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LeAnn Rimes: Angelfish at the Gym

LeAnn Rimes: Angelfish at the Gym

LeAnn Rimes is all smiles as she heads to Equinox Gym on Wednesday (January 9) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old singer sported a tee with a red angelfish on it while spending a few hours working out.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“Business today, on the phone for hrs!!! Blanket, movie, hubby, doggies…happy,” LeAnn tweeted later that night while relaxing at home.

Earlier this week, LeAnn enjoyed a night out with a group of friends by having dinner at Katsuya in Hollywood.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes headed to the gym…

Just Jared on Facebook
leann rimes angelfish t shirt 01
leann rimes angelfish t shirt 02
leann rimes angelfish t shirt 03
leann rimes angelfish t shirt 04
leann rimes angelfish t shirt 05
leann rimes angelfish t shirt 06
leann rimes angelfish t shirt 07
leann rimes angelfish t shirt 08
leann rimes angelfish t shirt 09
leann rimes angelfish t shirt 10
leann rimes angelfish t shirt 11
leann rimes angelfish t shirt 12
leann rimes angelfish t shirt 13

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Observer

    Jared, you know why she’s wearing this shirt, right?

    Brandi G gave an interview in which she advised that one (or more of, I forget) of LeAnn’s own friends allegedly call LeAnn Angelfish, because she sings like an angel. And drinks like a fish…

    So I guess that one of LeAnn’s friends gave her this Angelfish shirt, and you’re now posting the pics of LeAnn sending a little message.

    Damn, I miss high school. And I now miss Julia Roberts, and her A Low Vera tshirt. LOL.

  • Kel

    Sick pot stirrer. Why don’t you show those super fug pics of her from the Daily Mail. What an ugly person inside and out.

  • geeza louisa

    I truly do not get why this woman (or anyone else for that matter) thinks people/friends/whatever are interested in the minute details of their lives.

  • nomorerimes

    About time she went back to the gym–she is starting to get pudgy and Eddie won’t like that. But then he probably isn’t even paying any attention to her anyway! Too busy with other ones that matter!

  • DM
  • Trolls & bullies…

    I see the Brandi trolls are out again bullying LeAnn.

    Can’t believe you waste your time constantly posting vicious comments about LeAnn all because you watch a z lister on a cra**y reality show……wow what losers….lol.

  • Sally

    She looks good, love her t-shirt.

  • Sara

    Love the fact the “haters” can’t thumb down the positive comments about LeAnn. Teach the bullies a lesson, well done JJ.

  • Country Girl

    Now that’s a nice ‘go to the gym’ outfit. Love that top!

  • nomorerimes

    @Trolls & bullies…: But she makes it soooo easy with all her papwhoring! Got to keep her pathetic, irrelevant name and pic in the news somehow.. But then Scheana is doing that too right now, isn’t she? HAHA! How do you like all that truth, LiaR?

  • nomorerimes

    @Sara: Works both way, duh?! Keeps the paid puppets from voting all the down all the negative comments about LiaR! LOL! But she will still pay you to come on a make all the silly little comments praising her! So you won’t lose out on your allowance!

  • Albacore

    Is this a poor attempt to make us forget those “makeup free” photos from yesterday? OMG, you should read the comments!

  • Emma

    I heard LeAnn Rimes “sing” (if that’s what you call it) on the X Factor and my 7-year old daughter sang better at her class musical. If someone Like LeAnn can make a living singing, we all can. There is no “gift” or something special about her, there’s no talent, and shows like AI, The Voice, and XFactor prove it every day. Someone like her is mildly famous because as a child she was deemed talented. As time went on, the voice is just average if that. Now we are stuck with a tragic mental case desperate for attention and to prove that she is living a wonderful life by calling photographers after facials of all things. She believed she looked good in those photos, that’s how crazy she is!

  • Danielle

    @DM: Those are shocking! She is hideous! I love that Daily Mail site, at least they show the REAL LeAnn Rimes!

  • Eamon

    Love this girl .My wife is incredibly jealous of her.

  • Eamon

    She is a sweet, young angel.

  • Tara

    There’s another picture of her coming out of the gym on Daily Mail, with her squinting in the sun and hair in a tight bun with no makeup. ACK


    true! look at this tweet about the shirt
    “Loving the t-shirt my friend sent me….hysterical”
    A couple weeks ago Brandi accused Leann of being addicted to laxatives causing her son to be ill because he found some on the floor and since Leann never keeps sugar in the house he thought he’d finally found skittles.
    Guess what’s Leann latest tweet. “Think there’s enough sugar in our house?!” with a picture of a cabinet drawer full of Christmas candy.
    she then adds, in case her thick fans didn’t get message the first time:
    “@SophiaBushFan10 lol how about I keep it from them cause of my “no sugar household” BS all of it lol ”
    Girl that every-other-day-twitter-rehab worked really fine LOL


    still tweeting “We are living in the present, focusing on the future and not wallowing in a past that didn’t even happen. So here’s to a fab day!”

  • Amejean the Dancing Machine

    Wow! She makes going to the gym look sexy!

  • LooseLipz

    No the least bit interested in this attention seeking insecure and immature lush.

  • Gwen

    @Trolls & bullies…:

    Says the person who made TWO posts in my name yesterday and then boo hoos when he gets called out for hijacking people’s names! The next time you make a post in my name on this site or on PH, remember the post you made. Why are you posting anyway? Didn’t you say that tend to stay away from people you don’t like? That was a lie?

    You waste your time constantly posting vicious comments about me, Brandi, Betty, the Betty’s, and making posts using the names of the BBs husbands(ie-Ben and Eamon) all because you watch a z lister on a cra**y reality show, oops TWITTER isn’t really a reality show right……wow what losers….lol. I love how you write a post like this and then go on to astroturf- See posts 7-9.

    @EAMON: Didn’t you do the same thing to Kristi? You hijacked her husband’s name and used it to make posts here? Why are you hijacking people’s names?

    Eddie said, “Love this girl, Lizzy .My cash cow, oops I mean my wife, is incredibly jealous of Lizzy. Lizzy is a sweet, young angel. Wow! Lizzy makes going to the gym look sexy!”

    @Counrty Girl: You are still astroturfing using names that you hijacked from someone’s twitter acccount? Of course you love the top, you probably made it. It’s easy to find out which one of her fans made the shirt because all you have to do is look at the tweets of those posters who kept asking her if she received their package to her.

    @SARA: What are you talking about? The only one abusing the voting system was you. We have 8 threads here, Eonline, and TDM to show for it. You have been posting here for years, so you should know by now that JJ temp removse the voting system so that they can fix what you did to it.

    @Sally: Well it’s nice to see that you picked new names to do your ASTURFING!

  • Sheila Tequila

    LeAnn’s tweets are so inspirational! Love them!!

  • Gwen

    Does anyone else find it odd how this site posts more about Leann, than they do AJ, BP, and JA? Which is odd because when you check out the most popular lists of 2012, why isn’t Leann on it?

    1) AKM-GSI took these photos. Of course she is all smiles, it’s a STAGED photo-op. It’s nice to see that AKM-GSI and GG allows Leann to use them as platform to taunt and mock Brandi! And then Leann can’t understand why she gets so much backlash.

    2) “LeAnn Rimes: Angelfish at the Gym”

    Did I call it or what? When Leann tweeted that she was going to get her *** kicked, I predicted that we would be seeing photos of her at the gym. Considering how much she has been tweeting about her hubby, I thought for sure that he would be a part of this staged photo-op. Maybe she has another planned with him for today to counteract ROL interview with Scheana. Why is Leann Rimes SO predictable?

    3) “The 30-year-old singer sported a tee with a red angelfish on it while spending a few hours working out.”

    And why would Leann be wearing a shirt wih an anglefish on it? And then some media outlets can’t understand why Brandi is so vocal. If this is what Leann does publicly, then imagine that her behavior towards Brandi is even worse when the cameras are not around.

    4) “Business today, on the phone for hrs!!! Blanket, movie, hubby, doggies…happy,” LeAnn tweeted later that night while relaxing at home.”

    If Leann were relaxing, she wouldn’t be tweeting in the first place. Since the internet is being slammed with articles about how Britney quit X Factor, the business she is talking about is X Factor. Just like with 20/20 and Katie, Leann bullied her way onto X Factor. This is going to be the biggest mistake that Simon has ever made. People dislike Leann and it’s not going to stop until she lays lows and stops paying media outlets like eonline to write nice things about her.

    Movie and hubby means that Eddie was out with his mistress.

    5) Friends? It was Lizzy( Eddie’s mistress) and Dave. Since the media went through through the trouble to leave out that Dave was there, Eddie must have been in the backseat with Lizzy.

    6) “We are living in the present, focusing on the future and not wallowing in a past that didn’t even happen. So here’s to a fab day!”

    Leann is such a liar. So why is she wearing an angeldish shirt and tweeted photos of her candy stash if she is living in the present, focusing on the future, or not walling in the past that didn’t happen?

    If Eddie’s affair with Scheana didn’t happen, then what happened to their lawsuit against Life and Style?

    7) Leann also told one of her fans that they have been living their new beginnings for a long time. So then why did she tell People mag, Celebuzz, Eonline, E!, and Leno that her “30 day” stint in rehab gave her a new beginning if she has been living new beginninhgs for a long time?

  • Gwen

    You might want to save your posts, EAMON(aka ANON) is on DELETE, DELETE, DELETE. He is in the previous thread right now, removing comments.

  • Gwen

    From Scheana’s interview with ROL:

    1) “In an exclusive interview with, Scheana Marie, 27, claims that the hunky star contacted her to met up for drinks soon after he split with Glanville in 2009.”

    So is Scheana confirming what Life and Style wrote in Nov 2009?

    2) ““I believed he was separated, so I was happy to go out with him again. But shortly into trying to hang out with him I find out about LeAnn, and I felt like such an idiot!”

    Which explains this part of Life and Style’s 2009 article: “He told her he’s only with LeAnn for the publicity and that he plans to end things with her soon.”-Life and Style

    3) “Scheana says she now regrets her actions and understands Brandi’s fury with her. “Brandi was angry with me because I didn’t think about her feelings when I was interviewed by Access Hollywood about the affair,” Scheana says.

    Now if only Leann would be able to come to this same thought process. Brandi has every right to be angry with Leann, especially when Leann is going on Leno to sing songs about how she was sleeping with Eddie while he was married to Brandi.

    4) So what will Leann’s damage control be in response to Scheana’s exclusive interview with ROL?

    Staged pda photo-ops with AKM-GSI

    Annouce that she is pregnant

    Tweet photos of her and Eddie kissing

    Exclusive interview with People mag about how happy and in love she and Eddie are

    More passive aggressive digs at Brandi

    5) With all the promotion that Leann has been doing for Borrowed, she can’t even get mad at Scheana or ROL.

    6) What I find quite interesting is that it was obvious that this article was coming. Leann was just going nuts with the passive aggressive tweets and her fans were out in full force on twitter and other sites.

    7) With Scheana’s interview will more and more of Eddie’s women come out of the woodwork? Or will Leann pay them off or bully them with C & D?


    The gigolo has been outed as cheating on rimes today. We all knew his was ongoing long before the marriage, however, Rimes intends to ignore reality yet again.

    Leann want to be believe a,d us to believe, her delusions of happiness while the world crumbles around her.

    From another,
    “Eddie spends LeAnn’s money at an alarming rate! He acts like it’s unlimited; he doesn’t even care. He buys whatever he wants, no matter how extravagant it is. The way he sees it is, he supports LeAnn in everything she does, so it’s only fair that he gets to buy himself treats.”

    “LeAnn’s accountant has repeatedly warned her that Eddie’s spending is out of control, but she just turns a blind eye, terrified that one false move will cause Eddie to leave her for another woman. He could bring them to the brink of bankruptcy, and she still wouldn’t say anything.”

  • Sasha

    @Gwen: Even though LeAnn has tried to make at seem as though each of them had an affair, due to being helplessly in love, This Scheana girl is proof positive that Eddie was nothing more than a skirt chaser. I am sure more women will come out of the woodwork eventually.

  • serenityzhere

    This girl wouldn’t admit Eddie was cheating on her if she walked in on him in the act. If she believes it to be true, then she would have to do something about it. So she is going to continue living in her world of ignorant bliss. She has to know that Scheana and Brandi are both gorgeous women and that she is nowhere near that gorgeous. Eddie is a womanizer and you better believe he is still up to the same game. He is going to hide it from her to keep in good with the money train till he finds a better deal. Then we will see if she develops more sympathy and understanding to the mother of his children who he deceived for 13 years up to the day their affair hit the magazines and he could no longer deny. She was not special in any way except for she had money. If she thinks otherwise she is way worse off than I even thought. My bet is that Brandi was the love of his life but he is a serial cheater and will never change. All this crap she puts out there is nothing but a farce.

  • Sasha

    @TIM GUNN: Ka-ching Ka-ching. LeAnn had better start touring again.

  • Sasha

    @serenityzhere: Good post!

  • Deenie

    On the last episode of RHoBH, all I could think was how gorgeous Brandi is. No way I could ever believe Eddie was more attracted to LeAnn Rimes. She is excruciatingly plain.

  • Eamon

    @CRAZY LEANN STRIKES AGAIN: Maybe you should consider that she is telling the truth and Brandi is doing everything she can to keep her name in print and lying while she is at it. Being pitied is no way to go through life, Brandi. The twitter wars are all started by a sniping, jealous Brandi.

  • Eamon

    @Gwen: Why would anyone want to save their posts, you freak?

  • Eamon

    @Deenie: I think Brandi looked like a puffer fish. She needs to lay off that botox, before she becomes another Wildenstein.

  • Money

    She must have lied about the peel the other day because you’re not allowed to exercise for awhile after getting a peel. Perhaps her eyes looked so red and swollen the other day because she was crying after she found out about Eddie and that waitress.

  • Tammy from Miami

    @Eamon: Re # 34
    So true! That’s freakishly anal and obsessive.

  • Deenie

    @Eamon: Please LeAnn will never be as pretty TMZ took a poll about who was the best looking, and Brandi won like 95% of the votes. Anyone with eyes can see she is pretty, and LeAnn is homely.

  • KissThis

    Rimes is such a phony b!tch. Can’t stand her.

  • LittleTrinity

    @KissThis: Ain’t love grand? LR is pretty cool!

  • Anna

    Does LeAnn really think that posting a photo of mostly candy canes in a cupboard, a couple weeks after Christmas convinces anyone that she “allows” sugar in her house? If it’s all BS, as she likes to say, then why go out of her way to prove something differently? Confident, secure individuals don’t go around with the need to prove their naysayers wrong. They know the truth, and don’t worry about what others think about it. Notice I said, confident, secure people, not immature, insecure homely little creatures who make certain to be photographed in an Angel Fish T-Shirt. Passive, aggressive witch! No wonder your singles aren’t charting and your album will fail. People hate you , because you act like this!

  • Jennifer

    @Anna: No..everyone doesn’t hate her, just the ones that don’t matter, like yourself.
    It is sad Brandi keeps spreading hate and lies about her on twitter and interviews when it is clear Ed did not love Glanville and did not want to be with her, just ask Scheana. You blame Leann but after seeing this foul mouthed, self serving broad in action, it is CLEAR why he strayed!. Sick that Brandi thinks she is not the reason Eddie strayed.

  • serenityzhere

    I have to laugh every time I see her fans defending her and Eddie’s pure love for each other. Open your eyes people! It is what it is. Plain and simple. Look at the man’s history. It’s pretty obvious. He has just been a little more discreet the last couple of years. Everything Leann puts out about their love is nothing but damage control. Her excuse is that she is blinded by love but what is your excuse?

  • nomorerimes

    LiaR=Speedhump! Oh wait and LiaR=money! LiaR=denying the truth!

  • Sugar Free

    @Anna: Yes and on the top of the obvious Christmas candy pile, sugarless Werther’s. Epic fail by LeAnn. I used to think that people were really overdoing it with their criticism of her but she keeps on proving all of the accusations to be correct. Why can’t she lay off of Twitter and stop the staged photo ops? I know her career is in the dumpster, but surely her peace of mind and private life are more important to her than the attention the other things bring? Maybe not. It must be hard to have peaked before the age of twenty. She’s probably desperate to stay in the spotlight and if she can’t do it through her music, she’ll use whatever means she can.


    Lest we forget, Rime’s is suing a special needs school teacher, a mother of six, unemployed due to being attacked and injured by a student.

    Rimes tracked her down via mutual Twitter friends, viewed her PRIVATE Twitter account, then met her Twitter fans and got the TEACHERS PHONE NUMBER, CALLED HER, and confronted her for no longer being a fan of Rimes !

    Opening sentence,”Hello B___, you have five minutes to tell what you think of me…or some such rant.

    IMO, and many others, menacing, it was certainly profanity laced and stalkerish.

    The call so unnerved the teacher and her student daughter they taped it.
    20 minutes of cursing and calling Glanville horrible names.

    Then a third party released the conversation. Opening sentence,” Hello B___, you have five minutes to tell what you think of me…or some such rant.

    Being seen for who she really is so unnerved Rimes, she was sent to “rehab”…for about a 3 days because she was “bullied” It was a private account of friends discussing celebs.
    RIMES. Miss Grammy Awards, a millionaire on a yacht, is suing a small town, Carolina, on disability teacher AND her student daughter.

    Of course, bankrupting a low income family wont help help her declining fortune, Eddie is spending that fast enough on his own. That and her low record and ticket sales.

  • betty

    The only one being pitied is Leann she is the one stuck with this skirt chaser.Poor Leann I know it hard to accept that you were not the only one that mattered because Eddie track record proved that. It wouldn’t appear so bad if Leann and Eddie hadn’t flaunted and taunted the affair with all that PDA and publicity photos that’s why it is best to keep your relationship private. Now she wants to erase the past and live in the present and look to the future but in the real world that doesn’t happen because the some things from the past always invades our future. Leann can smile and pretend all she likes but she know she is hurting. No one wants the world to know that the great love affair she flaunted is a one sided sham.


    Leann is booking small cheap room rate casino hotels. Her next concert is in Biloxi, MS. Not the expensive beautiful hotel on the beach, the cheesy redneck place with the free rooms.

    Most of her concert tickets are comped to regulate gamblers at the casinos. Think bused in grandpas on Indian reservations in the Mid-West, not the Bellagio of Ocean 1.

    Her records have tanked.

    We CANNOT even talk about her new single with was career suicide. The lyrics of “Borrowed” could only have been written by several personality disorders in one small squinty head.

    Cibrian is OVAH in Hollywood. He is small box office poison, and he was only a F-list tv actor anyway.

    Perez seems to have nailed it, she’s running out of money and he’s spending it faster than she can make it.

    X-Factor, IF they hire her will be a pittance of what they paid Spears. The crux however, is that she will be working full time and Fast Eddie will be on the loose ;)

  • Sugar Free

    @betty: I do believe that she had been crying before those horrible DM photos and that it wasn’t a peel. I’ve had those “peels” a couple of times and you can’t work out for several days as sweat is incredibly irritating the the raw skin, You are also not supposed to expose it to the sun, so running errands barefaced wouldn’t be smart. Also, in one tweet she said it hurt terribly, then a couple later she assured a fan that it didn’t hurt, just looked bad. Which was it? She is trying so hard to pretend that she so darn happy and it is just making the opposite look true. Being married to a serial cheater who was cheating on you, while cheating with you, must be exhausting. Especially when you are paying all of his bills and having to listen to all of his lies. Maintaining the denial is a full time job for her.

  • Alana

    I have regular peels myself…for a decade.

    1) They do NOT ACID peel anywhere near the eyes, so there is no puffiness or redness near the eyes. The cheeks and chin are reddish, maybe.

    2) IF there is any irritation, redness, you cannot perspire in any way, or work out.

    Thus, she WAS crying.