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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban - G'Day USA Gala 2013

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban - G'Day USA Gala 2013

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban walk the red carpet at the 2013 G’Day USA Black Tie Gala held at the JW Marriott Los Angeles at L.A. Live on Saturday (January 12) in Los Angeles.

The 45-year-old actress wore an Elie Saab dress, Bottega Veneta shoes and clutch, and Fred Leighton earrings.

Earlier that day, Nicole and Keith served as hosts at the Gold Meets Golden event.

Nicole will be attending the 2013 Golden Globes tomorrow night, where she is a double nominee for her work in The Paperboy and Hemingway & Gellhorn.

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Credit: John Sciulli; Photos: Getty
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58 Responses to “Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban - G'Day USA Gala 2013”

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  1. 1
    blah Says:

    She looks so WOODEN and CHEAP!

  2. 2
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    Love my sweet man, Keith…He’s so beautiful!!! :)

  3. 3
    Lia Says:

    What a gorgeous and happy couple. Too bad for you 27.

  4. 4
    wren Says:

    Pretty dress, but man….the chemistry between them proves lots of WORK.

  5. 5
    Lids Says:

    Her poor face! What has she done to make it so frozen? It looks painful.

  6. 6
    1urbanfan27 Says:


    Hasn’t been bad so far… :)

  7. 7
    Lucy Says:

    She used to be so beautiful… Now, after many plastic surgery she looks really weird.

  8. 8
    Lia Says:

    Sitting at home pining for another woman’s husband, sounds bad to me. 27

  9. 9
    1urbanfan27 Says:

    That’s because you only know what YOU know… :) What’s it to you anyway…None of your concern… And my sweet man still looks beautiful… :)

  10. 10
    Cornfield Delusions Says:

    It’s obvious the hateful and disrespectful comments are from the same old same old that refuse to get a life. How clueless do you have to be to not see the ridiculous path you’ve been on for 8 years now.

    They look gorgeous and I absolutely adore Nicole’s dress because it’s in a color and style she.doesn’t wear often. It’s so great to see them come back to G’Day when tbey can.

    Good luck to both of them at the Golden Globes. They will definitely be the couple of the night!

  11. 11
    fashionista Says:

    Great Elie Saab dress but the hair and makeup are not right for it.

  12. 12
    an opinion Says:

    Her face is too tight.

  13. 13
    Louise Says:

    Gee, Jared, I bet Keith will be at the Golden Globes since he too is a nominee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keith is the person who has made Nicole feel happy and fulfilled. Give the man some respect and credit.

  14. 14
    Moh123 Says:

    WOW! so classy

  15. 15
    Joan nz Says:

    They do both look gorgeous and very happy together. Good luck to both for the Golden Globes .

    You to could look this good if only you came from good stock!!!!!!

  16. 16
    Too Muuch Botox Says:

    Mutton dress as lamb.
    Nicole looks awful, she is trying too hard.
    She could pass for a Botox sixty year old in this dress.

  17. 17
    Joni Says:

    Every one knows now this is just one insane person bashing Nicole, if it makes you feel better keepnit up, we all get a big laugh over your noted and plastic surgery remarks. Why do you care what she looks like ????? Keith and Nicole are a beautiful couple with two adorable daughters.

  18. 18
    Louise Says:

    Question? Why are women of today intent on wearing extremely high heels? None of them walk gracefully, they can barely make it down steps, and tall women, like Nicole, tower over everyone. When Nicole was on Ellen this week she struggled walking and going down the steps in her shoes. It will be a side show with the award season upon; watch the ladies try to walk gracefully…… will be a joke. These lovely women do not look graceful or lovely struggling to walk.

  19. 19
    Willow Says:

    It’s genetic – lots of red heads and blondes age faster. I personally don’t find her attractive like this, but why shouldn’t she get it – her career is 50% about maintaining appearance…

  20. 20
    Too Muuch Botox Says:

    @Joni: @Joni: Oh you forgot the other two kids she abandoned.
    She is a proven liar, said she did not have plastic surgery, and only tried Botox once.
    She hardly had lips to begin with but all of a sudden they got fuller, compare her forehead to her cheeks, chin area, why is the lower half of her face so jowly?
    She is so phony, all of a sudden dropping Tom’s name in her interviews, so disrespectful to her current husband. As nutty as Tom is, what type of mother she was that the kids chose a whack job over her, probably got more affection from him than their cold supposed Mother.
    Speak for yourself, there is no royal WE.

  21. 21
    Joy Says:

    Keith and Nicole are a truly beautiful couple, filled with love and total respect for each other and the other’s career, too. BOTH of them are lovely people.. and Nicole has the most gorgeous face I’ve ever seen. I’ve talked to her several times, up close and with no makeup on her face, and she’s a natural beauty. People who criticize her and ‘claim’ that she’s had surgery or uses Botox have no clue what they’re saying. That’s called JEALOUSY, pure and simple!

    And “1urbanfan27,” you need to find a life because your bad-mouthing and bashing of Nicole have destroyed whatever semblance of a heart that you were born with. You have so much hate in it that you can never know any kind of real love.

  22. 22
    Too Muuch Botox Says:

    @Cornfield Delusions: Your names proves your point, couple of the night, LOL. The starlets will be thinking, what the hell happened to her face, and she sure like short men.

  23. 23
    Too Muuch Botox Says:

    @Joy: Please get your eyes check, how can you in all honesty say that her forehead is not Botox. This is the real world, with high definition tv, and zoom lens, there is not much to be missed. I even noticed her breast implants.
    By the way I’m not bashing her, just telling the truth. Jealousy over a woman so desperate to stay young, that she is destroying her face, that she needs for her craft, she maybe the second Jocelyn Wildenstein.

  24. 24
    Em Says:

    #21: With all due respect Joy, if you have indeed spoken to Nicole up close and are claiming she is a ‘natural beauty’ with no Botox or surgery, you are long overdue for a thorough eyesight examination.

  25. 25
    duh Says:

    Same lingo, same skeptic speak from this idiot.

    Mutton dressed as lamb, royal we, wildenstein, etc etc.

    You are a joke and a patholigical liar. Look up those interviews where she mentions Cruise. She was asked about the making of Eyes Wide Shut, she was asked about het life. She is not still in love with him and waiting for him to take her back once she dumps Keith. That’s for your delusional little blogs and boards. Her oldest daughter is legally an adult and her son is almost one himself.

    Just know the more you post the more you show yourself to be a one brain celled hater without a shred of dignity.

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