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Tom Cruise: Busan Honorary Citizenship Recipient!

Tom Cruise: Busan Honorary Citizenship Recipient!

Tom Cruise promotes his new film Jack Reacher while attending a press conference held at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo on Wednesday (January 9) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 50-year-old actor was joined by his co-star Rosamund Pike and director Christopher McQuarrie.

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The day before, Tom was greeted by fans while arriving at the airport in Tokyo.

It was recently announced that Tom will be given honorary citizenship on Thursday (January 10) while promoting Jack Reacher in Busan, Korea.

“The visit of a top star and director will contribute to promoting Busan’s important status in Asia for cinema,” a city official said. “The city has decided to award the honorary citizenship to Mr. Cruise in recognition to his contribution to the industry.”

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Credit: Koki Nagahama ; Photos: Getty
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  • Peapo

    His acting is getting so stale. Wish he would retire and just disappear.

  • RupertSanders

    @Peapo: Tom Cruise’s career is as hot as ever, he is not going anywhere. He may have cooled in the states but his overseas box office is double as it was in his heyday in with it

  • Rast

    inside you are burning Tom, while from the outside you still keep your fake smile. You know it very well, Tom, how much you have betrayed, abused and hurt people close to you. You know that your arrogant and support of your criminal buddy David Miscavige has destroyed lives and continues to do so inside that cult. You are accessory to all those crimes, Tom. Karma!!! Just Remember this.

  • Ellgy

    He looks so much like his mother.

  • My teenage children just saw ‘Jack Reacher’ and loved it :)

  • liz

    wow! good thing!

  • Krix

    Tom Cruise’s work ethic is consistent and admirable. He has one of the largest and strongest fan base (internationally) because he takes time to show his appreciation for them (signing autographs and taking pictures) and does it with so much sincerity. It’s nice that he continues to get positive recognition for his work.

  • DB

    @Krix: He is a movie making bad-arse, but one bad thing seems to be he doesn’t have as much time to spend with family when he puts so much energy into his work. Wish he had found a better balance between work and home. May have saved him a marriage or two.

  • yeah

    What is with all the OBVIOUS fake pro-Tom comments? Does his PR team hire people to troll sites to write this stuff??? Come on.

  • sunday

    he sould retire from acting his movies getting worse and worse

  • Kye

    He looks old.

  • amanda

    you can choose not to see his movie, it’s your right. but wether he retire, you has no right to decide, loser.

  • Roiu

    He’s looking older and older. After all, he is 50.

  • LooseLipz

    Is that a potential wife #4?

  • missy

    Nope. Rosamund is married and just had a baby.

  • Frozoid

    @RupertSanders: Really? His career is as hot as ever? What planet are you living on?

    The Bette Midler/Billy Crystal movie is doing better than the idiotic “Jack Reacher.”

    Nice try, pr guy for Tom Cruise. Or perhaps you’re a Scientologist.

  • Frozoid

    Lots of Scientologists here making fake pro-Cruise remarks.

    Get lost!

  • http://Comcast Bridget

    Every movie he makes he (5’4″) plays the big tough guy, it gets really old. I’m sure there is a lot more to the story about his last marriage breakup that we do not know, or should know. He broke up with Nicole Kidman after making that terrible movie Vanilla Sky with Penelope Cruz, he fell for her, tried to make it look like something Nicole did wrong. By the way Penelope and Nicole are good friends now, Nic probably thanking Penelope because she now has a real man, adorable Keith Urban.

  • friends?

    kidman is Penny’s friend? which kind of friend? just in mouth? except for the promotion of the film required, Penny did not have any contact with MS kidman.
    If I remembered correctly, Penny just had dinner with Tom, including her husband, Cameron Diaz in Sep of last year. These called “friends”, you know?

  • Penny

    Is he dating Rosamund? She’s definitely his type: Bony, and way taller than him.

  • Sweetness

    I’m a Baptist and I like Tom Cruise. Believe it or not in America people have religious freedom..That’s why millions of foreigners flock here every single day. His films have always done well overseas, because no film can solely depend on the USA box office. How did Twilight make hundreds of millions = overseas box office intake. Tom Cruise is a huge star overseas so his career is not over.

  • Geeza Louisa


    Actually Penelope and Nicole became friends on the set of Nine. Maybe not close friends, but they were friendly and according to some blogs had dinner together.

  • @sweetness

    Actually we have laws in the US about slave labor yet the cult uses their members as unpaid workers. Did you know they remodeled or added amenities to Tom’s airline hanger, plane, motorcycle, SUV, and home and were not paid for their work? They were told by David Miscavage, cult leader, to do it. They had no choice. Do you know that members are often physically punished? Emotionally browbeaten? Families are separated if one of them leaves the cult? Is that legal? No. Tom has to know all of this since according to Andrew Morton who did extensive research for the bio he wrote – Tom was the #2 person in the LA faction. It is hard to respect a person like Tom who was part of shoving the mother of his two older kids out of their lives, who uses unpaid labor, who knows that his cult household staff, bodyguards etc. all report every little thing back to Miscavage, and who enthusiastically supports all of this!

  • tom
  • Sadie

    Domestic boxoffice doesn’t matter according to the cult members posting on here for TC. Jack R was done after the holidays helped it along a little. Yeah, the Bette Midler movie is doing better than JR. Domestic is what counts. If the US isn’t interested, it’s a flop.

  • Sweetness

    If people decide to join a cult, isn’t that the consequences of their freedom of making that decision. If I decide not to work go out and steal get arrested…guess what I will eventually pay the price. Are they slaves in Scientology? In the USA? Hmmm…if you know about it where’s the FBI..they go after terrorist here but our great FBI agency does not free imprisoned slaves? grow up haters.

    As for saying box office #s don’t matter abroad. Did any of you go to school? Money is money. If a movie studio pulls in millions from any country that film is a success to the studio heads.

    it burns his haters to see TC be successful.

  • US Law

    @@sweetness: US law also states “innocent until proven guilty” and our Constitution establishes “due process” which is not determined by a court of public opinion, tabloid fodder, or former church members.
    So, respect who you want, like who you want, watch whatever movie you won’t, but guilt or innocence is not determine by you or the public in general, but by US court of law.

  • Frozoid

    @Sweetness: Yeah, sure you’re a Baptist like I have a hole in my head. Bug off, you Scientologist concern troll.

  • Scientologist are everywhere

    @Frozoid: So only Scientologist make up the Domestic Gross number that Jack Reacher has made?
    Wow, I didn’t know that Scientologist made up that much of the US population.
    One minute you hear they’re numbers are minuscule and the next they’re everywhere and in large numbers.
    The script keeps changing ….those sneaky buggers! :-O

  • friends?

    @Geeza Louisa:
    according to some blogs? ok I know, haha.

  • Hamlet

    What makes you say that, #8?

    I don’t think she’s married, #15.

    He’s taller than that, #18.

    She’s currently involved with the father of her son, #19.

    Don’t believe everything you read, #23.

    That’s incorrect, #25. The film is doing very well financially.

  • Silvana

    @Bridget:Totally agree with you. Aside from having the whole family, mother, sisters, nephews, foster children under his roof, all of Scientologists, it is more likely that life to have been very rare low ceiling is Katie Holmes and Suri, along with rare , watched all the time until the phone … probably apart from Scientologists, all schizoid traits were also … so it’s hard to live normal or a marriage that will last you, tOO least if your family is under your roof probably taking all the freedom of opinion and decide on their relationships.

  • Dawn M Nevills

    I find it both sad and rather pointedly telling that success can still elicit such obvious and overt envy. I remember when success was something people admired…
    Many people in this industry have had difficulty in their personal lives: brutal schedules, a fickle public, and constant scrutiny make it extremely difficult to maintain any kind of normalcy, never mind trust, in personal relationships, and people can be extremely cruel, and oddly possessive of public figures. It can be excruciating for private people to try and live under a constant limelight:some can’t ever turn off the play acting, as a result…..
    I am not a Scientologist, I’m Anglican, but I do not measure the scope and suceess of Mr. Cruise’s work by his personal belief system.
    I also happen to find it refreshing that someone talks less about personal binges, self abuse with drugs and alcohol, and an inability to maintain focus and balance in their personal lives – albeit his difficulty in relationships – and more about healthy lifestyles, and personal responsibility, in an environment where this kind of parasitism (addiction and disregard for those less fortunate) is rampant. I think much of the negative part must come, at least in part, from having to be under such constant and glaring public scrutiny. Sadly, people forget the great amount of good that successful people can do, in the midst of finding ways to cut them to pieces. It’s spoiled and petulant.
    Mr. Cruise, like many successful people, is an example, of excellent personal choices in terms of acting roles, some very interesting and ardently portrayed choices as an actor, good personal management, some luck…….and a very great deal of hard work.
    I happen to think this is worth admiring…and encouraging.

    …and incidentally; Asia, by tradition, has more respect for experience and age, which is why they can lay claim to examples of art, medicine and culture which are thousands of years old.

    Envy is not an admirable personal quality in anyone.

  • abe

    @sunday: mi4 was the best action film in 2011 dumb bitch.

  • ir

    @Frozoid: no u get lost skank

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