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Jeremy Renner: Expecting First Child?

Jeremy Renner: Expecting First Child?

Jeremy Renner is reportedly going to be a first time father!!!!

The 42-year-old actor and an ex-girlfriend are pregnant with a child, due next month, according to Us Weekly.

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News broke at the Golden Globes when Jeremy told Eva Longoria: “I’m going to fly in when her water breaks.”

Jeremy is also reportedly housing his ex in his home in Los Angeles at the moment.

Congratulations to Jeremy and the new mom to be – IF the news is true!!!!

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65 Responses to “Jeremy Renner: Expecting First Child?”

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  1. 26
    Raquel Sthefany Says:

    Espero que seja verdade porque eu estou esperando muito que ele se torne ! ” Papai ” imaginem Jeremy Renner pai que fofo…
    me seguem no Twitter obrigada!

  2. 27
    Dieter Says:

    He is gay.

  3. 28
    Pitty Says:

    WHAAAAAT? Jeremy? a father? really?

  4. 29
    AN Says:

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  5. 30
    Maria Says:


    U are correct

  6. 31
    tj Says:

    good god people does it really matter if he is gay or not…he is still a good actor and isn’t it his business anyway..just say’n!!

  7. 32
    ? Says:

    @ck_always: why are people assuming we think he’s gay because he’s not married? no one even mentioned that to begin with. you keep replying like this is tumblr – seriously read and then reply.

  8. 33
    ? Says:

    @tj: so we can’t have an opinion? I did think he was gay. Funny that people can call jessica simpson a fat b*tch but just mentioning that he’s gay gets up peoples asse*s – w/e i’m over this double standard sh*t – being gay isn’t bad and no one here said it is.. seriously people, can no one read?

  9. 34
    Donna Says:

    So nice she is the surrogate for he and his boyfriend.

  10. 35
    So happy Says:

    Congrats to them if it’s true. Wow, all the Avenger boys are dads now but Evans. Wonder when that’s going to happend? But I’ll be honest, I didn’t see this one coming. ;)

  11. 36
    bb Says:

    I think he broke up with ex two yrs ago or more, how did she get pregnant ?

  12. 37
    Fletcher Says:

    @bb: Did you not take sex ed? You don’t need to be in a relationship to conceive a baby.

  13. 38
    rebecca Says:

    there was a blind item about him and a ladyboy in Thailand. I guess he is either bi or his ex is being a surrogate for him.

  14. 39
    Girl Says:


  15. 40
    Stephany Says:

    He looks plenty straight to me. Women are dying to sleep with him. His girlfriend bought him some Gifts from AthenaToysdotcom to keep him happy in bed!

  16. 41
    Night100 Says:

    I don’t think it’s dawned on anyone that this story is not confirmed. A gossip site spread it and other sites spread it when no one involved has confirmed it. What spy is eavesdropping in a private party between two people talking. Come on. This screams fabrication.

  17. 42
    oy Says:

    So when is the little paycheck due?

  18. 43
    yup Says:

    @rebecca: actually it was that he had underage se*x with a ladyboy

  19. 44
    Huh?? Says:

    How do you know that stephany?! You work there or something?! And you just knew it was jeremys gf?…??

  20. 45
    Kristy Says:


    You’re an idiot.

  21. 46
    Kristy Says:


    You’re an idiot.

  22. 47
    Marianne Says:

    Why do so many people care whether he’s straight, gay or bi?

    It doesn’t affect your life. This story is about him becoming a dad, so say your congrats and move on.

  23. 48
    TWF Says:

    that blind item may have been about Daniel Craig.
    he was in Singapore 2 years ago.

  24. 49
    ellie' Says:


  25. 50
    Fifi Says:

    O-M-G!!!! WTF!!! Jezz!!!!….between Tom Hiddleston dating Jessica Chastain and now Jeremy’s secret baby….dunno…world is getting really crazy.

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