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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian: Balenciaga Shoppers

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian: Balenciaga Shoppers

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West leave a meeting at the Stephane Rolland showroom on Friday (January 11) in Paris, France.

The 32-year-old pregnant reality television star and her 35-year-old rapper boyfriend also stopped by the Balenciaga store for a bit of shopping.

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Earlier in the evening, Kanye and Kim were spotted leaving their hotel.

The day before, the couple bundled up as they arrived at the Charles de Gaulle airport.

15+ pictures inside of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian shopping in Paris…

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kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 01
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 02
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 03
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 04
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 05
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 06
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 07
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 08
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 09
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 10
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 11
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 12
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 13
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 14
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 15
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 16
kanye west kim kardashian balenciaga shoppers 17

Credit: KCA Presse; Photos: FameFlynet, SplashNewsOnline
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  • kim

    gay fish

  • Sleeping_Beauty

    Honestly, all they do these days is go in and out of hotels and airports in Europe. Kanye better get a grip, I don’t think he’s in Europe for writing and recording Rap music. His new job job is following Kim around?!! Very soon, he will be thrown in the pile with Kris Humphries if he starts to be dependent on Kim’s income. And pimp mom won’t allow nobody with no job to date her precious Kardasians!

  • Sandra

    I can’t stand these two pompous conceited human beings! They just think they are all that! Rich and think that they own the world! Sickening!

  • http://justjared POLO

    what’s this??? are they trying to be the next brangelina?? well, guess what? NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!!! Brad & Angelina have class and they are very sophisticated people, unlike these two clowns!!!!!!1

  • geeza louisa

    She looks really awful in that get up. Too tight. The Daily Mail has pics of the blouse–it is gaping open between the buttons it is so tight.

  • me

    he always smiles so open and nice with her….he seems really happy!!!

  • Athena

    Why would she want an annullment from Kris? She’s not a fake person, she just wants money; and she loves to shop at AthenaToysdotcom for her bedroom toys to keep Kanye happy.

  • rikki

    @POLO: brad and angelina have class? LOL. have you seen them? angelina tries to appear as a saint by getting into charity and humanitarian work, adopting foreign kids, etc. but she is a man stealer with no shame. and brad is no better.

  • Sara

    I think this is Kanye’s way of getting his little family away from Kris Jenner. LOL. Take Kim to Europe and relax and enjoy. Smart move Kanye. After all, his net worth is about 5 times greater than Kim’s and he can do/go anywhere/anytime he want’s. The Odom’s should move as far from KJ as possible and Robert should move to NYC or maybe even Europe permanently. Kourt is different, she seems to be more independent and in control.

  • Chris


  • janekay

    well i think she looks fantastic like she almost always does….and i absolutely love them together….I think they are perfectly suited…

  • Roxy

    @rikki: Not to get off topic from these to ridiculous famewho**s, but are you kidding me about Brad and Angelina. Where do you think the kids those kids would be if they didn’t adopted them…probably dead or working in some field somewhere. They gave those kids a chance for a better life. And what is wrong with getting into charity and humanitarian work helping others and bringing awareness to the injustice that is going on around the world. She changed her life for the better. What did you want for her to end up like Linsay Logan and the rest of those hollywood losers.
    Anyways enough with these two. They need to go away so tired of hearing about her unborn spawn.

  • http://justjared POLO

    @rikki: while Angelina & Brad are lending Humanitarian support to the needy by charity and humanitarian work, these two clowns are always pulling stupid publicity stunts just to be on the headlines. What have they ever don to help others. Kim & kanye are both fake, whatever they do, they do it to be on the news. While Brad & Angie do it because they are nice people and they really want to help.

  • Penny

    For sure there will be a big custody fight shortly after the baby is born. That’s the way celebrities roll.

  • mac

    I’m sorry for Balenciaga…
    I truly don’t understand why a rapper normally in baggy clothes, wearing gold chains and diamond studs and rapping about drunk and hot girls, wants to go shopping at classy European fashion houses.

  • LooseLipz


    Agreed. And all they do is shop. What a horribly superficial life. Did you see that home they’re having custom built? I know billionaires who live more humbly than these pieces of trash. When a relationship is based on material things and idolizing your partner, it’s bound to fall apart rather quickly. Kim is only capable of loving herself and thinking she’s Gods gift.
    To me she’s just a rich valley girl who will be remembered only for her sex tape.

  • LooseLipz

    By the way, who diets while pregnant? Kim does. I can almost guarantee this baby will not go to full term. Kim is far too worried about her body. It’s just a shame her sister can’t get pregnant. She really wants a child.

  • mrst

    I hope Kim and Kanye keep doing their thing…so the haters can die a slow death…lol…some people are so ridiculous…=)

  • Skywalker

    They look nice, they’ve grown on me as a couple.

  • lucy

    Jolie look her clothes dirty and the same her hair. I do not know how smell but I think she smaled not good.
    Brad Pitt is handsome but now is living with Jolie look dirty.

  • Danielle

    @Chris: UGH. Why are we stuck with them, can’t we flush them down the toilet, they’re like old sht

  • http://violetR violet

    what Brangelina got to do Kimye, shame haters they are enjoying themslelves love them, first haters called their relationship fake ,hahahaha,now eat your own words, if hate them your problem ,Kimye don’t care about your stupid comments, their money they can spend anyhow they wants,jealousy is gonna kill you guys

  • Lucille Austero


    Learn to write properly!!!

  • Aranka Paul

    I think that Kim is competing with Beyonce. Beyonce doesn’t want her to be a part of her circle of friedns (she likes G. Paltrow and C. Martin and other folks who are as artistic and sophisticated as her). She tolerates Kim because of her husband’s friendship with KW. Kim believes that while she can’t dazzle anyone with her talents (for she has none to speak of), she will outdo anyone with material goods, big houses, big cars etc. She probably also thinks that having a baby will get her closer to Beyonce ( babies being an underlying reason for the possible connection between them). Beyonce on the other hand most likely cringes when someone mentiones Kim Kardashian. Kim is simply an opportunist who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and it seems that all and only thing she wants is the world (at her feet of course). Poor pathetic soul.

  • shavon

    bitch is a hoe and kanye is a fool she dont need a baby let alone a husband but hey thats them so who gives a two fu*ks……. one lass thing tho i hope somebody hit her with a car and kill her………. just saying and if u dont like what i got to say well then dont read it.

  • shavon

    @Danielle: true shit