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Miranda Kerr: Stylish Airport Arrival!

Miranda Kerr: Stylish Airport Arrival!

Miranda Kerr arrives at the airport looking fashion forward on Tuesday (January 15) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old model took to the skies after having fun at the 2013 Golden Globes over the weekend – be sure to check out pics of Miranda and her hubby Orlando Bloom at the event in case you missed them!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“Thank you @VictoriasSecret for my makeup last night #GoldenGlobes ❤” Miranda tweeted the next day.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr arriving at the airport looking super stylish…

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miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 01
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 02
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 03
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 04
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 05
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 06
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 07
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 08
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 09
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 10
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 11
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 12
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 13
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 14

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  • yeppers

    why do people hate success? who cares if she loves attention she’s not harming anyone! you will receive bad karma for wishing bad on others, just sayin…the more famous she got her haters multiplied. why does society always rooting for the (boring) under dogs?

  • Rhonda

    Can’t convince me she doesn’t call the paparazzi. Leaving from the airport is not newsworthy but when you aren’t newsworthy, you do all you can to belittle yourself and then you think you are important. Nice the hubby comes home and then she takes off. Oh yeah, a couple loved up.

  • Emma

    I have never seen a happier person to be photographed by the paparazzi than this one…

  • Nessa

    Boooring outfit) And she really do not look as 5’10. She is short for a model.

  • @2

    I was wondering which one of them would leave next. Can’t seem to stay in the same city for long together.

  • Zac
  • Jelly

    Well, since she saw Adriana and Erin doing a VS event today, she had to call the paps to show her some love.

  • SusieQ

    She’s probably headed off for her separate vacation now.

  • ohno

    @Jelly: yes because she lives vicariously through other models. makes such sense…Miranda is in American Vogue this month. She doesnt need to push panties 24/7.

  • !@@

    @yeppers: There are much more successful models but Miranda gets hate on more because she’s a narcissist. People generally hate people like that.
    If you go to Erin and Adriana’s latest thread, almost all the comments are positive and Adriana is more successful than Miranda, imo, but people don’t hate on her like they do on Miranda.

  • Zac
  • Jelly

    @ohno: lmao, do you know how many models are in American Vogue every single month? And it’s not the cover she landed, they’re editorials. They don’t even pay them for that. And we don’t see her getting high fashion campaigns, you know, the one that comes with the $$$$, which is the purpose of editorials. And Candice and Adriana and Doutzen are pushing lingerie while simultaneously getting high fashion campaigns.
    Give Us A Break.

  • haha

    We didn’t get photos of her from yesterday did we? OMG, wonder happened? Maybe she’ll post some pics on her Instagram to keep us updated, lol!

  • ha

    Idiot hates think that paps have to be called to LAX.
    No morons.
    They stake out that place 24-7
    Why do you think that we get so many pics of celebs at the airport?
    Pathetic idiots.

  • LMAO

    @!@@: Adriana is married to one eyed willy, of course she wont get hated on as much… Take a look; every model married to a celeb who is considered a “hunk” with tons of fangirls gets 10x more hate than a model who dates an out of work frozoid. duh.

  • @10

    Are you kidding???
    Those threads are full of hateful comments.
    Are you on drugs?

  • Jelly

    @haha: Who?

  • Nwey

    @!@@: you’re hilarious. Its because Erin is not with Leo anymore. His crazy fangirls have moved on….If she were still with him there would be 100+ comments on Erin not Lima.

  • Ursula

    She always has that smile on her face that totally turns me off.

  • mel

    dum de da da dum dum…MK’s calvary has arrived, lol

  • @20

    But the pathetic hater/stalkers got here first. AS ALWAYS.

  • YAY!


  • sara

    Such a beautiful girl!

  • Jelly

    @LMAO: Your comment is lacking so what about Doutzen and Candice? They’re both hugely successful but they don’t seem to get the same hate. And their hubbies are not famous. Explain that.

  • LMAO

    @Jelly: um wow you just answered the question. They are dating/married to complete unknowns. If Candice or Doutzen started dating Leo or some other male celeb with crazy fangirls, trust me they would suddenly become “ugly and overrated”. that is the point. Adriana is married to a very undesirable man therefore she doesnt have the wrath of crazy tween fangirls. duh. duh duh. dreamser.

  • Dieter


  • Jelly

    #25 Wrong. People like them because they are not narcissists like Miranda over here. If they started doing the stunts Miranda does, they’ll receive as many haters. Also, who they date doesn’t matter, they made their careers all by themselves.

  • Joe

    @Dieter: I wonder what kind of asses you see in your real life because for you everyone has a lovely ass.

  • @25

    Don’t you love it when the haters are so stupid that they prove our points for us? LOL!

  • Camila

    @Jelly: Thank You!!!! Her fans are lunatics!!! I like your logic

  • @30

    You mean the girl that just proved us fans right?
    Yep, I like her logic, too. But of course, that was the only logical thing she said all day.

  • Camila

    @@30: Stop trying to be witty. It only makes you seem brainless. You wouldn’t know logiv even if it hit you in the face.

  • @32

    She proved our point. You agreed with her LOGIC, so you must agree with our point, too.
    I LOVE IT!
    Stupid haters.

  • @12

    We, not Adriana, that’s for sure.

  • @Rhonda……#2

    So funny that you keep trying to convince people that Miranda is a nobody, you’re not fooling anyone.

    The fact you have to justify it by ranting & raving that she’s belittling herself because she’s walking into the airport reeks of desperation!!!

    So now she’s not allowed to appear in public because it upsets YOU, wow talk about delusional.

    Miranda is a supermodel and a successful businesswoman, she created her own organic skin care line Kora & is a best selling author. She’s also very beautiful, popular, happily married to a hot actor with a gorgeous content child.

    She doesn’t have to call any paps for those reasons, people also love to see what she’s wearing.

    Why do you think she was named style icon for 2012 by so many magazines? Also in a recent survey in the Uk earlier this week she was named the celebrity most women wanted to see release her own fashion line, beating Kate Middleton & many other celebrities.

    Just because you hate her doesn’t mean other people do, you’re in the minority.

    Bringing up the whole their spilting up rumours again when it’s so obvious their very much in love & together reeks of sour grapes.

  • @35

    That UK survey’s results were skewered by her phreaky phans who voted over and over again.

  • Selena

    Looks like the haters were wrong about Orlando and Miranda splitting up. She is a successful businesswoman and has her own skincare line, is married to a gorgeous actor,has the cutest kid, and is one of the best VS models.

  • @36

    Wait, but she only has one fan, right? According to you at least. One fan can’t beat several fans (who also voted over and over again) of all the other celebrities. Make up your minds

  • Char

    Omg who the eff cares.. Idk why everyone’s so obsessed w this social climbing fame whore. And which part are you calling that stylish, Jared?

  • Restaurantes en Madrid

    Wow! I love her!

  • well

    do people really dress like that at the airport? i mean besides business men/women – I’ve never seen a person so decked out just to catch a flight.

  • Serena

    @@Rhonda……#2: Miranda wasn’t named THE style icon of any magazine. If she was, then it’s a least people don’t care about. Also, that says nothing about her popularity. I bet even haters won’t deny she looks good most of the time. And she makes sure the paps are on sight to capture that. So simply admitting a woman looks very stylish doesn’t mean she’s very popular. And her business is tanking so hard. Australians would rather buy products that are more effective. Which is why her earnings doesn’t make much of a difference. So to call it successful is laughable.

    @well: She has business to take care of with the paparazzi that’s why she’s dressed like that.

  • Serena

    @Serena: Oh and I just have to lol at you acting like Miranda is as famous as Middleton. She’s famous in England and Australia, we all know that, but in the US and other countries? Hell to the no. She doing every famewhore deed in the US just to get famous here. And it’s not working well for her. Cut the crap.
    She should start paying the paps she calls because they honestly do their best for her in trying to get her name out there, even thought it’s a very slow and long process. Some of the candids are so good that they loook like editorials in a commercial magazine. Lol she takes the paps photoshoot very seriously you know.
    Semi-Celeb lmao. And her old news husband. Lol very weak combination for anyone trying to be a household name

  • well

    @Serena: wasn’t there an article saying that Australians were annoyed with miranda ker?

  • @Serena

    So you deny that she’s been named the style icon of a magazine and that her business is successful…
    Now are you going to deny that she’s featured on this month’s American Vogue? Or that she has 1.4 million fans on twitter?
    What exactly is your goal by denying facts that are so easy to verify? It doesn’t make sense.

    And Miranda always looks stylish and chic, even at airports. That’s why many people like her.

  • Woloer

    @@12: Lol Adriana doesn’t need to be in a payless editorial. What she needs to be in is mega international campaigns and she got that covered. Besides, it’s only the younger models you see in US vogue most of the time. Karlie, Chanel and Toni and Arizona are the kind of models you see in US vogue, and those are still very young models. Lol Miranda is acting like she’s in her first few years in modeling. Adriana was also in American vogue in the beginning, but she grew up and faced reality. And went for the mega money jobs.

    Do you see girls like Naomi and Kate in random editorials in US vogue? Those girls are only in US Vogue eds when it’s a big issue like the September one or the editorial is special and has like 3-4 pages.
    Miranda has to always settle for the cheaper things everywhere lmao
    So don’t even try bragging about her ed considering she’s almost 30 and doin things 16-23 year olds do in the beginning of their careers

  • Serena

    @@Serena: You are literally ignoring everything I said and you’re bringing up things that are downright stupid.
    Why would I deny she’s featured in American Vogue? Make some senses sister!!
    And name me a celebrated and highly successful and relevant magazines that named her THE style icon of 2012!!!! Do it!!!
    1’4 million followers?! Lady Gaga and Rihanna are having 30 millions followers. That’s true celebrities I’m talking about, not this woman whose fan want to believe she’s so famous lolololol
    Keep ignoring the truth and stay living in your fantasy world haha

    @well: I wouldn’t be surprised if Australians have started seeing her for the famewhore she is.

  • @Serena

    I meant, that since you denied easy to verify facts, you may as well deny other facts as easy to check, that’s why I brought those as examples.
    And why do you compare two pop singers with a model? Obviously mainstream pop singers, specially two with such a well studied image and monster publicity teams reach a much bigger audience.

  • Shore

    @@Serena: Didn’t you say she’s popular that’s why she beat Kate Middleton in a survey? If she’s as famous as Kate, and is married to a relevant actor, then she should get at least 4 million fans by now, even if she doesn’t have a bigger audience as Gaga.
    Forever deny it, but she’s not as famous as you’re making it sound. If I go out to the street and ask the first girl who Kate Moss is, they’ll probably say yes. At least probably 6 out of 10 will. In Miranda’s case, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s 5 out of 100.
    Truth hurts, but it’s the truth.

  • ?

    does she ever spend more than a few days with her husband?