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Tom Hardy & Fiancee Charlotte Riley Write Each Other Love Letters

Tom Hardy & Fiancee Charlotte Riley Write Each Other Love Letters

Tom Hardy leaves the Groucho Club after spending the night out on Tuesday (January 8) in London, England.

The 35-year-old actor’s fiancee Charlotte Riley recently spoke to the UK’s Look magazine about writing love letters to each other.

“I’ve always been a keen letter writer and so Tom and I write to each other most days when we are apart – or at least every other day,” Charlotte said.

She also added about Tom‘s son: “I want babies, lots of them. Definitely, absolutely definitely. Louis is four and the most incredible, intelligent, creative little human being I have ever met – he is amazing. I feel very honoured to be his stepmum.”

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  • mel

    Anyone else think they are already married? They’ve been engaged for a long time and it wouldn’t be surprising if they secretly got hitched! SO jealous of her btw… He’s so handsome and seems like such a great guy

  • ha ha

    So in love and here he is out clubbin’…..

  • AG

    He was the worst part about The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Nancy

    Tom Hardy is so adorable.

  • Kirsten

    A lot of unecessary Tom Hardy hate. How was he the worst part of The Dark Knight Rises? I think he’s bloody gorgeous and a brilliant actor to boot!

  • James

    I loved Dark Knight Rises and I think he did a great job with the character.

  • Sarah

    I hope he’ll get recognized soon, more seriously. Amazing actor. Heart-breaking in Warrior.

    And good looks to boot! :D Lucky girl that Mrs. of his

  • Mara

    Well he is gorgeous but I don’t think that his fiance should be talking about babies yet.

  • Dave Franco

    How many times has this girl has been watching THE NOTEBOOK? Too much. I don’t think Tom Hardy would say that. Seems too personable.

  • ka-blamo

    Brother is packing some serious man beef.

  • mary

    why is she out with all these interviews about him? Is she promoting something? I would be more impressed if she stuck to her work and not have to rely on Tom to get her name out there.

  • Jodi

    The are not married she reported would not set a date due to his running around with lindsey lohan.

  • XxXxX

    I would do such dirty things to this an if I had the opportunity…… She’d better watch his ass :p He’s way too hot to handle! And I guess any woman would want to carry his baby aswell….he’s so good-looking

  • LaCroix

    Tom Hardy was not running around with Lindsay Lohan. I think they had a dinner once with mutual friends .. ppl love to spread BS.. I swear.

  • Gilbert

    Tom is not partying, he’s just enjoying his life! Love his gf and him, they seem so down to earth, it’s refreshing to see celebs like that

  • http://heworkshard dude

    he’s such a ho – But more taletned than daniel day lewis and eight ryn goslings who is really just the best america has got to offer at the moment Fassbender is the best of all though

  • laly

    @dude: I agree about Fassbender..0 but no one is more talented than Day lewis.

  • Sean

    Daniel Day Lewis is a method actor, not a movie star who goes out to parties. Gosling is way too overrated, Fass is lovely though.

  • TH fan

    I think Tom’s the most talented actor ever. He helps the homeless and rescues dogs. Gotta love a beefcake with a heart of gold. I suspect he’s a bit of a handful based on his past but that just adds to his charm.

  • helen


    I guarantee they are already married and just not telling the press.

  • lissy

    For me, Tom is the most exciting actor around these days! He’s also a lovely, down to earth man and refreshing honest in his interviews. I wish him and Charlotte the best!

  • XOXO

    I guess @ThFan @helen and @lissy is Charlotte

  • TH fan

    Nope, not Charlotte. But if she wants me to babysit Tom while she’s out of town I’m game.

  • TH fan

    Nope, not Charlotte. But if she wants me to babysit Tom while she’s out of town I’m game.

  • TH fan

    Nope, not Charlotte. But if she wants me to babysit Tom while she’s out of town I’m game.

  • Troll

    Tom is gifted you fags are impossible

  • Sunshine Daydream

    Tom is brilliant, gorgeous and so sexy. Love you Tom! Looking forward to more from you. It’s a pleasure to support you and your career. You are definitley a rising star.

  • Dave connery

    Tom seems to me an awesome lad and he’s my favorite actor by far!

  • http://watchBronson johnrae

    @ka-blamo: I would never take it all off with a p—s soo tiny. No man-hood

  • Mary

    WTF this woman is giving interviews to talk about him? she is not famous and doesn’t have a career for herself and needs him for publicity. It’s so ridiculous!
    Wake up! he loves you so much and goes partying alone or with other girls like Noomi Rapace. You are not living a fairy-tale!
    What she said about his son is the same b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t every stepmom says about her stepchild in public, once they have their own child they start to mistreat and ignore the “bastard” when the father is not around. I’ve seen this so many times.

  • Mary

    Stupid censorship!
    I was saying:
    “once they have their own child, they start to mistreat and ignore the “b.a.s.t.a.r.d” when the father is not around.”

  • Dave Connery

    What´s your problem Mary. Good lord! You´re a sad person! And no, i´m not Tom , neither Charlotte :)

  • TH fan

    It’s hardly Charlottes fault that when she does an interview people ask her about their relationship.

  • Mary

    @TH fan: Ok, and she does interviews what for? she is not talking about her work, she’s not even working, she’s not famous, why somebody will interview her? nobody wants to know anything about her but about her famous boyfriend. I’m not seeing Hugh Jackman’s wife, James McAvoy’s wife neither Michael Fassbender’s girlfriend giving interviews to talk about their famous partners. Only Hardy’s stupid fangirls can’t see the thuth. You probably believe in Santa Claus too.

  • Dave Connery

    She’s doing interviews because she’s an actress too, darling and she’s just answering the questions for heaven’s sake . Not working? Just watch her IMDb and you know you’r talking nonsense. Why all the hate by the way? Because Tom broke off his relationship with Rachel? What do we really know about that? Who are we to judge? I red Rachel is happily married now and gave birth to a baby-girl. Good for her!

  • mera

    i know tom has a big ego, i don’t know why it’s such a big deal though

  • K

    “With Tom Hardy, the first time I saw him was on British television, I had actually never heard of him. And he came on as a cocky gangster, in the area that I come from, so I sort of knew what was right and what was wrong. He was the toughest gangster I had ever seen on British television, or anywhere – including me, I played a couple of gangsters and he made me look like Mary Poppins (laughs). And then you meet him and he’s a sweetheart.” – Michael Caine

  • mera

    lol charlotte is awesome, who we are to judge

  • TH fan

    Like Dave Connery said, she is an actress. I know she’s not as famous as Tom, but she is pretty great. Did you see Wuthering heights? Besides those people print what they know people will read. They could’ve asked her ten questions about her work and one about Tom and that’s what they’re gonna print because unfortunately that’s the kind of gossip that shallow people care about. I actually feel a little bad for her, no matter how good she is or how famous she gets people aren’t going to give her the credit she deserves. They’re always going to say she got famous because of Tom which isn’t the case because she was a working actress when she met him. It’s too bad we can’t be happy for a young lady who’s clearly in love and paying her dues in a tough business and is enjoying success.

  • obvious

    I think Dave Connery is Tom. No one asked if you were before you denied it. And there is NO news about Rachel Speed having a baby girl…at least not that I could find.
    So if this is Tom…get some thick skin because Hollywood is brutual. It’s unfortunate that people will think Charlotte isn’t good looking because she has a lazy eye or is cross-eyed. But the truth is you just don’t see any people with those types of genetic traits in Hollywood. Maybe reality t.v. stars or musicians but not actresses.

  • Sammy

    @DaveConnery isn’t Tom. What’s the proof? Does he have publicists though? If so, maybe someone sent him a link… Anyway, Charlotte is a beauty, and who cares what some internet weirdo think. Keep working.

  • TH fan

    I don’t think Charlotte has a lazy eye, I think her eyes are just close together and it creates an optical illusion. You don’t have to be perfect to be an actress in Hollywood. Sarah Jessica Parker has a huge nose, Kristen Stewarts ears stick out, Drew Barrymore has a prominent chin and a lisp and they are huge stars.

  • Shafawn

    Tom Hardy is genius. His star is still rising and aren’t we glad to enjoy his brilliance! I hope he has many many more wonderful movies to give us. I especially love that he is still with Charlotte Riley. I watched Wuthering Heights 3 times and cried 3 times. They did such a fabulous job and the chemistry exploded off the screen!
    I hope Tom doesn’t become a punk and dance like a monkey. I hope he keeps it real. I imagine it’s easy to become disoriented with all that money and Hollywood but kissing.

    How does he appear to come off on screen? Tom Hardy has a kind of no apology atmosphere that is unpretentiously confident with a touch of genuine kindness. It’s the genuineness that touches us. The fact that he is drop dead gorgeous with big soft lips ,…. I mean who has lips like that? Seriously .. He’s a beautiful man

  • NotTheSlightest

    I find most of these comments silly. Who is the better actor, how one will steal him away, and why his fiancee is doing the interviews. Most of these points are moot, to say the least. Mr. Hardy is talented, everything between Bronson to Star Trek, and back to DKR. He is dedicated to the roles he is casted, and plays them very well. His future wife is more than likely doing interviews because he really is not a fan of press, he doesn’t even like to believe he is famous. If she is willing to do them, she should. Tom also has a slight habit of posting of article about him anonymously when he feels he isn’t being defended.

  • One Two

    When will you stop posting these praise comments, sir. TH?

  • Tom Hardy

    I’m the best

  • Bailey

    Wtf with all these hateful comments? Stop hatinggggggg.

    Tom is a nice guy, Charlotte is a nice lady, why can’t you all shut up for a minute?

    I’m not Charlotte neither Tom.
    Trust me, these people don’t sit here and read your comments! So everything you do is meaningless.

  • Sarah

    @Bailey: “Trust me, these people don’t sit here and read your comments! So everything you do is meaningless.” – Are you sure? well, let’s see!
    - And you read what people say about you?
    - Yeah, ’cause in my head, I’m still not famous. It’s like, “Hey, I’m on this site!” Or [to my fiancée], “Look at what we were wearing last night! And everyone says you look great.” And then someone will say, “Tom Hardy is a c*unt because … ” What? WHAT?
    - And then do you reply anonymously?
    - Yes, sometimes! Wouldn’t you? Sometimes no one’s defending my corner! And then what you find — I’ve done it before — is that it’s a forest fire that you can’t put out. It’s like [when commenters say], “Is he gay? Isn’t he gay?” Does it matter? Does it actually?
    Your comment is so meaningless as the others. This is a gossip site, what did you expect? If you want to read “relevant news/comments” you should go to the fox news website, that’s a more reliable source for sure!

  • Bailey

    @Sarah Get a shrink, sweetheart.

  • brigitte picca

    Tom, i love you! have a nice Valentine’s day!