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Kristen Stewart: Robert Pattinson Will Present at Golden Globes!

Kristen Stewart: Robert Pattinson Will Present at Golden Globes!

Kristen Stewart keeps it casual chic while arriving at JFK Airport for a departing flight on Saturday (January 12) in New York City.

It was recently announced that the 22-year-old actress’ boyfriend Robert Pattinson will be a presenter at the Golden Globes this weekend! We’re so excited!

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Back in 2011, Robert was also a presenter at the Golden Globes.

In case you missed it, have a look at Kristen looking stunning on the cover of V Magazine’s Spring Preview 2013 issue.

FYI: Kristen is wearing Karen London rings.

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  • Beta

    @Loop: and you probably think you know everything about how it works

  • :)

    Loved or hated she is such a popular celebrity.There are always so many comments on articles about her.

  • Peace to you

    LA and proud. Kiss her ass haters. Google her daily ,drop dead like hags from Showbizspy. Do you know showbizspy hate site? Do you know what happened to its posters? Most of them got terminally ill and faded away. After 3 years of bashing Kirsten thier own immune systems snapped. It was a pitty to witness their accounts of blood disorders and being unable to work and running back and forth to ER. Your body doesn’t recognize who the hate is directed to. It realesases the stress hormone – cortisol that distroys your nerves and your blood vessels.. Another word, haters, you CAN NOT DRINK POISON AND EXPECT KRISTEN TO DROP DEAD FROM IT. It will kill you as it did to shobizspy hags. Peace!

  • R

    KScrew back in town with her doormat’s jacket. The show must go on, otherwise everybody would have already forgot this talentless and crappy duo.

  • Hanna

    @Moi: LOL you just made me laugh so hard!

  • loop

    lol I don’t eat everything a gossip website or super PR friendly site like JJ feeds me, so more than you wacko stan.. most definitely ;)

  • aquarius64

    She STILL has to parade around with the guy’s jacket (or other article of clothing) to assure fans they’re still together? It happens every time there’s increased chatter they are having problems or they’re about to split.

  • Lucky girls

    One thing for sure ,only Kristen and Miley have the the most serious,stable and longest relationships in hollywood right now,good for them.Not to mention the most handsome,kind,hunky and tallest boyfriend in hollywood.I’m glad both of them doesn’t like counting boyfriends like Taylor Swift.

  • just saying

    No offense, BUT this Kristen/Rupert cheating scandal… will NEVER go away!! Yeah, Hollywood is FULL of scandals, BUT still… this Affair with her director is going to follow Kristen, whether you like it or not!!

  • just saying

    Lucky girls…
    Neither you or me (or an Internet outsider), know how serious or stable… Kristen and Miley relationship’s are!! So STOP pretending like you know!! And YEAH! Liam is very Handsome… BUT Robert, on the other hand… Is very UGLY!!

    FYI: Yeah, Taylor is a SL*U*T!!!!!!

  • Beta

    @loop: and you know f**K all about me.i don’t believe anything the media or gossip sites say about celebrities as the majority of it is BS so don’t try and act all high and mighty as if you think you know more than me

    @just saying: i don’t give a crap if it follows her around thats just life, when you screw up you never forget it but you learn to live with it and learn from it.for example people seem to have forgotten that arnold schwarzenegger cheated on his wife several times and fathered a child (or did you forget about that) he never knew about until about a year/two years ago.

  • Beta

    @loop: the truth of the matter is just like everyone else(including me and everyone who has commented) who speculates about that situation,we honestly know nothing about the situation and probably never will

  • lainey

    No matter how many years pass by she will always be remembered as a cheater and a homewrecker and her “boyfriend” as a cuckold and a doormat.

  • just saying

    You are PROVING my point with your post!!
    And just like people, will ALWAYS remember that Arnold is a Cheater… they will ALSO NEVER forget that Kristen is a Cheater!!

  • nickie

    @sam: actually Emma Watson and Jennifer both have said how much they adore her and they all talk and have hung out together. I don’t understand why people push and push for some feud when there is none. Kristen should take a break because lord knows last year was a busy and tough one for her.

  • nickie

    @Gross hair: she actually is invited, if she chooses to go or not that’s a whole other deal but every year she is invited.

  • U Mad

    She’s not invited. Space is very limited. Rob only gets in cos of his agency contacts.

  • K

    Love Kristen, but damn these paps…she can’t even catch a flight without them hounding her. She’s now in LA. NY must have been a work related thing as she had her team with her.

  • Mama

    ^and you know that, how??
    She has many connections in the industry, she comes from a family of film people. She doesn’t need to suck anyone’s dick to make it (like you- stay bitter)…she is worth close to $80 million when the franchise is all said and done. Your words are full of bitterness. In another decade, you will be washed up, married to a cheating asshole, living in a stinker and it will take your whole working life to pay off, your kids will be entitled brats that will suck up everything you got, and your face and body will be saggy because you are too poor to pay for enhancements. bye.

  • Mama

    that comment was to U Mad and crew.

  • p

    LOL….. wow some of you “hyenas” seems to believe the crap you are writing , like you know what is going on with the GG academy .. i have always watch that award show for many years , and from what i have seen in the past many actors show up and they are not presenters or nominees , so all that trash talk from a bunch of outsiders is just that . They hate the woman for no apparent reason , just like a whole bunch of people trash and dislike Keanu Reeves (one of my favorite actor) .. they don’t even know her that’s even worse all because she made this movie Twilight with Pattinson and they happened to be an item . I bet if they were not together no one would give it a second thought . She is a regular indie actress and she was fine with that until Twilight came along , i’m sure she grateful for that but the price she paid for it is ridiculous . Also a lot of actors get invited to these award show and some don’t even bother going , not every actor wants that “look at me ..look at me ” crap ! By the way the hair and clothes jokes are soooo boring and redundant now … Move on !!!

  • OTR

    Kristen is actually invited to the Golden Globes. She announced the recipient of the DeMille award with Simon Baker. Whether she goes or not, is her choice. But I don’t understand why people are so hung up on this, and are so obsessed with hating Kristen. You haters must lead truly pathetic lives if bullying people satisfies you.

    And who cares if Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen aren’t or are friends. What difference does it make? Jennifer made first contact with Kristen a few years ago via email to make sure Kristen didn’t get offended with what Jennifer said, as her words were twisted by a magazine. Then last year, they met at TIFF and hung out at Silver Linings after party, with Emma Watson. They met…they talked…so what? If they are friends…who cares…if they’re not…who cares?! Do you people seriously lack gossip in your lives?

  • Tracy

    @nastka: LOL! It’s okay girl…don’t cry…

  • take your azz off

    Twilight is over, get off this girl’s back old fcking hags! Go to your fave actresse blogs and posts there!

  • Tracy

    Am I the only one that thinks Kristen looks sad here? Kristen looks like she has been crying. Poor thing it is just a matter of time.

  • Butthurt Krisbians

    Bwahahaha Where’s her invitation? 393838373733370 premieres in hooker dresses and still ignored. It does not matter how much money she has because she is pure trash through and through.


    f#ck!ng american people.. SHE IS PERFEC, YOU’RE JEALOUS JENNIFER LAWRENCE FOR EVER GOING TO HAVE HER FAME, winning 20 OSCARS NI NI 20 SCANDALS TAKING WHY? KRISTEN SIMPLE DIFFERENT IS NOT A CELEBRITY IS SILLY BUT TRUE ALL THE ACTRESS hate and say otherwise. SHE loves what he does not mocked as Lawrence. She grew up in movies and you live to hate bulling THAT’S what you do is pathetic, horrible. Look at their own lives and see how miserable are. To criticize a girl of 22 who only made a mistake and sincerely SEX WITH HER SHE CAN DO WHAT SHE WANTS. NO MATTER KRIS, ARGENTINA LOVES YOU!

  • green

    @Desperate Fameho: agree with you

  • green

    It seems like she really likes to gain attention by bringing or using Rob’s clothes. Famewh**e!

  • Beta

    @just saying: actually nobody cares that he cheated yet people are so concerned about the fact that kristen cheated but s**t happens and people just move on

  • JustShutUp

    Would all of you who have nothing better to do with your time just SHUT UP. You all claim you don’t like her, your calling her this and that, and yet you CLEARLY know that this article is related to her. You all obviously have nothing better to do with yourselves. There have been so many actresses who have cheated and yet you continue to choose to staton her case for what reason? Most of you call her a bad actress, but what are you doing? You don’t even know what it takes to act. You have NO clue, and if you do, you didn’t get anywhere. Before you call someone bad at something, you try be more successful than them first. Go catch your life, because its running far away.

  • JustShutUp

    Notice how all the non hate comments have a -1 and all the hate comments have a +1? You people just don’t get it…