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Vanessa Hudgens: New 'Spring Breakers' Teaser Poster!

Vanessa Hudgens: New 'Spring Breakers' Teaser Poster!

Vanessa Hudgens leaves WundaBar Pilates with her little sis Stella on Thursday (January 10) in Studio City, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress showed off some midriff as she made her way out of the studio to her car.

That same day, Vanessa updated her blog with a Spring Breakers poster!

“Another teaser!! Can you figure out who it is?” Vanessa captioned the pic, which features a bikini clad lady in a mask. Could it be Vanessa???!!

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens leaving her pilates class with her little sister Stella

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# 1

I love the poster! I can’t wait for the trailer.

# 2

those UGG boots make them look a lot shorter.

# 3

She looks amazing in the new poster

# 4

And she has a HOT body!

# 6

She is just so gorgeous, i want her body!!

# 7
justsaying @ 01/11/2013 at 1:35 am

I know people say she calls the paps-but look at her face…you can see she doesn’t like them in front of her bugging her. I don’t think she does. You can see they are saying something to her she doesn’t like-that is what I see in her face. I would have the same expression if they were bothering me, probably worse even. Hang in there V! There is a whole big ole’ bunch of us who luv ya!

# 8

thats Vanessas poster, t was confirmed by the producers.

# 9

There’s other set of V at Traders Joes and she looks so mad, it looks like she was screaming at the papzz.

Hello hotttiiieeeeeeee!

From Twitter:
“@bhallll92: Lol just saw Vanessa Hudgens at Trader Joes…and paparazzi was too pressed. #poorgirl”

OMG Google Kelsnetwork and see @ 01/11/2013 at 1:41 am

the poster is funny…looooool

She is so pretty! Her face <3

She looks sad without Austin! Adorable, but sad =(

The girl in the new Spring Breakers poster is Candy aka Vanessa! She looks so hot!

She is so gorgeous, i love to see her out with Stella! And the poster is UH-mazzzziiiinnnnnggggg!

Cant wait for Spring Breakers!

Gorgeous. Baby, the new poster is awesome! Vanessa’s body is FH!

Stunning as usual

The hoe. And her lil sis Stella, omg, a little hoe in the making!

HER FACE! Her flawless face! She is GoRgEoUs!! Love her!

I miss him too! He is HoT!

The Hudgens’ sis <3

the poster is selena, not vanessa. vanessas legs are too short.

still pudgy. and still with the stomach showing. #grossdesperatechick

studio city is where the paparazzi hang out, literally. The only time you go there is for a photo op.

And they need to take the gun out of that poster. There was another shooting today and i don’t think anyone will appreciate it

(although i think guns shouldn’t be on movie posters at all.)

@Justsaying ugh the typical Vanessa fan.
She looks annoyed then she must not like it Lol remember she’s a actress and her job is acting. Who knows if she’s acting infront of the paps. She get pap’d for days and then magically goes days without getting pap’d when she don’t feel like getting a picture taken.
She sure isn’t calling the paps. (sarcasm)

Inez the Insider @ 01/11/2013 at 2:50 am

She’s sort of Mannish looking.

@casey: no its actually vanessa, you can tell by the complexion cuz selena is paler and she has bigger boobs. plus the production company said it was. i cant wait though!

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Vanessa is a s.l.u.t…..but I bet her p[_]ssy tastes great ……yummy puta

@hm: its weird cuz i thought well if there wasn’t the massacres, would people be complaining? there have been plenty of guns on posters, songs about violence and everyone keeps quiet until a massacre happens and everyone blames the production companies for provoking violence even though people really didn’t think anything of it before.

they look like the smurfs!!

@samsam: are you joking? i think you’re joking but i’m not sure.

You do know about columbine, right? that was one of the biggest uprising against gun control. I think they’re disgusting ALL THE TIME. It doesn’t take innocent children being hurt to make me realize how dangerous they are.

But there was another shooting today, don’t you think a little sensitivity is necessary???

I’m still shocked by your comment and can’t figure out why you’d say that – is it because you’re defending vanessa hudgens? I just don’t know!!!!!!

uprising for gun control**

of course she looks pi.ssed at paps , you call it acting .lol
and i think the gun will have to go .this film involves shooting done by four college age girls .and it features tow Disney girls too ,most notably Selena the Disney queen .would parents want to see their kids’ idol shooting ? seriously , this is bad .

@hm: im not defending vanessa at all. i do think that there should be sensitivity to the subject of guns especially because i just found out last night about the shooting in california. what i was trying to point out is that if there were no shootings at all recently in the us, would there be such an uproar against this poster? i mean there are killings happening everyday in places like iraq and afghanistan due to the wars that are still being pursued with the us. nobody really talks about that and there are plenty of innocent children dying. what about the gaza strip? and i know that you may say that there are no posters of people with guns but all i was saying is that because it has affected the us, does it make it ten times more important than in other countries? sorry about my english i dont know if i made sense haha

italian mom @ 01/11/2013 at 5:00 am

Just my opinion. The perfect time to deliver this movie was asap after Venice. they didn’t. Now we see how great sentivity Korine possesses.
Artists are this way. Always. I respect and praise Korine even more now. They just need a sensitive genius to properly organize the ad for this piece of art. And then it will be great and useful.

@samsam: well as a muslim who works as a war reporter i discuss Syria/palestine/yemen etc on a daily basis. And America supplies those guns/drones/bombs that have killed innocent people.

Yeah, people do have a lot to say when there is a gun in a poster, especially after the recent shootings but i guess that’s what it takes for some people to realize the harm in advertising.

You can say that they care more about white people than brown & black people dying at the hands of American ammunition but that’s the unfortunate world we live in.

anyway, it’s just stupid to use that poster right now. And whats worse is that i’m sure they knew it would be controversial (to gain attention.)

so SB is going wide .hope Paperboy also did .perhaps AAP will,

i think it’s bad timing using a gun in that poster considering the shootings that’s been going on .they might be using it to create controversary and gain attention but there’s a chance it might backfire on them too .the uprising is quite high at the time and most parents might find two Disney gals posing with guns in hand offensive .they might ban the poster even,

So then why is any gun violence allowed in ANY film? You can’t single this film out to make a statement, when most films are violent. This one is bank robbing, not about a massacre of innocents. Two films out right now, Gangster Squad and Zero Dark Thirty, have gun violence too. One is nominated for an Academy Award. We are a desensitized society to violence, I’m afraid. So typical though. The Stooges are petrified this may actually be a success for her.

is that the best you can do oncofake ? that the stooges are frightened this might be a success ? perhaps you might not have notice mam italiano also made a comment and so did samsam who are both die hards .and FYI i’m a fan of selena and a major fan of Franco .so i AM looking forward to the success .also ,it should be noted that it’s success will ahve nothing to do with hudgens , and will not skyrocket her career in an instant as you are hoping .
there are many gun violence films but needlss to say this is different with gun shooting of college girls and most importantly Selena the Disney queen and hudgens , a former Disney girl .and the poster with the gun looks much bloder than other posters of gun shooting gilms .it’s like they’ve highlighted gun in the hand of a youth.

italian mom @ 01/11/2013 at 5:56 am

television here: even if we have a vaste choice it is so hard to find something not thrilling and implying violence, or just not plain stupid. So the most successful program is everything coming from 40/50 years ago, just amazing and at a peaceful pace. Go figure.

@BO: i agree with you and thank you for defending my comment (i think? haha im not sure but i agreed). it does seem like this movie is being targeted when nobody actually questioned django unchained. he has a gun in the poster. but that didn’t get any criticisms in fact it got an award. i am really looking forward to SB but in the uk you have to be 18 and by the time it comes out i’ll be like a tiny bit underaged so i’ll have to find another way of watching it haha

Nightwish @ 01/11/2013 at 6:05 am

@italian mom: “..something not thrilling and implying violence” – I cant understand a word you are saying.

@Nightwish: i think they were trying to say along the lines of “something thrilling without having violence in it is very rare”, i think…

Nightwish @ 01/11/2013 at 6:10 am

@.: Exactly. If the paps decided to abandon Hudgens altogether, she would be deeply disturbed. Shes a narcissist. She loves attention. She would have a serious mental breakdown if nobody took her picture, and she would pull all kinds of crazy sh!t to make it happen again.

@hm: thank you for your response i agree with you. but people have forgotten about the django unchained posters. there is even one where the guy is pointing the gun at the viewer. how was that avoided and this drawn attention too?

Nightwish @ 01/11/2013 at 6:12 am

Bo is spot on with comment #46. I totally agree

no .i wasn’t defending you .i was merely stating a point.but thanks anyway.
this movie is being criticised for GOOD reason .stars being featured on movie posters with guns is not a new thing ,even Skyfall had one ,but this one features two Disney girls and according to the movie it involves shooting of 4 college girls .but i think , if they had chosen to relaese this at a different time , this wouldn’t have been crticiesd .also i think whoever chose to release this poster at a time like this is just stupid

italian mom @ 01/11/2013 at 6:17 am

Bo, never thought that your attitude to harshness would kick you out of any possible job in a near future? Deal with it, try to be a positive person. Take inspiration from whom you love. Would he appreciate such an aggressive mood? Would he love you as a human being as per seeing what you write on here?? Why are you so not inspired by him? Why you don’t try to imitate his character?
I don’t want an answer, I just would like to see a new Bo.

lol b.utt you are spot on with your #51 .i totally agree . lol she’ll have a total break down if no one took her pic .i think she just wants to live like a celeb , i don’t think she takes her carer quite seriously.

#55 mama italiano , i have no idea what you are talking about !!! seriously .you’ve lapsed back in to that fake-i-am-not-so-good-in-english-mood , i see .

italian mom @ 01/11/2013 at 6:22 am

Ehm…sorry. I meant television is full of thrillers and violence.

@BO: hmm, going to a pilates class proves she doesn’t take her career seriously? we heard so much stuff about spring breakers because it was out in the open and korine thought it was cool and didn’t care that much. but we haven’t heard anything about her other movies like Frozen Ground and Gimme Shelter but there has been little reviews here and there from those who say she was great. we dont know any of these celebs. she could break down from lack of attention or she could be completely fine. i didn’t think miley would be so desperate for attention especially cuz she doesnt do anything.

Dislike her body!!! Short legs :o

smasam , girl /boy you are analysing things way too much .why do you have to analyse everything i said word by word and determine whether wrong or correct .just have fun . that’;s what we all are doing here .
and pray , where did i ever say she doesn’t take her career seriously ;’cause she gfoes to a pliates class ? lol i said that because , i think if she took her career seriously , she would care to avoid overexposure of her on gossip sites .you might find her posts ”so georgeous , soo pretty ” bah hambug but most peple don’t .they consider her a famewhore .no actor who considres his career seriously looks for overexposure .it’s bad no matter what .
and i don’t understand why you go on ranting about FG and Gs . those two films too look like crap .otherwise they would be released now .an indie can be made ready in six moths unlike a mainstream .

@italian mom: You are truly a riot. I drew you out yesterday. I know you were insulted by the way i ridiculed your writing. I also knew you would walk in here today and demonstrate your real skills because you felt that your intelligence was insulted. I laughed earlier at the way you tried to throw us off with your purposely incorrect “vaste” spelling mistake. Please don’t even bother tring to switch back to your stupid italian-lady-from-the-countryside style of broken english, because your charade is just pathetic already. Either you are faking, schizophrenic, or you’re having someone else write for you. I doubt it’s the latter. You were played like a fiddle, lol

Lol Spring Breakers wasnt criticized anywhere! Lol i dont know what the haters are talking about. Everyone is loving the new poster. BTW Selena is like 20 mins in the movie This is ART! One of the best movies ever! Korine’s MASTER PIECE!

@BO: i am sorry that it appears as though i over analyse everything. that is just how i am and i must accept that this is how you are too. :)

lol actually it was crticised .it was crticised here . l haters are ralking about here .lolol and whether or not selena is init for 20 mins , she is the star of the four girls .and all the girls characets are short .” thinner than an olsen twin ” that’s what a critic said the only major role is Franco .<3 <3 <3

loving the reactions as much as I love the new poster! Vanessa looks AMAZING in the new poster! Thank YOU Harmony! Hahaha

This is awesome!

“We’re ten days into 2013, and this is already the poster of the year

With a US release set for March 22nd, a trailer
primed to debut later this month, and now the
unveiling of the monstrous dayglo masterpiece
above, ****’s really gearing up for Harmony
Korine’s sort-of-mainstream follow-up to Trash
Humpers, the nightmarish teen crime
opus Spring Breakers.”

italian mom @ 01/11/2013 at 6:59 am

I liked your comments. Maria helped me to find out the meaning of “blessing in disguise’ and I appreciated your funny side. That’s all. I’m starting at level 3, btw.

lol samsam you are right .this is how i am and that is how you are .we are what we are ! lolol

i don’t know what “l haters are ralking about here” means, but some of what you are saying i agree with. every movie gets criticised whether fans like it or not. and franco is definitely the star of the movie. i remember only one or two critics saying that the other girls characters were thin but not that selena was the star. they said her character had the most depth even though it was a very selena role. either way im still proud of all of them especially from the background they have come from

@BO: lol to ur comment at #69

i love how the comments on all the posts have gone significantly down since the thumbs have gone

kelly martineau @ 01/11/2013 at 7:07 am

What ever happen to her BFF Laura? don’t see pitcures of her and Laura that much. Or with Brittany Snow anymore. Nice not seeing Big lips with her.
Isn’t there anything else for her to do besides working out. But its nice to keep the body in shape.

Nightwish @ 01/11/2013 at 7:10 am

They put the mask on pudgekin in this picture because she ruined all the other SB posters with her signature magnum duckface expression roflmfao

You would find the irony o that review when you have the posibility to watch the movie (but i feel you are not going to understand anything about the movie or Harmony’ vision). Actually, they were looking for real girls, the “skinny girls” was a BIG no no no, it was a part of the 4 main girls contract.

No, she is using the mask because she is hidding, haven’t you watched the movie? And the most important, why are you talking about the movie when you clearly dont know anything about it? Oh god… We have a narcisist here. Watch me, watch me im a hater, i need attention!.

NO, the girl in the poster is Vanessa, Selena wasn’t even on that scene.

i don’t think the critic intended any irony.he wasn’t talking bout their physical appearances ,he was talkin bout the length of the roles.i’ve seen many critics sayin how the gals have less screen time and are pushed aside when franco love apears

Good News!!!
Spring Breakers will be released in the UK on April 5!!!

Vertigo and Universal Pictures (UK) – the UK
home entertainment division of Universal Pictures
International Entertainment – have struck a deal
for joint-UK rights to Harmony Korine’s buzzed-
about Venice competition entry Spring Breakers.
Vertigo will handle the theatrical release from
April 5, with Universal on board for home
entertainment distribution.

Vertigo Film’s Rupert Preston commented: “We
are thrilled to be working with Universal Pictures
UK on one of the most exciting releases of 2013.
Harmony Korine has created a bold, fresh and
exciting film and we could not be happier to
welcome it to our upcoming slate.”

i don’t understand korine’s style.but i do understand lee daniels’ style,the oscar nom director,or rather who directed oscar nom film!lol and nicole earned him a sag and golden globe nod too.<3

Oscar... where are you? @ 01/11/2013 at 8:06 am

I loved Precious, the paperman was “ehhh” (im sure they are sitting waiting an award nomination, lol poor Nicole tbh) , but im sure he would be loved again with “The Buttler” he has an amazing AND talented cast this time, i mean, Alex Pettyfer <3.

But he is no Harmony Korine.

that is not the real me on #77 someone else is using my name.

@samsam so true man. Did you notice how all the “she’s gorgeous” “i love her” comments significantly went down as well.

Love how Vanessa’s body is looking. She’s super toned and this is about the best I’ve seen her.

Bret Stimley is attached to play JFK in Parkland .way to go Zac .good to hear your new project is underway

Bret Stimley is attached to play JFK in Parkland .way to go Zac .good to hear your new project is underway !!

Nightwish @ 01/11/2013 at 8:13 am

#84 – Miss dot, i noticed that too. Team B has fled the premises. Removing the voting system was a huge game-changer. I hope its not just a temporary experiment.

Nightwish @ 01/11/2013 at 8:16 am

@BOHJI: with this: “…this is about the best I’ve seen her” – You mean the pic with the mask on? I agree, that’s the best she has looked in a while ROFL

Vanessa’s style is stunning. I wish I could see her light eyes under those shades more often.

oscars …where are you ? well , he wasn’t exactly loved with Precious , he got this same reaction , just that people ,crtics were left totally confused than with Precious .and I’m sad that Nicole couldn’t get an oscar nod .but she doesn’t have to wiaat sitting on the bench fo she got a Golden Globe , SAG and AACT nods .this was the trashiest movie yet it has recieved 4 major accolades ! you have nothing to worry of Daniels .his future is safe .and true he’s no Korine .Daniels is an oscar nominated director !

and you do know that Zac was his first choice for Butler NOT pettifer . he also chose Nicole , Mathew and Cusack .but they rejected it .it’s a film with a large ensemble cast .so each gets a five min role excpt the butler himself .no wonder they rejected it ! : p

Nightwish @ 01/11/2013 at 8:27 am

Just kiddin, Bowj. You can’t deny it, she looks luscious in that workout gear. I wouldn’t mind eating some of that pudgie pudding. Yum.

Id love to see the banner or message stuck on her T-shirt.

@Nightwish, wishful thinking me lad. Guess what? Been attending a course. Learnt a couple of positive things about changing your DNA and hereditary genes. Want to know more, just go look up Theta Healing. Great discovery and perhaps you’ll discover something abt yourself.

@Nightwish: Hate to burst your hater bubble, but nothing will change. We will still get all the asinine comments from BOzos, et al. See all BO and Nightwish comments above.

How does it matter who the actresses are in this movie? Vanessa has not been with Disney for years even though she made them a boatload of money. They are both adults in an adult movie. No, the subject matter isn’t such great timing, but there are far worse as far as violence out there. This is a thought-provoking movie, not meant to glorify violence.

@ Maria, I agree. Firearms has always been associated with freedom of one’s rights in the US ie, the right to own a gun for self defence. I don’t see how SpringBreakers is a bad example. How are you expected to do a holdup? with a water gun? There many other TV series and movies who promote violence on a larger scale.

i wish i have that energy like her.

Nightwish @ 01/11/2013 at 9:12 am

@BOHJI: I have an older friend who is a published neuropsychologist, and i remember being surprised when he told me that our dna actually changes over the course of our lives. Anyways, i hope you’re enjoying your exotic new religion. If they bring out squirt guns filled with koolaid, run.

Nightwish @ 01/11/2013 at 9:22 am

@maria: Be fair though, Bo is expressing herself very eloquently above, and me, i just crack myself up!

so excited!! wish they would release the trailer already. And I like that she works out regularly, being healthy and fit.

I think it does matter that they are Disney .they aren’t ordinary Disney girls , they are Disney princesses ,Selena is the Disney queen , epitome of Disney and hudge still hasn’t been able to get out of that Dinsey image even after doing a bucketload of movies .and this movie revolves around gun violence at the hands of few teenagers .and they are using guns for violence , hold up is a crime , robbery is a crime .i can’t believe you are defending gun use by your idol trying to imply that hold up and robbery is no crime !

@Nightwish, it is not a religion and I don’t think I can fit into any religion for the matter. Am too much of an individual besides been just told by a religious fanatic of an aunt that I was a baptized catholic and will remain one no matter what. She reckons I have the catholic chop on me or should I say I am a piece of catholic property, huh?! I accused her of judging me. Oh well, she’s nuts and no better then any other religious fanatic. She went on about rules and regulations of the church and then accused me of being a free spirit which meant everything goes. I respect her for her views but I think she should respect mine and that we can agree to disagree. Enough said.No one can control one’s spiritual beliefs.

Malicious Slander is a crime, Trolling tantamount to cyber bullying is a crime, spamming is a crime.

yup .neglecting your family to jabber on a gossip site is crime too ! so is insulting other countries and cultures .yup .they are definite crimes : p

damn i missed so much stuff, the whole topic is somehow on religion

@BOHJI: What a riot. Who is being bullied here? “Bohji” formerly known as “Boji”? You need a real identity in court, my little id!ot. You cant call 911 complaining that your pseudonym on a celeb site is being harrangued. The only response you’ll here is tons of laughter on the other end of the line at dispatch, followed by a ‘click’.

I meant to type “hear” instead of ‘here’ above. Using ipad for this site sucks balls. I get all kinds of composition problems and wrong spellings

lol samsam the ”i am who i am” is back ! welcome . you are our newest member .this is vanessa hudgens thread on just jared where we discuss everything from Zac Efron , Ashley tisdale , kristen stewrt , Zanessa ,religion , female anatomy .there’s one topic here that’s banned from being discussed .it’s vanessa hudgens .

geeza louisa @ 01/11/2013 at 10:27 am

Not a good look on her. Those pants and that cropped shirt make her belly look big.

@BO: lol. don’t worry, i know where i am. and who i am. tbh i just find it strange how quickly the topic diverts

take no offense samsam the i am who i am.i say it everytime a new regular props up

She is gorgeous

it’s disappointing that people are excusing the violence in this movie because they ~*LoVe*~ vanessa hudgens. Get a grip, the movie poster wasn’t made by her, the film wasn’t her idea so no one is insulting her actions in this film but i think the movie studio needs to grow a fu*cking conscience and change it up. And yes there are hundreds of films that depict gun violence and abuse but as this thread is about her movie i’m trying to stay on topic.

@geeza louisa: Im usually critical with pudgie, but i have to be frank and admit that her tights come deliciously close to revealing a nice cameltoe. i would eat that sheet all night long if she let me

@Nightwish: so are you a guy or…

@lola: LOLA! Happy new year!

@samsam: According to chelles, im a typical creepy, horny, mysogynistic, obnoxious male, just add ‘fine ass dude’ and ‘a real stud’ to make things fairer lol

@Nightwish: Ugh…well you forgot racist. You never know a Vanessa thread is going to digress these days. A trip to the gym or a post on a hike just might turn into a six page discussion on religion.

oh it’s good that damon released elena from his sire they can do things on more personal level

As for this movie glorifying guns and violence..well this movie is R-rated and it’s not going to be for everyone. There is violence and sex for sure but it’s not going to be marketed to children and those things are in context with the storyline. The timing is unfortunate due to what happened in Connecticut but you can’t blame a movie for someone’s mental illness.It will be interesting to see how they market this movie. She looks good BTW, really, really good.

@BO: Not to be rude but I really have no idea what you are trying say in most of your posts. Most of them make zero sense to me.

Ooh, speak of the devil – It’s Chelles. Givin bitchy Tina a run for her money LOL

Luna’s here too. Most of team B is now represented. I thought they bailed.

Here’s a thought for all of you who have suddenly become pacifist because this movie (out of all others) has a robbery scene. First off are you saying a movie (which no hss seen unless they attended one of the festivals) had some affect on someone who was mentally unstable enough to shoot innocent children? Secondly, did this movie cause the bullying or spark therretaliation in the second shooting. There are problems with mental health care and gun control but how in the he ll does that have anything to do with this movie?
For the one’s complaining about children and Disney, it’s called parenting. If you have the responsibility of rearing a children, own up to it. This movie is rated R why in the he ll would parents allow impressionable children view. I’m willing to bet the same ones here complaining think nothing of letting their childen play “Call of Duty” or whatever other roll playing game.
Every since the filming, we have all known they robbed a store. How did you think they robbed it, with a hand shake and a smile?
With all the movies coming out with more actual gun violence I find your sudden piety a more than little hypocritical. Is it because Vanessa’s on the poster of what you have studiously called Selena’s movie.

@Chelles: “As for this movie glorifying guns and violence..well this movie is R-rated and it’s not going to be for everyone. There is violence and sex for sure…” – yep, it’s the sex part in particular that has me looking forward to this flick

@Chelles: how can i blame this movie for someones mental illness? that makes no sense – but the people who will see this are going to be teens even though it’s R rated.
Also, i said nothing about it being marketed to children so don’t bring your tumblr style of defense here. The movie poster needs to be changed. A simple sign of respect isn’t going to hurt you, is it?

Sorry for the typos I’m using my phone.

@Nightwish: We would never bail on our girl. But we have boyfriends, spouses,perhaps children, jobs, we take classes, we have friends, we work out, we go out. We can’t be here at all hours of the day and night. It doesn’t mean we don’t love Vanessa.

@yup: The person who committed the heinous crimes in Conn was obviously mentally ill. He apparently spent a lot of time playing “Call of Duty”. Ten-year old children play “Call of Duty” and “Black Ops”. My point…violence is everywhere and that’s the way society is unfortunately, but changing this movie poster is not going to change anything. The only thing that’s going to change anything is legislation.

@tina: actually i have a problem with a lot of violent movies and YOU ONLY GIVE A SH*T BECAUSE OF VANESSA HUDGENS. how can you be so insensitive? it’s disgusting. im done with this thread.

ps-If it was your family member i’m sure you’d feel different.
but whatever.. your comments are disturbing. i hope you’re a tween because if you’re an adult and making those comments than you need to re evaluate your life choices

@tina: “There are problems with mental health care and gun control but how in the he ll does that have anything to do with this movie?”

” it’s called parenting. If you have the responsibility of rearing a children, own up to it.”


@Chelles: its called respect. but keep kissing celebrity as(s. bye

@tina: Yay, Bitchy Tina’s here too! I totally agree with your “i dont approve of this Spring Breakers movie, especially in the context of the recent horrible violence and renewed awareness with gun control” hypocritical nonsensical thinking going through some id!ots head just as they are waiting for call of duty to boot up. We can’t be self-duplicitous enough to shun a flick for a few guns but at the same time approve of films that depict murders with a knife, poison or a chainsaw. Let’s be real and accept that a movie is just that, a vehicle for escape and entertainment. I’m just wondering, Is Vanessa naked in this film? Anybody know?

Haters Suck! @ 01/11/2013 at 11:55 am

You have to understand people will like yup, nightwish and bo will blame Vanessa for everything and anything if they get a chance. There’s a gun in this poster therefor Vanessa is responsible for all the crime in the world. I’m pretty sure if they could link Vanessa to cancer, aids, world hunger, global warming, the JFK assignation, they’d pretty much do everything to blame that stuff on her too.

@Haters Suck!: excuse me ignorant? i did not BLAME vanessa hudgens–CLEARLY you did not read what i posted because i said it’s not her fault as she didn’t make the movie or poster so LOL sit down!

Merlin's Mum @ 01/11/2013 at 12:00 pm

I’m a little curious though. Considering that she is normally on this site if she so much as steps out of her house. Why didn’t they post the pictures of her coming out of the gun range last weekend? Or were they fake?

Haters Suck! @ 01/11/2013 at 12:03 pm

Could of fooled me. Based on your comments that seems to be exactly what you’re doing.

@Haters Suck!: On the contrary dude, i just might be following your late night Hudgens fantasy masturbatory routine later this eve, if the gf’s busy agenda allows it LOL

Haters Suck! @ 01/11/2013 at 12:07 pm

@merlins mum
For someone who hates Vanessas guts you sure do follow her around a lot.

@Merlin’s Mum: Vanessa likes to shoot guns? I’ve got a gun i wouldn’t mind Hudgie holding in her hand as she looks down the barrel and sees it nicely start to… [edited]

And it seems you’re only defending this movie because of her, which is lovely btw.

is r&b mom, italian mom and merlims mum the same person ? because they say the same thing on every thread & it’s creepy

Haters Suck! @ 01/11/2013 at 12:18 pm

You’re only bashing this movie because of her. And I didn’t realize this movie needed defending. I wouldn’t have a problem with this movie with or without Vanessa in it.

@yup: Hatersuck is an accomplished dorkwad who rarely knows what he is talking about, unless it is trivia about his favorite football team (holding a losing record this season of course), the going rate of any authentic civil war hat, the best sales on pabst blue ribbon beer in his county, or the latest comings and goings of Vanessa Hudgens. Dont let him get to you.

Haters Suck! @ 01/11/2013 at 12:26 pm

That means a lot coming from a serial psychopath with endless amounts of conspiracy theories who needs to wear a tin foil hat to make sure nobody is trying to read his thoughts.

@Haters Suck!: You meant “cereal”, right? lol

Merlin's Mum @ 01/11/2013 at 1:03 pm

@Haters Suck!: I follow a lot of Zac fan’s and a lot of those follow V too. It came up on my timeline, so I read it. That is what you do on twitter.

I saw a pic of her on another site and she looks very thin…I admire her ability to stay focused on getting getting ready for her upcoming promos. It looks like in addition to pilates, and the gym she’s taking dance classes everyday. She seems pretty faithful to this regime, the paps know this and of course they are all over her. People accuse her of calling the paps but I’m sure she wants nothing more than to just be left alone.

So what, she went to the gun range. She’s 5 foot nothing living in a house by herself, and anyone can find the address. While we bring up all the negatives, what about that Georgia mother who had to protect her children? They hid but the intruder, not satisfied to have invaded her privacy, went thru several doors to find them. If you’re going to have a firearm it’s best to know how to use it properly.

@kylie: i agree, she looks super thin, but i kinda want her to stop losing weight. unless this is for some sort of role she is going to the gym too frequently and i dont want her to lose her curves i liked her when she first went to hawaii cuz her figure was perfect.

I think I read once that she carries a taser and is intimidated by the paps at times. Her house is on the street not in a gated community. I don’t blame her a bit. I’m sure she has seen her fair share of stalkers.

@samsam: She looks great but I hope she keeps her curves too. On the UK site that I was on, they had pictures of her without that jacket and she looks very thin.

@kylie: was it daily mail? cuz on the comments most said that she looks great and has so much dedication but is “really thin” now, perhaps “unnecessarily” thin. i just dont want her to fall at the hands of hollywood. look at jennifer hudson. i love how stella her sister is still the same size but i think thats partly cuz our age group hate exercise including me unless its fun lol.

@samsam: Yes, it was Daily Mail.

There is nothing so tacky and fake than an Asian looking girl dyeing her hair blond. Well it’s no wonder I guess if you have Vanessa Hudgens for a sister

@freya: stella dyed her hair around the time of msfts so i think being in that group influenced what she done. i mean she was surrounded by people like willow smith and pia mia so no wonder she did something crazy and unexpected. i used to like it because it suited her tanned skin tone, but now as she gets paler, and the hair gets darker, it looks more tackier. i think she should dye it back to brown. shes still in her party girl phase though i mean have u seen what she wears? on tumblr i saw her in this LOW CUT PLUNGING top that was leather and clearly proved that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Haters Suck! @ 01/11/2013 at 3:13 pm

Good thing they aren’t Asian then. They’re American.

@Haters Suck!: being american doesn’t really say much. they are filipino and white i think im not sure what their dad is. this means they are half asian and because of their complexion, it can sometimes look odd having blonde hair.

idk why every time she is on here there are so many comments there must be a lot of Filipinos on here

idk why every time she is on here there are so many comments there must be a lot of Filipinos on here

idk why every time she is on here there are so many comments there must be a lot of Filipinos on here

And again all the racist come to play.

@tina: i know its pretty sad i mean nobody says “wow -insert celebrity name her- has a lot of comments there must be a lot of white/black people on here.

@HatersSuck, just admit it. Your day does not begin and not end without a note on Vanessa’s threads here on JJ. You have grown roots here and this is your fix. You know besides Bozo, you are the next proliferate poster always itching to rile someone up. Well, if this is your guilty pleasure then quit accusing us fans of always conspiring or being here 24/7 and quit taking personal jibes at any of us. Simply put, eat your words. Have a good evening all.

@BOHJI: I think you meant that for Nightwish/Intric8.

Yes, Maria, thanks. Here goes, @ Haters Suck, my apologies. That was aimed at mr. Equaliser here who supports Trollism and spamming as a way of life.

@ NightWish, Your day does not end or begin without a comment, jibe or response on Vanessa’s threads here on JJ. You live and breathe on Vanessa’s threads. She’s your guilty pleasure, admit it. Yes, you are a bully, under any name you are still a bully. Why don’t you just come out clean? You know us Vanessa fans are just ordinary people . You are effectively trying to claim Vanessa’s threads your domain. I totally agree with Chelles, Maria, and Tina in their battle of words with you. You are a contradiction of your self.

Aww, Vanessa is so cute. Agree with Haters, Maria, Bohji and Chelles.

Nightwish @ 01/11/2013 at 8:52 pm

Stella looks dumb with peroxide hair

Nightwish @ 01/11/2013 at 8:58 pm

@BOHJI: Im not trying to claim anything. I like commenting about her on HER posts. What is so wrong with that?

She looks great! I’m excited for spring breakers. For those who critiscize the poster i read that this movie deals with these things. That means that it criticizes the way young people see sex and violence nowadays. And you can’t blame the actors for the timing of the poster release. Let me remind you that there are dozens of posters picturing guns in cinemas now. Why does only this poster bother you??? Why aren’t you concerned that people are fans of movies that basically ‘”approve”gun use like the James Bond movies??? These movies show that gun use is something cool. Not this one…. This one does exactly the opposite thing(according to many critics).

Nightwish @ 01/11/2013 at 9:40 pm

@samsam: I totally agree. This is as thin as Van should get. Good thing she still has her nice curvy hips though, but i think weight-wise she is at the ideal level to go auditioning. She will look best on film looking just the way she is now.

Man, where are those thumbs when you need ‘em to thumbs down videos ?

@maria’s admitting she loved the thumbs down feature hahahah!

I’m so glad those are gone!

Awh, I can’t believe I missed the holiday! A couple of days ago!

Haters Suck! @ 01/12/2013 at 12:17 am

Of course you didn’t like the thumbs. Now you can be as vile and hateful as ever and continue talking about people who have nothing to do with Vanessa.

1)This poster fits the premise of the movie.
2)Yes the timing might be slightly off with the shootings that have happened recently.But that being said this movie is not about a massacre or anything like that,The only similarity is that it features guns,and as already stated on here,many shows and films in recent weeks have featured guns.The only shows which have been pulled are ones that feature guns in a school environment,which is justifiable as that is what recent events have been about.
3)I do think that some parents will complain when they see Vanessa in this as it is a radical jump from the stuff she has been seen in before.

you vile oncofake . you want thumbs to thumb down video ? particularly the one made by me , isn’t it oncofake ? my beautiful; zac video , that i spent days in making , how wretched of you to even think of thumbing it down ?you corrupt hearted soul .it’s one thing thumbing down a video on zac but it’s another thing to thumb down a video created by one of the regulars .vile soul .now i know how my other video got burried under thumbs in 10 minutes .i can imagine the expression on your face thumbing down my comment that day when i posted it .jealousy you call it .you don’t wanna see my video getting hits !

here’s my that video .i’m glad thumbs are gone : D

@BO: Sorry, BOBOhead. You can make all the videos you want. This is NOT the place to post them nor are we interested. Does that spell it out enough for you?? You are a regular hater, who is NOT wanted OR appreciated here.

@A: Guess someone didn’t get the sarcasm.

lol oncofake , the so called NOT wanted video got considerable number of hits after being posted here than the other videos that i didn’t post .lol i waited for nearly 12 hors with just 2 views for it and after posting it here within few hours the count rose to 22 ! there you go .lol

@BO: i dont know whether you are serious or not about the views because 22 is not that much. but well done on the enthusiasm. for that i wish i could give you a thumbs up and a gold sticker :)

yes samsam .22 is a pathetic count for a video .but since my other videos never get that much , it’s a good sum for me .

@A: International Ashley Tisdale Day? How random…lol.

@Liberty: Why should they complain (the parents). She’s an actress in a role. She’s OVER 21. Who the he ll wwould they complain to any way? It’s the parents job to select the movies an impressionable child watches, not Vanessa’s. It’s ludicrous to think any actor would have a career playing a sixteen year old girl forever.

Why oh why can’t Vanessa learn to dress herself better?

Take some style notes from the most flawless human being on the planet.

That’s all I’m sayin.

@tina: They’d complain much more about Selena. She is younger, fresher and more connected to the teen demographic. I think HSM has been left behind in the rear view mirror more than you guys are willing to acknowledge. Isn’t pudgekin the grandma of the group at 24?

@Nightwish: Seriously? That would be Tisdale.

@maria seriously? Nope out of the six, there are a couple older than Ashley.

24 is not a Grandma. Geez.

@A: Was just pointing out that Van is the oldest of the four girls in SB

Sorry. I was referring to the SB group guys, not the HSM group.

Isn’t Rachel the eldest? Not that it makes a difference.

@Nightwish, make your mind up: is she pudgy (as you usually like to call her) or is she getting too skinny (as you complained a few pages back)?

@nightwish hehe sorry. 24 is young though. I mean, I’m a teenager, but as a woman I certainly don’t want to have to be worried about being deemed a “grandma” before the age of thirty. Lol.

As for SB, I won’t see this movie. Doesn’t interest me. Maybe if I was a horny male lol. But I’ll admit that if Give me Shelter (is that what you said the pregnant one is called) ever gets a release date I may possibly go see it. I’m interested to see if Vanessa pulls it off or overacts. Well, if it makes it to theaters.

@ics: Fine. I’ll be honest. She is the perfect weight right now, particularly for auditioning, photography and film. She is not pudgy at all. “Pudgy” was meant to be an endearing term for her during her heavier days without sounding too mean spirited. Then it just stuck and i can’t stop using it. My only concern for you fans is that your idol’s face will appear more haggard at this weight, and she’ll drop collagen. She looks good though.

@A: I’m actually scared for these guys when it comes to gimme shelter. I cringe when i see vanessa in those stills looking all chunky and tomboyish. Something tells me there are major problems with this film, but let’s hope for the best i suppose

@nightwish then again, Charlize pulled off Monster.

Not that I’m saying Vanessa is on her level with talent or looks. But you get the comparison.

Vanessa is perfectly thin now, but I don’t think she has a great figure. She just wasn’t graced with one naturally. She has short legs, a wider set torso, compact arms, and a flat chest. It’s nothing that I’d want to have, but oh well.

This is a good weight for her to be at. I’ve always loved her figure..she is petite but has curves. It’s better she stays on the lean side.

She looked so good in the Turks and Caicos.

Torso issues aren’t fair to argue. You are born with proportions. It’s genetic. Vanessa is very nicely proportioned for being so petite. She has a chest that is not spilling out of clothes, which I think is a nasty trend these days. She has a waistline that give her a nice curve. She has a perfect curvy bum, nice legs with tone, and not stick-like. She has GORGEOUS skin which just adds to her beauty. I think she’s quite lovely just as she is.

@kylie: I agree! Everyone has a different body type and she works what she has. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what makes her naturally sexy. I don’t see compact arms, whatever that is. She’s 5’2″. Should she have amazon arms??

@maria: I think she has a great little figure and it’s all natural. Love her curves but to each his own.

@maria you’re born with your nose size too, hypocritical bimbo. You must be flat chested too. You can call it a “disgusting trend” but cleavage is a wonderful asset and if you had it, you’d know it. Same goes for long legs that go on for miles.


I mean Vanessa’s arms are short and the muscles are kind of packed in. See what I mean?

Nose size, lol not from Ms Deviated Septum. Love her “dancer” legs.

Haters Suck! @ 01/12/2013 at 2:58 pm

Don’t know where you get off calling people hypocrites considering you’re the biggest one of them all.

@HS always there to butt into other people’s conversations with your overdramatic insults and hissy fits. You dependable oaf you.

Haters Suck! @ 01/12/2013 at 3:11 pm

Didn’t think this was a “private” conversation you two faced witch. I said you shouldn’t call anyone a hypocrite considering you’re the biggest one. How is that an insult?

@HS No see, it’s overdramatic, since I’m the “biggest hypocrite of them all.”

Two faced? Don’t you know what that means? It means I’d be nice to your face and turn around and talk about you behind your back. I haven’t done that now have I? It’s pretty impossible to be “two faced” over the internet.

@HS No see, it’s overdramatic, since I’m the “biggest hypocrite of them all.”

Two faced? Don’t you know what that means? It means I’d be nice to your face and turn around and talk about you behind your back. I haven’t done that now have I? It’s pretty impossible to be “two faced” over the internet.

@A: Honey, I have no complaints in that department, whatsoever. I happen to think the Kardashian philosophy of having the “girls” spilling out and on constant display is trashy. Why do you have to assume such stupid things about others? So immature and catty.

@A: Just how long should her arms be? Down to her knees? That’s ludicrous. Her arms are perfectly proportioned for someone so petite. Efron loved them just fine and Austin seems to as well.

Sorry about that. Not sure why that posted 3 times.

I’ll have Vanessa’s nose, boobs and natural tan over fake nose, fake boobs and fake tan any time. It defines who she is . Any can look like miss universe with the help of cosmetic surgery. I envy her figure,

They should have made nosedales nose even smaller cause its still big

Nightwish @ 01/12/2013 at 7:35 pm

@A: I was thinking about your monster comparison too

Nightwish @ 01/12/2013 at 7:38 pm

@Haters Suck!: How is she two-faced? Thats not true and you’re being very mean

Kardashians has a Philosophy on the girls spilling out their boobs? I see nothing wrong with showing it off if you have the stuff. I now understand Vanessa’s constent urge to show off lot of skin and you know the fact that she isn’t actually gifted in the chest departmant, i see why she wears push up bras and purposely forget to wear panties and etc. I actually find that trashy. What a bimbo Vanessa is.

<<< <>>>>>>

So petty and catty, and just plain bitchy (eyeroll). If you don’t like Vanessa or her movies why are you here all the time??? I think it’s plain jealousy on your part. Sorry but I have a pair of eyes and when I see Vanessa I see beauty! It doesn’t matter how many pictures of Ashley Tisdale you post Vanessa will always be the prettier one to me. I’m not drinking your Koolaid.

@.: You seriously need to take a bunch of seats. Post your picture and let us judge. Jared needs to bring back those up/down buttons.

@.: The fact that you’re aces with the Kardashians but call Vanessa a bimbo is absurd.

thanks for giving my video 91 hits within less than a day ! i’ve never got so many hits in one day before !

Zac Efron:from the gap toothed kid to the hottest guy on the planet ! give some hits to this one too .

@Haters Suck!: You keep doing your thing. @A posts bitchy, mean and obviously jealous posts about Vanessa and floods her threads with stupid links about Ashley Tisdale.Links that absolutely no one is really interested in. She called me the epitome of stupid. Are you kidding me?

Actually I think both Kardashians and the Hudgens are trashy. Either one is no better than the other.

@.: The genesis of Kim’s career was a sex tape. There is no comparison.

the genesis of hudgen’s career is a s*x tape too .there IS a comparison .even to this day , people know her either as Zac Efron’s ex or the HSM Disney gal with an underage s*x tape

@BO: Are you kidding? There is no sex tape and if there were Zac would be in it so think about what you’re saying.

If you forgot, the genesis of half of Vanessa’s fame is her 3 time scandal. It actually is the main reason why she’s this famous. Not her role in HSM. There is no denial that her scandal made more headlines than Kim’s sex tape. Impactvise Vanessa’s scandal is in no way in comparison to Kim’s sex tape.

xoxox , self nudes in a tape are called a s*x tape too .not just having s*x .and the third time she had the scandal

@.: Now you’re really showing your ignorance. Kimmy made money off of that tape..a lot of $. Vanessa’s pictures were stolen and she didn’t make a dime nor would she want to. Vanessa’s pictures were private pictures for her bf’s eyes only. Let’s not forget that Vanessa actually has talent unlike Kim K. So you need to cut the sh it.No comparison, no way.

@BO: You obviously have no idea. Kim’s tape had watersports if you know what I mean. Vanessa’s private pictures taken for her bf and you know damn well who that was at the time.

we love you Ms. Vanessa Hudgens.

@BO: Stolen private pictures does not equal a raunchy video of people engaging in intercourse.

There is no comparison. That is what I said you idiot. As I said impactvise Vanessa’s scandal made more news than Kim’s. It doesn’t matter who made more money out of it. You are the one in ignorence to not to realize than the main genesis of your idol’s career and fame is her scandal. You know this is true but you wont accept it the fact that you are a vanessa fan.

When I say stolen I mean hacked.

@.: Ok. Just learn how to spell “ignorance” if you are going to call someone ignorant you see the irony in that?

@.: Hell yeah I’m a Vanessa fan but I like Zac too.

I don’t think the pics were taken for zac. She looked way younger than when she was in high school musical in those nude pics. They were clearly taken when she was more younger.

@J: Hate to bring it up but his picture/ poster (Zac) is in the background of one of those pictures. It’s enough said about this anyway. It’s old news. Done, done and done to death.

No man. I do not see the irony in that rather what I see is your stupidity. The fact that you are out to tell everyone that the genesis of your idol’s career isn’t based on her scandal is laughable. Vanessa should actually be glad that the scandal happened. Her talent would have never been enough to stay in the news. We all know that.

IGNORANCE there you go.

@xoxox Wait what? he is? where?

@.: Vanessa is still standing and beloved by fans. You will never change that with your slander. Mkay?

@J: Yes. Forget it though. It’s old news.

Desperate much? did you gave up? can’t argue beyond the truth can’t you? Wait, you can’t.

@.: MMMMM…no. Not sure why you think I’m desperate but whatever.

lol apparently you are very detailed about Kim’s tape .it can include watersporst or whatever but she’s an adult .hudge was a minor just 15 .i’m not saying being an adult gives you the right to play naked in fron of cameras but you get what i mean .
the pics were taken for her ex at the time -Drake , not her BF at the time .
there’s no Zac poster in those pis .theer’s a poster on the wall but you can’t see it porperly .not a profile
no one blames her for having the pics hacked but to having taken them in the first place

hey aren’t you gonna wath my video ?

I hope we see her in some golden globe events :)

@BO: Vanessa never dated Drake pics for him for sure. It’s a myth.

@maria well I’ll agree with you that the Kardashians are trashy. No argument there. But you’re an older woman, of course you shouldn’t have your chest on display. I’m 18 and have nice breasts, I like to wear tops that show off my cleavage. As long as it’s age appropriate, it’s alright.

As for that photo, lol, they’re sitting down, you can’t tell much, but Ashley’s limbs are just longer in general. I’m a petite girl myself, (not as extreme as Vanessa) but I still have longer legs and arms. It’s a favorable proportion. And in the picture you posted, you CAN notice that Ashley’s legs look much better. Lol.

@Bohji ASHLEY DOES NOT HAVE FAKE BREASTS. And seriously??? You think Vanessa doesn’t fake tan? LOL.

And as for me personally, I would rather look like Ashley than Vanessa. I think her looks just appeal to the masses more. Vanessa is a very specific taste.

@nightwish right? Except there’s no way in hell Vanessa will win the Oscar for her transformation. lol.

@xoxox LOL you are SO stupid. Vanessa’s biggest claim to fame were HER naked photos and yes there’s a video too, and no, there’s no Zac. That was obviously a publicist cover to make Vanessa look less bad. She has a bunch of lesbian pics too lol.

She’s not as bad as the Kardashians though, I’ll agree with that. She’s actually TRYING to act and have a real career, so we have to give her credit there.

“Take a bunch of seats.” “I’m not drinking your koolaid.” LOL. I wish I could laugh in your face.

@A: Ashley appears to the masses more? You have your opinion and I have mine. Vanessa is prettier to me and I don’t need to go to the Ashley’s JJR posts ad post pictures of Vanessa to prove my point.

@A: Get over your jealousy. It’s unattractive. It’s really sad. You’re really sad.

@A Actually, the photos just added to her publicity , but her claim to fame I think, was HSM. If she was not on it and her photos were released, it will just be dismissed to the side. One example is that one cheetah girl I think?

xoxox , yes she did . before HSM .he was her co star if i rememer right .but by the time she auditioned for HSM she had broken up .she sent the pics to him after breaking up .she did an interview , in that she says the pics are for a guy , not zac .
and there’s no pic of zac in thos nudes

@xoxox uhm, why would I be jealous of you? I don’t even know you.

@J-ish right, that was her initial claim to fame. But the nude photo scandal is what boosted her fame level up to that of Zac’s and Ashley’s.

@BO: You have it all wrong. You have no clue. That’s all I’m going to say.

xoxox , you are the one who has no clue .not me .i’ve proven more than once that i know of your idol than her pumpers do .so get over it .

@A: You’re jealous of Vanessa not me you idiot. I’m a woman I know petty, catty jealousy when I see it. You absolutely reek of it and for that I feel sorry for you:)

@BO lol this girl knows less about Vanessa than you do and she thinks I’m jealous of her, because she doesn’t know the history, or that I’m here because of these particular fans, not Vanessa. Considering the mainstay fans don’t even acknowledge her, maybe we shouldn’t either? I mean where did she even come from. All of the sudden she lives here?

@A: B itch please. I’m not the one who lives here that would be you and bo and that nightwish person. Just because i just started posting doesn’t mean anything. I’ve a fan of Vanessa’s for a awhile. So kindly f uck off and take those losers with you.

I think Zac and Ashley’s fame consisted of adoring tweens/teens fandom, Zac the more famous ot the two coz of his heartthrob status, Ashley, coz of her
Disney roots. The pics cost V a LOT of those groups to shun and leave her. The pics just made her more known to the older demographic, in which her reputation suffered. The jokes, the spoofs etc. She could have milked it, but she didn’t. The pics added to her “fame” but it’s defo not her biggest, but hey, to each her own.

I REALLY DON’T GIVE A SHI T ABOUT WHATSHER FACE. Bringing her pictures here, well it’s like being forced to eat the same bland dish everyday. No matter what color plate you serve it on it’s still bland and unappealing. Say what the hel l you want about the movies Vanessa has coming out, she actually has movies coming out where you SEE her and she is not the voice of some cartoon teen. When all else fails, bring up the d amn pictures. How backwards of you to say something as foolish as you can forgive an adult but not a teen. As a teen you’re still learning things that you should already know as an adult. Believe what the hel l you want when the pictures came out she was with Mr Can do no wrong, they were for him, probably at HIS request.
She is living her life, happily. Taking the roles she wants. Seeing the guy she wants.
She has her VF photoshoot coming out this month and has just had one for cosmo. Watching, Beastly love how beautiful and expressive her face is. Wish they would have stuck with the original ending but at least you get to see it in the extras.

@tina: Vanessa has a Vanity Fair shoot coming out? I can’t wait for that. VF=vanity fair?

@tina dumb@ss no matter what you say you can’t take Ashley’s movies away from her, real movies, not just her voice roles. She does a whole bunch of things, because she’s making a whole bunch of money lol. I’m excited for all her upcoming projects. Did you see the article where they talked about how her movie with Nic Cage is destined to be a cult classic and what a great move it was of her to get on board? :)

I’ve only come across a single solitary upskirt of pudgie :- (

@xoxox: Whoa, that was REALLY bitchy.

@nightwish uhm, why would you need an upskirt? There are photos of her spreading her ****** to show off her ****. I mean…


that “Nightwish person”? Hey! :- (

Ohhhh xoxox is Kelly the Crackwhore maybe?

@A: Yeah but in the interests of following the rules, i don’t view those because technically it’s CP. They already consider me a creepy, horny male and i certainly don’t want to be perceived as THAT type. lol!

@A: What the hell are you talking about????

@nightwish haters suck meanwhile probably has those photos blown up and pasted to his ceiling LOL.

@A: I think Kelly the crackwhore has a very identifiable air of superiority and is a higher level of uncouth and obnoxious than she is, A. I recognize K the C after just a few comments, even if she switched usernames

@nightwish K the C is definitely Chelles though, no doubt.

Yeah, you’re right though. Crackwhore is older than this xoxox girl.

hello tik tik the old one .

see xoxox , you don’t even know that she has a VF shoot coming out this month and here you are arguing with ME about her past . so hilarious . she did a VF shoot last oct or nov fro the back or the inner front cover with some other gals and naked guys in a pool . she had done one year before last for the inner front cover or something wit selena and lily collins too .don’t you know .alas . but you here are trying to push it up my a$$ about her past . whackjob , you are , totally

I have not idea who or what you are talking about.

What was the name of the movie that whats her name had come out last year? Year before last? The year before that? Her last movie to make it to the big screen was the one where she was in it about 15 mins as the sister of the stars.

This place is crazy personified.

@tina LOL she was headlined for that movie at least. In the opening of the movie it shows all of the other actors, principle and supporting in the bottom of the screen while she and the others are talking, then the screen cuts away and goes “And Ashley Tisdale” all big. Vanessa was in Sucker Punch a while back. 2009? And wasn’t even headlined. At least Ashley had a television show and a production company between then. And now she has a whole slam of movies on her agenda coming up. I’m so stoked.

@xoxox: K the C is another person who used to comment here but maybe you’re not familiar with her

I wish I could time it so nightwish and Maria were always here the same time I am. I like agreeing with the first and arguing with the later lol.

Bohji can be interesting when she’s not preaching too, I might note. But she’s not nearly as regular here as she used to be.

@tina: At least see how scary movie 5 does. Maybe you can put down your copy of beastly and go watch sm5 at the theater. Are you into the slapstick comedy genre, or are you a serious minded recluse like hatersuck?

@Nightwish:Ok. Thanks for the explanation.

@nightwish I can’t wait for sm5! The trailer makes me laugh. I love Ashley’s comedy! But I’m excited to see her all badass in the nick cage movie too.

LOL Miss .Korean V agina started quoting the bible with me that day .lol She’s made headway in to about 20 pages so far .As I wished in my new year wish , I think it’s not wrong to say at this stage that before this year she’d finish quoting the whole Bible .I’ll bet 100 Rupees on it !

@nightwish tina’s an old lady. She’ll probably find sm5 offensive. Back in her day couples had to sleep in separate twin beds on television lol.

@BO yeah they’ve all got religious causes it seems. The mainstays that is. Not surprising to me, since they’re all self righteous and obnoxious, and I associate that with the devoutly (hypocritically) religious. Prejudice of me, absolutely, but they prove me right lol.

All I know about those “Left Behind” movies is they showed them for FREE on post and still no one came to see them. Maybe a few zealots waiting for the rapture. If that’s the “cult” you mean…….

@tina DUMMY. Those are not the same as these films!!! Those were Kirk Cameron crap. This is a new, apocalyptic rapture film, going to make it to the big screen without a doubt, and if you’re not familiar with what a “cult classic” means, you need to learn a little about films. DUMB @SS. How can someone who has lived as many many years as you claim to have, still know so very very little.

yup guilty . those who preach religion are the most vile of nature . i am not sooo in to religion ,yet i always do good deeds , and have a good heart .it’s more than enough .i know ehen i die , i’ll have a comfortable next life .lol

@xoxox: I once speculated that K the C was someone working for Van’s agency, her agent herself, someone who handles Van’s publicity, president of her fan club, etc. We’d argue here and she would kick me in the balls, figuratively speaking, and then try to stick an icepick through my eyeball, metaphorically speaking

While you’re talking about religion, you do know the left behind books are all about religion?
Hello, little one.

@BO: To be fair, i think Bohji truly believes she has found peace.. until she checks out the latest Hudgens thread. Then its “oh my”, and her peaceful disposition quickly gets blown right out the window. Half of her admonition towards us is sincerely in the interests of our own benefit, and the other half is for Vanessa’s benefit. She has a motherly instinct and i respect her for that, but she particularly has it out for me and has cast her patience aside because she deems me unreformable

@tina yes I do. But it’s going to be an interesting film, since it will be done through major Hollywood and not someone with a religious cause. I don’t mind films that pose religion based “what if” it really could happen questions. That’s common.

What BO and I are talking about are individuals. And BO, I agree with you absolutely.

And stop calling her “little one” she’s an adult.

Say what you will a reboot of a flop, based on a book by a religious zealot. Yeah, that has blockbuster written all over it. Why are you concerned what I call bo? It’s none of your business.

hello old one .Did you watch my videos ? your pal hates them .she burried them under thumbs down .such vile soul

@tina honey, why don’t we just wait and see how the films do, okay? ;)

@BO “hello old one.” hahahahah, that made me giggle.

lol b utt .yup i think her BP rises to 280 when she sees the three of us here .lol i think i should tell the truth .i really don’t like her . she always drags my origins in to the thread and insult them .i don’t like her .

yup ,i’m an adult .but i don’t mind being called little one .people call me baby , i mean even randoms . i think i look younger .i think it’s a problem with our generation . you know buttler also looks younger than 21 and he’s my age . there has been a iodine deficiency breaking out throughout the world in 1990 . as a resull us who were born next year were considerably diminishesd in size and has diminished growths than others who were born in other years .it was in our school text book .lol what a thing to be inserted in to a text book , i mean , of all text books , in OUR text book whom were affected by it .lolol

Not yet little one, but I will. I know it’s probably a tribute to the ex, but I’ll add a hit just for you. Lol

thanks old one .just add a hit .

I don’t mind when bo calls me old one, because I TOLD her I was old in one of our conversations. When she does it, it makes me laugh.

Viewed it, goodnight, little one.

Did the resident foul mouthed, dirty talking, big bully named BO, just say she has a good heart, does good deeds, and knows when she dies, she will have a comfortable next life ? Ok. I must be dreaming cause in my world, people like her have no friends, never marry cause no one will have them, die lonely, and go to a scary place with all the other evil, mean people.

I watch video of Bo. Bad music. Is not nice video

thanks old one.u just added a oncofake,how narrow minded u are woman?just because i hate on ur idol i’m a nasty,dirty,lonely ,uneligible for marrgage sorta person?u make me laugh.

thanks old one.u just added a oncofake,how narrow minded u are woman?just because i hate on ur idol i’m a nasty,dirty,lonely ,uneligible for marrgage sorta person?u make me laugh..

Hello cello ,mad fellow.thanks for watching my video man.i really don’t care whether u like it or not.all i care bout is hits.anyway,to me that music is very nice.its indian music.title song from a film caled jodha akhbar.very nice love film.very nice music.anyways thanks for ur comment

@BO: Not because you hate her, it’s your language, your dirty mind, and your inability to have any class in your rants. You are just an ugly person.

let me guess . now that in your warped mind ‘my mind is dirty ‘ .you arrived at the conclusion how ? I tash your idol .and my language is trash beacuse i use foul words – aren’t you overlooking to the fact that you are totally oblivious to the slang used by your pal suk something , kelly the cracked etc .lol and my rants are classless- says you – again aren’t you overlooking the fact that you are worshipping an epitome-of-classlessness-type-actress .now , i am wondering who’s the nurse who comes on line to chat on a gossip site 24/7 so that means it includes her work hours too . you or me ? and i’m confused , who’ the person who said that Zac has herpes , again , is it you or me ? lolol miss onco , are you the one who’s teaching me class ??? lolol so now because i use foul words, trash your idol ,fails to bring out *cough cough* class ,I am an ugly , lonely ,uneligible for marriage sorta person .lol lol lol seriously , i can’t believe you are an adult much less a nurse which needs a certain amount of education !!! i wonder….

@BO: Keep wondering. You are never going to get it. You don’t have to like her, but the constant vulgar words you use to describe her show where YOUR mind is. She took some harmless pictures when she was not famous and naive, and you constantly talk of them and act like you are an expert on her s* x life. You always show what a dirty mind you have. Get over it. She made a mistake as a kid, and your lack of compassion or forgiveness shows what a rotten human being you are. That mistake does not define the person she is today. But keep talking. Every time you open your mouth you show what a fool you are.

And don’t even try to compare who spends more time here. I check in morning and evening when I have a chance, I do not work every day. And I am traveling at the moment. Got plenty of time. You truly live here trashing someone you DO NOT know. Good deeds, my ar se.

as a matter of fact I have more important things than to keep wondering on what a dirty a$$ licker of a dirty so-called actress does on some gossip site ! But at the time I can’t help but wonder why you never stood up against the utmost vulgarties used here by kelly the cracked at the time ’cause she’s the one who’s been trashiest here .again i’m confused . who was the one who said zac could have herpes and other STDs , sleeps around , pimps directors , hooks up with every gal on his way ? you or me ? lol and pray , compared with what YOU KNOW about my idol’s s*x life , what I know of your idol’s s*x life is nothing…just nothing !!! lolol at least what I say , I base on proof ! they are undeniable . what you say about Zac is just pure fantasies with no proof whatsoever and thus it is serious damage done to his image .you and your pumpers have been trashing our idols eversince , yet you expect us haters to keep away and watch you spewing all the damned lies of our idols ? well , b.itch it ain’t gonna happen .
you want us to forgive your hudge pudge the miss three time nude scandal for what she did , yet you aren’t ready to forgive or rather forget – there’s nothing to forgive in that – that zac took pics with a naked model for a professional shoot ! you want us to stop trashing her for her scandals , yet you aren’t ready to stop spewing lies on zac being gay , sleeping around etcetc . as an adult you are the one who should take the first step , yet you expect few kids of your own kids’ age to take the first step .are you serioulsy insane ?
you trash my idol pretty badly accusing him of things without any proof , if i’m a dirty , vulgar , lonely , rotten human being in your aspect , so should you be in my aspect ,, you evil , trashy , lonely ,ugly human being

oh and you were spending most of your 24 hr day here on this site before I brought out the fact that you being a nurse can’t spend tha much time here unlss you are coming here in duty time too .since that very day your time on the site dropped significantly .but if you go through earlir posts , yup , you were here 24/7 .thank you .

“In my world, people like her have no friends, never marry cause no one will have them, die lonely, and go to a scary place with all the other evil, mean people.”

Maria, I think that’s the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen you say. How can you know that much about BO just because she doesn’t like Vanessa H? Maybe she releases some negative emotions she has here and is a kind person to those around her. That was just a very loaded statement basically wishing her all the worst things you could wish one someone: have no friends, don’t get married because no one would want you, die all alone and then go to hell forever. Geez. Show a little more tact and maturity. Do you think you have anything to teach when you say something like that? No because when you say something so awful you deafen her ears to you forever.

Haters Suck! @ 01/13/2013 at 10:14 am

You are out of your psychopathic mind.

@ BO

been trying to hear you out and trying to understand where you are coming from…..but girl….you need to see a counselor.You are SO full of negativity….you are still young and would experience a lot of unpleasant things in life and yet Vanessa is a very big deal for you……sigh…..girl,go see a counselor.she could listen to all your angst in life and could help you deal with your NEGATIVITY.

Bo is from mental hospital

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