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Jessica Chastain - Critics' Choice Awards 2013 Red Carpet

Jessica Chastain - Critics' Choice Awards 2013 Red Carpet

Jessica Chastain is ravishing in red while walking the red carpet at the 2013 Critics’ Choice Awards held at Barker Hangar on Thursday (January 10) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The Zero Dark Thirty actress is wearing a Prada dress, Harry Winston jewels, and Jimmy Choo shoes.

Jessica is nominated for Best Actress for her work in Zero Dark Thirty. She is up against Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence, Emmanuelle Riva, Quvenzhane Wallis, and Naomi Watts.

Also pictured: Jessica arriving at LAX Airport earlier in the day and leaving the theater after a performance of The Heiress the night before in New York City.

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Credit: Jason Merritt, Christopher Polk/Getty; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • ash

    good luck Jessica!

  • British Latin American

    That is a great color on her, brings out her hair color beautifully.

  • Great!!

    Best wishes to you, I hope you win the Oscar!!

  • Sarah

    Good color, plain dress.

  • KissThis

    She looks great! I actually don’t like the dress color though. Too much red!

  • Ally

    Congratulations for you lobby and desperate oscar campaign Jessica! you really DON’T DESERVE any awards! but sony, your PR’s and the “american pride” won/bought those awards for you!
    Marion Cotillard and Emmanuelle Riva are so much better than you and they are not crazy and desperate for a f*cking oscar like you. Maybe someday you learn with them!
    Good luck sucking old men co-cks for the oscar!

  • Katie

    @Ally so much bitterness in one post. Jess is talented and sensitive, she deserves the Oscar more than some french starlet who seems so desperate to get attention. Everybody will forget about Marion, Quvenzhane and Emmanuele after a couple of years. Jessica will stay a little bit longer. She’s a STAR.

  • jennifer
  • Eric

    @Katie: I agree but people won’t forget about Marion Cotillard. I like the old lady and she is most likely gonna win but the 9 year old girl getting nominated was sillly. Why did they nominate a 9 year old for Best Actress? WTF is wrong with the Academy?
    Rachel Weisz was great in Deep Blue Sea, which was one of the most talked about performences in 2012. Beast of Southern Wild was a snooze. They snubbed many great people this year and gave it to other who don’t deserve it.

  • Rose

    @Katie: “she deserves the Oscar more than some french starlet who seems so desperate to get attention” – HAHAHAHA
    Jessica is calling and posing for paparazzis EVERYDAY and giving dumb interviews to talk about her hair, she is the one who is desperate to get attention, not Marion neither Emmanuelle, two real actresses, but americans hates french people anyway, you only loves those Emma Stone’s and Jessica Chastain’s types of actresses who are both overrated and mediocre.
    Jessica maybe win this time, but THE REAL WINNER is Emmanuelle Riva! deal with it stupid yankees!

  • Chris

    @Rose: Americans don’t hate only french actors, but all foreigners who dares to have more talent and success in America than american actors, the few exceptions are Hollywood darlings like Nicole Kidman.
    They took 30 years to give Gary Oldman an oscar nomination and he’s just one example of amazing foreign actors who were snubbed through the years.

  • Jess

    @Katie: Are you saying Marion Cotilard is desperate for attention? How?? She already won her best Actress oscar and is getting better roles then Jessica Chastain. I like Jessiva Chastain too but come on, Marion is more famous and well known then her. Nobody will forget about her.

  • Jess

    @Chris: What?
    There have been many non-american actors/actress who have won oscars and infact, so many of them are taking over Hollywood. Look at the actors who are playing Spider-Man,Batman,Superman. They are all British actors. How come an american actor couldn’t get those role?
    Daniel Day Lewis is probably gonna win Best Actor and he is the only one who everyone is talking about for best Actor. Not Denzel or Bradly Cooper.
    For Best Actress, I don’t think Jessica or Jennifer will win. its going to either Naomi Watts( Australian) or Emanuelle Rivera( French).

  • Spanish girl

    @Rose, @Chris and @Jess – whoever you are, stop bashing talented Jess. Hate and jealousy will get you nowhere. And I’m not ‘the stupid yankee’ you hypocrite.

    Jess has more talent and decency than you coward posting all this bullshit on a gossip site. I clicked on this site to see beautiful Jess, not your envious comments.

    All this stupid shit about ‘Hollywood hates foreigners’ is silly. British actors are everywhere you go. Plus, there are aussies, swedes, russians, spaniards etc. Maybe in your Banana Republic country there is hate and xenophobia. Don’t judge other countries on your personal view of the world. Dumbass.

  • Camille

    Jess is not a fame whore. It’s an every actor’s job to promote themselves and their movies. That’s why they’re celebrities you dummy. If you work as an advertiser you most likely to promote some brands you don’t like for money. If you work as an actress then it’s your duty to be nice to everyone, talk to strangers, smile for pictures, sign the autographes and promote your movies. It’s her agents who desperately want her to be famous and win an Oscar, not her. Agents get happy when their guardian angel become Hollywood’s new darling.

    Jess went to Julliard – one of the best acting schools in US. She’s a true professional, very loyal to her upbringing and roots. She nailed every single performance in all the movies I’ve watched with her so far. It’s an achievement. Acting is hard, especially when there are camera crew, directors and actors who would love to see you fail. Marion was awful in Public Enemies and she should definetely get a razzie for TDKR. Plus, she’s annoying and I laughed my socks off when I heard her ridiculous Oscar speech. She said with her french accent ‘You rock my world’.

    Zero Dark Thirty doesn’t endorse torture. It’s movie and a little bit of fiction – it’s not a real world. Sure, it’s a political movie, but think where CIA agents would be without having Ben Laden head on a plate. You know it’s so easy to criticize movies for not being real but so damn hard to write your own script. And you haven’t even watched the movie. I have 0 time for people who have their minds made up about a piece of art they haven’t experienced yet. Not people I ever want in my life.

  • Sarah

    @Spanish girl aka American girl/@Camille Do you believe in your own lie? you probably Jessica or work for her. Talented actors don’t pose for paparazzis every single day, this is not part of the job, only famewh*res does that. I’ve never seen Daniel Day-Lewis, Jack Nicholson, Helen Mirren, Amy Adams neither Meryl Streep doing this and they are really talented, not overrated actors desperate for attention who will disappear soon like Jessica.
    I laughed when I saw you losers saying that people will forget Marion, she began her career in the 90′s, had success in her country and won an academy award 5 years ago – that’s the reason you hate her – and the best directors – hollywood directors – wants to work with her until now and they always says good things about her and how talented she is. Jessica is almost 40 and doesn’t have half of Marion’s talent and body of work. Plus, Jessica is laughable in Zero Dark Thirty and in every movie which she appears, her overacting is annoying at least, but her crazy, stupid and teenage fans – The Help fans – will never admit that since she made a government propaganda movie about the murder of america’s enemy #1: Bin Laden. You look exactly like Twilight fans saying how amazing actress Kristen Stewart is.
    And you really believe that you are not xenophobic? lol Hilarious!

  • S

    Your argument doesn’t come across as intelligently as you were likely hoping it would.

    “It’s [Jessica's] agents who desperately want her to be famous and win an Oscar, not her.”
    Agents are as invested as the actors they represent. So it’s actually a two-way street. JC has been working HARD to secure a spot in Hollywood and, more recently, to get that Oscar. She may play sweet and say she’s not into fame and little golden statuettes, but she undoubtedly is. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be doing EVERY interview and magazine shoot, etc. And honey, she wouldn’t be posing semi-naked for GQ if she didn’t want attention. JC’s gone into pr overdrive since she got recognized for her work in The Help last year, and she should probably be more wary of becoming overexposed. She’s just as hungry as any other up-and-coming actress, and it shows. She plays the game, too.

    Yes, JC did attend Julliard, and yes, she does have talent. But it’s all relative. The hype surrounding her should also be attributed to the fact that Hollywood is full of terrible “next generation” actresses. So of course when an actress who has even a shred of natural aptitude comes along, that person is immediately lauded as the next *insert name of legendary actress here*. Everyone’s used to seeing sh*tty performances, and the moment someone like JC gives a decent one, people are automatically convinced she’s the second coming.

    I saw Zero Dark Thirty and feel it is an uninformed piece of filmmaking that’s getting a load of hype because of its subject matter, the angle from which this subject matter is explored, and because it’s a film by Bigelow and Boal, who are considered “geniuses” because of their work on The Hurt Locker, which actually WAS a strong, nuanced film. B&B didn’t think things through as fully this time around with ZDT, though. In fact, most of the film buffs I know who saw the movie don’t feel it is deserving of as many accolades as it is currently getting. But its studio distributors will shove it in audiences’ faces until awards season is over and run an aggressive pr campaign to give it every shot it has at winning at the Academy Awards.

    And most people will buy into that.