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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev - Critics' Choice Awards 2013

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev - Critics' Choice Awards 2013

Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and Paul Wesley walk the red carpet at the 2013 Critics’ Choice Awards held at Barker Hangar on Thursday (January 10) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The Vampire Diaries actors all went up on stage during the show to present awards. The awards ceremony aired on The CW, the network their hit series airs on.

FYI: Nina is wearing a Monique Lhuillier dress, Brian Atwood shoes, a Jimmy Choo clutch, and GemsAround jewelry. Ian is wearing a Dolce&Gabbana suit.

10+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and Paul Wesley at the 2013 Critics’ Choice Awards

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ian somerhalder nina dobrev critics choice awards 2013 01
ian somerhalder nina dobrev critics choice awards 2013 02
ian somerhalder nina dobrev critics choice awards 2013 03
ian somerhalder nina dobrev critics choice awards 2013 04
ian somerhalder nina dobrev critics choice awards 2013 05
ian somerhalder nina dobrev critics choice awards 2013 06
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ian somerhalder nina dobrev critics choice awards 2013 09
ian somerhalder nina dobrev critics choice awards 2013 10
ian somerhalder nina dobrev critics choice awards 2013 11
ian somerhalder nina dobrev critics choice awards 2013 12
ian somerhalder nina dobrev critics choice awards 2013 13

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  • Clare

    Oh god, please put Paul’s name in the title…for once. His fans take it personally, and know nothing else than hating on Ian and Nina in retaliation.

  • amanda

    Loved seeing Paul on stage with Eva. Cannot wait to see their movie Baytown Outlaws. I don’t think Nina got the memo. She was going to be hanging with MOVIE STARS. Her dress look like it should have been on that little 9 year old girl. All the movie stars had evening gowns on. Then of course in comes a chick from the cw, so embarrassing..

  • Rod

    Ian looks handsome, so hot! And Nina, she’s gorgeous, her dress is incredible but the make up and the hair is what I most loved about the whole look, a goddess. Paul looks fine too, but he could do better, come on Paul, try a little harder!

  • Ashley

    I love Ian and Nina! But poor Paul never gets any attention anymore. I love Paul too!!! He deserves more attention than he gets. For crying out loud, he attended the event too, so at least have the decency to include his name in the title of the article! As much as I love Ian and Nina, it’s not all about them. So, here’s to Paul!!! :)

  • Rita

    Did Nina buy this cheap dress at Forever 21? What are these losers doing at an event honoring movie stars?

  • karen

    @Rod: Come on she was hanging with A list people and she was dressed like a kid. she’s not a kid. All the women had beautiful evening gowns then in walks Nina. She belongs on the cw.

  • Miri

    IAN is so handsome! Seriously the hottest man alive! Nina looks pretty but I don’t like her dress

  • Liz

    Considering the dress she is wearing is a Monique Lhuillier, I wouldn’t say she is dressed like a kid. She was a presenter. She wasn’t nominated. What she wore is perfectly acceptable.

  • Susan

    Ian is so dreamy *-*

  • liz

    @Liz: i agree. and we have the same name, cool:)

  • S

    Not a fan of Nina’s dress. LOVE Paul!

  • florence2

    @Ashley: I know Paukl always get’s pushed to one side when ever Nina and Ian are in a post and I do like Ian but I wish he would just smile normally and not do that smirk that he does and I love the suit that Paul is wearing and see nothing wrong in it he look’s just as good as Ian. That last part was’nt aimed at you but at the people who said Paul could have dressed better maybe he did’nt fancy going in black and white I personally love the colour shirt on him.

    So come on JJ when Paul is in a picture at least have the decency to put his name on it to this is also why you can understand why some fan’s say that VD has turned into the Nina and Ian show becuase that’s all you hear about when the show is mentioned Paul and the other’s get pushed to one side and it’s so wrong.

  • Corina

    Even though Nina is wearing a Monique dress, it looks cheap. Pretty girl, but not my favorite dress, Ginnifer Goodwin wore a beautiful Monique Lhuillier on Jimmy Fallon that was better than this. Paul is always put aside, which sucks because he deserves credit.



  • What is this shit

    not cool really Nina and Ian only in title? Wthats Wrong Is With This Site? Disrespectful very! For some people Paul is the most important there!

  • Katkittikat

    Paul looks much better than Ian!!!!!!!!!! Ian looks like an alcoholic

  • verox87

    @Katkittikat: What are you talking about?? Ian is and sexy as always..Nina is too gorgeous and I also love Paul! wonderful trio

  • Katkittikat

    @verox87: Ian drinks too much, He was drunk at the show .. I think he needs help

  • Kitt

    Who’s the guy on the far right?

  • Danny

    Love Ian’s hair and suit <3 Fits him perfectly! Paul's tie is ugly and I don't like the way he is dressed, I dunno :( Nina looks sweet in her little dress!

    @Katkittikat: Yeah sure and you know that because you were there? -_- No comment

  • rocknroll

    Anyone else tired of the Nina and Ian fascination, because they are dating? Or Vampire Diaries? Or is it just me?

  • http://fb connie

    Make that a nightmare! He is so scary and weird looking! Yuk

  • Katie

    @rocknroll: I am tired too! There are many other talented actors and actresses in the Vampire Diaries but we only hear about those two!
    And her dress is not good for the occasion! When she was on the premiere of Perks of being a Wallflower she wore a gown and she only had a small role, while the lead actress (Emma Watson) didn’t. Does she know how to be properly dressed?

  • Sil

    I love Ian, Nina and Paul. Please, put Paul’s name in the headline because his fans get angry with Ian and Nina and will blame them for that. But Ian and Nina are not responsible for the this site, they have no control about what will be writing. Please, stop bashing them.

    They are all good friends, Paul, Ian and Nina love each other and they are all gorgeous

  • Marsha

    @Katkittikat You do know that the alcohol chugging Damon Salvatore is NOT actually a real person right? You are talking about Ian Somerhalder so educate yourself before spewing lies and hate.

  • Jenna

    @Marsha: I like all three of them but come on Ian is a bit of a drunk. Whenever there are parties their is always pic’s of him smoking and having Nina hold him up while he walks.

  • marta

    u look like an alcoholic

  • marta

    bless ur soul

  • marta

    THANK U!!!!!11

  • cami

    instead nina is always so sober…

  • carina

    Paul Wesley the best!!!!

  • carina

    Ian really looks like an alcoholic >< He is creepy

  • Mirabella

    Stop insulting Ian just to push Paul…just stop it okay! Its beyond pathetic. No wonder why pdubbers are the most ridiculous and annoying fans in the TVD Fandom!

    I don’t like Paul but I would never insult him…Jesus! Grow up!!!!!!

  • krw

    I wish Ian would stop with the fake smile! He’s handsome, why does he do it? Really glad he is a amping up his taste and style. He almost looks as good as Bomer here!

  • guest

    And nobody questions why this “super couple” were not together at the PCA’s or why they arrived separately to the CCA’s or why she hasn’t tweeted since Asia or why they stayed separate the whole time in LA or why all the pics out of Asia show them VERY apart? Hmmm…maybe their break-up will be as mysterious as their “dating”. Stupid. I think Paul Wesley should move on so that he can make a name for himself. He’s way too talented to be stuck on the CW!

  • Sophie

    I love Paul Wesley!
    Ian who?

  • Pdubber

    Ian is losing his hair !

  • jess

    Nina and Ian were together in LA for her birthday, better informed :)

  • http://emmalucy1133 Lucy

    Love Love Love her Dress ^_^ IAN and Paul are so hot

  • chick


    Yes but she didnt even bother to attend the PCA to give her bf moral support i know it was her birthday but she could have attended! he rushed back after to be with her – shame she doesnt make much of an effort!

  • shai

    Too much hatred toward someone even we don’t know personally?Not Ian’s fault that Paul is happily married&Nina couldn’t date him for the fan’s sake..Not Ian’s fault that his facial expressions cannot be changed according to other people’s liking,no one can help their facial expressions anyway,everyone has their own individual expressions,type of hair,smile,looks..just like Paul can’t change his look Ian cannot..If Ian is always cheerful&excited that means he is an alcoholic,?If Paul is serious looking that means he is depressed?if Paul’s name is mentioned less it is not Ian’s fault,Paul is a great actor,he doesn’t deserve these comparisons&stupid fans making him feel something less by feeling jealous of others and comparing him to others..

    Similarly Nina Dobrev doesn’t need to be bashed for dating or not dating Ian Somerhalder..stop hating individuals,at the end of the day they all re doing their job&promoting their careers,earning their bread the way they know..just watch those who you like&leave those who you don’t dislike..stop the nasty comments,they re humans like all of us they too will get hurt by such venomous attacks ..

  • guest

    @jess: They attended separate events the entire time and when they were at the same event, the Critic’s Choice Awards, they were only together long enough to get one very posed pic, in which both of them look like they don’t want to be next to eachother. The eyes don’t lie. I don’t care how good the actor/actress is.

  • harsha


    hi there, could you please tell me how did you know he was drunk?

  • http://- BUB


  • http://@zhalgap_of_page Kanalbekov Zhalgap

    I love you Nina! я хочу приехать в Америку и увидеть её!