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Vanessa Hudgens: New 'Spring Breakers' Teaser Poster!

Vanessa Hudgens: New 'Spring Breakers' Teaser Poster!

Vanessa Hudgens leaves WundaBar Pilates with her little sis Stella on Thursday (January 10) in Studio City, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress showed off some midriff as she made her way out of the studio to her car.

That same day, Vanessa updated her blog with a Spring Breakers poster!

“Another teaser!! Can you figure out who it is?” Vanessa captioned the pic, which features a bikini clad lady in a mask. Could it be Vanessa???!!

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens leaving her pilates class with her little sister Stella

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vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 01
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 02
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 03
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 04
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 05
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 06
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 07
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 08
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 09
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 10
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 11
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 12
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 13
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 14
vanessa hudgens new spring breakers teaser 15

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326 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: New 'Spring Breakers' Teaser Poster!”

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  1. 101
    Nightwish Says:

    @maria: Be fair though, Bo is expressing herself very eloquently above, and me, i just crack myself up!

  2. 102
    J-ish Says:

    so excited!! wish they would release the trailer already. And I like that she works out regularly, being healthy and fit.

  3. 103
    BO Says:

    I think it does matter that they are Disney .they aren’t ordinary Disney girls , they are Disney princesses ,Selena is the Disney queen , epitome of Disney and hudge still hasn’t been able to get out of that Dinsey image even after doing a bucketload of movies .and this movie revolves around gun violence at the hands of few teenagers .and they are using guns for violence , hold up is a crime , robbery is a crime .i can’t believe you are defending gun use by your idol trying to imply that hold up and robbery is no crime !

  4. 104
    BOHJI Says:

    @Nightwish, it is not a religion and I don’t think I can fit into any religion for the matter. Am too much of an individual besides been just told by a religious fanatic of an aunt that I was a baptized catholic and will remain one no matter what. She reckons I have the catholic chop on me or should I say I am a piece of catholic property, huh?! I accused her of judging me. Oh well, she’s nuts and no better then any other religious fanatic. She went on about rules and regulations of the church and then accused me of being a free spirit which meant everything goes. I respect her for her views but I think she should respect mine and that we can agree to disagree. Enough said.No one can control one’s spiritual beliefs.

  5. 105
    BOHJI Says:

    Malicious Slander is a crime, Trolling tantamount to cyber bullying is a crime, spamming is a crime.

  6. 106
    BO Says:

    yup .neglecting your family to jabber on a gossip site is crime too ! so is insulting other countries and cultures .yup .they are definite crimes : p

  7. 107
    samsam Says:

    damn i missed so much stuff, the whole topic is somehow on religion

  8. 108
    Nightwish Says:

    @BOHJI: What a riot. Who is being bullied here? “Bohji” formerly known as “Boji”? You need a real identity in court, my little id!ot. You cant call 911 complaining that your pseudonym on a celeb site is being harrangued. The only response you’ll here is tons of laughter on the other end of the line at dispatch, followed by a ‘click’.

  9. 109
    Nightwish Says:

    I meant to type “hear” instead of ‘here’ above. Using ipad for this site sucks balls. I get all kinds of composition problems and wrong spellings

  10. 110
    BO Says:

    lol samsam the ”i am who i am” is back ! welcome . you are our newest member .this is vanessa hudgens thread on just jared where we discuss everything from Zac Efron , Ashley tisdale , kristen stewrt , Zanessa ,religion , female anatomy .there’s one topic here that’s banned from being discussed .it’s vanessa hudgens .

  11. 111
    geeza louisa Says:

    Not a good look on her. Those pants and that cropped shirt make her belly look big.

  12. 112
    samsam Says:

    @BO: lol. don’t worry, i know where i am. and who i am. tbh i just find it strange how quickly the topic diverts

  13. 113
    BO Says:

    take no offense samsam the i am who i am.i say it everytime a new regular props up

  14. 114
    lola Says:

    She is gorgeous

  15. 115
    yup Says:

    it’s disappointing that people are excusing the violence in this movie because they ~*LoVe*~ vanessa hudgens. Get a grip, the movie poster wasn’t made by her, the film wasn’t her idea so no one is insulting her actions in this film but i think the movie studio needs to grow a fu*cking conscience and change it up. And yes there are hundreds of films that depict gun violence and abuse but as this thread is about her movie i’m trying to stay on topic.

  16. 116
    Nightwish Says:

    @geeza louisa: Im usually critical with pudgie, but i have to be frank and admit that her tights come deliciously close to revealing a nice cameltoe. i would eat that sheet all night long if she let me

  17. 117
    samsam Says:

    @Nightwish: so are you a guy or…

  18. 118
    Nightwish Says:

    @lola: LOLA! Happy new year!

  19. 119
    Nightwish Says:

    @samsam: According to chelles, im a typical creepy, horny, mysogynistic, obnoxious male, just add ‘fine ass dude’ and ‘a real stud’ to make things fairer lol

  20. 120
    Luna Says:


  21. 121
    Chelles Says:

    @Nightwish: Ugh…well you forgot racist. You never know a Vanessa thread is going to digress these days. A trip to the gym or a post on a hike just might turn into a six page discussion on religion.

  22. 122
    BO Says:

    oh it’s good that damon released elena from his sire they can do things on more personal level

  23. 123
    Chelles Says:

    As for this movie glorifying guns and violence..well this movie is R-rated and it’s not going to be for everyone. There is violence and sex for sure but it’s not going to be marketed to children and those things are in context with the storyline. The timing is unfortunate due to what happened in Connecticut but you can’t blame a movie for someone’s mental illness.It will be interesting to see how they market this movie. She looks good BTW, really, really good.

  24. 124
    Chelles Says:

    @BO: Not to be rude but I really have no idea what you are trying say in most of your posts. Most of them make zero sense to me.

  25. 125
    Nightwish Says:

    Ooh, speak of the devil – It’s Chelles. Givin bitchy Tina a run for her money LOL

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