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Kristen Stewart Changes Clothes for LAX Landing

Kristen Stewart Changes Clothes for LAX Landing

Kristen Stewart makes her way through the terminal at LAX Airport after landing on Saturday (January 12) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress was spotted earlier in the day wearing a grey shirt and a green sweatshirt while heading into JFK Airport to catch her flight out west.

Kristen was also holding a leather jacket in her hands at both airports and it is being reported that it belongs to her boyfriend Robert Pattinson!

FYI: Kristen is carrying a Fjällräven duffel bag.

20+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the airport…

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kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 01
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 02
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 03
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 04
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 05
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 06
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 07
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 08
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 09
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 10
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 11
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 12
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 13
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 14
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 15
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 16
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 17
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 18
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 19
kristen stewart changes clothes for lax landing 20

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115 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Changes Clothes for LAX Landing”

  1. 1
    RupertSanders Says:

    Oscar for KStew, she impressed me

  2. 2
    Jenna Says:


  3. 3
    Lilac Says:

    Please bring back the thumbs up/down option!

  4. 4
    Joe Says:

    damn… I think it’s time for some of the people who post comments to go to bed.. And I feel like it’s only the beginning.

  5. 5
    pup Says:

    This trash needs to seriously disappear already. -.- and I totally agree with Lilac. Bring back the thumbs up/down JJ!

  6. 6
    Jessie Says:

    A Kristen changed clothes thread? It’s being reported that the jacket belong to Pattinson? By whom? Even the fashion police don’t want this story. .Damn, there’s no news like NO news.

  7. 7
    Meg Says:

    Again Rob is mentioned to get hits.

  8. 8
    Nicole Says:

    Does anyone know what brand and model her sunglasses are? Someone told me Burberry but I couldn’t find a model for them leading to believe they’re not actually Burberry. I love them so much and want to look them up!

  9. 9
    always looking down Says:

    shoe gazer

  10. 10
    p Says:

    This is stupid … if you people don’t like the girl why click on the story . of all the post on this site , every time there is a photo of Kristen Stewart , this site gets 100′s of comment every other celebrity news gets ignored … Why are you wasting your time here ? do you people hate your lives that much so you feel the need to share your hatred on the internet ? How much longer can you post hateful comments about someone you dislike or don’t care about ? Four F@cking years of this Sh!t … aren’t you all tired of writing the same crap ? Pathetic !!!

  11. 11
    chelsy Says:

    Yes, this trick needs to hang it up and leave. Jennifer Lawrence is the it girl now and she has actual God given talent. Same goes for wimpy bf.

  12. 12
    chelsy Says:

    @p: Yes, bring back the thumbs up/down thingy.

  13. 13
    p Says:

    @chelsy: there is an old saying …. “judging a person does not define who they are . It defines WHO YOU ARE ” …

  14. 14
    Again Says:

    ho gets on a plane
    ho gets off a plane
    ho plays dress up
    ho walks through an airport
    ho wears her doormats clothing

  15. 15
    LOL Says:

    “Yes, this trick needs to hang it up and leave. Jennifer Lawrence is the it girl now and she has actual God given talent. Same goes for wimpy bf.”

    Oh how absolutely right you are…Jennifer is a TALENTED actress this twit got over being in over exposed franchise that required no acting ability at all.
    This fraud’s only talent is Fame whor-ing.

  16. 16
    Cool chick Says:

    The interst in that humble girl is ABOVE AND BEYOND norm!Fcking Liz Taylor or what? (Live her by the way)

  17. 17
    TRASH! Says:

    Feel betetr after insulting a girl who did nothing to you? TRASH

  18. 18
    Red state America fck off Says:

    Why the fck your are reading posts about Kristen ? Fck off and go wash your fcking dirty sweat pants so they can dry and be ready for you for Monday for your fcking low paid job! Don’t miss Honey Boo Boo and go to church tomorrow and kiss your kids with love- you fcking hypocrits!!Thanks G-d slavery is abolished, otherwise you would have voted to keep it and prove that hard work is good for you!

  19. 19
    rikki Says:

    she should just chop all her hair off and get a sex change because she has not a grain of femininity in her personality.

  20. 20
    Andrew Says:

    Go f………. ur self all of you don’t like her because you envy what she got money,and beauty when you got just a computer to sit and stare at what you want.

  21. 21
    Kslut Says:

    sit on my long chin

  22. 22

    With that zero feminity, your stupid idiot, she was able to attact the most coveted man on this planet and IT EATS YOU ALIVE. WHOEVER TOLD YOU THAT YOU NEED HIGH HEELS , LONG HAIR AND SHORT SKIRT AND SMILE ALL THE TIME TO BE HAPPY AND LOVED- LIED TO YOU BIG TIME!!

  23. 23

    With that zero feminity, your stupid idiot, she was able to attact the most coveted man on this planet and IT EATS YOU ALIVE. WHOEVER TOLD YOU THAT YOU NEED HIGH HEELS , LONG HAIR AND SHORT SKIRT AND SMILE ALL THE TIME TO BE HAPPY AND LOVED- LIED TO YOU BIG TIME!!

  24. 24
    Readysetblow Says:

    It’s time for minicooping 2.0 from the desperate trampire. Special appearances n the Globes parking lot. and mens bathroom entrance.

  25. 25
    Janice Says:

    Somebody “betetr” take their meds.

  26. 26
    Rosa Says:

    Such a cute tomboy- looks 14. Forever young.

  27. 27
    kstewwho? Says:

    Jen Lawrence is super hot and talented.

  28. 28
    rikki Says:

    @THEY LIED TO YOU HATER: i am not sure who you are refering to. rob pattinson? he’s the “most coveted man on the planet”? lol! right. there are many girls who are total tomboys but still have a charm/appeal to them. but kristen stewart is not one of them. i wasn’t even saying it in an angry way. i was just making an observation.

  29. 29
    OTR Says:

    Kristen looks great! Damn these paps are like feral dogs, much like the haters here.

  30. 30
    lier Says:

    She doesn’t have to make an appeal to you, she has her man and her fans. P.S. Why are you commenting on her board, if there is some many feminine females in their feminine poses above and below in this award season? Why are you camping on Kristen’s post?So un feminine of you!!

  31. 31
    Gia Says:

    This TRASH needs to be stopped. Bet she’s going to show up at the Golden Globes to famewh0re herself out even with no nomination. Does this sewer have any shame or disgrace?

  32. 32
    yanira Says:

    wow all these losers posting here obsessing over Kristen Stewart such a tiny girl owning everyone one way or the other lmao. go kristen!!! the power of Kristen Stewart.

  33. 33
    Ping Says:

    She’s a nobody now. No good movies lined up, no respect, nothing.

  34. 34
    Cali gurl Says:

    Welcome home bebe!

  35. 35
    Liz Says:

    What’s funny about this girl, to me, is how she’s such a difficult celebrity. One of those who has scandals, is very moody, constantly making excuses for her lack of social skills, lack of warmth, lack of compassion for people, lack of humility… and yet… SHE CAN’T EVEN ACT. All this trouble and fuss over this girl. For what? She’s one of the worst young actresses to ever come onto the scene. There are so many more talented actresses with nicer personalities who for some reason don’t get the same kind of attention.

  36. 36
    yanira Says:

    she’s got all your attention you’ve been owned like the loser you are haha

  37. 37
    Rose Says:

    Ugh, she’s such a dirt grub…

  38. 38
    jade Says:

    @Gia: lol. nope. no shame. just greed.

  39. 39
    yanira Says:

    but sweetie even you can’t explain her appeal which has you talking about her, following her, noticing and knowing her life with details. that’s the mystery about her… you just have to look at her and admire her in your very own way. own it. you’re hooked on her too. *shrugs*

  40. 40
    silly people !! Says:

    @Gia: i believe you are mistaking her for all of those so called “actresses ” who actually attend every freaking event and pose for the camera to get noticed and talked about . Believe it or not a lot of actors get invited to these ridiculous award shows , and a lot of them don’t even bother going . The ones that do show up don’t give a damn about the awards , they always say there are there for the free food and free booze . Golden Globes is just another party for them to get together with other fellow actors and chat . Not everyone is a fame ***** or a lush , Specially Kristen Stewart unless it’s a work related event ..

  41. 41
    jade Says:

    The sluttiest women in hollywood don’t dress like *****, so that fools people. But you have to look more at ACTIONS and less at outfits. That’s all I’m saying.

  42. 42
    lick my pits Says:

    Rob’s yellow crooked teeth turn me on – KS

  43. 43
    Twilight is over Says:

    Kristen owns your asses haters. Not even at event, just passing through the terminal.You Twilight is OVER,are you still missing Edward and cry that Bella was not what you wanted her to be? Boooo
    Go lick your Edward poster, or what was left from it….

  44. 44
    lol Says:

    Looks like she’s been picking trash on the highways.

  45. 45
    silly people !! Says:

    @Liz: and yet here you are talking about her on this board , why bother if you don’t care . I doubt she want the attention , but thanks to you all ” the Haters ” she will always have more comments than any other actor and in the process giving Just Jared a lot of money !!!!

  46. 46
    b Says:

    @lol: you probably should know , must your profession !

  47. 47
    @b Says:


  48. 48
    Job Hunting Says:

    All reports say Kristen is spread and ready for the Golden Globes!

  49. 49
    no shame Says:

    If she’s invited to the Golden Globes, that award show just lost their credibility. I mean they didn’t even nominate her for OTR and they were giving those nominations out like free candy lol.

  50. 50
    LOL Says:

    Even her so called supporters are dwindling out…The only thing her and that face that looks like it’s been hit with a frying boyfrined can do is fame who_re their relationship. Twi-light is over and their movies both FAILED.

  51. 51
    Leslie Says:

    Homewrecking skeezer Her & her nasty boyfriend are old news. Hopefully both of them will crawl back into their garbage cans and live the rest of their dirty miserable existence away from the cameras. She is the most untalented trashbag I’ve ever seen.

  52. 52
    jen Says:

    ~~***sprinkle***~~ (passing out meds)

  53. 53
    KS is BS Says:

    And the Best Actress Razzie goes to …..Kristen Stewart!

    Remember how her fans were sure she’d be nominated for a GG and some were delusional to think ..even an Oscar!! Muaahhhhhh!!!

  54. 54
    Oscar Girl Says:

    @KS is BS: You are misteken. She has Oscar. He goes by the name ROBERT, didn’t you know this? Silly you(by the way stop reading what K’s fans have to say. They are not talking to you)

  55. 55
    one ass Says:

    I think it is on hater hag posting under many monikers! Go to GG events , ass

  56. 56

    Kristen is sexy with great tits…smells nice ;)

  57. 57
    KS is BS Says:

    @Oscar Girl:

    only delusional twi fans think Rob is a catch and would equate his yellow teeth as equivalent to having an Oscar. He’s just a smelly oily hair dude, who also can’t act. which is why he’ll win the Razzie for best actor.

  58. 58
    bing Says:

    The “actress” with the most razzie nominations for worst actress ever. Congrats.

  59. 59
    ace11 Says:

    all i can say is

    Rupert had his way with her

    Wonder what Rob thinks about that???

  60. 60
    potato Says:

    Poor girl didn’t get nominated for a single award after all that campaigning except for the Razzies.

  61. 61
    Pitty Says:


  62. 62
    green Says:

    @p: since you defend the immoral homewrecker, you tell people what kind of person you are

  63. 63
    guest Says:

    @yanira: how old are you?see yourself clearly,then admit to yourself that you’re the real loser.You’re such a pathetic krisbian…

  64. 64
    you Says:

    She has many connections in the industry, she comes from a family of film people. She doesn’t need to suck anyone’s **** to make it (like you- stay bitter)…she is worth close to $80 million when the franchise is all said and done. Your words are full of bitterness. In another decade, you will be washed up, married to a cheating *******, living in a stinker and it will take your whole working life to pay off, your kids will be entitled brats that will suck up everything you got, and your face and body will be saggy because you are too poor to pay for enhancements. bye.

  65. 65
    p Says:

    @green: I don’t have to tell a damn thing ! all you need to know is that people like your self is a total embarrassment to the human race ! you see it as defending her which by the way she doesn’t need it , i see it as a bunch of silly people going online acting like the moral police . you need to get off that high horse and spare us your self righteous indignation !

  66. 66
    A Says:

    @Oscar Girl: ROFL that was the funniest comment that I’ve read today.Rob is OSCAR hahahaha no the guy is nominated for Razzie with his trampire and has never won any major acting award in his life

  67. 67


  68. 68
    Lucky girl Says:

    With all these old hags hate and bitterness ,at the end of the day ,Kristen still the one who gets to cuddled up with Rob and gets her armpits licked up all night long,what a lucky girl!lol!

  69. 69
    Kristen is a smart girl Says:

    For past few days Robsten fans were freaking out over their beloved couple’s relationship since they didn’t have any proof of them being ‘unbroken’ and fake/contradicting twitter sightings didn’t help the case.

    Kristen being a desperate famewh-re that she is realized this and decided to calm her Robsten sheeps since they are the only people
    who like her by getting pap’s at the airport at JFK holding a brown
    jacket that Rob was last seen wearing 4 years ago! But babydoll forgot her usual pap is ritual i.e taking out her necklace which proves the epic lurvvvve so she rectified her mistake once she landed at LAX.

    If you honestly believe that Kristen is actually a honest person who doesn’t sell her relationship then let me tell you that you are the biggest loser of them all.This girl is a vile calculating c-nt who is laughing at you for falling for her games.

  70. 70
    Kristen is a smart girl Says:

    @Lucky girl: Who cares Rupert got his dong licked by Kristen lol I bet Rob loves tasting Rupert dong in Kristen’s mouth

  71. 71
    The pimp Says:

    Kristen charges whooping 1$ for a bj and 3$ for anal. All the payments should be made to her pimp Robert Pattinson. Kristen has special NY offer going on right now,if you go and say the special code ‘honesty’ or ‘director’ to her you will get free bj or handjob for whole one year!!! Isn’t that great!!! For more details contact

  72. 72
    A Says:

    @yanira: The only person who felt Kristen’s power was Rupert Sander *snort*

  73. 73
    green Says:

    @p: yes, you don’t have to tell a damn thing, just shut up! people like your self is a total embarrassment to the human race,see yourself clearly,moron!

  74. 74
    Lucky girls Says:

    Kristen and Miley got it right down pat when it comes to their man,these two girls are the only girls in hollywood whose got the longest relationships and a perfect age of men and handsome to boot.I hope they last for a long long time.

  75. 75
    green Says:

    @Kristen is a smart girl: agree with you, well said

  76. 76
    Lucky girl Says:

    @Kristen is a smart girl
    ofcourse she’s a smart girl,who gets to fool around and gets to keep her boyfriend at the same time ,only Kristen.And she’s smart enough to realized that it’s not even worth the trouble to tangled up with these shrunken di*k old geezer,younger is still better,so she pick Rob.And i bet Rob taste so much better than that old buzzard,good for her ,they’re going on 5 years now,aaawww,young luuuuuurve!!

  77. 77
    Lucky girl Says:

    Oh,it must be a good life to have a hunky young boyfriend wait on you all day long,giving you coffee and ****,giving you towels after a long laps in the pool,gives you lots of lovin’ at night and whatnot,hold your hands all the time when you’re walking.See ,these are the things that all this old hags here can only dream of ,and young Kristen is lovingly livin’ it,must be sucks to be her ,isn’t it?lol!!Awwwwww,what an epppicccc lurrrrrve!!

  78. 78
    Kristen is a smart girl Says:

    @Lucky girl: I bet Rob loves Kristen’s herpes too

  79. 79
    A Says:

    @Kristen is a smart girl: @Lucky girl: Will you cry when Kristen’s sex tape with Rupert will be leaked?

  80. 80
    A Says:

    @A: Ooops that was only for @Lucky girl

  81. 81
    Moi Says:

    Dear Kristen,

    I know you are going to taint Rob’s GG appearance in one way or other but can you please do everyone a favor and spare all the married guys there? I understand that its very important for you to remind everyone that you’ve successfully trapped your gf Roberta after sucking an older guy’s **** but you need to be less obvious about it baby doll.I’m sure your mom taught you better famewh0ring!

    No love,

  82. 82
    Taylor Says:

    More pictures here

  83. 83
    Mar Says:

    you know what? I really am sick and tired of all this DRAMA and HATE towards Kristen Stewart.HONESTLY,I REALLY don’t understand why do you guys HATE her so much! I can’t visit ANY website and read an article about her that the comments won’t either be “tramp” , “cheater”, “untalented” , “she must disappear” or “Rob deserves much better than her”! For God’s sake people what is wrong with you?WHY SO MUCH HATE? If you don’t like someone don’t spend your time hating on him.I don’t get that.Why don’t you like her THAT much?Wow it really is unfair for people who try so hard in what they do to be treated like that.

  84. 84
    ns Says:

    @Mar: It’s because they are so jealous that the hate consumes them,Kristen is a multi millionare and has their fantasy bf Rob and he wouldn’t give any of these hateful harpies the time of day and it just chaps their azz!

  85. 85
    Lovely gal Says:

    So many gala balls last night, JJ had to combine two actress for on epos to cover them all. Yet Kristen changed her t shrt while leaving a long flight has a separate entry!! LOL Love how she makes you angry! How is that bitter tatse in your mouth? That is how hate taste like, lol

  86. 86
    Liz Says:

    @ns: No it’s because she is getting away with being a totally average, unite resting garish ****. And we don’t like her. We want the world to know, no matter what they pay her we are not sucked in. We still value idealistic hollywood stars who are truly the best of us (well at least on the surface). How dare this average looking, low life get away with this. It’s a crime against humanity.

  87. 87
    Liz Says:

    @Lovely gal: You love someone else’s hate does not make you a lovely person. I think Kscrew’s followers like her because she truly represents them and their dream of rising out from the trailer park to fame and fortune. Shame the reality is she had to use her ‘ass ets’ to get her there. She even said so herself. I think this bothers the Robstens and krisbians to find out she’s just another common ***** and the worlds knows it. Poor rob he is to middle classed british to understand this.

  88. 88
    ns Says:

    @Liz: She is one of the highest paid actress’s in hollywood and she has been filming since she was 9 and is respected in the industry so who cares if you don’t like her because the rest of hollywood does and she has loyal fans around the world but you do sound bitter get over it and don’t comment on someone you don’t like because it makes you look pathetic.Anyone that I don’t care for I just ignore them but by you giving her article hits will keep her relevant for a long time because no other actress can get this many comments good or bad.js

  89. 89
    ns Says:

    @Liz: One more thing two of her movies last yr combined made a billion dollars,BD2 with over 815 million worldwide and Swath with over 450 million so yes she can bring in the money.

  90. 90
    Liz Says:

    @ns: I find it pathetic of you to attack a complete stranger to protect someone who would probably shoot you full of holes should you bring that endearing loyalty to her home. Don’t waste your time, she won’t thank you for it. Such a sad following.

  91. 91
    Miles Says:

    @Mar: Um why do people hate Kristen or to a lesser degree dislike her? Could it be her marginal talent so marginal that she was just nominated for a Razzie. Yet, the industry machine felt the need to shove her down everyone’s throat. I say “felt” because it’s obvious they realized that she isn’t all that ad there are better young women to back such as J-Law. KS is overrated in pretty much every degree i.e. talent, looks, personality, talent. She thinks she’s an edgy badass but in reality she’s just plain unlikable, inarticulate and immature. She’s very smug as she’s seemed to have kept her bf in spite of her misdeeds. But what she doesn’t realize is that he is no catch. Last but not least, she can add the description homewrecker to her long list of flaws. Not only did RS have kids but his wife actually worked on the movie with Kristen. Obviously, KS has no conscience and lacks any kind of moral compass. She is a self-entitled brat who quite thankfully will fade into oblivion now that the ridiculous sparkly Twilight series in done. Good riddance.

  92. 92
    gorda Says:

    To all the robtens, krisbians etc….who constantly keep picking on the ‘haters’, we have a right to our opinion, just because our opnion is different than yours doesn’t make us haters. I do the same with other celebrities, this girl deserves everything she is getting and I can’t wait for the day when we don’t have come to a site like this and see her ugly face, just like I can’t wait not to have defend myself from her psychotic fans everytime I disagree with you.

    Get a life. You think she appreciates that you defend her? No, she is laughing at you. Wake up! Is ok to like an actor but not to the point that you do. You people live through her. This is sick and pathetic. Get a life!.

    Can’t wait for tramp and doormat to disappear and for their people to stop forcing them on us. I never seen your movies. You are overrated.

  93. 93
    Ftw Says:

    Congrats Kristen!! You are a Razzie nominee,your fans are crazy and Twilight is over LOL.Dont worry Robsten stans i bet your beloved “couple”will have tons of stalkers in twitter tonight…”OMG i saw kristen at the GG!!AHH”"Kristen and Rob are kissing!!” because he can’t be in one place without her acording to their psychos fans on twitter.Sometimes i feel a little bit sorry of them,the general public dont like them and their fans are creepy

  94. 94
    gorda Says:

    @Ftw: THIS^

  95. 95
    notafan Says:

    Robsten fans are pretty pathetic, sorry to say. Even if their creepy love for Rob and Kristen translates into reality and they actually end up together, not one percent of the credit will go to these obsessive fans. How the hell can one idolize a relationship between two people whom they don’t know even, and that too after the scandal

  96. 96
    srb Says:

    @gorda: The same thing can be said about you,why waste your time on a actress you don’t like?The logical thing to do is just ignore any article about her that is what most normal people do but obviously you are obsessed with her so that imo is quite scary.

  97. 97
    Miles Says:

    I don’t know why her fans especially the obsessed Robsten fans continue to defend her. She’s probably giving you a big eye roll and laughing at your naivite. Remember, she’s above it all..the gossip, the haters, even the devotion from fans. She’s too cool and badass to give two sh its about how she is perceived in the industry and by fans and haters. Your idol is just an empty shell of a person. Ben Affleck dropped out of the flick that they were supposed to do together. Best decision ever. The movie that she was supposed to do with Pettyfer got shelved. KS is screwed.

  98. 98
    xo Says:

    No movies lined up for 2013 only rumors of SWATH2. You reap what you sow. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person than this twit.

  99. 99
    Sam Says:

    @no shame: Rob was not nominated for anything either and he is presenting, and it seems like it was a last minute thing. He is probably there for his friend Sienna who was nominated. I hope that Kristen was invited and that she attends to be with Jodie Foster who is receiving award. Back in November Kristen announced Jodie’s award. Welcome home Kristen. You look naturally pretty as always. Good luck this year.

  100. 100
    A Says:

    @ns: SWATH had big names like Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth plus it was marketed as epic fantasy movie and special effects were good. BD has Rob and Taylor nuff said

  101. 101
    Elle Says:


    So funny!!! Jennifer Lawrence is such a breath of fresh air after this potty mouth train wreck. How does Rob’s family stand it???? THey seem so polished…

  102. 102
    dnin Says:

    ROB wont take her to the GG he knows that she she is damage good to his career. she is a white trash

  103. 103
    Guest Says:

    @A: Yeah but BD2 did over twice the box office at half the cost. Look at Chris Hemsworth’s non super hero movies, they didin’t do so well. Cabin in the Woods and Red Dawn. Same goes for Charlize Theron.

  104. 104
    gorda Says:

    @srb: No, the same can’t be said for me,. You just proved my point, if someone disagrees with you, you attack them. Why? Why stick up for someone who doesn’t care about you.

    The difference between ass kissers like you and haters is that haters are acting normal and you guys have lost touch with reality. Its normal for me to have a negative opinion about an actress because she is a total stranger to me. Your behavior on the other hand is obcessive and weird because you don’t know her, she doesn’t know you…yet you spend all your time defending a total stranger. What do you care what I think? What does this matter to you so badly? .aybe is time to take a look at your life and figure out what you are missing then go ahead and start living.

    If I didn’t come here to post then I would miss the fun of annoying you. You are so pathetic. Wake up!

  105. 105
    Loop Says:

    @Guest: yeah cause red dawn and cabin in the woods had fan bases~ if you gonna count out films with already settled fanbases, it’s only fair to count out BD( twilight was nytimes bestseller before the FIRST film).
    The source of material is what counts in this case. although there’s some merit that Thor did exceptionally well with a fairly unknown actor at the time.
    K’s non twilight film twilight/Snowwhite(yes, SW has had a fanbase for ages) just to mentioned one, the award bait “On The Road” even with fanbase in the states and the which was sold as HER film, has just made domestically $158,000 in 3weeks, beat by “amour” packed with subtitles(harder to sell) and about old people.
    So whether you like it or not , ThOR was the biggest attraction of that film, and obviously that it was about Snow White.

    Domestically box office:
    Red Dawn- $44,000,000
    Cabin in the woods-$$43,000,000

  106. 106
    TheDudeAbides Says:

    I’d love to make a hard landing on that air strip.

  107. 107
    hello1 Says:

    meanwhile Jennifer Lawerence is getting awards and nominations from everybody. A true actress with talent and stars in a series with a good story and acting. KStew needs to be Chris Brown’d

  108. 108
    Tracy Says:

    @Lucky girl:

  109. 109
    Tracy Says:

    @ns: Kristen was a decent young actress however, she did not get better with time she got worst. Now it is just a insult to think she can act.

  110. 110
    Tracy Says:

    @Guest: Thor did well, The Avengers did well and let’s not talk about Monster…Believe me the people that went to see SWATH did not see it because of Kristen. Stop dreaming!

  111. 111
    Athena Says:

    I love her. She looks Beautiful wearing anything or nothing at all. She gets all her Sensual Products to keep her boyfriend happy at AthenaToysDotCom and she’s a repeat client!

  112. 112
    Megan Says:

    I love her. She looks Beautiful wearing anything or nothing at all. She gets all her Sensual Products to keep her boyfriend happy at AthenaToysDotCom !

  113. 113
    fizza khalid Says:

    i am a big fan of kristen!!! i am a krisbian!! n i really do want those glasses n that jacket!! she always wears the best of everything!! <3 her!

  114. 114
    fizza khalid Says:

    i love kristen!! big fan!!

  115. 115
    Emma Says:

    Does anyone know what brand are her sunglasses? I really like them and want to buy them

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