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Ellen Pompeo & Jesse Williams - People's Choice Awards 2013

Ellen Pompeo & Jesse Williams - People's Choice Awards 2013

Ellen Pompeo and her Grey’s Anatomy co-star Jesse Williams pose together on the red carpet at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Wednesday (January 9) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old actress won the award for Favorite TV Drama Actress for her work on the hit medical show. She was up against Stana Katic, Emily Deschanel, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Nina Dobrev.

Grey’s Anatomy is also up for Favorite Network TV Drama!

FYI: Ellen is wearing a Lanvin dress, belt and clutch, Christian Louboutin Shoes, Sydney Evan jewelry, and a Jennifer Meyer pendant.

20+ pictures inside of Ellen Pompeo and Jesse Williams at the 2013 People’s Chocie Awards

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ellen pompeo jesse williams peoples choice awards 2013 10
ellen pompeo jesse williams peoples choice awards 2013 11
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ellen pompeo jesse williams peoples choice awards 2013 13
ellen pompeo jesse williams peoples choice awards 2013 14
ellen pompeo jesse williams peoples choice awards 2013 15
ellen pompeo jesse williams peoples choice awards 2013 16
ellen pompeo jesse williams peoples choice awards 2013 17
ellen pompeo jesse williams peoples choice awards 2013 18
ellen pompeo jesse williams peoples choice awards 2013 19
ellen pompeo jesse williams peoples choice awards 2013 20

Credit: Jason Merritt, Jason Kempin; Photos: Getty
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  • Peapo

    I wish Emily Deschanel won. She deserves as much publicity and recognition as her sister gets. I think both Deschanel sisters rock.

  • Tracy

    That is one beautiful man.

  • crazyride

    I ‘m so happy she won! she’s amazing!

  • Emma

    Jesse is hot! Did ABC send him with her since so many fans love him? If not then why isn’t her husband with her or are they divorced now?

  • Tom

    Dreadful dress.

  • Gem

    Wow Ellen looks amazing and her dress is so so beautiful too

    This award is so well deserved :)


  • Rachel

    Congrats Ellen!

  • Ceara

    She can’t act though

  • Athena

    Where is Ayrn?

  • Lana

    That man has beautiful eyes!

  • Tia

    She looks stunning, so happy she won!

  • EllenFTW

    Ellen looks absolutely stunning! So happy for her that she finally won an award and got some long overdue and well deserved recognition! We love you Ellen!!!

  • Callie

    Something about the way that dress is situated – pregnant maybe!?

    And he has an AWFUL tan going on. Too orange!

  • Anne

    Yeah, she won! :)

  • Phoebe

    Can’t believe she won. Stana Katic had tons more twitter votes alone than her.

  • Sarah

    I’m so happy Ellen won! She deservesit so much:)

  • danie

    I love you Ellen …. you look simply stunning !

  • Apple

    She looks absolutely beautiful and so pleased she won! She outshines all those she was up against and it was her time to shine! A big Congrats to Ellen, her speech alone deserved an award!

    Btw it wasn’t just twitter voting, try voting on the website for votes to actually count!

  • Sara

    She is amazing and truly deserved it! She is my idol :)

  • sri

    where is her husband ??!

  • Carrie

    I love looking at beautiful people. He is so hot and she is stunning! If she wasn’t married to that other sexy guy, B and her make a great couple!

    Did you already see this? B’s favorite shirt and looking happy AGAIn when not with her.

  • from and

    From yesterday pasting here

    Brenda and others:Thanks for new words. I have to remember all. Unbelievable the weirdos out there.

    Brian: Thanks for kind words and excellent research!

    Cara:He considers her a friend and is not exclusive with a friend.

    Dan: Her name can come out next week or when there is something real to report. When Why disappears, there will be some time before A appears publicly if A agrees to give Lee a chance. A wants him to take a break first before they start anything. I agree with that. In the beginning, I think they will be private.

    Lia: I tell you when I know he will be out a few hours later or it will appear on social media within 24 hours. I do usually tell you on which continent he is on. I told them about time a few hours before paps took pics of him at airport. They were going to know anyways. Celebrities have people on the ground telling them there are paps at airports. I wanted to let his loyal fans in ny know. He likes his fans.

  • from Alicia

    Pasting from yesterday here

    Posting this from today. You left initials only. You have to add full names when you place in your browser.!slide=9812


    On private some said eo could be his next. This time for real not pr. eo nice after her n job. She is a prettier version of Why and her older sister dating very old guy. I hope not. I hope lee goes back to the way he was.

  • from Rumour

    Pasting from yesterday

    For here, I posted yesterday. Rumour has it from UK circles Lee ended it last week. We do not know where B is staying in NY. Maybe at @A’s?
    @Francis: Did you hear anything about break up?

  • from We

    Pasting from yesterday evening

    @Brian: You right! You see twi pic with her big nose? If it n job, bad job. So the person was lying she saw Lee and Why and serve them?
    @May: Lee mom? Ask and.No pics of them together like Zoe and mom. No proof but I think his mom does not like her.
    @Rumour: You and your rumours.
    @Dan: Where did you hear they back in London? She with Cara group almost every other day since last week. She not do that if he here in London with her. She free since last week but I don’t think with him this week. In Cara group nobody see him and she available to go everywhere with them. Maybe flying out tomorrow but not together this week.
    From last story:
    From me, we:
    @Dan: From Cara friends she was away from B a lot this past month. Her fans said she was in LA with B and we see a pic of her at a party in London. is she in 2 continents at same time?
    From Dan
    HAhahahahahaha No change then thought B was focusing on finding a director as commented on by F but B W been in each others company for most of the month

  • Sherri

    Are y’all here yet?
    Leona: Good job! Will Lee and Zoe hook up when they do Galaxy?

  • from We Brenda Alicia

    WE 9 pm
    They still finding who share link. Am on vacation but sleep for me.

    BRENDA 9:30pm
    @Has : Any news on your end?
    @Alicia: They are not even in movie yet and tongues already wagging.
    Many people saw him at Marquee last night with Leo and Rihanna. I believe their tweets. They can be strict about pics at Marquee when celebrities are around. I wonder if A was there?
    Silvia Bruno ‏@SilvinnhaBrunno 10h
    Ai ele fala ontem; B C ta aqui! E eu noooossa ele eh td! Mas nao arredo o pe do lado dele! Hahahah (quem eh BC qdo ele ta comigo)
    from Manhattan, NY

    ALICIA 10pm
    @Brenda: Just for fun! Lee having fun in NY with Leo while his fiancee is in Europe? Haha! Leo and Lee:

  • from Sister

    from Sister at 6:00am
    Post here and on p. And told us Lee in NY but not if still in Hampt or Manhattan. I think this fan is reliable also with sm and he knew Leo was going to be in the car. B was in manhattan past 4 days. Why was in Europe. Both free but not together.
    @Brenda: At A there? Maybe but maybe it is boys night out with Leo.
    Here is Leo fan post from last night:
    Thanks. Yes, can I join? Where is it? Tx.
    Yes, I was right ! Oh I am a Leo fan to all who were saying I wasn’t. Get your facts straight! I don’t care about that ugly chick Lee’s banging. Lee has been with Leo since last weekend and they are partying it up. T is not there and that ugly chick isn’t either. They are with groups of pretty women and blonde and black models partying it up in NY!

  • Sherri
  • Carrie

    @Leona: Thanks.
    @Sherri: If he wants to, they will hook up.:) We already know Zoe cheated on her fiance. She will not mind cheating on a boyfriend. Is she single?

  • Eliane

    @Sherri: It is voice. They will not see each other. No, by then with Amfr or married to french lady. :) You can translate article say fans will miss his sexy blue eyes!

  • Ellen

    Finally! Good choice. Ellen P. and Jesse are beautiful. Is Lee still in NY?

  • Cara

    @Ellen: AM usually the first on here. Did you get the link at 4:30pm. I just got it.

  • May

    Hello! Uhm I am a Lee fan but B Pitt is a whole other level. He is so sexy and is 12 years older than Lee. Pitt is winning poll so far.

  • dog

    Ruf! Ruf! Old pic. :). add letters to b and c

  • bag

    I have been everywhere even with sexy Rihanna this week!

  • Carol

    @bag: She is better th Why, still too young at 24 or 25. Good for fun.
    Tweet below. Me thinks Lee and Rihanna agree with tweet . If given the chance as he was this week, Lee will jump for it and so will she.

    Twwet 5 Aug
    Top two people I’d like to bang :
    1. Rihanna 2. Bradley cooper

    You lot, did Lee not say on Stern he’d jump on Rihanna?

  • Rose

    @Carol: Yes, he said yes. Did you just get this link?
    @Cara: I just got this link 15 minutes ago.

    Lee looks like a racoon or wolf in a cute way. Hahahah:

  • Dan

    from and yes you said about the break over the last two and a half months before anything starts.

    from We you are quoting me from the week that preceeds last week. when was in london as we saw fan pic as you cannot post all from private same here i cannot always post everything

  • Dan

    Hahahaha Sherri cant’ see Lee going back to play with Z he plays and leaves them
    Carol Young yes….dont think it would last long

  • Carrie

    We moved to a story on Thursday morning and found out we had to move again. That is where the from’s are from.
    @Carol: No spelling of entire name please. If Rihanna can get him away from her. Am all for it. He will play with R before next woman or girl. R is cool and Why wants to be. Rihanna has talent, is more famous and has almost 100 million dollars.

  • Dan

    Anyone want to confirm that the Lee pic for today is not why with him…and he is clearly not in NY

  • Cara

    @Brenda: A with him in nightclubs with other models?

    @and: What are your thoughts on him with young models in nightclubs?

  • Dan

    think you guys need to have a look at insta….seems pretty obvious this how been the last month on and off have a look at f l o y n c just a friend…..?

  • Dan

    i mean f l o n y c oops sorry wrong way round in other post

  • Brian
  • Elisa
  • Brian
  • Ellen

    @Cara: Yes, I posted when I got it.

    @Dan: I think she pasted comments from this Wed. night where you said he was back in London after Robert’s birthday. You said they were back together in London and had been together most of the month. Now know he was in NYC after Robert’s party until Thursday. She also said they were not together for most of the month. She seemed to say she is with him for 2,3 days, flies back to London and back to LA. There are breaks in their time together as in the beginning. Right @ We?

  • Elisa

    at least he’s wearing an other shirt: