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Miranda Kerr & Lana Del Rey: 'W' Magazine's Pre-Golden Globes Party!

Miranda Kerr & Lana Del Rey: 'W' Magazine's Pre-Golden Globes Party!

Miranda Kerr dons a flashy dress while attending W Magazine and Dom Perignon’s Pre-Golden Globes Party held at Chateau Marmont on Friday (January 11) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old supermodel was joined at the party by Lana Del Rey.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The day before, Miranda donned a form fitting dress for a photo shoot in Beverly Hills.

Miranda recently chatted with People about possibly having another baby with her husband Orlando Bloom.

“We are really enjoying our time with Flynn at the moment. He’s such a ball of love and he’s so wonderful,” Miranda shared. “And we are both so busy that I think it’s nice to have that time together and not rush any other babies for now.”

FYI: Miranda is wearing a Dolce&Gabbana dress, a Roger Vivier bag and shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz rings. Lana is wearing an Izmaylova blazer and skirt, Pedro Garcia shoes, and a Daniel Swarovski clutch.

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Credit: Stefanie Keenan; Photos: Getty
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  • @48

    I agree she loves any kind of attention that keeps her name and face out there. She innocently? posts a 2+ year old pic with no wedding ring (what is it with these two and their rings) at the same time when all these split up rumors are going on? What a coincidence! She had to know that would just cause more speculation and talk about her.

  • @51

    Have you considered that maybe none of them are as focused on their wedding rings as you are?
    My dad didn’t wear his for a month as he had to fix it. He also takes it off every time he does some work or sport that may get his fingers swollen.
    I don’t know if they’re splitting up or not, but I don’t think their hands (or necklace) are the key to solve the mystery.

  • @50

    I don’t have any problem with either so-called haters or shippers if they have sensible reasoned arguments. The real truth is probably somewhere between their two opinions anyway. But sometimes when posters just attack or defend OB/ MK or each other with ridiculous- to me anyway- statements, then they just lose their credibility for anything else they say.

  • Ellie

    Miranda is beautiful in these pics. I think Flynn is one of the cutest kids. I like Miranda and Orlando as a couple.

  • @52

    The rings, or lack thereof, is only one factor. They sure seem to spend a lot of time apart these days – he needs a separate vacation when they’ve just spent 6-8 weeks apart? She didn’t seem to mind snowboarding with him in Aspen a few years ago and taking her family with her, but this time she couldn’t make it? Maybe the timing was conveniently arranged so that she could go to all these parties/events without him and not need an explanation since he was out of town. I won’t even get into all the cryptic little comments she makes about relationships and now she suddenly makes very clear, no 2nd baby as they ‘re much too busy, when she’s said different things previously. Individually maybe all this wouldn’t mean much, but now all together along with all the rumors, well, we will see.

  • Mary

    There’s a YouTube video of her signing autographs before this event where it sounds like she says Orlando will be back for parties on Sunday. Not sure if she means GG or his birthday. There will probably be some photos of them together though. Whether damage control or genuine moments I’m sure there will be more than one opinion.

  • @55

    A very deep analysis, I’ll admit.
    I don’t know, I think that most celebrity couples spend a lot of time apart.
    As for talking about no second baby, I hardly think that means anything regarding a relationship. And I think that people are reading too much into her comments. Those rumours of her cheating are ridiculous, if at least the guys that she’s supposedly cheating with were a little bit more believable…
    I just think that if their relationship is broken, they will split. There’s no point in making it longer than necessary. So I think we will know soon.

  • @53

    Comment #55 is a good example of a ‘hater’ post.
    She knows good and well that they were separated because he was still filming, and she was in NY for VS and other photo shoots. And this was after spending 6-8 weeks together when she took a break from work to be with Orlando while he was filming.
    Reports say that they met up in England in early December, and had Christmas celebration with Orlando’s family before heading back to LA.
    They then spent the entire rest of December together, before Orlando headed off on his trip.
    Miranda obviously had work commitments, and based upon numerous twitter posts, it was inded a ‘boy’s trip’.
    So the ‘hater’s’ statement of “just spent 6-8 weeks apart is not true.
    They have just posted on a thread about Miranda at an indutry event, and most likely just posted on both threads showing her at work for Quantas, yet they infer that something is wrong because “this time she couldn’t make it?”. And then goes on about the timing, when she doesn’t know anything about their upcoming schedules, and ignores that the timing goes right along with Orlando’s birthday, and again infers that it proves that something is wrong.
    Cryptic comments? To their less than objective minds, maybe? I have no idea.
    And then they use the fact that busy parents don’t want another child yet, when their first one is still in diapers. That means that they are smart. And it’s the same thing that she has been saying since Flynn was born. Where they got the idea that she has changed her stance is beyond me.
    And they end it with the idea that if you take all of this into account, that indicates that something is going on. Well, only if you take it the way that they are handing it out. They make statements like this all of the time. They twist things beyond reason, then insult anyone who disagrees with them, by calling them “blind shippers”.
    Now who would you consider credible?

  • @53

    But slinging insults is so much more fun don’t you know?

  • @58

    If it makes you feel better to think I’m a “hater,” then that’s fine with me. I’m fully aware they were both working when they were apart for those weeks (and they were apart from before Halloween until sometime after December 7th or 8th based on all the JJ threads, so you do the math). She made a point of saying how they would all be together through the holidays and both birthdays. Now he needs a boy’s only vacation in the middle of it? I would think the priority would be on all being together as a family as much as possible, but let me respond for you – only “idiot haters” would think that.

  • @60

    They said that they would be together for the holidays, and they were.
    Were did you see the “both birthdays” comment?

  • @61

    An interview she did around the time of the Mango event she talked about how their birthdays were both in January right after the holidays so they could look forward to lots of time together.

  • @62

    They can still be together for both birthdays. They celebrated Flynn’s on the second, and they were together the morning of the 6th. And like Miranda said in the video, Orlando will be back in town in time for his birthday.
    That says nothing about being together through the holidays, AND both birthdays.

  • @62

    63 here…
    Second, should say fifth…January fifth..
    Don’t know where the ‘second’ came from.

  • Eleanor

    @61and @63 I am sure there will be pics of orlando and Miranda together once he comes back from his trip. You can see when Miranda talks about him, how much she loves him. All those rumours were complete BS. They proved the rumours were false when he picked her up from the spa and they kissed each other. You can see when he looks at her that he loves her. Nothing wrong with them waiting to have another baby. It makes sense that they want to give Flynn all of their attention. He is the cutest kid. They are a beautiful couple.

  • So…

    It’s really no one’s business when or if they have more kids but wasn’t there rather an infamous interview that Miranda had some years ago, maybe right about the time they got together, where she said in ten years she hoped to be married, with three kids, and working in her vegetable garden among other things.

    But that was before they became busy celebs so maybe she’s changed her mind since then. To be fair though she’s still got five years left to make it happen. Maybe they’ll have twins next time.

  • Eleanor

    @So Miranda did say in an interview that she wanted to be married, have three kids, and working in her vegetable garden. That would be wonderful if they have twins the next time. Orlando comes across as a very loving, caring, and protective father. Miranda comes across as a loving mother and you can see they both are really great parents to Flynn.

  • Lila

    The “haters” will you any excuse to make out that their spilting up.

    All the rumours so far have turned out to be false.

    The latest are Orlando skiing in Aspen & Miranda saying their enjoying their time with Flynn, their very busy with their work schedules & want to wait FOR NOW.

    Neither of these scream “it’s over, their breaking up”

    Orlando skiing with his mates for a few days is hardly unusual especially if he’s doing helio skiing, sounds very much like a boys sports weekend.

    Miranda has also been working, The G-Day USA & filming ad’s for Qantas.

    I thought her saying they wanted to spend more time with Flynn as their enjoying it so much before having another child not only very sensible but also lovely. It shows their giving as much attention to Flynn as possible. Rather than thinking ooh they must be breaking up. Only people wanting them to spilt up would think otherwise.

    I think their perfectly fine, Orlando will return then the “haters” will find another excuse to make up more BS rumours about them.

  • SamanthaCarolina

    LANA!!!! I want more post on her, thank you.

  • @66

    Maybe not changed her mind as much as reality set in.
    She might not have seen herself still being so busy after all that time. She may have figured that she would be retired by now.
    They may have more childres, they may have only one. Neither decision shows whether or not their marriage is stable or in trouble.

  • —–

    I think that Orlando will not return for his birthday. He will return few days later!

  • D&G

    @@D&G: Miranda never went for months without being photographed, it’s never happened in 2012. She was photographed in South Africa.
    Also, celebrities and other very successful models work with Terry like all the time, but it’s a rarity to see them go completely nude. Beyonce’s GQ cover is an example, it was sgot by Terry, but it wasn’t nudity.
    Terry is known to prey on models that are successful but are not industry faves or they’re struggling.
    Miranda is a very successful model, Terry would never tell her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. My dear, Miranda’s every move these days is attention seeking.

  • @D&G

    So I guess your problem is related to nudity, not to Terry Richardson. Well, Beyonce is not a model but a singer.
    Of course I think that Miranda agreed to do those nude shots for Terry. ALL the big, more successful than Miranda models have posed nude, and most have also posed for the Pirelli calendar (Gisele, Kate Moss, Adriana Lima). Are those also seeking for attention or does it only apply to Miranda?
    As for South Africa, yeah, I’ve seen she was papped a couple of times, but she wasn’t papped as often as she is now. Did she suddenly decide to not call the paps over there, and had this urge to call them all the time as soon as she arrived in the USA?

  • D&G

    Are you saying Beyonce is the exception because she’s a singer? Don’t singers do nude shoots?
    Also, Gisele wasn’t dong vulgar nude shoots when she was at Miranda’s age. And I don’t follow Adriana, but I’m pretty sure if she did nude shoots, it was when she was much younger. I saw Kate’s Pirelli photos, but come on, that’s the Pirelli Calendar. It’s known for nudity. And Kate’s were tastefully done.
    When Terry did the Calendar, all the models that were featured in it were not big names, I don’t even know most of them. So he had the advantage to have them do whatever he wanted.

    Like I said, she was photographed in South Africa. It doesn’t matter how often. She doesn’t go for months with out being papped and that’s not normal for someone that isn’t very famous

  • @D&G

    Yes, Beyonce is a singer. Singers live from singing, models live from posing, both naked and dressed. Singers don’t have to do nude shots unless they want to. I doubt that models who complain about showing flesh have much of a future in their job.
    I did a little research (3 whole minutes) to form an informed opinion. Kate posed completely nude for Pirelli last year, and if you want to convince me that her pictures were tastefull and Miranda’s weren’t, you’ll have to explain what you mean because I think they’re similar. Gisele also posed for Pirelli more than once, and the last time at the same age as Miranda when she did.
    “I saw Kate’s Pirelli photos, but come on, that’s the Pirelli Calendar. It’s known for nudity.”
    So if Kate poses nude for Pirelli it’s “come on, it’s Pirelli” but if Miranda does it’s the end of the world?
    I must say that I don’t have any kind of trouble with nudity, but since you do, I’d like to know why anything goes for ones and doesn’t for others.

    It does matter how often she got papped over there. You say that she calls them, so it doesn’t make sense that she would change the pattern. I say that there are more paps in LA and NYC than in South Africa, so that’s why she was found there less often.

  • D&G

    Models don’t have to do nude shoots. Coco Rocha is famous for refusing to do nude shoots, and she’s a successful model. She’s even a very famous here in Canada and also has a TV show coming up. A model’s main job is to sell products. Nudity is a secondary thing.
    Terry’s nude photos are just raw and nasty. Kate’s were tastefully done imo. And the photographer wasn’t Terry. And she wasn’t making over the top poses. And it definitely wasn’t tacky. I don’t have a problem with nudity, but I do despise the ones that are provocatively tacky like the ones Miranda seems to be drawn to.
    Also, Gisele didn’t pose nude in in her last Pirelli shoot and the photographer wasn’t Terry.
    It makes sense she changed the pattern of her pap calling. people would be more suspicious because she isn’t a famous name is south africa and also, even worldwide celebs don’t get photographed all the time in SA (i’m not saying they don’t, but few and far between).
    Anyway, you sound like one of those fans who would defend anything their favorites do so this conversation was already a dead horse from the beginning.

  • @D&G

    Well, in the first place I don’t think I have to defend anything, Miranda hasn’t done anything that must be defended, at least publicly.
    First the problem was Terry Richardson. Then all models pose for Terry Richardson but the problem is nudity. Then all models (except for one apparently) pose nude, but then the problem was the age that models chose to pose nude at. Then the age didn’t matter, the problem was YOUR perception of what’s tacky and provocative. Miranda wasn’t doing any over the top poses at all. Kate’s pictures are tasteful I agree, but Gisele’s Pirelli pictures are way more provocative than hers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that as long as there aren’t spread legs and things alike, but you’re simply trying to see a sin in one and no sin on others.
    I’m sorry but it’s obvious you’re grasping at straws to defend an obvious double standard.

    People would be more suspicious? Aren’t you always saying that she makes everything so obvious? So suddenly she isn’t? Totally grasping at straws

  • ?

    I know that Miranda has worked with Terry numerous times, but if I remember correctly, there was only nudity in two sessions, and only one that showed anything. Pirelli showed her breasts, but nothing more. Kate and other models have done full frontals. And in the second, the one with the boots, she was only shown in profile, or with her arms covering her breasts. The photos were tame enough to be shown on American television without any editing whatsoever. And we know how prudish our censors are.
    She has done other nudes with other photographers, and those have been true art. Simply gorgeous.
    You hit the nail on the head. The hater double standards and hypocrisy is how they survive.
    If Miranda had never worked with Terry, they would be claiming that she isn’t a ‘real model’ because all ‘real models’ pose for Terry, because he is cutting edge and brilliant!
    They are ridiculous.