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Jessica Simpson: 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno' Appearance!

Jessica Simpson: 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno' Appearance!

Jessica Simpson shows off her baby bump while chatting with Jay Leno during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday (January 15) in Burbank, Calif.

The 32-year-old pregnant entertainer just announced that she would be starring in a sitcom based on her life.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jessica Simpson

Jessica recently tweeted, “You are a rockstar! So sexy!” after John Varvatos posted a video of the Fall/Winter 2013 Fashion show.

FYI: Jessica is wearing a Dolce & Gabbana dress and Casadei shoes.

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Credit: Paul Drinkwater; Photos: Getty
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  • lola_uk

    Shouldn’t she STOP bleaching her hair since she’s preggers?! Oh, the vanity of hollywood!

  • lola_uk

    ps. thanks for listening to the people and bringing back the “thumbs” :)

  • Nora

    Here we go.. Round two. World’s longest pregnancy.
    And what is she promoting this time?

  • geeza louisa

    Someone refresh my memory…she is famous why?

  • Kelly

    Why is she wearing that fake crap on her head? She looks awful like this. She has become a caricature.

  • NYC

    Girl has no shame.
    Aren’t her 15 minutes up yet?

  • African Girl

    Starring in a sitcom based on her life? Thought she did that already with Newlyweds.
    Seriously, whose idea is this?

  • Lauren

    Dead ringer for MIss Piggy, although Piggy had higher quality extensions.

  • Willow

    Trailer park trash billionairess…only in 21st century usa.

  • NYC

    Dolly Parton meets body builder meets meat and potatoes.

  • Fran

    @Willow: She’s far from a billionaire.

  • BoPeep

    Wellllllll…at least her hips are not gignatic like the kardashian

  • nick

    she looks like fat heidi montag

  • Casey

    Personally, although I never much cared for her singing, I do think she is very pretty. The ultra blonde hair and added voluptuousness give her a sort of Jayne Mansfield like appearance.

  • Fletcher

    She may not be a billionaire, but she’s definitely the face of a billion dollar empire.

  • lola_uk

    OK! So, why can’t I rate the posts of certain people?! wtf jared!? get it together!!!!!!!!!

  • KissThis

    Platinum hair and leopard print… of course it’s Jessica Simpson!

  • http://iPad Spanx

    She is wearing three spanxs, two weeks ago she posted a picture wearing a bikini, and looked to be six months pregnant.@Casey: Jayne Mansfield was taller and had a waist, even when Jessica is not pregnant, she is boxy,her legs are so muscular, I’m surprised that that she have not strangle her Gigolo with them yet.

  • Restaurantes en Madrid

    @KissThis: yep… she is so sad

  • Toni

    OH, who will be making the show?

    That’s great for her!

  • rescue_nothing

    Jessica, sometimes your music is awful, and you haven’t made music for a while. But honestly? You are absolutely gorgeous, and I think your weight struggle has made you more human than ever. Go for it.

  • Courtney

    some of you are rude she’s worth a good ammount of money very few people in the entertainment business are billionaires unless they’ve been around for decades. Jess is a beautiful girl and so is her daughter some of you need a refresher course in biology to realize when a mother is nursing as Jessica is she’s more likely to get pregnant again because she can’t use birth control while nursing which means she’s more fertile nor do you have to be married to be stable parents. her and Eric May get married while she’s pregnant this time and many stars have gotten maried while pregnant including beloved academy award winner Joanne Woodward back in 1958 thouh she miscarried that child shortly after but eventually she & Paul Newman had 3 daughters together plus his son and two daughters from his first marriage.

  • Meg

    @Courtney: Shut up, you psycho. You know nothing about other women’s pregnancies, even though you claim to be an expert on the subject! Jessica is trash, plain and simple, and the only reason she has any fame or money is because her dad got business deals for her, because she hasn’t the brains or talent to make it on her own, and now her looks are gone as well. She’s a fat heifer.

  • Chelsey

    @Willow: No more like trailer park trash millionaire. She is absolutely not worth billions. She licenses her name to be used to push her ratty clothing line. Licensing her name does not equate to billions for her. This show sounds like a bad idea. We know everything we need to know about her trashy family by just reading the tabloids and gossip blogs. It’s already out there.

  • precious

    Didn’t we learn the first time that JS can’t act to save her life. Can we just not hire her anymore people?!

  • Reality Bites


    Courtney, hun.. you must epitomize a Simpson fan since you are dead wrong.

    Breastfeeding is a natural form of birth control. Sometimes called LAM (Lactational Amenorrhea Method). It is a natural way to prevent pregnancy after giving birth. It can last up to six months after birth.

    Please educate yourself.

  • ANN


  • Annie V.

    Some of you people need to get the facts straight before spouting off. So, here goes: Most (not all, but most) women do not ovulate when they are breast-feeding and therefore will not get pregnant until they quit nursing. Jessica herself has been quoted as saying that she breast-fed Maxwell for only three months. Also, the photo she twittered while in Hawaii makes her look six months pregnant!! She may be eating more healthfully this time around but is obviously still eating a lot.
    She doesn’t need to keep putting off her wedding as she has already had the beautiful white dress formal affair. Guess she wants to save that for the new reality show. I wish her well and was truly worried about her in the first pregnancy when she was so big.

  • Make it go away

    JS is white trash. Give her a reality show on tlc after Honey Boo Boo. That is the ticket.

  • Tara

    bleach does not hurt the baby- its black hair dye that would effect a pregnancy. I colored my hair throughout my pregnancy. as do many woman. Thats MYTH that coloring your hair, other than the black, that can be harmful. Theres something in the black that isnt good to use.

  • Bri

    woooow, it’s really sad that you have to sit and say rude things about someone who doesn’t even know you and has a lot more $$$$ than any of you ever will lol xxx

  • Meg

    @Bri: Just because she has money doesn’t make her better than the rest of us; she’s still a fat piece of trash and a loser.

  • HPM


    Can’t use birth control while nursing?

    Tubal ligation/vasectomy (albeit permanent)

    I make no judgement regarding Ms. Simpson’s family planning but Courtney’s statement is incorrect.

  • Mic

    Courtney is JS in disguise

  • Mic

    I agree 100% with everything Meg says

  • Laura

    Wow @ all these comments

    First off, while Jessica is not a billionare she still is worth a very pretty penny. Jessica Simpson is now worth in excess of $100 million, an estimate Forbes reached with the help of retail and branding experts, as well as fashion and entertainment industry sources. Her clothing line brought in over 1 billion dollars at the register last year.

    She has ton of projects she works on, as well as having an amazing beautiful voice. If all you’ve taken listen to were singles released on the radio, there you have it. Do a little more research on someone before you judge them.

    And to the person who said “We know enough about your life just from the tabloids alone.”

    LMAO REALLY?!? From the tabloids, good grief. Yeah because they know all, and are always just spot on.

    Jessica has no reason to follow any tradition people decide to hand out to her, that she should be married before having children. Having children without being married does not make you a bad parent. She doesn’t have to live by anyone’s standards, and she has MORE then enough money to take care of both her new babies. So I don’t see the problem?

    Btw, she’s always been gorgeous. Fat or skinny. Though I don’t see why all of you people care so deeply for how much she weighs today or tomorrow. I guarantee you’re all a bunch of fat couch potatoes throwing stones at someone who is hard working, and done nothing to anyone but live her life how she sees fit.

  • Brad

    After her second baby her breasts are going to even bigger!!!! Got milk???? LOL. can’t wait for more picts!