Beyonce isn’t as classy as everyone thinks she is doing spreads like this.

  47. 47
    Karen Says:

    photoshopped- it looks that way to me

  48. 48
    Christine Says:

    Beyonce is beautiful and talented. It is sad that the only female that the industry allows to keep her clothes on is Adele. I am very excited to see B at the Super Bowl, I think she will do a great job! She really is one of the few pop artists that can dance and sing full out. Total professional!

  49. 49
    somali girl Says:

    too fat, too old and too ghetto. this shoot looks really cheap. extreme Photoshop has her looking deformed. yuk!!

    looks like she was inspired by Rihanna and kim kardashian.

  50. 50
    Jensen b. Says:

    @Jamman: There are NORMAL woman bigger than her and you are rude as hell!

  51. 51
    A Says:

    Nice hips. This is what people should aspire to, not beanpole models, Guys prefer women like her anyway

  52. 52
    Jensen b. Says:

    @Kenny: Regardless of her single sales, she’s a DIGITAL artist. That just means her stuff is played on the radio not that everyone likes her music or enjoys it. Rihanna is all over the place and not in a good way. Beyonce knows how to take time off and put true effort and creativity into her music. A true artist.

  53. 53
    Jensen b. Says:

    @reverie: Finally someone who makes sense!

  54. 54
    somali girl Says:

    her belly is ugly and always has been.. its too lumpy with funny looking belly button a liposuction and tummy tuck nightmare like. and she always had this look to her belly.

    she is so overexposed now, her music isn’t even out yet and she seems to be shoving herself down people’s throats.

    she needs to settle that fake pregnancy and hospital fiasco. that damage control documentary which she is the producer, director and editor better show a bare 7-8 months pregnant belly and not her usual period bloats. but then again she made this film so we expect it to be highly manipulated and extremely edited.

    she also appears to be stuck in the year 2003 , i see the year 03 happening in the year 2013. she needs to let go of that boring blonde wig and reinvent herself.

  55. 55
    Susie Says:

    They photoshopped the hell out of that photo…

  56. 56
    somali girl Says:


    its beyawnce’s first US GQ cover Rihanna has 2 US GQ covers.Rihanna does her shoots effortlessly whereas beyawnce is forced, try hard and ghetto. it looks like those ghetto magazine covers like King etc. looks very cheap with last century belly chains and cheap ugly outfits.

    Rihanna does sexy and edgy effortlessly. this fat granny needs to give up.

  57. 57
    Rachel Says:

    @senna: Beyonce had a GQ cover back in 2004 long before Rihanna had ANY magazine cover.

  58. 58
    Rachel Says:

    @cindy: Have you seen “Dirty” and “Not Myself Tonight”? When has Beyonce ever done something that raunchy?

  59. 59
    iuc Says:

    what happened to the voting system here?

  60. 60
    Rachel Says:

    @somali girl: No honey this is her 2nd US cover. She did one in 2004

  61. 61
    Kiss Says:

    @somali girl: Rihanna and sexy should never be in the same sentence. She’s shaped like Justin Bieber whereas Beyonce has the body of a real woman.

  62. 62
    Kiss Says:

    @Kenny: That is not true. I just went to wikipedia and Rihanna has sold 25 million albums and 70 million didital sales. Beyonce is at 100 million albums.

  63. 63
    $%$% Says:

    Somali Girl, Walia Ibex, you are on every Beyonce post online hating. Find something to do.

  64. 64
    somali girl Says:


    womanly means fat, all woman come in different shape. stop calling slim lean woman boys.beYAWNce is fat, she herself does not like her “womanly” figure. if she is proud then why does she Photoshop her thunder thighs to death?

    also @ $%$%: i can do and be whereever i please. i am on my school holidays so yeah.

  65. 65
    eveteno2 Says:


  66. 66
    eveteno2 Says:

    @Yaddle: i totally agree

  67. 67
    eveteno2 Says:

    @sam: i was thinking the exact same thing and it’s not because i’m a hater….it is what it is

  68. 68
    Kaya Says:

    Easily the most beautiful woman in all of the entertainment industry.

  69. 69
    Lulani Says:

    Tacky cheap and desperate

  70. 70
    Joe Says:

    Should WIN the 2013 PHOTOSHOP award!

  71. 71
    somali girl Says:

    for those who have seen the rest of her pics for GQ:

    i believe she paid for this instead of them asking for her. how? well since she paid they didn’t want to spend much money making it look like the typical GQ magazines. this looks cheap, low budget shoot.tacky boring background, old century belly chains with cheap ghetto outfits.

    this looks nothing like GQ but a KING ghetto magazine cover and shoot.
    she is desperately trying to compete with Rihanna so she is basically rushing and forcing everything. nothing about her seems interesting nor genuine.

    she has not made any progression regarding her image, i doubt her music has made either.

  72. 72
    amy Says:


    im not a big fan or her so im defending her or anything, but she’s not doing it because rihanna did it, actually it’s not the first shedoes the GQ cover, just check it!

  73. 73
    oy Says:

    Living proof that all the money in the world can’t buy class or self esteem.

  74. 74
    Wtf Says:

    @Louise: you will dislike Obama bc of B&J? Lmao, what are you 12?

  75. 75
    china Says:

    Put on some damn clothes urg!

  76. 76
    siennagold Says:


  77. 77
    fgh Says:

    @P: AGREE :D lmao

  78. 78
    efron Says:

    I remember when she used to be black. Yeah.

  79. 79
    Brynne Says:

    shes hot

  80. 80
    Oh Yeah!!! Says:

    See the difference people:
    Beyonce Cover – Sexy
    Rihanna Cover – ******

  81. 81
    Oh Yeah!!! Says:

    See the difference people:
    Beyonce Cover – Sexy
    Rihanna Cover – Slutt*

  82. 82
    breezedash Says:

    she has a beautiful body
    FY thin girls

  83. 83
    anna Says:

    Hello photoshop!

  84. 84
    Hmm Says:

    Thought it was fergie

  85. 85
    sho Says:

    WTF is this? she became porno star? :D

  86. 86
    Cici Says:

    Obviously photoshopped to death. If you’re going to put yourself out there as sexiest woman alive own what nature gave ya. I don’t care for her at all..too fake i.e. fake hair, fake color and everyone knows her photos are always photoshopped to remove the cellulite and fat from her portly, chunky thighs. Fake pregnancy, fake, fake.

  87. 87

    What do you expect on a GQ cover? Seriously peopl..

  88. 88
    KSB Says:

    Its sad, all these haters sitting behind a computer with a host of imperfections. Photo shopped or not beyonce is still bad. And when her music comes on your asses will still be singing it so hate on and have several seats.

  89. 89
    Oh Yeah!!! Says:

    gotta love bey!

  90. 90
    toots Says:

    Wow, what she said about being powerful and working harder than anyone in the business. Seriously lady, sit the f*ck down.

  91. 91
    susan Says:

    @ but Rihanna has surpass her is total sales. Rihanna 100 million and Beyonce 80 million

  92. 92
    Sweet Rose Says:

    I like some of her music and yes she is rich but not all that to me besides the money. She did this photo to sell some albums. She is a plotter and now wants some talk time. Kim K is the most talked about in the media at the moment and Tamar is doing well with her Love and War song, so she gotta do a shock factor and pose in GQ. So common with her and this is why I dont care for the child. The picture is definitely airburshed, etc. so whatever. IF you gonna do something, show that baby’s face. Wonder if Kelly Rowland coming out with something so she can beat her to the punch as she always does.

  93. 93
    eww Says:


    lol ive seen her live concerts, and shes definately not that thin and will never be. she will also never be that complexion. lmao. why lighten photos people, she is much much drker skin toned than that, its shameful cause that only tell people that youre not happy with your own skin. if i were her, id tell them NOT to alter my skin tone. youre beutiful no matter what skin tone. just embarrassing. U Dont Look Like This In Real Life!

  94. 94
    SC Girl Says:

    Beautiful picture, but were they trying to make her look white. What’s wrong with her natural coloring?

  95. 95
    Katie Says:

    Exactly. My first thought was, “Man, they really retouched her hips and thighs.”

  96. 96
    Tom Says:

    @susan: NOT true. Beyonce 80 million Rihanna 26 million ALBUMS.

  97. 97
    Tom Says:

    @toots: READ. Beyonce said she probably works harder than anyone she knows at least in music.

  98. 98
    urgh Says:

    who is this, really?

    too white, too thin, too blonde, too damn fake!

  99. 99
    Chelles Says:

    @Tom: Like that makes a big difference…huge. Your response to @toots.

  100. 100
    Chelles Says:

    @Tom: sarcasm intended.

  101. 101
    cindy Says:


  102. 102
    cindy Says:

    ROCK IT BADDIE B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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