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Nicole Kidman Reveals Family Photo on 'Ellen'

Nicole Kidman Reveals Family Photo on 'Ellen'

Nicole Kidman chats with Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on Ellen, airing Friday (January 11).

The 45-year-old actress chatted about her daughters’ accents and also shared a family photo. Check out the clip below!

“They have a mix of Australian and southern which is really cute, but my momma always says I can’t understand her because she’s like y’all she says hey y’all to her grandparents,” Nicole said. “And the baby of course is still like… the accent is like baby accent… baby jarble – that’s baby accent, but I understand everything she says.”

Emma Stone also appeared on the show this week. Check out a clip of her appearance after the cut!

Halle Berry appeared on the show last week as part of the 12 Days of Giveaways reveal. She played a character named “Holly Berry”!

Nicole Kidman Reveals Family Photo on ‘Ellen’

Click inside to watch Emma Stone‘s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show…

Emma Stone – “Ellen” Appearance
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Photos: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
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  • omg

    did you see Nicole’s face? Her face is not moving, it’s stoned, just her lips move. it’s miserable to watch, no facial expression.

  • Haley

    She’s a very lucky lady to have that great husband and those adorable little girls!

  • face?

    her face is so terrible.

  • just a thought

    She has three daughters. Too bad Nicole seems to forget.

  • geeza louisa

    @omg and face? – yes her face is moving. The Daily Mail made a big deal about it and showed pictures of her brow wrinkling when she was talking.

    I see the haters got here immediately to criticize her any way they can.

  • melissa B
  • rikki

    she’s so lovely tho! xx

  • ze

    emmm…she seem lack of depth….not that bright, pretty but not bright!

  • 1urbanfan27

    @ze: Yes…She borrows heavily from other places for her stories…

  • StellaK

    Such a beautiful family. Keith and Nicole are lucky to have found each other. They make lovely children.

  • adorable

    They are such a wonderful family! Nicole should not feel bad about Keith waiting 4 months to call her, afterall he was dealing with a drinking problem and didn’t know how she would react to that! So happy it all worked out for them!

  • x

    Keith would be regretting he ever made that call. A drinking problem pales in comparison to the Kidman madness he signed up for.

  • Serena

    @X: “regretting he ever made that call”? Had he not made that call, and had he continued that path of alcohol and drugs, he could very well be joining the likes of Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse by now.

  • ..

    Watch out ‘x’ or your comment will get the thumbs down. OH WAIT, the thumbs down option is NO LONGER an option thanks solely to the KIDMAN CRAZIES. They have, single handedly, driven JJ to delete the ‘thumbs up/down’ moderating tool, due to their blatant exploitation of self-regulating censorship, paired with ugly and aggressive bullying of anyone who did/does not share their opinion.

  • ella

    Hey Jared you’ve quoted Nicole wrong…she didn’t say “momma”, she said “Mum”…she’s not American, her kids are!


    Ellen is just SO funny!!

    I loved it when they were discussing Keith taking 4 months to call Nicole:

    Nicole: “I know, … he said he had other things … he had to take care of … ”
    Ellen: “Oh … ”
    Nicole: … quizzical look to audience, and with a complicit gesture …
    ” … guys right? Men! ”
    Ellen: “Ja … ”
    … throwing her hands up in a dismissive gesture …
    “Och …I KNOW!”

    She is just so quick. Sadly don’t get her here on air, but thanks to the internet, I did.



    What on earth are you talking about!? Do you honestly believe that 2 people, (according to your reckoning, in fact usually you say it is 1), were able to force JJ to change his structuring? Beyond ridiculous. In any case, I think that was a brilliant move; suppression, censorship and collusion are SO last century. It was a diabolical system open to abuse and deprived people of the opportunity to grow their intelligence by exercising their minds in healthy debate; instead taking the lazy way out; as do all self-empowered enforcers. I speak directly to that person who bears the universally known description as title: The Ugly American. Be aware too that the internet is accessed by people around the globe … many who have made the effort to learn English in order to communicate with us english-speaking people. We owe them the courtesy of not trashing their cross-language (inconsequential) errors/typos. Those UA’s know who they are, read the description at Wiki, or wherever, and try and introduce some sensitivity when communicating with all of us non-Americans around our planet. There hasn’t been much aggro from a certain person the last few threads; hopefully JJ finally listened to (my) complaints, and perhaps addressed the ‘thumb’ issue at the same time. It sure was nasty.

    Wishing all of us a pleasanter 2013, because, I for one, come online and surf … for fun; NOT to be continually harassed and misrepresented and silenced; irrespective of what I say or said; mainly through mistaken identity.



    lo … it is irritating when JJ misquotes … it took me quite a while to figure out which mom it actually was about … I only understood it all when I saw the vid.



    i meant to say I surf for relaxation, primarily … to switch off from other stuff … not to find myself in the middle of a war-zone …

    P E A C E P L E A S E

  • Lia

    Gee Anonymouse, you sure have trouble with a conversation. It’s not all about you. Four comments in a row is rather silly.
    Keith and Nicole have a beautiful family.

  • guest

    @ze: ye, she does. shes being silly — calm down.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    This is just one person and I have never heard so much hate for a person she doesn’t know Come to think of it, I have never heard this much hate out of any sane person. Beautiful family Keith, Nicole and their gorgeous daughters. Keith just said quote “my life started when I met Nicole”. I know you hate to hear this Hater, but that’s the way it is.

  • Louise

    Nicole Kidman is such a genuine, beautiful woman. To the Kidman haters…… look closely, Nicole’s face moves (I am 20+ years older than Nicole and I do not have a wrinkle on my forehead), to the person who insinuated Nicole is not bright………….it has been stated many times of high of an IQ she has (Keith is very, very intelligent also), yes she has three daughters, but her oldest is grown, she would not be doing the cute things a 4 and 2 year old do. There are unknown issues with Nicole’s relationship with her two oldest children, and their issues are none of our business. Too bad there are not more people like Nicole Kidman in the world; it would be a much better place.

  • ..

    … OH WAIT, the thumbs down option is NO LONGER an option thanks solely to the PRO-KIDMAN CRAZIES. They have, single handedly, driven JJ to delete the ‘thumbs up/down’ moderating tool, due to their blatant exploitation of self-regulating censorship, paired with UGLY and AGGRESSIVE bullying of anyone who does not share their opinion …

  • x

    Q. Why no mention of Tom and the deep, passionate, end of the earth, bubble love?
    A. Award nomination season is over.

  • Cathe

    @just a thought:

    Read about her history with tom and you’ll see that she’s not the one who forget their children…Tom brainwashed them like crazy …just read and you’ll see.



    Explain yourself. Your comment is ridiculous.

  • kary

    @x: yeah right…the academy is waiting for the actresses talk about their terrible marriage and the actress with the saddest story will be nominated… what a dumba55 you are!!!

  • http://Comcast Joni

    Miss Jealous, why don’t you have the decency to use your name instead of the numerous ones you are using, you are a coward.Nicole and Keith don’t read this garbage so why don’t you take a rest. Keith and Nicole are perfection.