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Miranda Kerr & Lana Del Rey: 'W' Magazine's Pre-Golden Globes Party!

Miranda Kerr & Lana Del Rey: 'W' Magazine's Pre-Golden Globes Party!

Miranda Kerr dons a flashy dress while attending W Magazine and Dom Perignon’s Pre-Golden Globes Party held at Chateau Marmont on Friday (January 11) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old supermodel was joined at the party by Lana Del Rey.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The day before, Miranda donned a form fitting dress for a photo shoot in Beverly Hills.

Miranda recently chatted with People about possibly having another baby with her husband Orlando Bloom.

“We are really enjoying our time with Flynn at the moment. He’s such a ball of love and he’s so wonderful,” Miranda shared. “And we are both so busy that I think it’s nice to have that time together and not rush any other babies for now.”

FYI: Miranda is wearing a Dolce&Gabbana dress, a Roger Vivier bag and shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz rings. Lana is wearing an Izmaylova blazer and skirt, Pedro Garcia shoes, and a Daniel Swarovski clutch.

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Credit: Stefanie Keenan; Photos: Getty
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  • RupertSanders

    bad look for Miranda

  • Dee

    Where’s Orlando? Never at her side… LOL

  • Mia

    Miranda and Lana are both looks beautiful!

  • rikki

    lana del rey is pretty from some angles. but jeez, GIRL CANNOT SING. she is right up there with nicki minaj — famous for making weird noises, and it’s really just fame based on an image, not talent. what’s most annoying is that they pretend to be so artistic and deep.

  • well

    Britney Spears can’t sing either and she always “defeated” Christina Aguilera (who can sing) in the charts. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t like pop music very much, it’s all about image nowadays.

  • Anna

    Miranda looks beautiful. @dee Orlando I am sure will be back from Aspen on the weekend and you will see pics of Miranda and Orlando attending the golden globes parties. Nothing wrong in their marriage. They are still happily together. I know that makes the Delphi people angry but its great to see them together. They are a beautiful couple. Flynn is the cutest.

  • samsam

    @rikki: @well: both very well said

  • lamme

    Miranda is becoming the new Heidi Klum/Bar Refaeli on who can appear more on red carpets. geez is that all these “models” do now days?

  • lindae

    A true model can get an actual W cover. Not have to appear on their red carpets. Poor Miranda.

  • lyne

    @lamme: Haha so true.
    I don’t know why JJ puts her in the same post as Lana. They’re not on the same level. Lana is a celeb

  • nohunny

    Oh no Miranda up dos are for women with beautiful bone structure. of which you certainly dont have. Put the hair down, hide them chops.

  • Sally

    @Anna: And you know that because?

  • LOL

    Hideous look for her, and why is she there? She’s not a celebrity except in her own mind.

  • @Dee….#2

    Orlando & Miranda are together & happy.

    Every rumour about them spilting up has turned out to be false.

    She’s not wearing her wedding ring….She doesn’t wear it on photo shoots

    He’s not wearing his wedding ring…..He has always worn it on a chain around his neck.

    She’s flirting with Leo……She was with a group of people celebrating his
    birthday. The 3 of them have been friends for years. O & M deny story as does Leo’s PR.

    O & M been apart for months……..M & Flynn spent 6 weeks with O in NZ
    while he was filming the Hobbit. Then 2
    months in SA only returning for her
    modeling committments. Together in
    England before Xmas with Orlando’s
    Mum. In LA for Xmas & New year.

    Miranda posts photo without her wedding ring……photo from before they
    were married.

    Orlando snowboarding in Aspen………Miranda has modeling
    Committments as Ambassador for
    Qantas for their G-Day function.
    Also shooting ad for Qantas.
    O snowboarding with his mates for
    few days.

    Miranda says not having another for a while…….She says both enjoying
    time with Flynn, very busy
    with careers & time later
    For more children.

    Every week the gossip magazines have them spilting up. Flynn only turned 2 a week ago, they have plenty of time to have more children if they want to, it’s their business.

    Orlando just filmed back to back movies with M & F spending a lot of time with him dispite what the trashy mags say, him snowboarding for a few days is just that, snowboarding.

    When he’s back with his family all those people saying they have spilt will look foolish. You only have to see the way he looks & talks about Miranda
    to know their very much in love & his always been a very caring & attentive Dad to Flynn.

  • q

    @Sally: I know, right? it’s incredibly creepy that they know where he is.

    #14: calm down, you just look insane.

  • gorgeous

    I saw her on American talk shows this year and wow she is so stunning and really got sexier with time. I used to think she was just this little cutie but she finally has some sex appeal. She is much prettier than the old angels Ale and Adriana. they are old news now. Its all about Miranda. she should be the head angel.

  • @14

    Not wearing necklace with his wedding ring in recent pics so spin that as I know you will.

  • @17

    Would you really wear any kind of necklace whenyou know that all you will be doing is hitting the slopes with your mates?
    No spin needed. Common sense rules.
    Spinning situations to suit your agenda is a hater specialty.
    Fans rely on common sense and facts.

  • @9

    She’s been featured in the magazine. That’s probably why she was invited.
    But so now only W covers make you a “true model”?
    That sounds like the same hater stupidity from before.
    You’re not a true model until you are on the cover of Vogue.
    She gets a Vogue cover.
    You’re not a true model until you have multiple Vogue covers.
    She gets multiple covers.
    Now you aren’t a true model until you get the cover or W.
    She was invited to an important, fashion industry party. That means that she is definitely a “true mode”l.
    Were any of the other VS girls invited?
    Doutzen maybe? Candice? They should be there, since they are “true models” too. Did I miss them? Ale is in LA, so you would think that she would have gone….if she was invited, that is.

  • @q

    Aaaand we’re back to the haters calling anyone who disagrees with them “insane”.
    It’s like someone in an insane asylum claiming that they are sane, and that it’s the rest of the worls that is nuts.
    Kind of sad, when you think about it.

  • YES!

    Miranda looks flawless. So gorgeous!!!
    I wonder if the snowboard trip with his mates was one of his birthday presents?
    And they celebrated Flynn’s birthday a day early. So what? My nephew’s 4th bithday is on Thursday, next week. But they aren’t celebrating until the weekend. Should I call Child Protective Services on them because they aren’t good parents because they didn’t have his party on Thursday?
    No. That would be stupid. Just as stupid as you haters claiming that Orlando neglected Flynn for having his party on the 5th and not the 6th.
    Really stupid.

  • ?

    Why are people who know very well who Miranda is saying that she’s not a celebrity? It’s an oxymoron 0-o

  • @q

    Why is it “creepy” that a fan knows where he is, when you haters also know?
    THAT kind of ‘reasoning’ is what sounds insane.

  • @22

    Because they aren’t just FULL of oxymorons, they are “true” morons.
    They would be on the cover of Moron magazine.
    *nyuk, nyuk, nyuk*

  • q

    @@q: i have no idea where he is so your comment makes no sense.

    @@q: You really think that looks normal? why do you have to defend someone so vehemently? relax yourself. it’s a gossip site.

  • @21

    Geez no one is saying he neglected him but since they spent weeks apart you would think they might have wanted to spend a family day together on his actual birthday.

  • sara

    Miranda is so beautiful!
    I know that they are busy, and they may only want one baby, but looking at gorgeous Flynn, they really need to tap into that gene pool again!

  • @q

    You are now going to try to convince us that you didn’y know where Orlando was before that post. LOL! OK, whatever.
    And you think that simple statement was “vehement”?
    LOL! OK, whatever….again.

  • q

    @@q: how would I know where orlando bloom is???

  • @18

    I fail to see the logic as to why you need to remove your wedding ring in order to snowboard with your “mates,” when you’ve been wearing it in the past to workout, to the beach, etc., but I’m sure you’ll say that I’m just an idiot hater.

  • @26

    On other threads they saying that if he cared about his son, more than he does about himself, he would have been there for his birthday. That celebrating a day early was just unconscionable.
    And they did spend a family day together for his birthday. On Saturday.

  • @30

    You don’t think that banging around on a snow covered mountain, participating in a sport where smart people wear helmets, is a bit different than a normal workout session, or relaxing on a beach?

  • @31

    Actually Flynn spent saturday with 15 of his “little” mates and some baby bunnies and chicks, haven’t you heard? Not quite the same thing.

  • @33

    But they weren’t there all day, were they. They had an entire week, and all Saturday morning for family birthday time.
    If they celebrated on his actual day, they would have had ven less time to celebrate as a family. They had the time on saturday, AND the morning/early afternoon on Sunday before Orlando went to the airport.

  • @32

    Um, no I don’t. And what does wearing a helmet have to do with a need to remove your ring? He wore it while riding his bikes and wearing a helmet. And I didn’t see any helmet on when he was getting on that plane, but then maybe he shouldn’t wear his ring on planes either, right?

  • @34

    I really don’t know how long the party lasted but didn’t Orlando spend Sunday morning snowboard shopping?

  • @35

    Yeah, he should definitely worn it on the plane taking him to his high speed (needs a helmet) vacation where he will have to take it off immediately when he gets there, only to leave it in his hotel room.
    And we all know how safe jewelry is in a hotel room.

  • @36

    He went shopping a few days before. The tabloid was wrong. Gee, what a surpise, right?

  • @37

    Spin it baby! Listen up everybody be sure to remove all jewelry before going skiing or snowboarding, getting on planes, and especially before going to hotels.

  • ?

    Instead of reading too much into everything, why not just wait? If they are splitting, we will know, and if they aren’t we will know too.

  • @38

    Ok if you say he could only shop on one day cause you know his schedule better than I do.

  • @41

    If they knew he went shopping that morning, where are the pics?
    We have lots of pics from his shopping trip before, where are they from Sunday?
    And I don’t know about LA, but the shops here don’t open until noon on Sunday, anyway.

  • @39

    Don’t you love how haters spin out of control when confronted with common sense?

  • Cindy

    It’s not common sense to be so desperate to defend your perceptions that you’ll say anything. I have really believed they are a couple and most of the stuff written is just trash but this time seems different with regard to their actions and i wonder if they are close to splitting up. It happens to many couples so why think it impossible for them. As somebody else said time will tell.

  • She

    I need to know if Miranda’s fans are still denying her calling the paps and seeking attention in other ways.
    She used to be low key and adorable. Why did she change?

  • @She

    Well, she never does anything scandalous or says anything controversial or offends anyone (unless that anyone’s favourite hobby is taking offense, there are people like that), so nope, I don’t get this “attention seeker” thing. There are sooo many celebrities making deliberately juicy political comments, picking on other celebrities, trivializing serious issues or even going around without underwear or getting drunk in front of the paps. Those DO try to get attention.
    Some people say that she seeks attention because she smiles…well, I don’t understand that.
    As for the paps, they find her….in LA where they are everywhere or in NYC where they know where she lives and there are videos of paps chasing her. Many paps. So no, I don’t think so either.

  • Me!

    I don’t know how anyone can think that kissing (if you can call that a kiss) in front of the paps last week wasn’t a setup. And that display of getting out of the car and opening the door for her, lol, that is just so not OB’s usual style. Look at all the previous pics where he’s rushing in front of her to escape them and now suddenly this little show of gallantry, not buying that as anything but staged because of all the gossip. Of course rushing out of town afterwards didn’t help sell it either.

  • D&G

    @@She: To be perfectly honest. Miranda seeks attention like A LOT. Anyone who leaks naked pictures of herself and literally poses for the paps and does a naked photoshoot with Terry Richardson and start all kinds of rumors like (flirting with other men and divorce rumors) is 100% attention seeker.
    As for the paps, it couldn’t be any more obvious that she calls them. There are world famous celebrities who sometimes go for months without being papped. And Miranda who isn’t a complete celeb (more like an F-lister is one of the most papped), it does not make sense. And I’m not saying dressing up to look good is a bad thing, but whenever Miranda is photographed, she is always put together. Most celebs, even style icons dress like average people in there candid 70% of the time, Really, it doesn’t make sense. And that video of the paps ‘chasing her’ it’s going to turn people off even more if you post it. That video was that made me accept she calls the paps.. it’s SO OBVIOUS.
    Sensibly, she really seeks attention

  • @D&G

    Leak naked pictures of herself? I don’t know what you mean. If you tell me I could give my opinion.
    You may or may not like Terry Richardson, but that was work.
    As for her starting those rumours, that’s ridiculous. Those rumours are obviously fabricated to hurt her and her family, why would she start them?
    I’d say Miranda always is very well dressed. I don’t think she dresses better or worse for the paps, she just likes looking her best. I know people who aren’t models that wear make up even to go to the grocery. I think that speaks of insecurity, not of vanity.
    And most celebrities staying in LA get papped all the time. She wasn’t papped for months when she was in South Africa, and some celebrities are papped in really remote locations.

  • ha

    Isn’t it funny that haters post so often about how they are splitting up, he feels trapped, she’s only using his, she doesn’t really love him, he can’t stand her, he never loved her, he’s only there for the baby, etc.
    But yet when a fans post saying something along the lines of ‘they seem to be in love’, or “they seem like a great couple’, the haters jump all over them.
    The haters spout off with such things as ‘how would you know, do you know them?’, ‘are you their pr person, or something?’, and my favorites ‘these fans must be blind not to see that they are breaking up!’, and ‘the tabloids said that they are breaking up, and tabloids never spread lies to get people to read them! they only post the truth UNLESS they say that O&M are happy, because that’s just pr’.
    Gotta love their double standard stupidity. LOL