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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban - Golden Globes 2013 Red Carpet

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban - Golden Globes 2013 Red Carpet

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban hit the red carpet at the 2013 Golden Globes held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 13) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 44-year-old actress is wearing an Alexander McQueen dress, Manolo Blahnik shoes, Fred Leighton jewels, and a Roger Vivier clutch.

Nicole is a double nominee at the show tonight! She is up for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for her work in The Paperboy.

Nicole is also nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television for her work in Hemingway & Gellhorn.

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • http://Comcast Joni

    Frozoid, give it up. KEITH AND NICOLE. PERFECTION !!!!!

  • Joni & that River in Egypt…

    @Joni… DENIAL… I don’t normally get involved in these petty discussions, however, I couldn’t believe your naivety and immaturity towards other people’s comments.

    You might think they look fantastico, and you are entitled to your opinion. But, how dare you imply that WE should all feel as YOU do?! That is a clear sign of immature arrogance on your part!!

    I was under the distinct impression we ALL have a right to choose what we like and dislike without retribution from the ‘opposite side’ so-to-speak!! I will not apologize nor justify to you, why I don’t like this particular dress or this couple in general. It’s definitely not personal, as you seem intent on make it out to be.

    And as for…
    “we all have eyes and know she is one of the most beautiful people in the world,” are you seriously out of your mind?! With BILLIONS of people on this planet, are you seriously stating they are the most beautiful?? And why? Because you saw them in a magazine, on the big screen, at a concert, a charity event, on a giant billboard, in an interview with a soft lens??

    Come on! You’ve never met them, never seen them when they wake up, watched them while the Nanny walks the kids, or anything outside of Hollyweird, and you make such a bold and ill-informed statement like that?!

    Curiously, on what grounds exactly, do you define beauty??
    Are you really trying to say because YOU like her in that dress, and, as you state, we all have eyes, that this is the sum total of your basis for them being ‘PERFECTION”??

    I think you should try getting some better role models, have a lie down on a lovely leather couch, preferably while it’s still in a shrinks office and receive not only therapy, but possibly some medication!!

    My wife is growing old gracefully and I love her & am proud of her for that. Is she in denial that she’s looking older? HELL NO… she’ll be the first to tell you so and THAT is what makes her sexy and beautiful, inside and out!! And trust me, she shops for her own clothes, dresses herself, applies her own make-up, figures out what jewelry to wear, has the housework finished, kids fed, bathed and story read, all before she comes down the stairs looking a million bucks for our date night!! Perfection? She’ll say no, I say yes, however, none of us are perfect, but she gives it a bloody good shot and without any minions to do it for her. These people don’t dress themselves, do their hair, make-up, shoes, accessories, etc. etc. etc. They wouldn’t know how, hence Stylists are the next big thing, second only to Nanny’s!!

    My beautiful wife has raised 6 children, dealt with Cancer, loves volunteering (that’s where people give their time for free AND enjoy it), for the underprivileged AND works full-time and definitely doesn’t bring home $20 million!! Now I’ll take her on her worst day ever, over your limited and basic definition of perfection!!

    So please, don’t tell ME what my 20-20 vision eyes do or don’t see. As for couples in the entertainment industry, I think they’d prefer their personal business stays exactly that. It’s creepy people like YOU that drives them insane and they’ll be the first to tell you, you know nothing about them so stop speaking for them!! That’s what they have publicists and spin doctors for!!

    Maybe you should sort yourself out before you go attacking other peoples right to their OWN opinons. That’s what ‘they’d’ want!

    You really should get out more Joni. Why not concentrate on being the best you can be, or try volunteering and finding the TRUE HEROES the world forgets about!! If you continue to pursue perfection in people, especially entertainers, I’m afraid you’re in for a lot of disappointment and before you know it, time has passed you by.

    Enjoy the movies your favorites make for their fans. That’s all they ask of you, and even then, they’re never under the illusion you’ll love everything they do because they don’t always like the outcome themselves.

    This is called reality, because that’s what life is!! I hope you take what I’ve written in the constructive manner with which it was intended.

    Nice talking to you and have a wonderful day Joni.

  • PS: ‘Act of Valor’ Song!

    P.S. I must admit I very much enjoyed his song from the movie ‘Act of Valor.’ Extremely powerful and dramatic movie and the song at the end complemented the story to perfection. Can’t fault him on that one, it was poetically endearing and they couldn’t have chosen a better song to roll with the credits!! Very moving.

    Unlike some people here, I don’t expect everyone to agree, that’s the purpose of boards like this, open for everyone’s opinions.

    Thank you. (`_`)


    @Joni & that River in Egypt…:

    HEAR HEAR!!!

    I too am beyond tolerating the commenter-bashers. It is like being in a war-zone.

  • :)

    Nicely said Sebastian :)

  • Lia

    Sebastian, you long-winded blowhard. Who do you think you are kidding? lol

  • http://Comcast Joni

    @ Frozoid. Really got to you, for you to write your long winded comments. didn’t bother reading the babbling after first line. Back tonwhat I was saying KeithbUrban has a beautiful family which he adores.

  • http://Comcast Terry

    OK Frozoid someone really got to you. no one reads your babbling, you are such a hater. KEITH and NICOLE beautiful couple with two beautiful daughters, they have it all.

  • ME: Long-Winded Blowhard too!!

    Why should Sebastian get all the accolades for trying to get trolls to understand the meaning of a) freedom of speech, and b) the right to have your own opinion, meaning you don’t always have to be a cow and follow the herd leader!!

    So Sebastian, I’m gonna try type more characters than you, steal your thunder mate and see if I can’t get all these girls into the milkin’ sheds!!
    Keep up the good work, you Freedom Frier, you!! ;)

    @Joni… Your use of correct grammar and punctuation is astonishing. Keith and Nicole would be proud to have a fan that circulates nothing more than air!!


    Are you really so self-absorbed and small-minded??
    Your comment is!!
    You think they are just the ducks guts and I don’t. That’s your opinion and mine is the opposite! If they’re not the same, it doesn’t make me “a hater,” it makes me human!

    I see you use caps on their names, is that to remind you who you’re talking about and/or to emphasize just how well you THINK you know them??

    In all seriousness *note: sarcasm* “beautiful couple, 2 kids (public knowledge but you’re using your reading AND counting skills!!), and have it all.”

    … So you’re related then or their hired help?? I mean, you must be, yes?? How else could you know so much about them and everything they have?

    Define ‘ALL’ Terry.
    I only ask, as I haven’t yet seen or heard of them taking THEIR Concord to L.A., obviously to avoid traffic; or feeding the wild Tigers they MUST have, because as you state, they have it ALL!

    Serious question now Terry… Why do you suppose they choose NOT to share their cure for Cancer or feed the poor, they have it “ALL”?? I only ask such a question Terry, because YOU say they have “it all,” so they’d have enough for everyone, yes?
    Well, at least I’ll rest easier knowing that if any of the four of them lose a leg, need a Kidney, or suffer from some horrendous disease, it won’t be quite as bad if it was one of us, will it? It couldn’t be. They’ll have spares of EVERYTHING lying around for the rest of their lives. Phew!! The weight of the ‘Kurbans’ just lifted straight off. Ooh… OMG… That explains why people can’t find a lot of things. I mean, we all know you get one free Alien whenever you become a member of Scientology, BUT, nobody thought to ask if Keith and Nicole had Big Foot & Lock Ness too!! Well, I’ll be, it makes sense now that you, Terry, have enlightened us by imparting a fraction of your wisdom onto us!! You’re right… they really DO have it ALL, don’t they?

    Well, Goddamn, Chickety China, Chinese Chicken, Eat a Drumbstick and ya Brain starts CLICKIN’!!

    However, one minor conundrum… IF you have it “ALL” (which by definition, would include money), do they still continue to ask for outrageous amounts, when working? It’s a fair question and my opinion is, simple greed!! Even when you have it “ALL” you still want more! (It’s okay Terry, calm down, we can agree to disagree. Don’t work yourself up mate!)

    If it all seems a bit too confusing for you, this may help. They DON’T have ME, so, really, they DON’T have it ALL, do they? Do you see how preposterous your statement seems now, Terry?! It’s okay though, because I understand how defensive you feel Terry, when some-one like me, has my own opinion regarding your role models. It’s confronting to sit back and realize that, at the end of the day, all ‘they’ are really just entertainers playing make believe. I think you probably get more wound up over it than your beloved Keith and Nicole do, but, that said, I could be wrong… you’re the one that ‘knows’ them, right?!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Terry, and if you think they’re beautiful, good for you!! I don’t!! It doesn’t mean I hate them!! I do have a prefer one over the other though Terry. I admire Keith. In a dog-eat-dog industry, he’s made a name for himself by bending over backwards to pursue his dream. Nicole however, just had to bend over and yell her husband’s name… Tom! You know, I’m happy for them, bless their little cotton socks. I know they have them because you said it yourself… they have it ALL!!!!

    Pleasure talking to you Terry. Feel free to converse anytime, and given we’ve bonded now, if you happen to hear in juicy gossip while you’re dusting the Kidman-Urban home/s, or happen to see Tom sneak in (gotta watch that Scientology bunch), be a pal and share ALL with us less fortunate souls.

    Petition of the day – Tom Cruise for role of ‘Hobbitt!!’
    Joke of the day – Tom Cruise plays ‘Jack Reacher!!’
    (Sure ‘Reacher’ was really tall. Maybe Tom has it ‘ALL’ too!)


  • http://Comcast Joni

    They don’t come any more gorgeous than this couple, Nic Kidman and Keith Urban. WOW