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Miranda Kerr: Stylish Airport Arrival!

Miranda Kerr: Stylish Airport Arrival!

Miranda Kerr arrives at the airport looking fashion forward on Tuesday (January 15) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old model took to the skies after having fun at the 2013 Golden Globes over the weekend – be sure to check out pics of Miranda and her hubby Orlando Bloom at the event in case you missed them!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“Thank you @VictoriasSecret for my makeup last night #GoldenGlobes ❤” Miranda tweeted the next day.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr arriving at the airport looking super stylish…

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miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 01
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 02
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 03
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 04
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 05
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 06
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 07
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 08
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 09
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 10
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 11
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 12
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 13
miranda kerr fashionable airport arrival 14

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  • @Woloer….#46

    Oh please if Adriana was being featured in American Vogue you would be shouting it from the roof tops.

    Now suddenly it doesn’t matter & it’s only for young models……….For a model of any age it’s great to be in the magazine, you’re not fooling anybody.

    Just what is this mega international campaign Adriana is doing??? Please don’t tell me it’s for Miu Miu, where she’s part of an ensemble & you need a magnifying glass to tell if it’s her…

    Miranda right now is very very successful in ALL areas, fashion, VS, the face of many individual campaigns, her own skin care line Kora, a best selling author, voted “sexiest woman alive” for Esquire magazine, fashion icon 2012 by several magazine, voted most popular celebrity to start her own fashion line, 6th most desirable woman to marry in the world by 2.5 million men……Etc.

    The pictures of her at the Golden Globes were featured by all major newspapers, magazines and celebrity sites.

    So you can delude yourself all you want but we all know Miranda is very popular & well known all around the world…lol.

  • @50

    I think they only make scheduled photo op appearances together.

  • Kerry

    Lol editorials don’t matter. I for one would never brag about my favorite getting them. I mean even Daria who used to be in every single issue of American Vogue is hardly seen in it now. And she’s strictly a high fashion model. She’s made her mark when she was younger. And she’s still booking MAJOR campaigns and covers. Season after season. And Miranda is a year or 2 older than her lmao. She’s the oldest model in the whole US Vogue eds in the latest issue haha

    And just so you know, Adriana has being doing every kind of campaign from the past 12 months. From selling cars, to clothes (Donna Karan and Miu Miu) to selling jeans, and bags and flowers. Those are all mega campaigns.
    LOLOLOLOLOOOOLLL Miranda is successful in high fashion, that’s why she only works for free and doesn’t have any high fashion campaigns in the last several seasons.
    Kora is an embarrassment. She can’t even afford to pay a high quality photographer to shoot her campaign. And it’s the same pictures they’ve been using since the beginning. The video she did last year for Kora isn’t even a commercial (not that she can afford a commercial) and it’s so cheap looking. Probably because of the cheap team that put it together. Her business is stagnant. A little more time on her failing brand and less time on famewhoring could make all the difference. But I’m sure she’ll choose famewhoring haha.

    Lol now you want her to be a fashion icon, as someone said, the irrelevant websites and magazines that call her one don’t matter because most people don’t know about it. If she was in any good list, then she isn’t in the top of it.
    Askmen list? It’s also known as better agent’s list. Persuade the makers of the list, and you’ll be at the top, lmao
    Haha, the Golden Globes! Yes, I don’t know however the irrelevant couple got to attend but they must have gone to the four corners of the world to get a place lol. They settled to be at the not-so-important area in the show. Of course it’s either that or they wouldn’t have attended. And which newspapers showed their appearance in the Globes? LMAO, you can only dream, that’s for the legit stars and winners/nominees. Even the cheaper newspapers would never report about them at that event let alone the MAJOR ones. As if…
    And the websites that featured them in the Globes were the same old same old that keep showing her irrelevant papaprazzi pics.

    She’s a major FLOPSSS!

  • @Kerry

    Wow, you made up almost everything you said, what a record.
    Miranda is not a high fashion model as a norm, but she’s more versatile than most models and gets both campaigns to sell products, and an American Vogue editorial and some occasional high fashion jobs. Few models combine these.
    The best part was the “she can’t afford”. Pleeease, one of the ten highest paid models can’t afford something? Her business is perfectly fine, where the hell did you hear it wasn’t?
    And who are you to decide what magazines and websites are irrelevant? If a mag or website has a respectable amount of followers, it’s relevant regardless of your hatred for Miranda.
    And take a look around the net. News about them at thr Golden Globes are everywhere.

  • Kerry

    @@Kerry: At least make your lies convincing.
    ta ta. You never give up even if you know you don’t have anything sensible to say.
    Bottom line, Miranda is not a star in the celebrity world. Dream on. Toodles!!!

  • @Kerry

    Why should I give up when I’m clearly right and you’re obviously making up everything you say? Otherwise you would be able to reply to what I said instead of having to resort to void personal attacks.

  • Only and truth

    @Kerry: The truth and nothing but the truth. Great post. You touched all the areas and it meshed perfectly. It’s obviously common sense but you did it in such a smart way.
    Miranda and her fans can go make up things and pretend they’re relevant.
    Then End,

  • yowza

    if Miranda is so popular why does everyone hate her so much ………..

  • LMAO

    “The truth and nothing but the truth”, hahaha.
    Haters can pretend that Kerry was able to defend her point of view when questioned. The end.

  • endof2012

    people don’t hate Miranda and erin cause they dated famous people. people hate them because when you date a famous person you come to there its there attention. and if you are not a deserving and ugly character person it is exposed because of dating a person and being in the limelight. people don’t hate everyone that dates a famous person, people hate people ugly character, they just notice more because you are dating famous person. hated for dating famous person is ugly persons excuse.

  • http://emmalucy1133 Lucy

    I’M in Love with her shoes

  • @endof2012…..#60

    You don’t make any SENSE.

    The ONLY people who hate Miranda are crazy OBSESSED Adriana fans like yourself who are very very JEALOUS because Miranda is so popular and successful.

    The other “haters” are the delusional Orlando Bloom fans who are envious because Miranda is happily married to Orlando.

    You can’t stand the fact that newspapers, magazines and celebrity sites feature Miranda because she’s not only beautiful but very stylish. The magazines always rave about her street style and show how to achieve her look, everything from her clothes to makeup, hair and accessories.

    Their not interested at all in Adriana, the only time is when she’s promoting VS.

    Miranda always looks effortlessly stylish no matter what she’s wearing, she’s also very down to earth, with a lovely warm & fun personality.

    Go & watch some of her interviews on YouTube & maybe then you would have a better understanding of why she’s so popular.

    She was on “Ellen” last year talking about Flynn & her book. Ellen said not only are her & Orlando easy on the eyes but their both genuinely nice good people.

  • Jennifer
  • @57

    You really need to look up the definition of ‘truth’.
    Ridiculous ideas and ignorant beliefs do NOT equal TRUTH in any language.

  • WanderingBy

    While everybody has their dictionaries out, please look up the difference between: their, there, and they’re.

    Thank you!

  • Cara132

    @@endof2012…..#60: Adriana fans can’t be jealous, because from the little I know about the kind of jobs they get, Adriana has more quality ones. They they seem to generate more attention.
    And Orlando has fans? Wow. They must be the fan girls that he had during his Lord of the Ring days. Because I know absolutely no one that care about him now.
    Can’t it be normal people hating on Miranda? All these comments were by Adriana and Orlando fans? Do you know how crazy that sounds?

  • Smh smh

    HAHA Adriana fans are jealous of a model Adriana is a lifetime more successful than. Does that even make the slightest bit of sense? You’re filled with so much jealousy that you’re confused.
    But Miranda is a paparazzi/fame/attention wh ore. So the attention is basically her pleading with people to notice her. Especially when she dresses like she’s going to an important event even when she’s going to the bathroom.
    A narcissist cannot possibly be down to earth, like really. they can be nice people but not down to earth.
    Even at tFS and Bellazon, people talk about Miranda’s famewhoring behavior. All those people are Lima and Bloom fans right? They’re all jealous haters?

  • rach

    I love the cardigan Miranda is wearing -_-