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Jennifer Aniston: Aveeno Skin Care's Newest Face!

Jennifer Aniston: Aveeno Skin Care's Newest Face!

Jennifer Aniston has just been named the newest face of Aveeno skin care products, according to E News!

“We can confirm that Jennifer Aniston will be partnering with Aveeno for skincare,” a rep for the 43-year-old actress said in a statement. “You can expect to see the results of this collaboration later this year.”

This past October, Jennifer also signed a deal with hair care brand Living Proof to be the company’s new spokeswoman and an equity partner!

Along with Living Proof and now Aveeno, Jen has promoted for SmartWater and L’Oreal hair care.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Jennifer Aniston as the face of Aveeno?

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Credit: Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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  • Bee

    She has terrible skin in HQ pics! Don’t forget the sun damage.

    They should choose someone who actually has good skin.

  • http://iPad LOL

    If you want leather dried up skin use Aveeno, next Justin will be advertising Crisco and Black Shoe Polish.
    Is Aveeno putting out a new product to conceal large crater pores, because that could be the only thing she should be advertiising.

  • Jean

    It is a joke for them to have ol’ ‘leather skin Aniston’ representing their product. With her ugly self.

  • Jean

    LOL @ 01/17/2013 at 11:36 am #2

    If you want leather dried up skin use Aveeno, next Justin will be advertising Crisco and Black Shoe Polish.

  • Nettie

    Come on now Aveeno! Now I’ll have to stop using your products if you go through with this Aniston partnership. I wants no parts of her – Jen, go make another bad movie and stay out of the product endorsement game, please!

  • Sleeping_Beauty

    Memo to all the negative ppl bashing Jennifer Aniston: When YOU know you are great there’s NOTHING to hate. Aveeno didn’t choose YOU! And they were not at gun point to choose JA. either, there are many celebrities but who gets chosen? Tsle that in your pipr smoke it!

  • shahad

    there’s so much better new fresh faces in Hollywood than this ugly old bitch

  • Kim

    Why do celebs choose to be the face of brands that still test on animals?
    Getting a celeb will boost the sales and these brands shouldn’t spend their money paying celebs but should spend it on alternative ways of testing.

  • Poster Girl 4 “Before” Photos

    The “after” photos will be courtesy of lots of photo shopping or someone with decent skin.
    Her hair is courtesy of the overuse of extensions to fake the appearance of healthy hair. Again the poster girl for the Before photos.

    I am sure we will hear Aniston is “investing” in this company and then you’ll kow she had to pay THEM for this PR tool.
    Looks like it’s just more of her drugstore level products.

  • hm

    …But why???
    TBH i don’t care which actor or model endorses a product because it’s complete bullshit. Usually these people have perfect hair/skin (and mostly for white people)

  • http://Justjarde Mick

    Love her

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Get out loons !!! Jen rocks

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    Best wishes jenny

  • Piper

    i love to have JA’s skin like love to have Lance Armstrong’s moral compass.

  • Cece

    It’s interesting that her career now seems to consist of endorsement deals (hair, skin, water…). I guess that’s one way to go.

  • http://Justjarde Jen

    She looks great

  • http://Justjarde Man


  • http://Justjarde Ellen

    Great news

  • larkins

    Jennifer looks better than great :)

  • http://Justjarde Ellen

    Loons meltdown

  • umm JL

    A great choice! Congrats!

  • umm JL

    she can sell her diet and workout too.

  • Mirta

    Not a good example of those skin care lotions since she has botox.

  • umm JL

    Do you think Jennifer must change the color of skin for you?

  • laura

    is that me or she really has grey hair on the picture? oo

  • hm

    @umm JL: i think you’re a racist twat :)

  • Daphne

    I wonder if she is now going the endorsement route instead of movie roles because this will take less of her time; ergo, more time with her guy? I have no idea but wouldn’t her manager put her out there as wishing to do endorsements?

  • robertina

    Why don’t you talk to ‘hm’?
    She told it;s OK, but it’s just for whit skin.
    Is it nice?
    Where is racism?

  • robertina

    She CAN’T
    have the grey hair with Cris McMillan.

  • hm

    @robertina: wtf??????

  • umm JL

    Jennifer is beautiful with any color of hair.
    And with grey too.
    Fortunately she has a big ch ice of colors.

  • camilla

    The twat is you.
    First think than write.

  • Uncle Tom

    Do you have some problems with your skin color?
    brown twat

  • http://Justjarde Ellen


  • Uncle Tom

    sorry: that was for so called ‘hm’.

  • sickness

    Nobody wants to be like those latino butts.

  • robertina

    You are stupid. It’s all.

  • SunnyAutumn

    Good thing I was already buying Aveeno’s lotion. She would be the last reason I would buy it. All of that smoking and crying from her “woe is me pity party” in the past has left her skin looking like a lizard. Far from Fresh and clean.

  • Sheila

    Well when the movie offers start drying up and with her limited talent and now older age they most certainly are, endorsements are her way to ensure she still stays on Forbes most $ actress list. She is determined to stay relevant, I’ll give her that LOL!!

    Personally I would NEVER EVER link Jennifer A. with good skin. If you want brown, overly-tanned, looks like luggage skin maybe, but she’s not an ad for great, natural skin. I hope they are marketing her to to 40+ crowd, because anybody under that age group likely has MUCH better skin than her without Aveeno.

  • Justme

    Unless Aveeno sells cream that reduces her Jay Leno chin, I ain’t buying it from JA. Her skin is one of the worst now at 43, the tanning has caught up to her. Even the hair, once her best feature, is looking raggedy lately and not worthy of hair promos.

  • Teri

    Jen would never use that cheap sh!t.

  • Mannifer Chiniston

    These are cheap products.

  • Kylie

    I don’t get any of these celeb endorsements.

    Does anyone think that her skin is the result of Aveeno?? Botox, fillers, laser treatments, regular facials….

    Her skin is not good and she no doubt does all of that and more. And some fool is supposed to believe that her skin is the result of Aveeno??

  • KissThis

    @Mirta: You do realize about 90% of celebs have some sort of facial filler right? It’s not just Aniston.

  • geeza louisa

    Didn’t she get on some list for having the worst skin in Hollywood several years ago along with Brad Pitt and a few other A listers? Why would Aveeno do this?

  • ellie’

    Of cause every celebrity had fillers or botox…Jen gorgeous to use these products..I believe she uses the also..Just went to a great spa and Jens face was everywhere with her favorite products…Jen u rock at anything you do…

  • ellie’

    Such jealousy still with hottest STAR in Hollywood..everyone wants Jennifer Aniston…even you love her , you live on here…

  • l

    she probably does not even use those products;

    p.s. smart water = more plastic!!

    way to go Jen

  • Vian

    She needs more $$$ to support her gigolo’s expensive living (cars, bikes, gifts, + buying him “work” or “contacts”, etc.). The other tens of males she had in her life/bed before were mostly independent financially. But they also all dumped her.
    Now, with this one, she desperately wants to keep up with appearances and if/when Theroux publicly “leaves” her, she’s gonna be humiliated again. So she accepts any endorsement, even from cheap non-prestigious products like Aveeno, to keep up with the cost of her lifestyle with a man who’s with her for her money.
    Just my opinion of course, but it’s the impression I get from this woman.

  • http://Justjarde Least

    Love herrrrr