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Miranda Kerr: Quantas Photo Shoot Beauty!

Miranda Kerr: Quantas Photo Shoot Beauty!

Miranda Kerr steps out of a car looking absolutely gorgeous on the set of a photo shoot on Thursday (January 10) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“Just wrapped a great shoot for qantasairways @mrcbeverlyhills @treatsmagazine ’” the 29-year-old model tweeted from the set.

The evening before, Miranda stepped out at the Chateau Marmont in a tight black dress and heels. Earlier that evening, she hit up the Qantas Airways’ VIP Cocktail Party celebrating Australia.

25+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr heading to a photo shoot looking stunning…

Just Jared on Facebook
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 01
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 02
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 03
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 04
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 05
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 06
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 07
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 08
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 09
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 10
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 11
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 12
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 13
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 14
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 15
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 16
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 17
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 18
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 19
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 20
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 21
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 22
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 23
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 24
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 25
miranda kerr quantas photo shoot beauty 26

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Romi

    Stunning Woman!!

  • .

    :o Did JustJared get rid of the thumbs up/thumbs down option on the comments?!

    Good god, Lemon! WHY!?

  • Jaime

    She has such a giant head. It’s like a big round ball. Must be heavy LOL ;)

  • 0_0

    Say’s the alien……Take me to your leader, Earthlings….

  • Gasp


  • whatwhat

    You comment have me laughing so hard and I needed a laugh. Even though she is pretty your comment is true.


    Wow, just perfect

  • Lol

    her posture is way too exaggerated….

  • tim

    Y-U-C-K. Enough with this broad already!!!

  • KissThis

    Gorgeous, but a bit overexposed on this site…

  • Journalistic


  • abcdefg

    QANTAS! geez …

  • Terrible Twos

    I like dresses with long sleeves, that red one is nice. She looks great in both outfits.

  • Joke of the year

    Here comes Skeletor

  • rachel

    you are a bore. disappear be gone

  • ugh

    a photo shoot in beverly hills for qantas? lovely..

  • Peapo

    Where is Orlando? They get together for a few days over the holidays to prove they are a couple and than go their own ways. It’s fine if they don’t see each other. That is their choice, but I hope Orlando gets to spend equal time with his seems like every day Ms. Kerr is getting her photo taken with Flynn. I rarely see Orlando with his boy. I hope everything works out but Orlando deserves equal time with Flynn

  • uh

    australians prefer the old qantas Ads over this bullsh*t-TBH

    i think they should have used samantha harris

  • Ariana

    She is very beautiful. Love seeing pics of her with Orlando and Flynn. They are a beautiful family. Miranda is one of the best vs models out there.

  • Peapo

    I miss the thumbs up and down too. You might get a whole bunch of red thumbs down but at least you got some input into how people felt bout what you said. Now you don’t even know if anyone is reading your comment. Call me vain, but I’d rather get all red thumbs than no thumbs at all. Also you could let other people know you agreed with them with a simple push of a button. And if trolls wrote negative junk you could make it disappear if enough people pushed the button. Okay enough said about a silly little colored thumb.

  • WOW!

    She looks AMAZING!!!!

  • @18

    So now you are speaking for all Australians?
    You really need a hobby.

  • Anna

    Miranda is definitely beautiful. She is one of the most popular models out there right now. @peapo Orlando spends as much time with Flynn as Miranda spends with Flynn. They are still together as a couple. Those rumours have been dismissed.

  • nika

    @Anna: the rumors are always dismissed but that doesn’t mean they’re not true. Unless you actually know them you can’t be so sure.

  • @uh

    Samantha is gorgeous, but she is not nearly well known enough to be hired as a personality. And that’s what the ambassadors are. They are used in ads because of their name recognition, and not just as models or spokespeople.

  • @24

    Well, you can say the same things about the rumors. Just because certain people keep rehashing them, doesn’t make them true.
    So unless you know them……

  • uh

    @@18: blow yourself up. A majority love the old ads. why don’t you take yourself back to your tweenie tumblr and claim how amazing miranda kerr is for being a prop for qantas. you’ll receive a whole lot of love from australians, iiiiiii prrrrromiiisee.. except you won’t do that because you’re a little b*tch who runs this thread.

    AND you speak for miranda kerr, constantly.. do you think you’re her?

  • uh

    @@uh: sam harris is aboriginal and we need more women of colour in our advertisements. Miranda kerr would be just another model if she didn’t marry an actor.

  • Chica


    i had the same reaction haha

  • @uh

    Wow, and you’re still speaking for all Australians. LOL!
    And I find it hilarious that you are still so angry that you were proved wrong on both of the most recent threads.
    Come on, be a big girl and admit that you were wrong. That Miranda is an ambassador for Quantas.
    I would love to see Ms. Harris grow in popularity. As I said before, I think that she is gorgeous. She does a great job for David Jones. But she just isn’t famous enough….yet.
    Oh, and please point out where I was speaking for Miranda. I seem to have missed my post where I started with a phrase along the lines of; ‘well Miranda thinks that….’. You claim to speak for all Australians. I have never claimed to speak for anyone but myself.

  • uh

    @@uh: I am australian therefor i have a right to make any claim i like, and i’m not ‘wrong’ just because you don’t agree with me. Why don’t you grow a set and make a comment here:

    Unless of course you’re too scared to?

    My opinion still stands, less white women in advertisements.

  • uh

    @@uh: Let me guess, you’re doing some more research on sam harris so you can make more idiotic claims? hahaha.. enjoy wikipedia loser

  • @uh

    Uhmmm, no. Just because you you are a citizen of a country, you can’t possibly claim to speak for an entire nation. That is hubris to the highest degree. Continuing to claim that you speak for all Australians just makes you look foolish.
    And gee, I don’t have a YouTube account, so i can’t comment. But maybe I should join and ask a question of those fine folks. I’ll ask them what they think of a vulgar, stubborn, hater, who is stupid enough to claim that she speaks for ALL Aussies. I bet they would have some fine comments of their own.
    Oh, and btw, you are wrong when you keep trying to claim that Miranda is not an anbassador for Quantas. You have been proved wrong numerous times, yet you still persist with your ridiculous beliefs. See. Stubborn and stupid. Not a great way to go through life.

  • mel

    QANTAS! ….how do you people get jobs???

  • @uh

    I don’t have to do research on Samantha. I know very well who she is.
    Which is why I hope that she has a wonderful career. She is gorgeous, and unique in this whitebread fashion world.
    You’re barking up the wrong tree trying to pick a fight about her.

  • uh

    @@uh: actually why don’t you tell them that. Use the word hater, too.. they’d love it.. but don’t forget to mention your love for miranda kerr, and how AMAZING she is posing for qantas. And i can speak for whoever i like. Who the fu(k are you to tell me what to do? LOL. isn’t it your bed time yet?

    too scared to make an account though right? hahahah just go back to your tumblr, seriously. at least you’ll have your crazy fangirls to back you up.

  • uh

    @@uh: lolllll riiiiiight!!

  • @uh

    Wow, still claiming that you have a right to speak for MILLIONS of other people?
    Maybe you should go look up the term ‘hubris’.
    You really do need to expand your vocabulary.

  • LOL!

    Hey ‘UH’!
    Well, I can tell you that ALL Americans LOVE Miranda!
    That’s right!!!
    Cuz since I’m an American, I can CLAIM to speak for them ALL!!!!!
    I can claim anything that ai want, and you can’t stop me!!! So there!!!
    If this is idiot is the haters last line of defense, MAN are they in trouble!!!

  • uh

    @@uh: ohhh too scared to make an account huh? but have no probably thinking you have the right to rule every miranda kerr thread? hahahhahaa

  • uh

    @LOL!: you want tissue or your blankie so you can shut the fu<k up? :)

  • @uh

    Me? Scared? Oh, no dear. Just not that interested.
    But like I said, I may just do it. I’ll link back to this thread so that they can see the delicate flower who claims to know how they think.
    And since when is proving you wrong ‘ruling’ a thread. As we have said before. Stop lying, and we will stop embarassing you.
    If you want to lie without someone pointing it out, you’ll need to head on over to your other site. You can lie to your heart’s content there.

  • LOL!

    I earned an F bomb!!!
    I guess that’s all she had left to say.
    Poor thing.
    You can tell that debating is not her strong suit.
    She’s just too dumb to make it for very long before rolling out the F bombs and b*tches!!

  • tisch

    She looks so gorgeous!
    And I agree with LOL! EVERYONE in America just LOVES HER!!!!!

  • uh

    @@uh: please do so.

    @LOL!: lol an f-bomb? OK grandma

  • Dolphin

    She is sweet and pretty like a doll, not beautiful. Too much sweetness for me… She would benefit from less media coverage.

  • LOL!

    Are you the same idiot who claimed that Orlando was “middle aged” at 36?
    I can’t keep track of you idiots. Too much stupidity to go around.
    But no sweetums.
    No one with any sense of decency, no matter the age, uses profanity during a discussion in an open forum.
    So that must mean that you are either too young to understand basic manners, or completely lacking any morals.
    Or maybe both?

  • uh

    @LOL!: oohhh burrrnn and i’ve never made a comment about orlando bloom.. but at your age it must be hard to keep up

  • LOL!

    Oh yes.
    I can feel my bones creaking.
    I’m so old!!!
    I’ve been on this planet for 2 years plus a QUARTER CENTURY!!!!
    Time for the old folks home!

  • @1801

    Miranda Kerr is the best VS angel ever!