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Behati Prinsloo: Victoria's Secret Lingerie Shoot in Miami!

Behati Prinsloo: Victoria's Secret Lingerie Shoot in Miami!

Behati Prinsloo shows off her bangin’ body in some pink lingerie during a photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret on Wednesday (January 16) in Miami, Fla.

The 23-year-old VS Angel and girlfriend of Adam Levine sported a pair of the brand’s signature wings during the shoot.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Behati Prinsloo

“Playing chicken on set with @victoriasSecret #miami” Behati tweeted the day before.

In case you missed them, check out photos of Bee, Erin Heatherton, and Candice Swanepoel in the Victoria’s Secret Swim 2013 catalogue.

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  • modelsRfug

    looks like an average farm girl wow.

  • andrew

    is she paying you to post this stuff?

    who cares???

  • witch

    she’s sooooooooo ugly…like ugliest girl alive… how could she fu*kin be a VS angel??? ..LOL… Anne V is 1000000 times more beautiful than her..

  • ME

    She looks amazing! I love the suit. The hate is all about jealousy!

  • sunshine

    I think she is a lifestyle model….meaning she looks like a skinny version of just about everybody that isn’t a model :P

  • http://@teembeeprinsloo vivikasi

    Behati is so amazing! is a real rock angel!! stunning ,beautiful, wonderful, marvelous, fabulous are only few adjectives that describes Behati!

  • Mary

    @witch: WOW!! Here it comes! The first Anne V “fan”!!! Of course you think Behati is the ugliest girl alive! You’re pathetic- your muse is an androginous woman and has a manly type but it’s a matter of taste. Who really cares? And darling Anne V would sell her mom on the market to be a VS angel… Against pictures there are no arguments and we see Behati is a beautiful girl! Stop comparing these girls! Adam Levine made his choice for now! Just respect him! And a question for you dear: when Anne V will show us her new man and stop milking Levine’s fame???

  • Mary

    @vivikasi: Behati is a wonderful girl and her only sin is dating Adam Levine! People should get a job before talking bad about people they don’t know! PS: Adam and Behati don’t read haters and gossip sites so JJ sisters – you are writing for yourselves- and ye!s psychiatric help is expensive…writing on JJ is cheaper….

  • Leenah

    She’s average looking but her body is really nice,I never understood how they select all these angels,based on what? Well it doesn’t matter because Adam Levine will date every single one of them until he’s 40…and then he’ll start dating the new angels and so on.

  • K R

    Hey mary
    Practise what you preach. You say people should get a job before talking bad abou people they dont know but you just said some bad things about Anne. Do you know her ? I guess not. so why is it ok for you to say bad things about Anne ?
    You should get some of that psychiatric help yourself.

  • KSB

    Lmao those damn mermaids are on the loose lol. Anyway This chick is average and only pretty WITH makeup sorry stans but its true. And Anne V was and still is a bad b***h Adam is an idiot but I still love him and M5

  • Teri

    Well I think she looks pretty
    lol, but “ugliest girl alive” really how do you look??
    I don’t understand trolls on here when Anne was w/Adam everyone would call her ugly and a fame*** and now it started with this girl like wow his fans are crazy

  • Amiee W.

    @Mary: Yawn. How long are you going to keep repeating yourself?

  • KSB

    Lol I bet Mary is really vivikasi too she just changed accounts to validate herself which makes her CRAZY!!!

  • Amiee W.

    All I see is a whole lot of padding to enhance the boobage

  • KSB

    @vivikasi: Here are a few more words to describe her, POT HEAD, CHEATER, BACK STABBER, LIAR, SCUM, HORRIBLE FRIEND, SLUT, UGLY INSIDE AND OUT, HORRIBLE DRESSER, BOYISH BODY, GOOFY, oh how the list goes on

  • KissThis

    Yeah, I’m not seeing the super model beauty in this girl. Yes, she’s pretty. but definitely not VS material. It’s like they’ll hire any girl who’s a size 0-2 now.

  • Carly

    The only thing that Behati does in his life is wearing a lingerie and sex with Adam Levine! She is a girl useless and aimless. And compared to the other models in the VS she is the ugliest. It’s great work for the VS, but she just do that? HF? other jobs?

  • Nicole


    The commentary on this site is pure comic relief. This Anne/Behati fight exists only among certain members of their fan-bases. And don’t think they aren’t too keen on it. Notice how Behati never responds to her self professed mermaid group? Do you honestly think that any of these opinions actually matter to her? Think again, flippers. She got the grand prize, Mr. Adam Levine. Anyone with half a brain would see that she is nothing more than a glorified fan-girl with a set of angel wings (wings that she received after being linked to the lead singer of one of the most famous bands around).
    And as for the mermaids claiming that Anne was a fame whore using Adam for his success, well, let’s just sort out the facts here. At this time last year, Behati wouldn’t have landed on a gossip site for doing a lingerie shoot. The only reason that she is so relevant now is because of who she is dating. So, let me point this out- mermaids- your claim about Anne’s reason for having so much fame has to be applied across the board. You cannot claim that Anne’s fame is a result of Adam, and not offer the same explanation for Behati’s recent surge in popularity. Not to be mean, but compare their careers side to side and see who has had more success. If you are being factual, then you will see that Anne’s career has sustenance and longevity. She is a fashion icon who has been around since 2002. Behati is one of many faces for a particular brand.

    And finally- Behati fans, the irony wasn’t lost when she appeared on Hawaii 5-0. That stalker fan who was trying to harm her could have been written from the pages of twitter. Certain “mermaids” are off the charts crazy. Do you actually read the stuff you post? If you were my fans, I would be sleeping with one eye opened. Leave Adam, Behati and Anne alone. This is a real sickness. Make your own life more relevant. Let them live their lives. No joke!

  • Jennifer
  • Mimicha

    Average girl and too skinny!

  • Anne fan

    Bee was not anyone until she got with Adam! She’s on twitter and I have more fans then her! Lol she’s a no body.

  • martha

    @Nicole: wow. Great post. Accurate, balanced, legible. COSIGN.

  • http://vanessa_NGG nicolette

    This is aimed at all children’s comments: laugh their writing are definitely fans of Anne, it shows they have no life of their own, do not judge people without knowing. Behati stop criticizing this just because Adam if he chose is like it. if she were an ugly shrinks not in victoria secret. I recommend searching the encyclopedia of Behati she has worked hard from young. and has modeled for many brands and will do it again soon. if you do not like Behati, because they get to comment on the sightings of bee .. when I do not like something just ignore .. let live elsewhere but always happy and never live with regret of envy to others.

  • Maura

    @Nicole: I’m not a fan of either girl, Anne or Behati really, but Behati actually became an angel long before she began dating Adam Levine.

  • http://vanessa_NGG nicolette

    in this world no one is tiny gold to drop them well. for what you write here, they are comments and criticisms as if they were teenagers… happy day

  • Sueo

    Good thing this girl is tall. That’s the only thing that makes her a model. Awful! Plain and simple, awful.
    Hold on to that VS contract while you have it. Can’t see you get much more after its over. Oh maybe that’s where Adam fits in, snag a rich man!

  • KSB

    @Maura: Do your research hun, Behati JUST got her wings. She modeled for VS just like Anne did but Behati only recently started wearing wings actual wings. Those butterfly thing’s don’t count lol. If that’s the case when Anne walkeddown the VS runway during the moves like jagger performance. And she had the things on her arms that would have made her an angel too.

  • jaycee

    @Nicole: great insight! You are spot on. Who’s the fame***** now?

  • Lisa

    Is she really a VS model?She looks like a regular model,not beautiful enough to be a VS model.Her body looks like a body of a regular woman with a thin body,nothing special.I guess she’s only being shown here because Adam must be paying JJ to post about this nobody,until he finds another model to fake another relationship with him.I wonder if they are beards hired by Adam,who knows
    .Btw,most VS models are regular-looking(body),and most of them are ugly(face),and this girl isn’t attractive either.

  • One day

    Nicole – I applaud you. Well said. So many of the mermaids criticize others and say “don’t write comments about someone you don’t really know”. Well, do they REALLY know Bee? Have they met her, talked to her, been fans of hers before she started dating Adam? If they are honest, most – if not all – will say no. Bee is photogenic. She is tall and skinny. That’s about it. There are so many girls out there just as pretty (or actually prettier) without someone doing their hair and makeup and dressing them and posing them and padding their bras and airbrushing them and photoshopping them………Bee was in the right place at the right time and now she has Adam (for now) so she is getting more press – more exposure. You can’t say Anne benefitted from being seen with Adam and Behati isn’t. I personally think Bee is average. For a model or for the girl next door. Without makeup she isn’t very pretty at all. But Adam has chosen to date her. Ok. But for the stans to go on and on about her being perfect and a goddess and such a beautiful person and ……….. Is just pathetic. She isn’t a goddess. She isn’t a pot of gold. She isn’t the most beautiful woman ever. She doesn’t have a bangin body. She is average. Her mermaid stans are actually the main reason I don’t like her. They try way too hard to convince everyone that she is perfect and that she and Adam have a fairy tale romance. And they bully anyone who doesn’t agree. So if you really want to be true fans and help her career, knock off the crazy crap.

  • jaycee

    @One day: amen to that.

  • KSB

    @One day: WHOOT WHOOT!!!! 100% agree

  • jaycee


    Love the picture where she was pushing the girls together to create a cleavage. Haha . Priceless!

  • Jennifer

    The worst part of these comments is that the “pro-Behati” people used to be “pro-Anne” people. They shift their allegiance according to whomever Adam happens to be dating at the moment.

    Another Jennifer is posting here? Is that person legit or are they pretending to be me? Hahahahahahaha. With all of the aliases that the Mermaid Posse uses here and on Twitter, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least.

  • Amiee W.

    @Jennifer: They upped her age to 26 in the blog.

  • intrigued

    That girl Adam is shooting his new video with, now she is a beautiful model. Her name is Emily Ratajkowski. Look her up. I’m sure Adam is probably rethinking… There is NO comparison.

  • Amiee W.

    @intrigued: I remember in an old interview Adam saying that the reason why he had Anne in his videos was due to having that natural chemistry with each other. Now that he is with Bee he’s either not feeling her to bring that chemistry or he’s learning not to mix his business with his personal business.

  • Jennifer

    I hope that Adam hired Emily after he looking at the following photos (NSFW!!!!):

    She’s a knockout! Men would totally bang this gal several times over before they’d even let Behati come within 400 feet of them. Adam is no idiot…

  • KSB

    Bahaha I saw the “love somebody “pic and looked her up. She is gorgeous BUT I just wasn’t interested in seeing her naked cooter. But she is pretty no doubt about that.

  • Amiee W.

    @Jennifer: She’s about 20 so she has at least 3 more years before Adam gets her

  • Curious

    Wow! She’s very pretty and super-sexy. Bet that video shoot was HOT!!! I’m really digging the blue paint…wonder if it was edible? ;)

  • One day

    You guys are so-o-o-o bad!! I love it!! Do you think they got their freak on?

  • Curious

    @One day…you’re talking about Adam here. Adam + hot girl + blue paint = freak nasty happening!

  • Jennifer

    She’s not the most gorgeous girl, but yeah, she’s got the “hot” factor happening. I’ll bet she’s next on Adam’s roster, unless she’s already on today’s lineup. ;-)

  • Amiee W.

    @Curious: Oh the nasty thoughts on here but you see Adam in blue paint with a scantily clad model then yea

  • Nicole

    @One day:
    Thank you! I appreciate you guys backing me up on here. I try to stay away from this type of drama but once in a while I get sucked into the vortex. I agree with you, the thing I don’t like about Behati is her bandwagon fans. The sad thing is, that although they are constantly boasting about how wonderful and perfect Bee and Adam are, they are also probably secretly hating Behati because they don’t stand a chance in hell with Adam. He represents their fantasy and Behati is the embodiment of the woman who is living that fantasy.

    And as for the comment made by Nicolette: I have never heard of the “encyclopedia of Behati” LOL But, since you are such a stickler for Behati facts, here’s a fact for you, girlfriend. Behati has long been a representative of the PINK line, not a verified angel. Her outfits in the VSFshow have always been whimsical and childlike, full of vibrant colors which are for the PINK line, which is targeted at a younger audience. The ONLY reason that she wore that beautiful black and white winged outfit in 2012 was because Lais Ribeiro sprained her ankle and could not walk in the VSFS. So, Behati was her stand in. And that Nicolette is from the encyclopedia of reality. Check it out sometime. Oh, and just in case you want to debate, here’s a little proof.

    Finally, for the record, I don’t hate Behati. I don’t know enough about her to render an opinion either way. She’s a pretty girl, I can admit that. I haven’t found any reason to follow her career. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the girl.

  • One day

    Nicole – it is so nice to read comments from someone so well spoken who really seems to know what they are talking about (for a change). Hope to read more from you in the future!!

  • Jennifer

    Nicole is one in a million.

  • intrigued

    Nicole: you are a cool girl. Very balanced. Something tells me you’ve had your share of dealing with these crazies.