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Miranda Kerr: Qantas Airways' Aussie Cocktail Party

Miranda Kerr: Qantas Airways' Aussie Cocktail Party

Miranda Kerr strikes a pose on the red carpet at Qantas Airways’ VIP Cocktail Party celebrating Australia on Wednesday (January 9) at the Montage Beverly Hills Terrace in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress looked lovely in an Oscar de la Renta dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, a Kotur purse, and Bvlgari flower ring and flower earrings.

Bella Heathcote attended the party with her partner Andrew Dominik. She was red hot in a Moschino sleeveless dress with an asymmetrical ruffle.

Also pictured: Keith Urban, John Travolta, and Callan McAuliffe on the red carpet.

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and others at the Qantas Airways party…

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miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 01
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 02
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 03
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 04
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 05
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 06
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 07
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 08
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 09
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 10
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 11
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 12
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 13
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 14
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 15
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 16
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 17
miranda kerr qantas airways vip cocktail party 18

Photos: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages
Posted to: Andrew Dominik, Bella Heathcote, Callan McAuliffe, John Travolta, Keith Urban, Miranda Kerr

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  • overrated

    lollipop head.

  • eliose

    I miss the old Qantas commercials

  • Jim

    GOD miranda is everywhere! where is candice or adriana :(!

  • afow

    The 29 year old actress lol.. EPIC Jared!

  • Delilah

    She looks ridiculous. Like a plastic doll.

  • debong

    bella is so pretty

  • Sally

    Actress? Well I guess thats true if you put on a show for the paps and do setups for them to make yourself relevant. She looks like one of those figures where you hit the head and all it does is wobble.

  • Mara

    @eliose: Me too.

  • Joke of the year

    So so overrated! No figure and chipmunk cheeks.

  • Mara

    Actress? Oh god, don’t encourage it, Jared!

  • Wow

    Miranda is an “Ambassador” for Qantas that’s why she’s wearing red & white. Love the Oscar-de-la-Renta dress, she looks so beautiful,

  • Whoooos

    Well, she took a one week break from the press. She’s back again! But she’s starting to look like an old doll

  • @jim…..#3

    Why would Candice or Adriana be at an G-day USA party???

    Qantas is Austraiian’s major airline and Miranda is their ambassador.

    Read the article before making such a dumb comment!

  • @whooos

    She’s working, doing her job as an ambassador for Qantas. Just like she would if she was promoting VS…..duh!……some people are really thick!!!

  • @sally

    Your envy is showing, she looks stunning…….Jealous much???

  • Sj

    Miranda is so beautiful, her skin is flawless & love the dress.

  • Sarah

    Only someone tall & slim could get away with wearing such a full dress, just gorgeous. Reminds me of a fifties style dress.

  • @#13

    @@jim…..#3: it’s *Australia & she’s just the face, i wouldn’t call her an ambassador. The kangaroo on the plane is more iconic than her.
    And Qantas is struggling right now, i think jet star is a lot more popular with Australians. And cheaper, too. And i agree with eliose, i miss the old commercials for the airline.

  • Oh Oh

    That dress would look better on a taller person, sadly she’s not tall.
    Well, I’m not gonna call her names today because at least this as part of her job

  • yes!

    She is so GORGEOUS!!!!

  • ha!

    Once again, the haters are the first to post.
    Pathetic STALKERS!
    She’s gorgeous, btw

  • @19

    You don’t consider 5’9″ to be tall for a woman?
    Well, OK then.

  • sara

    She’s so beautiful.
    And that dress is so feminine and lovely.

  • @18

    Well, Quantas calls her an ambassador, so I think that I’ll go with that.
    You know, sine she works for them, and all.

  • @#24

    @@18: Posing for a few pics does not make her an ambassador. TBH i didn’t even know she was associated with Qantas until recently.

  • Lena

    Miranda is BEAUTIFUL! She’s just doing her job. Get over it, people.

  • sexy people

    i agree with whoever said the dress would look better on a taller girl. Taylor Swift or Karolina Kurkova would have owned the dress. Miranda doesn’t look to be more than 5’8.

  • @25

    Soooo since YOU didn’t know about it, it didn’t happen?
    She was made an AMBASSADOR last year. Quantas held a big press party/photo call to announce it. It was all over the gossip sites. Including this one, I believe.

  • @27

    Yeah, like that one inch would make a difference.
    But since you brought that up, you haters never did give any proof to your claim that she is only 5’8″, instead of the documented 5’9″.
    Go ahead and get that proof….we’ll wait for ya.

  • @25…

    Qantas made Miranda an “Ambassador” for them. They employed her to promote the airline, that’s why she’s called an ambassador

    She’s the face of their latest campaign in tv ads, magazines etc.

    You only have to walk through Sydney or Melbourne airports to see photographs of her everywhere.

    Get your facts straight before making ignorant comments!

  • @#28

    @@25: Did i say “because i didn’t know it didn’t happen”? NO! I
    And all she does is pose for a few pictures. That’s it. That does not make her an ambassador for Qantas.

  • Lily

    She looks so beautiful, just effortlessly classy & elegant.
    Orlando is a very lucky man, they make a gorgeous family.

  • @#30

    @@25…: LOLLLL
    First of all, Qantas is an Australian company not a “Sydney and Melbourne” company. And what magazine? what commercial was she in?

    ..airports are filled with different airlines – NOT JUST QANTAS. I was just in Sydney airport and i did not see one advertisement with her face on it.

  • Fam

    @@27: People are haters for pointing out she’s not tall? What’s wrong with you? And if you believe any documented height made by a model’s agency, then you don’t know a thing about modeling. Kate Moss is SHORT but they say she’s 5’8. Some models are extremely tall, so they reduce their heights a little in documents.
    Miranda isn’t tall. Simply saying that doesn’t make one a hater.

  • @33

    You’re still denying that she is an anbassador for them?
    So lazy and stupid.

  • @31…

    So you know more than Qantas now???

    Did you miss the part where Qantas held a press conference ANNOUNCING her as an AMBASSADOR???

    It’s more than a few pictures, she is the face of the brand.

    As usual your letting your jealousy get in the way of reality.

  • @34

    Continuing to post things like that with no proof ,makes you a hater.
    Put up or shut up.

  • @#36

    @@31…: And you’re letting your blind obsession get in the way of your reality. An ambassador is more than just someone who smiles for the cameras. And miranda kerr ain’t s(hit compared to the old Qantas AD’s. Not even close.

  • Fam

    @@34: How does it feel being so much in denial about everything regarding Miranda? She’s not 5’9, she’s shorter, don’t be delusional

  • @38

    And now an idiot hater is willing to say that the executives at Quantas themselves, don’t know what they are talking about. LOL!
    They call her an ambassador. That’s all that matters. THAT is reality. Not your pathetic attempts to alter it.

  • @39

    So WE are the delusional ones, because you can’t prove your point?

  • @33

    Stop being obtuse, I only mentioned Sydney & Melbourne as an example.

    As you walk through the airport she’s on the Qantas billboards & when you’re boarding the plane there’s photos of her all along the walkway. As well of course in the business & platinum class lounges, but you mentioned Jet Star so I guess you wouldn’t see the business class photos.

    I’ve seen her in The Age, SMH, GQ, Harpers Bizarre, Belle, Vogue etc etc.

  • weird

    Why is her height causing drama?

    I’ve seen her and i’d say she’s more 5’7-5’8.

    And an inch does make a difference, especially for a model. The taller the better. Most of the fresh runway models are 6’0-6’1 now.

  • Fam

    @@39: Women who aren’t taller than 5’9 stood next to her and they all say she’s not tall. What’s your prove? Her agency? lmao. u sound stupid

  • #42

    @@33: funny because when everyone else on this thread isn’t 100% accurate those moody bi*tches jump all over the comment. And i’ve never seen her on a billboard before. Like i said, Qantas is a crumbling airline. It’s had so many problems recently so they might as well use her, it may help (or not)

    And coming at me because i mentioned Jet star? hahaha I’m sorry i’m not rich enough for you! – Are you always such a snob? We love people like you in Australia. Rich white women who think their sh8t don’t stink.

    And btw – the rich still use jet star dear, there’s no shame in spending a little less on a flight. So go masturbate on that!

  • @43

    Oh, it’s only drama because it’s one of the things the haters harp on. Her height on record is 5’9″. Since they can’t prove differently, they continue their ranting.
    You can’t discern a one inch difference when just observing someone. Apparent height can be influenced by the height of their heels, body stance, and their surroundings. Height has to be measured.
    It harkens back to the debate on Orlando’s height as well. People kept trying to claim that he was ony 5’9″, since in photos with the Hobbits he didn’t tower over them. They even persisted with their coments, after he was measured on video as being “just under 5’11″. What those people didn’t take into account was that he was obviously leaning over in the photos.

  • @38

    It’s got nothing to do with the old Qantas Ads…..Go & click on #35 link to the article explaining that Miranda is a Global Ambassador for Qantas joining John Travolta. You’re just making yourself sound foolish & ignorant but most of all very very jealous of the beautiful Miranda…

  • weird

    @@43: hmm I’m about 5’10 and i would say she’s 2-3 inches shorter than me and she was wearing heals at the time.

    Honestly, she could just have a long torso and short legs which would make her look shorter than she actually is

  • Apple

    @@43: She is NOT TALL. She does look 5’8. DEAL WITH IT.
    Do you ever hear people calling Adriana Lima, Karlie Kloss, Gisele Bundchen, Magdalena Frackowiak short? That because they are just tall, whether they’re in flats or heels or you’re looking at them from a distance or they’re upclose. It;s the same thing. THEY’RE TALL. MIRANDA ISN’T.
    Iy you said this at tfs, people would laugh the life out of you.

  • @45

    And there’s the vulgarity that we’ve been expecting.
    You haters almost always resort to vulgarity when you make fools of yourselves.