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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom - InStyle Golden Globes Party 2013

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom - InStyle Golden Globes Party 2013

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom pose for pictures together as they arrive at the Warner Bros and InStyle Golden Globe Awards After Party held at the Oasis Courtyard at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 13) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old supermodel and her 36-year-old hubby attended the award show together earlier in the evening.

“Thanks @64david for my hair. Fun night ahead” Miranda tweeted earlier in the evening – she looked gorgeous!!!

FYI: Miranda is wearing a Zuhair Murad burgundy chiffon gown featuring a plunging neckline and high slit, Salvatore Ferragamo bag and shoes, and H. Stern jewelry. Orlando is wearing head-to-toe Burberry.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom at the Golden Globes after party…

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miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 01
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 02
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 03
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 04
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 05
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 06
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 07
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 08
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 09
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 10
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 11
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 12
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 13
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 14
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 15
miranda kerr orlando bloom golden globes 2013 after party 16

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  • Rayner

    quite a ripper dress she’s got there! All else aside, she does look great and has a very fit body. And Orlando looks cute, as always!

  • WishYwashy

    Orlando better dote. Do not be surprised that dress was to turn many heads. Especially Leo ‘s two.

  • rikki

    not a miranda fan by any means but she looks so gorgeous here.

  • Elena

    I knew the rumours were BS. Orlando looks very handsome and I love the dress that Miranda is wearing. She looks very beautiful. You can clearly see that they love each other and that their relationship is fine. Flynn is the cutest kid. Now the rumours can stop. They look like a happy couple to me.

  • hm

    she looks alright but she has too much foundation on & orlando looks all kinds of awkward there

  • hm

    @Elena: how would you know what their relationship is like? i’ll never understand people who say they have a great marriage, or a failing one. Nobody knows. it’s all speculation. calm down!!

  • Anna

    She looks taller than 5f9. She is very beautiful and he is handsome. They make a beautiful couple.

  • wow

    Colour, design, fabric…there’s nothing I don’t like about that dress. Not everybody can wear it though

  • Anna

    That is such a beautiful dress. It’s great to see pics of Orlando and Miranda. They look really happy together. I bet you on Delphi, they are angry that they are still happily together. I love her dress and he looks handsome as always.

  • Jennifer Law

    @Anna: She actually looks 5’8 to me, if you put into consideration the kind of dress she’s wearing (the kind that show off legs) and high heels, that makes her look at least 5’9 maybe ’10.
    Regardless, she looks so so gorgeous

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    I really want to snack that patronizing smile of her face.

  • I justtt

    Why are they at the GG? They sure as hell weren’t invited. They probably had to ask to be at the show. Because a has-been actor and a not so famous model can just to come to mind when you want to invite big stars. They’re still trying to be stars. Miranda is trying to make it happen. Orlando is try to re-live his glory days

  • Oh hmm

    I watched the whole show, and the camera was never on them, not even once. Goes to show how irrelevant they are and how THEY are the ones trying to be famous and not the general public liking them. They must have pulled every string to get be in the event.
    Their try-hard a$$es are becoming so annoying.
    You can’t help disliking some of there actions.

  • Mandy

    Jealous jealous people…thhat girl can be anything you want but ugly or irrelevant…she has a killer body, she’s a high standard supermodel who is also a mother so I gotta give her props…plus she always looks drop dead gorgeous, can’t even imagine how she looks in real life…

  • wow

    I can almost see smoke coming out of certain bitter people’s ears.
    They look great!

  • ugh

    people have been relatively calm on here so why are her fans already starting? just comment on her dress or w/e and leave the drama alone.

  • Amanda

    @Mandy: Well she’s not relevant in Hollywood, so being in the show with her yesterday’s new husband = no sense.
    It’s not like she works in the American market, not to mention Hollywood. (If you want to bring VS into this as working in the American market, then where are Adriana Aleseandra Doutzen Candice?) So because she’s a supermodel-ish and has a nice body with a baby she is qualified with be there with her old news husdand? So sorrry but that;s nonsense.
    I’m sure they made a few dozen calls to attend it.

  • Streetcar Named Desire

    No mention of how its his 36th birthday Jared? None? But you’ll mention irrelevant crap about other people? Nice.

    They look stunning together.

  • Frozoid

    Look at their body language. He in particular is leaning far away from her. Splitsville soon to come

  • wow

    Pleeease. Orlando is a Holywood actor, wether you like his latest movies or not. And Miranda is his wife, why shouldn’s she attend as her husband’s companion? The people of the GG and the media love couples like this on the red carpet, actor/model, singer/actor, actor/actress…since always!

  • dina

    bring back the like/dilike feature.

  • —–

    Does she have problems with her back? Why she can’t posing normally next to him?

  • Reba

    Love her dress and hair! Why didn’t Orlando wear a tie? He looks too casual for this event?

  • @22

    A friend of mine saw Christy Turlington in the NYC subway, she was just sitting there, but according to my friend, anyone could tell she was a model even without seeing her face because of her position.
    I think many models end up adopting those positions even without noticing.

  • #24

    @@22: actually models hunch over because of their height and stick their hips out, this girl does that ‘broke back’ look that all the tumblr girls do, it’s annoying and she really doesn’t have to do it.

  • Kelly

    They are beautiful couple but she has eyes only for the camera.

  • @12

    You don’t go unless you are invited.
    And if “asking” got you a seat, then every actor in Hollywood would be there, too.
    Common sense…again

  • @13

    The cameras were focusing on the center area tables. The tables with the nominees. They were probably on the second level.
    We didn’t see all the presenters on camera, either. I guess that makes them all irrelevant, too?

  • @16

    Her “fans” have already started?? I suggest you go back and read the posts. Your hater goggles have blinded you.

  • Jackson

    Wow I just dont get most people’s opinions. Now that she looks happily with Orlando she’s so beautiful and everything? I guess everyone needs a man to be socially accepted. How sexist… What are your principles?

  • tisch

    The haters are spinning out of control trying to spin this.

  • ugh

    @@16: And you’re trying to start with me because…….?

    I don’t think it’s necessary to acknowledged the drama, just let it go.

    And of course i’m a “hater”.

    Apparently there’s nothing else i could be.

  • @30

    Oh no, you have it backwards
    The reason certain people hate on her is BECAUSE of her man. Some of his fans take offense that he dared to marry a gorgeous woman like Miranda.
    She’s never been less than beautiful. It’s just the hate filled minds of certain people dole out the insults, whether she is with Orlando or not.

  • @32

    Well, for you to state that the fans are the ones starting the drama, then yes, you are a hater. Or blind. Your choice.
    I guess that you expect her fans to just sit by and let the haters spout off anything that they like?
    Ain’t gonna happen.

  • Me!

    Orlando hasn’t been to the GG in years has he? Wonder why he went now? Doesn’t he hate this “red carpet” stuff? Maybe they made a deal – you can go off for a week with your friends as long as you get back in time to take me this event.

  • ugh

    @@32: what? you’re just being ridiculous now.

  • linass

    not everyone finds this overrated bloated chipmunk head beautiful. deal.

  • SusieQ

    I haven’t seen a single pic where she even gives him a second glance. Not that that’s anything new. I’ll bet Aileen is saying to them in that pic on the last row, “Hold hands for the cameras!”

  • I love it….

    Funny how the “haters” have suddenly gone quiet.

    Lol…..they’ve all got egg on their faces.

    They were so sure their marriage was over because he went snowboarding with his mates for a few days. Didn’t matter how many times we said just wait & see Orlando will be back soon.

    No they knew better, the pics of them kissing were all staged, all damage control…..blah blah blah!

    Miranda looks beautiful & Orlando can’t keep his eyes off her, they make a gorgeous couple.

  • rir

    most beautiful woman ever.

  • hahaha

    You may be surprised but he’s been to many of this kind of events, wether he likes them or not, with or without his wife. It would actually be a bad move to turn down an invitation to this event, IMO.
    And he is 36 and Miranda’s husband, not her son, I think he can do whatever he wants, even taking a week off with his pals.
    Why would they be looking at each other when they’re posing on the red carpet? That doesn’t make sense. Who does that?

  • Awwww

    They look great together. Is he working on any movies this year? I miss him.

  • weird~

    @I love it….: you need a hobby or something else to focus on – what does their marriage have to do with you?

  • @41

    Well there are several pics where he’s looking at her, so maybe you better share your red carpet rules with him also.

  • @35

    LOL! He no doubt would rather be out with his friends than having to be there with her.

  • Wow

    Miranda looks so beautiful, her dress is just stunning.

    No doubt he was invited because of his previous success & also being part of the next 2 Hobbit films.

    You can tell how much Orlando adores her by the way he looks at her & is always holding her hand, so sweet.

    They really are one of the most gorgeous couples in Hollywood.

  • LOL!

    There is one photo on another site from the afterparty where they are posing on the red carpet facing each other. He is looking straight at her. Her eyes are cut toward the camera. She’s probably paying him back for those awkward shots outside the spa the other day when he’s looking at the paps and she’s trying to kiss him. They are going to have to try harder with their stage directions.

  • Amy

    @#24: Well Miranda’s not tall. So she doesn’t have the “height”

  • HA

    @LOL!: FTW

  • Amy

    @@13: Miranda and Orlando got little to no red carpet coverage and most stars that weren’t nominated were shown on TV. Some of them presented the awards
    The Bloom couple are still irrelevant.