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Vanessa Hudgens: New 'Spring Breakers' Teaser Poster!

Vanessa Hudgens: New 'Spring Breakers' Teaser Poster!

Vanessa Hudgens leaves WundaBar Pilates with her little sis Stella on Thursday (January 10) in Studio City, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress showed off some midriff as she made her way out of the studio to her car.

That same day, Vanessa updated her blog with a Spring Breakers poster!

“Another teaser!! Can you figure out who it is?” Vanessa captioned the pic, which features a bikini clad lady in a mask. Could it be Vanessa???!!

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens leaving her pilates class with her little sister Stella

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vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 01
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 02
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 03
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 04
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 05
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 06
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 07
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 08
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 09
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 10
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 11
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 12
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 13
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 14
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 15

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326 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: New 'Spring Breakers' Teaser Poster!”

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  1. 51
    Nightwish Says:

    @.: Exactly. If the paps decided to abandon Hudgens altogether, she would be deeply disturbed. Shes a narcissist. She loves attention. She would have a serious mental breakdown if nobody took her picture, and she would pull all kinds of crazy sh!t to make it happen again.

  2. 52
    samsam Says:

    @hm: thank you for your response i agree with you. but people have forgotten about the django unchained posters. there is even one where the guy is pointing the gun at the viewer. how was that avoided and this drawn attention too?

  3. 53
    Nightwish Says:

    Bo is spot on with comment #46. I totally agree

  4. 54
    BO Says:

    no .i wasn’t defending you .i was merely stating a point.but thanks anyway.
    this movie is being criticised for GOOD reason .stars being featured on movie posters with guns is not a new thing ,even Skyfall had one ,but this one features two Disney girls and according to the movie it involves shooting of 4 college girls .but i think , if they had chosen to relaese this at a different time , this wouldn’t have been crticiesd .also i think whoever chose to release this poster at a time like this is just stupid

  5. 55
    italian mom Says:

    Bo, never thought that your attitude to harshness would kick you out of any possible job in a near future? Deal with it, try to be a positive person. Take inspiration from whom you love. Would he appreciate such an aggressive mood? Would he love you as a human being as per seeing what you write on here?? Why are you so not inspired by him? Why you don’t try to imitate his character?
    I don’t want an answer, I just would like to see a new Bo.

  6. 56
    BO Says:

    lol b.utt you are spot on with your #51 .i totally agree . lol she’ll have a total break down if no one took her pic .i think she just wants to live like a celeb , i don’t think she takes her carer quite seriously.

  7. 57
    BO Says:

    #55 mama italiano , i have no idea what you are talking about !!! seriously .you’ve lapsed back in to that fake-i-am-not-so-good-in-english-mood , i see .

  8. 58
    italian mom Says:

    Ehm…sorry. I meant television is full of thrillers and violence.

  9. 59
    samsam Says:

    @BO: hmm, going to a pilates class proves she doesn’t take her career seriously? we heard so much stuff about spring breakers because it was out in the open and korine thought it was cool and didn’t care that much. but we haven’t heard anything about her other movies like Frozen Ground and Gimme Shelter but there has been little reviews here and there from those who say she was great. we dont know any of these celebs. she could break down from lack of attention or she could be completely fine. i didn’t think miley would be so desperate for attention especially cuz she doesnt do anything.

  10. 60
    kris Says:

    Dislike her body!!! Short legs :o

  11. 61
    BO Says:

    smasam , girl /boy you are analysing things way too much .why do you have to analyse everything i said word by word and determine whether wrong or correct .just have fun . that’;s what we all are doing here .
    and pray , where did i ever say she doesn’t take her career seriously ;’cause she gfoes to a pliates class ? lol i said that because , i think if she took her career seriously , she would care to avoid overexposure of her on gossip sites .you might find her posts ”so georgeous , soo pretty ” bah hambug but most peple don’t .they consider her a famewhore .no actor who considres his career seriously looks for overexposure .it’s bad no matter what .
    and i don’t understand why you go on ranting about FG and Gs . those two films too look like crap .otherwise they would be released now .an indie can be made ready in six moths unlike a mainstream .

  12. 62
    Nightwish Says:

    @italian mom: You are truly a riot. I drew you out yesterday. I know you were insulted by the way i ridiculed your writing. I also knew you would walk in here today and demonstrate your real skills because you felt that your intelligence was insulted. I laughed earlier at the way you tried to throw us off with your purposely incorrect “vaste” spelling mistake. Please don’t even bother tring to switch back to your stupid italian-lady-from-the-countryside style of broken english, because your charade is just pathetic already. Either you are faking, schizophrenic, or you’re having someone else write for you. I doubt it’s the latter. You were played like a fiddle, lol

  13. 63
    M Says:

    Lol Spring Breakers wasnt criticized anywhere! Lol i dont know what the haters are talking about. Everyone is loving the new poster. BTW Selena is like 20 mins in the movie This is ART! One of the best movies ever! Korine’s MASTER PIECE!

  14. 64
    samsam Says:

    @BO: i am sorry that it appears as though i over analyse everything. that is just how i am and i must accept that this is how you are too. :)

  15. 65
    BO Says:

    lol actually it was crticised .it was crticised here . l haters are ralking about here .lolol and whether or not selena is init for 20 mins , she is the star of the four girls .and all the girls characets are short .” thinner than an olsen twin ” that’s what a critic said the only major role is Franco .<3 <3 <3

  16. 66
    SB Fan Says:

    loving the reactions as much as I love the new poster! Vanessa looks AMAZING in the new poster! Thank YOU Harmony! Hahaha

  17. 67
    SB Fan Says:

    This is awesome!

    “We’re ten days into 2013, and this is already the poster of the year

    With a US release set for March 22nd, a trailer
    primed to debut later this month, and now the
    unveiling of the monstrous dayglo masterpiece
    above, ****’s really gearing up for Harmony
    Korine’s sort-of-mainstream follow-up to Trash
    Humpers, the nightmarish teen crime
    opus Spring Breakers.”

  18. 68
    italian mom Says:

    I liked your comments. Maria helped me to find out the meaning of “blessing in disguise’ and I appreciated your funny side. That’s all. I’m starting at level 3, btw.

  19. 69
    BO Says:

    lol samsam you are right .this is how i am and that is how you are .we are what we are ! lolol

  20. 70
    samsam Says:

    i don’t know what “l haters are ralking about here” means, but some of what you are saying i agree with. every movie gets criticised whether fans like it or not. and franco is definitely the star of the movie. i remember only one or two critics saying that the other girls characters were thin but not that selena was the star. they said her character had the most depth even though it was a very selena role. either way im still proud of all of them especially from the background they have come from

  21. 71
    samsam Says:

    @BO: lol to ur comment at #69

  22. 72
    Nightwish Says:

    @italian mom: Whatever

  23. 73
    samsam Says:

    i love how the comments on all the posts have gone significantly down since the thumbs have gone

  24. 74
    kelly martineau Says:

    What ever happen to her BFF Laura? don’t see pitcures of her and Laura that much. Or with Brittany Snow anymore. Nice not seeing Big lips with her.
    Isn’t there anything else for her to do besides working out. But its nice to keep the body in shape.

  25. 75
    Nightwish Says:

    They put the mask on pudgekin in this picture because she ruined all the other SB posters with her signature magnum duckface expression roflmfao

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