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Jennifer Aniston: Aveeno Skin Care's Newest Face!

Jennifer Aniston: Aveeno Skin Care's Newest Face!

Jennifer Aniston has just been named the newest face of Aveeno skin care products, according to E News!

“We can confirm that Jennifer Aniston will be partnering with Aveeno for skincare,” a rep for the 43-year-old actress said in a statement. “You can expect to see the results of this collaboration later this year.”

This past October, Jennifer also signed a deal with hair care brand Living Proof to be the company’s new spokeswoman and an equity partner!

Along with Living Proof and now Aveeno, Jen has promoted for SmartWater and L’Oreal hair care.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Jennifer Aniston as the face of Aveeno?

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375 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: Aveeno Skin Care's Newest Face!”

  1. 1
    Bee Says:

    She has terrible skin in HQ pics! Don’t forget the sun damage.

    They should choose someone who actually has good skin.

  2. 2
    LOL Says:

    If you want leather dried up skin use Aveeno, next Justin will be advertising Crisco and Black Shoe Polish.
    Is Aveeno putting out a new product to conceal large crater pores, because that could be the only thing she should be advertiising.

  3. 3
    Jean Says:

    It is a joke for them to have ol’ ‘leather skin Aniston’ representing their product. With her ugly self.

  4. 4
    Jean Says:

    LOL @ 01/17/2013 at 11:36 am #2

    If you want leather dried up skin use Aveeno, next Justin will be advertising Crisco and Black Shoe Polish.

  5. 5
    Nettie Says:

    Come on now Aveeno! Now I’ll have to stop using your products if you go through with this Aniston partnership. I wants no parts of her – Jen, go make another bad movie and stay out of the product endorsement game, please!

  6. 6
    Sleeping_Beauty Says:

    Memo to all the negative ppl bashing Jennifer Aniston: When YOU know you are great there’s NOTHING to hate. Aveeno didn’t choose YOU! And they were not at gun point to choose JA. either, there are many celebrities but who gets chosen? Tsle that in your pipr smoke it!

  7. 7
    shahad Says:

    there’s so much better new fresh faces in Hollywood than this ugly old *****

  8. 8
    Kim Says:

    Why do celebs choose to be the face of brands that still test on animals?
    Getting a celeb will boost the sales and these brands shouldn’t spend their money paying celebs but should spend it on alternative ways of testing.

  9. 9
    Poster Girl 4 "Before" Photos Says:

    The “after” photos will be courtesy of lots of photo shopping or someone with decent skin.
    Her hair is courtesy of the overuse of extensions to fake the appearance of healthy hair. Again the poster girl for the Before photos.

    I am sure we will hear Aniston is “investing” in this company and then you’ll kow she had to pay THEM for this PR tool.
    Looks like it’s just more of her drugstore level products.

  10. 10
    hm Says:

    …But why???
    TBH i don’t care which actor or model endorses a product because it’s complete bullshit. Usually these people have perfect hair/skin (and mostly for white people)

  11. 11
    Mick Says:

    Love her

  12. 12
    Jen Says:

    Get out loons !!! Jen rocks

  13. 13
    Jen Says:

    Best wishes jenny

  14. 14
    Piper Says:

    i love to have JA’s skin like love to have Lance Armstrong’s moral compass.

  15. 15
    Cece Says:

    It’s interesting that her career now seems to consist of endorsement deals (hair, skin, water…). I guess that’s one way to go.

  16. 16
    Jen Says:

    She looks great

  17. 17
    Man Says:


  18. 18
    Ellen Says:

    Great news

  19. 19
    larkins Says:

    Jennifer looks better than great :)

  20. 20
    Ellen Says:

    Loons meltdown

  21. 21
    umm JL Says:

    A great choice! Congrats!

  22. 22
    umm JL Says:

    she can sell her diet and workout too.

  23. 23
    Mirta Says:

    Not a good example of those skin care lotions since she has botox.

  24. 24
    umm JL Says:

    Do you think Jennifer must change the color of skin for you?

  25. 25
    laura Says:

    is that me or she really has grey hair on the picture? oo

  26. 26
    hm Says:

    @umm JL: i think you’re a racist twat :)

  27. 27
    Daphne Says:

    I wonder if she is now going the endorsement route instead of movie roles because this will take less of her time; ergo, more time with her guy? I have no idea but wouldn’t her manager put her out there as wishing to do endorsements?

  28. 28
    robertina Says:

    Why don’t you talk to ‘hm’?
    She told it;s OK, but it’s just for whit skin.
    Is it nice?
    Where is racism?

  29. 29
    robertina Says:

    She CAN’T
    have the grey hair with Cris McMillan.

  30. 30
    hm Says:

    @robertina: wtf??????

  31. 31
    umm JL Says:

    Jennifer is beautiful with any color of hair.
    And with grey too.
    Fortunately she has a big ch ice of colors.

  32. 32
    camilla Says:

    The twat is you.
    First think than write.

  33. 33
    Uncle Tom Says:

    Do you have some problems with your skin color?
    brown twat

  34. 34
    Ellen Says:


  35. 35
    Uncle Tom Says:

    sorry: that was for so called ‘hm’.

  36. 36
    sickness Says:

    Nobody wants to be like those latino butts.

  37. 37
    robertina Says:

    You are stupid. It’s all.

  38. 38
    SunnyAutumn Says:

    Good thing I was already buying Aveeno’s lotion. She would be the last reason I would buy it. All of that smoking and crying from her “woe is me pity party” in the past has left her skin looking like a lizard. Far from Fresh and clean.

  39. 39
    Sheila Says:

    Well when the movie offers start drying up and with her limited talent and now older age they most certainly are, endorsements are her way to ensure she still stays on Forbes most $ actress list. She is determined to stay relevant, I’ll give her that LOL!!

    Personally I would NEVER EVER link Jennifer A. with good skin. If you want brown, overly-tanned, looks like luggage skin maybe, but she’s not an ad for great, natural skin. I hope they are marketing her to to 40+ crowd, because anybody under that age group likely has MUCH better skin than her without Aveeno.

  40. 40
    Justme Says:

    Unless Aveeno sells cream that reduces her Jay Leno chin, I ain’t buying it from JA. Her skin is one of the worst now at 43, the tanning has caught up to her. Even the hair, once her best feature, is looking raggedy lately and not worthy of hair promos.

  41. 41
    Teri Says:

    Jen would never use that cheap sh!t.

  42. 42
    Mannifer Chiniston Says:

    These are cheap products.

  43. 43
    Kylie Says:

    I don’t get any of these celeb endorsements.

    Does anyone think that her skin is the result of Aveeno?? Botox, fillers, laser treatments, regular facials….

    Her skin is not good and she no doubt does all of that and more. And some fool is supposed to believe that her skin is the result of Aveeno??

  44. 44
    KissThis Says:

    @Mirta: You do realize about 90% of celebs have some sort of facial filler right? It’s not just Aniston.

  45. 45
    geeza louisa Says:

    Didn’t she get on some list for having the worst skin in Hollywood several years ago along with Brad Pitt and a few other A listers? Why would Aveeno do this?

  46. 46
    ellie' Says:

    Of cause every celebrity had fillers or botox…Jen gorgeous to use these products..I believe she uses the also..Just went to a great spa and Jens face was everywhere with her favorite products…Jen u rock at anything you do…

  47. 47
    ellie' Says:

    Such jealousy still with hottest STAR in Hollywood..everyone wants Jennifer Aniston…even you love her , you live on here…

  48. 48
    l Says:

    she probably does not even use those products;

    p.s. smart water = more plastic!!

    way to go Jen

  49. 49
    Vian Says:

    She needs more $$$ to support her gigolo’s expensive living (cars, bikes, gifts, + buying him “work” or “contacts”, etc.). The other tens of males she had in her life/bed before were mostly independent financially. But they also all dumped her.
    Now, with this one, she desperately wants to keep up with appearances and if/when Theroux publicly “leaves” her, she’s gonna be humiliated again. So she accepts any endorsement, even from cheap non-prestigious products like Aveeno, to keep up with the cost of her lifestyle with a man who’s with her for her money.
    Just my opinion of course, but it’s the impression I get from this woman.

  50. 50
    Least Says:

    Love herrrrr

  51. 51
    Least Says:

    Jen on the top

  52. 52
    Least Says:

    Amazing news

  53. 53
    Vian Says:

    I mean the “coupling” of Jen Aniston with Justin Theroux is first & foremost a business/PR deal. Maybe just like a few other Hollywood alleged “couples” (past example: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes).
    But the money comes out of Jennifer’s own pocket, not from a production company, so she needs to make lots of $$$ to keep Theroux by her side publicly, even just design for public consumption. The ends justify the means.

  54. 54
    lurkeyloo Says:

    How much did this “endorsement” cost her ?

  55. 55
    Vian Says:

    And I must add that Angelina Jolie would have never ever lowered herself to that level only for money. She would never accept to be a spokesperson for such a cheap product.

  56. 56
    Least Says:

    Jennifer reportedly signed a $40 million deal with the company. The company was so excited to have her after they have seen what she has done for companies such as SmartWater, l’Oreal, Got Milks, Diamani Diamonds among others and her own company Living proof.

  57. 57
    ellie' Says:

    I’m bored I usually go on other sites of more great stars and actors..but one in particular is AJ & BP its quite interesting that I can read more about Jens life then theirs…Its amazing to know something about Jennifer and Justin just go to there site..but I normally would never go there , such a bunch of the nastiest a*s people ever….
    Everyone has a nice Day!!!

  58. 58
    Jessie Says:

    Yeah, like she uses Aveeno. Advertisers don’t care if they are not telling the truth because so many silly women will think they are. OMG! I can have skin like Jennifer Aniston. Yep, if you spent thousands on skin care products ( not Aveeno) and treatments like botox and chemical peels.
    Same with those actresses claiming long lashes from a product when they are wearing false eyelashes or when they claim they got this great hair from a bottle of something you can buy off the shelf, when they’re wearing hair pieces. Truth in advertising is laughable and celebrities like her don’t care because it’s a paycheck for them.

  59. 59
    The Real Truth Says:

    Well there goes another product I won’t be buying again. With all the up and com “real talent” and “real beautiful” actresses out there they chose crater face Aniston, the queen of tabloids. There is nothing fresh on her, haven’t been for years. Again she is in the same boat with the Kardashian trash.

  60. 60
    macy Says:

    hey loons its a 40 million deal.#showercry so happy for her

  61. 61
    this is JL Says:

    Jennifer’s beauty WINS!

  62. 62
    Jentheho Says:

    Guess she is not good enough to sell luxury brands.

  63. 63
    Ivermom Says: comment is awaiting moderation…why…because I can’t stand the Pitts and I am a Jen fan?? Hmmmm.interesting!

  64. 64
    Ivermom Says:

    Really, not good enough to sell “luxury” brands…most people cannot afford them so why advertise them, only the Celebs can afford them, they are targeting the normal American population not Celebs, they would not buy it anyway….Duh!

  65. 65
    this is JL Says:

    Moderation is a way to provide the “honesty” and “justice”.

  66. 66
    this is JL Says:

    She is good enough to sell the brands based on natural components.

  67. 67

    Aniston mega w#ore alert
    vile stenc#
    huge supply fawp
    Aniston bigg#st w#ore ever
    hazmat suit
    t#ickest rubber
    radioactive tart

  68. 68
    Fugly Says:


  69. 69
    NYC Says:


  70. 70
    Jentheho Says:

    @this is JL:

    LMAO!!! Natural components. WTF!!

  71. 71
    Jentheho Says:


    You mean everyone who want a cheap star to represents their cheap brand.

  72. 72
    this is JL Says:

    ellie means
    everyone who never sold even 1000 of the cheapest condoms
    can’t see Jen’s success.

  73. 73
    Whatevah Says:

    /sigh there goes my last bottle of Aveeno, not going to use this brand anymore with that person representing it grrrr.

  74. 74
    Jessie Says:

    Leave Jen alone! Her acting career is drying up and she has no other talents. Let her do any deals she can to keep her paid man. She’s not as young as she use to be and no one knows when that chemically created face will start to melt. I wonder if Purina could use a celebrity spokesperson.

  75. 75
    this is JL Says:

    You are right.
    Aveeno can’t help you.
    You are hopeless.

  76. 76
    Jen In Rehab Says:

    48yoa has been gotta work, lot of people on her payroll
    what’s next QVC

  77. 77
    Hello Says:

    Jen is the perfect spokesperson for low -level drugstore brands

  78. 78
    Brand and celebs Says:

    Angelina has worked for brands St.John, Louis Vuitton, Shiseido, and Robert Procop..all Jen gets is bottled water, she made her own perfume thinking people were interested in smelling like her…dispite the dissapointing sales, she tried to invest in a shampoo company where she will be the spokes person for it. I feel like she is really desperate to compete with her rival but keeps failing all the time..

  79. 79
    Vian Says:

    Brad Pitt »»» Chanel (now maybe Cadillac?) ; luxurious, prestigious company/ quality expensive products, for people earning a good salary, with higher education, more sophisticated.
    Jennifer Aniston »»» Aveeno : much cheaper beauty product , for more “common” people; (as simple middle-aged women with low income?).
    Marketing strategy:
    Depending on the specific characteristics of the product, the subsets of a market segmentation may be divided by criteria such as age and gender, or other distinctions, such as location or income.
    Marketing campaigns can then be designed and implemented to target these specific customer segments
    A target market is a group of customers that the business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise towards.

  80. 80
    Poor Jenny Says:

    I used Murad facial cleanser $25, and Jergens moisterizer $8, St. Ives appricot scrub $, and Ponds towettes, and i don’t smoke, don’t sun bathe, thats all i need to have healthy beautiful soft skin. And it does NOT look like Jenifer Aniston’s skin :)

  81. 81
    Tymeup Says:

    GOODBYE Aveeno!

  82. 82
    Vian Says:

    Psychographic segmentation (from wikipedia)
    Psychographics is the science of using psychology and demographics to better understand consumers. Psychographic segmentation: consumers are divided according to their lifestyle, personality, values and social class.

  83. 83
    Tymeup Says:

    Even if I’m just one but I did my goodbyes with Dumbwater a long long time ago. She’s just one big marketing tool and I’m no fool!

  84. 84
    lOL Says:

    40 million, did she buy the company, babababababa.
    Aveeno sells for 4 to 6 bucks, people that don’t pay to see her movies, are going to buy Aveeno, bababa.
    Well Aveeno sure is not working, because she said on David Letterman, that she gets laser treatment on her face, because of the sun damage, smoking, Alcohol and the large pores.

  85. 85
    this is JL Says:

    @Brand and celebs:
    Robert Procop’s face….
    Jolie hates on design of that ring….
    She hates on yellow diamonds at all….
    Desperate Jen?
    A $ 40 Millions deal!
    Not bad addition to her money.

  86. 86
    this is JL Says:

    Large pores in your head.

  87. 87
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    maybe, it’s going to be in the discount bin next to her men’s repellant spray!!! she admitted to being addicted to “laser porn”! yup!! natural components!!! bwahaha!!!

  88. 88
    this is JL Says:

    Sushi your addiction is a lie.

  89. 89
    gabe Says:

    Jen’s product endorsements reflect her lifestyle and priorities in life – water, skin care, hair – it is all about her. Although, i’ve seen her in st. jude’s hospital for children commercials, and I wish she would get more involved in projects that help others or do humanitarian efforts to raise awareness to help others. I am sure she is a nice person, but how she presents herself or how she is presented by her “people” don’t reflect that.

  90. 90
    bobo Says:

    Old leatherface is promoting skin care? Now that’s funny – possibly the only truly funny thing Aniston has ever done. Besides try to convince us she’s attractive.

    I lcan’t help but ove the one Aniston fan who keeps posting over and over and over under different names :D

  91. 91
    phistine Says:

    Ewwwww I use that skin cream! I don’t wanna think about JA’s gross face when I’m putting it on. Aveeno must wanna go broke.

  92. 92
    md Says:

    I think she looks great. She has an amazing body & her skin is in great shape for going out in the sun as much as she does.
    As for Botox she stopped using it on her forehead quite some time ago.
    Most of you guys stand in awe of the 20 somethings in hollywood that have all kinds of plastic surgery done & sit here & make fun of someone in her 40′s who’s trying to stay fit & take care of her looks moderately.
    Either you’re her age & have no money to invest in yourselves or you are younger & are jealous of her most likely looking better then you. Get a grip, most likely the lady working at your local grocery store has more work done then Aniston does. Have you seen many ugly young or old people lately?

  93. 93
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @this is JL: Just Loser, honey! your whole life is a lie! U can’t even decide if you’re a male or a female!!! ain’t tat right, many tranny lover!!! Bwahaha

  94. 94
    anna Says:

    I like the she knows what to promote and invest in. She’s very savvy.

  95. 95
    anna Says:

    Oh and what a surprise that all you jealous middle aged women continue to be resentful towards Jennifer for living her life. The envy you have towards her is sad. She’s rich and enjoying her life and you sit behind your computer wasting all your energy on hating her. It’s really lame and meanwhile Jennifer is laughing all the way to the bank! :)

  96. 96
    cee Says:

    She is a phoney and a fameho. I would not buy anything she promotes. If it were not for her aggressive PR team noone would care about her. She rides on the JP coat tails and her PR guy Huvane uses that in all of his promo timing. Bet this comes out at the same time as a Brad movie.

  97. 97
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    Good bye AveeNO… Man face old greasy Chiniston 40 mills ready for all the AveeNO photo shop and air brushed to the max for all the Moroniston Wallmart shoppers … LOL…

  98. 98
    Sheila Says:


    They should hire someone with good skin, not leather-tanned skin.

  99. 99
    False Advertising Says:

    This woman has admitted to getting her face burned with acid (chemical peels) to try and deflect the damage done to skin from her tanning over the year and to date! That is not healthy or natural. It is all false lies! What’s sad is some are stupid enough to believe her crap and will buy this stuff that she never used.

    She just a few short years ago claimed all she washes with is Noxzema and had used it since she was a teen, then a short year or two after that she lied again. She is a bad example for any natural skin product or cancer organization, especially after her recent skin fry in Cabo.

  100. 100
    Mel Says:

    I’m big fan if her

  101. 101
    rachel Says:

    Nobody wants to look like a old roasted pig.

  102. 102
    hm Says:

    lovely racist comments on here – it’s wonderful that i can report them and hopefully kick you pigs off this site

  103. 103
    hm Says:

    and calling me a ‘brown twat’ because i think more women of color should be doing campaigns and more products need to be based for every woman not just white women makes me stupid well then i’ll gladly stay “Stupid”

  104. 104
    Kate Says:

    Weird choice. But maybe they’ll promise to improve her skin. I’ll start using Aveeno if they can do that because she’s so sun-damaged.

  105. 105
    Mod Says:

    Are you happy with what you see JJ??? You are being reported by many people because of the words of your own.. You allow racist comments..You allow comments about the mentally challenged..Your fav shiibaby is going to be the downfall of this site..It is being worked on as I post..Ready???

  106. 106
    Simy Alanes sexual inadequacy Says:

    Simonette, Ram opened up about the way his family is coping with her sister’s mental condition. At work, this week…

  107. 107
    yep Says:

    Congrats! Happy for Jen!

  108. 108
    ellie' Says:

    @Vian: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Say all u want ..Jen is making so much more money then them…

  109. 109
    Observer Says:

    True story:

    I was out running errands and needed a beverage.
    I was in a hurry and grabbed the first bottle of water on the shelf.
    I did a double take and saw that it was Intelligent Water.
    Reverse marketing strategy worked on me!
    I put that bottle of water down like it was a cow pie.
    I grabbed an Arrowhead bottle of water and purchased it.
    Revulsion is the best way for me to describe JA’s endorsements.

    True story.

  110. 110
    Wow Says:

    She is glowing

  111. 111
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:


  112. 112
    :) Says:

    I looooooooooooooooove her ;)

  113. 113
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    I did NOT mean any of that.
    ok,I AM jealous.

  114. 114
    this is JL Says:

    Sushi dear,
    how can I explain to you what does it mean A MAN?
    You are a dog anyway.

  115. 115
    this is JL Says:

    Cow pie is not a good decision for you.
    Try John Mayer’s pie.
    It’s a true story too.

  116. 116
    this is JL Says:

    Aveeno has a good reputation for decades.
    A very good choice.

  117. 117
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    Narcissist ly

  118. 118
    this is JL Says:

    @ChelSHIIT HOndler:
    But you are here
    to enjoy all of this.

  119. 119
    Ivermom Says:

    I love the goodbye Aveeno comments…LOL…you have never used it in the first place! Such little children. Why does it hurt you to see Jen living life and being happy? Is your life really that pathetic and miserable?

  120. 120
    Maria Says:

    She has terrible skin from years of abuse of too much sunbathing, years of smoking, too much use of botox and fillers. In fact her resembles a lizzard and I am shocked anyone would want her to promote their products.

  121. 121
    this is JL Says:

    It would be so nice to kiss this “terrible” skin.
    Not yours Maria.

  122. 122
    LOL Says:

    @Maria: She is investing in the company, you don’t think they believe she uses their products.
    She is on record saying she uses laser treatments, Botox, fillers, lipo, and HGH, why do you think her skin looks like an Alligator (rough) and her voice is so manly (cigarettes).
    Her Gigolo was in Milan sporting his new hair plugs and sniffing out Heidi, he is realizing all the money in the world can’t compensate for boredom, Brad and John said she was boring, Rosie said she was the most boring interview that she ever had and would never interview her again. Notice that the people she hangs around tend to be heavy drinkers, and tokers, if they were not high, they would be hitting the road too.

  123. 123
    2 this is JL Says:

    Who is Rosie comparing to Oprah Winfrey?

  124. 124
    2 JL Says:

    Chelsea is not all her friends.
    Chelsea is not an alcoholic.
    Chelsea drinks as much as she can –
    she has enough health for that.
    And money.

  125. 125
    1 JL Says:

    Hey ‘LOL’ !
    What do you have against Alligators?
    No money on Alligators skin bag and shoes?
    Her skin in a very good conditions.
    She doesn’t smoke.
    Her voice is clear and ringing.

  126. 126
    Wow Says:

    Jealous loons.

    Leave Jen alone.

  127. 127
    LOL Says:

    What to be jealous of? a woman that can’t keep a man unless she pays him to stay, and regardless of how many bought polls, she tops, she is still u g l y. No one says they want her thin lips, beady too close together eyes, her J Leno chin, stumpy legs, porous skin, line backer arms or her middle age spread.
    Well she started it, going around to Oprah show, crying in Vanity Fair and playing a victim for 7 years, until people got tired of her boo hooing, then she turn her pitt bull on Angie. If a man don’t want you he don’t, plain and simple, several men prove that point.
    The only job she can get is in low budget movies, she can’t even get her Gigolo hired.
    This is not Karma, this is when you treat your parent/mother horribly, you reap what you sow,and she is going to be reaping for years to come. Could not happen to a more deserving person. LOL

  128. 128
    1 JL Says:

    Her face is great for “Aveeno”
    but not for some loser like ‘LOL’.
    Big deal.

  129. 129
    1 JL Says:

    I guess LOL dreams about ‘stumpy’ legs like Jennifer’s one. :)
    LOL do you want be the Sexiest Woman of All the Times? :)
    Do you want to be an America’s Sweetheart? :)

  130. 130
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @this is JL: sweetheart, we all know “real men” do not run around to different gossip site, use every breathing moment defending a used up, has been, wannabe TV Hacktress! dont get it twisted my re.ta.rded one..just becuz you have a Jennay blow up dolly for a gf doesn’t qualify you as a man!!! ain’t that right, power bottom?!!! Bwahaha

  131. 131
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    her buttaface is only good enough for the average garden variety drugstore brand…good enough for her minivan Walmart shopper..

  132. 132
    Ivermom Says:

    Poor jealous loons…just can’t accept Jen’s happiness. It’s a sad life for them I guess.

  133. 133
    1 JL Says:

    you are boring mazohist..
    Go talk to your dog.

  134. 134
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    Poor you… You… and you Moroniston the Tabloid worshipers. .. Just can’t accept the JPs happiness .. 8 years 6 kids later…
    Yes.. EIGHT… years… later….
    Still screaming at the ocean.. Crying me a river… indeed …. a sad.. sad life for the Fat Fugly Chiiniston loons… JEALOUS… I guest.

  135. 135
    Lulu Says:

    @LOL: True that. Her skin is so thick and ugly. She should be ashamed of herself to think she could dare advertise skin care. Goodness me, her skin is still showing the “before” look.

  136. 136
    1 JL Says:

    shiitHO knows how the happiness looks like!
    Good for you! :)
    All what Jolie is thinking about is just her health.
    Look at her legs!
    This is a 38 years old woman who can have the best food,
    the best trainers, the best doctors…
    But what we see?
    She is focused just on her diagnoses.
    It it a HAPPINESS?
    Do you think you can destroy someones love
    and you’ll be HAPPY after that?
    Don’t be naive.
    Where is Brad’s LOVE to Jolie?
    They both are actors –
    why not to ACT LOVE?
    They can’t.
    This role is not for them.
    Brad just DEMONSTRATES he cares.
    He is not stupid –
    he analyzed all what happened after divorce.
    But business is business.
    That’s why we must read all the BS about
    ALL THE ASPECTS of his caring.
    But you may see Jolie!
    All the world can look at her “happiness”.
    And what we see?
    A mess and an embarrassment.
    People are not stupid.
    One look on the picture and you can see ALL.
    All what there is there.
    And all what there is NOT.

  137. 137
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    The Psycho DOG .. nut… Job Luupy LaLa is on the loose…. again.

  138. 138
    8 JL 5 Says:

    You have NOTHING to say.
    But my comments with previous nick are blocked.
    Blocking is your only argument.

  139. 139
    saurabh Says:

    Does anyone think that the brands celebrities endorse, they actually use it… lol.. if she has been chosen, she deserved it.. no one else was chosen becasue the panel who chose her thought of her to be be it!!

  140. 140
    Guest Says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I will stop buying any Aveeno brand. I don’t want to look ugly like her.

  141. 141
    Frank Says:

    @this is JL:
    She has ugly skin. Angelina endorsed high end products like Sisheido and LV and she has flawless skin besides being so beautiful. Jennifer is bloated and has coarse skin and does not have the looks to save herself. Aveeno is a cheap product and with Jennifer’s name on it, this brand will tank also. Her perfume was a disaster also. I don’t get it why she think she has to put her face or name into a brand, must be her narcissistic self. People are getting sick of her. Why does she just go away and live in her Greece country.

  142. 142
    Ivermom Says:

    Oh trust me, I accept Pitt and Jolie’s happiness together! I am over the moon about them..they were meant for each other. I adore Jen and Justin together, super cute couple. It’s YOU Jolie fans that cannot accept Jen’s happiness. Frank, Jolie endorsed high end products but can your average woman afford those products? NO! However, they could afford Aveeno.

  143. 143
    Miller Says:


    She cant get work. She’s 44, cant act, and looks like a baboon’s a ss exploded on her face. Keeping a gigolo from running back to his ex, aint cheap , soooo this tired hag bag is gonna be shilling everything from depends to reverse mortgages.

  144. 144
    mgc94520 Says:

    I am glad Aveeno is not discrimating and hiring the elderly. Her skin looks leatherly…I guess that what Aveeno does for you.

  145. 145
    LOL Says:

    Going to the Inauguration balls sure top going to Oscars, for John Mayer, he was all over his young girlfriend not hiding like when he was going out with the older women.
    Katie and John sure look like a loved up couple, while Ticky’s Gigalo looks bored with her, but the almighty dollar is keeping him attach to her.

  146. 146
    Gun Says:

    Amazing news !!!!!!!!

  147. 147
    w Jolie Laceration Says:

    Angelina endorsed high end products ….
    HERPES -
    that is what you can expect.

  148. 148
    camilla Says:

    She is invited in to the next movie this February.

  149. 149
    camilla Says:

    she was born in Sherman Oaks –
    LA is her Native Land.
    May be YOU must go to your country?

  150. 150
    jenna Says:

    Katie Perry will never marry moron like Mayer.

  151. 151
    jenna Says:

    That’s a great choice for Aveeno.
    Everybody knows Jennifer’s age
    and everybody can see her look.
    And she is very positive person –
    it’s very important for people.

  152. 152
    jenna Says:

    @w Jolie Laceration:
    Angelina can provide
    High Quality Herpes with her products.

  153. 153
    AGA The Freak Says:

    Angelina Jolie has a contract
    on advertising
    of the liver transplantation.

  154. 154
    Miller Says:


    A movie that didnt get greenlit on her name and will probably go straight to DVD…..if it gets made. What…you bought all that bs about her not working, cuz she’s so in lurv…..well, i guess like the saying goes, theres a sucker born every minute…… your mama should’ve named you tootsie pop.

  155. 155
    Frank Says:

    @jenna: Jenna, you are as ill bred as they come. Go ahead and make idiotic comments and believe in our own little world. Anyone can see Jennifer for what she is, an epic failure! Ever wonder why everyone leaves her and she bombs all money making deals?!!!! She is not fooling anyone anymore. The truth shows how ugly inside and outside she truly is. Trust me, I have followed her blogs against Jolie for a long time and Jennifer is full of hate, jealousy and evil. It is about time she leave the Jolie Pitt family alone.

  156. 156
    Filler Says:

    “not working” -
    studio has a hobby
    to pay $ millions
    to “not working” people. :)

  157. 157
    BB Says:

    This girl is GOLD..Aveeno knew exactly what they were doing when they signed her on..Everyone wants to be like Jen..I have used Aveeno for certain things, and they have a great product..Jen will really sell it for them though..She has the perfect skin for this line..She looks like she is in her early 30′s, tops..She has really taken good care of herself..She is a pot of gold for any beauty product line..
    As I look at these posts, I can see a lot of ugly people through the words I read..I can just see these posters as lonely, unattractive overweight women with a very pathetic life..The mean posts are from very jealous unattractive women that most likely can’t find a man because they are not attractive..I personally am a young, small, pretty girl that has no problem using what God gave me to get where I am today..If you have it, use it..If you don’t have it, then spend your days on the internet bashing beautiful women like Jen..We are use to it..At the end of the day, we have a man in our bed that loves us, and we are still pretty in the morning..

  158. 158
    BB under MOD Says:

    You can sniff me out like an old hound dog huh JJ??? lmfao…Too funny…

  159. 159
    lOL Says:

    Ticky is the one knocking back drinks with her Alcoholic friends, not only is she going to need a liver, but a lung also.
    That twit is shameless promoting St Jude’s, a place that deals with cancer patients, while she is a Smoker, she will need St Jude’s in the future .
    John and Katie look so cute together, while Ticky and her GIGALO look like two dried up crocodiles.
    I should feel for The Dwarf, but he allowed himself to be bought, waking up every morning to that nag, ok he can put a paper bag over her head.

  160. 160
    Miller Says:


    Face facts hen, fugmo cant get work. Happens to old hags who cant act. Those that can get roles, those that cant schill low rate beauty products, and brag about being able to “work a pole” pathetic….just pathetic.

  161. 161
    F Miller 6 Says:

    she owns your a$$.
    Unlike you she can work as much as she wants.
    She has about $ 150 M – its enough for this.
    Can YOU live without work.
    That is what you must think about.

  162. 162
    Superpop Says:

    After I drank a bottle of Smartwater I caught “bad actress syndrome”

    Jen taints anything she endorses. People who use Aveeno will now probably become dried-up desperate narcissistic plastic ****** like Aniston.

  163. 163
    Popersup Says:

    After I tried a doze of Hero in,
    I caught a Jolie syndrome.

  164. 164
    OIL IOL Says:

    You must say
    she comes to that hospital
    to sell cigarettes to children.
    And alcohol.

  165. 165
    OIL IOL Says:

    She doesn’t smoking.

  166. 166
    Miller Says:

    @F Miller 6:

    I got put into moderation so I’ll repeat what I said.

    Obviously she does NEED to work or she wouldnt be shilling low end face creams, shampoo, whatever that british crap was, bottled water and of course sk an k stank, people that dont need to work ….dont, they dont make excuses like “im toooooo in lurve to work” or jump at any low budget piece of crap movie that they can get….when they can get cast in one. If she really didnt need the money, she would be choosy about what she attached her name to. Everything she does reeks of patheticness and desperation, but hey I aint a fan so I dont view this ha g thru rose colored glasses. But you keep up with the name changin’ and desperatly defending the ho…maybe she’ll let you sniff her pa nti es or sumpin’

  167. 167
    BB Says:

    Not only does she have movie offers still being tossed her way, but Aveeno paid her a cool $40 million to be the face of Aveeno…Doesn’t sound even remotely pathetic or desperate to me..It sounds like she is very famous and beautiful, therefore everyone wants a piece of Jennifer Aniston! I don’t have to sound like a bully or attack jealous posters to get my point across..Am I a Jolie fan? No I am not, but I don’t feel the need to go to a Jolie thread and bash her..She stands on her own past, and Jen stands on her own merit and always will..Jen is a very lucky woman to have such a wonderful life..

  168. 168
    BB under MOD Says:

    I am under MOD only on certain threads…Why is it only Jen & Jolie threads that allow me to post..I get it…JJ wants hits only on those threads..To He!! with the rest of the boring threads huh JJ??? jk…

  169. 169
    BB under MOD Says:

    See not under MOD now cuz I am on Jen’s thread…She is great and all, but maybe I have things to say about the other threads…No wonder they don’t get hits..I don’t bully anyone..Oh well, no biggie…

  170. 170
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    BP thread get 1536 post in 12 days.
    The most famous Chin in HW get only 164 post in EIGHT days??
    Iggy Pop fans… You can do better ….
    40 mills my Asss!!!!

  171. 171
    LOL Says:

    @BB: Ticky getting 40 million for aveeno, LOL the company is not worth 40 million.
    Who in their right mind would pay this wash up, has been, hag that amount of money in this economy.
    Oh wait her Gigalo is worth 10 million too, never was the star in a big budget movie, never had a hit TV series, was one of five writers on a low budget movie, his parents sure as hell don’t have it to give to him, after paying for numerous rehab stays.
    Poor Heidi spent the last fourteen years,supporting this loser, and then Ticky came along and start flashing her cooch and $s and that loser took off with her because he is use to women supporting him.
    She will be in another low budget movie come Feb, while her paid companion will be riding his bike and going to fashion shows trying to sniff out Heidi.

  172. 172
    JolieLipocation Says:

    It’s funny:
    LOL never saw a million dollar
    but he knows for sure all about Aveeno’s 40 M…
    And nobody blocks these stupid comments.

  173. 173
    JolieLipocation Says:

    everybody must repeat his posts 40-50 times
    to provide “1536 posts in 12 days”.
    AJ has no PR department – right?
    Whole the news sites are her PR departments.

  174. 174
    JolieLipocation Says:

    @BB under MOD:
    You may use different computers
    and change user name and email.
    And write all you want.
    It’s a little uncomfortable,
    but fighting for Truth is Noble business. :)

  175. 175
    BB Says:

    I use the same computer, same post name, same e-mail..I don’t hide my words & opinions..I don’t have to..I realize now that I am not the only one this is happening to on these threads..I see a lot of posts with posters asking why they are under MOD..
    That being said whether it is uncomfortable to hear the truth or not…The truth is the truth and it always hurts..Jen has lots of, friends, love from her fans, love from the industry, a gorgeous face & bod, and lets not forget, more money than the J/P’s together have..I’d say she is doing everything right..Love the girl..

  176. 176
    AveenoJLleapliposaction Says:

    Jennifer paid a fool price to have the life she has.
    She worked hard changing herself
    so lots of brands want a piece of Jennifer Aniston now.
    Because Jennifer is an embodied American Dream.

  177. 177
    AveenoJL Says:

    You are right.
    But Jolie team uses al the ways to promote her.
    They so love to repeat Jolie has NO pr department.

  178. 178
    -JL- Says:

    @BB: If you don’t want to be blocked -
    use another computer.
    I used just one nick JL
    but my home computer is on the special account here.
    Because I’m an Aniston fan.
    Big deal.
    Freedom of the word will win anyway. :)

  179. 179
    Dirkstar Says:


  180. 180
    Dirkstar Says:

    And…JL-Power ForeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrJL,
    coz´ she´s is THE GREATEST JEN-FAN…………..
    …………………………….and………………………..why not?
    That´s OK !

  181. 181
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @BB: and let me guess,you know she makes more money becuz she is your bestie? you LOONIFERS really think she is you’re bff..lmao!! cuckoo!!cuckoo!!

  182. 182
    sorryJL Says:

    full price :) :) :)

  183. 183
    ellie' Says:

    Funny how you people even if its right in front of you all…Jen has worked hard for all she has and done this on her own….She is in love with Justin…and wish the hottest couple in H.W. the best..Just love this women..!!!

  184. 184
    ellie' Says:

    @ChelSHIIT HOndler:
    Like I said , and its all about Jennifer & Justin..thats how I learn news about Jen from you people…Its great ..I don’t even have to look her up..

  185. 185
    ellie' Says:

    you should try the personal opinion.. I love it..

  186. 186
    ellie' Says:

    Perfect choice..Jennifer is gorgeous..great endorsing a product that people can afford..and if Jen says she uses it ..I believe her, shes an honest woman… 40ML..Now that says alot…

  187. 187
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @ellie’: psycho Ellie, if its your opinion everyone should stay clear! nobody wants to be associated with such evilness ( just because you hate the JP) …btw, save it!!! you know what evil im taking about it…if you don’t want me to call you out on it ..i suggest you hide behind your other alias…like Ivermom, or schizo jilly,…or your new name …BB (big b*tch)…yes, her BUTTAFACE is epitome of AVERAGE , garden variety …just good enough for the minivan bitter old cat ladies…no luxury line for the old lady next door…bwahahahha

  188. 188
    Mel Says:

    @ Ellie: Jennifer being honest? Thx for making me laugh so hard that I had tears running down my face. Jennifer cheated and broke a 14 year relationship – do you think she told the told to Heidi? She herself has admitted to being addicted to what she calls laser porn so how can she now say she has been using this for years?

  189. 189
    Carla Says:


  190. 190
    Gina Says:

    Brad left L.A on his OWN. Uh-oh! I smell a break up coming!!
    meanwhile the beautiful Jennifer and gorgeous Justin are happy as can be!!

  191. 191
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @Gina: Justin went to Milan on his OWN!!! Uh-oh! is he trying to pull escape Katie and win back his true love, lil retardiston, you need to stop sniffing so far up JenHO booty hole!!! come out for fresh air and back into the real world!!

  192. 192
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    correction: pull an escape like Katie and win back his true LOVE Heidi! but she is too classy and smart to “let that man do that again” to her!

  193. 193
    sorryJL Says:

    Brad can leave LA
    but he can’t leave the planet with media, internet and RUMORS.

  194. 194
    sorryJL Says:

    What must she say to Heidi? :) :) :)
    About “porn” -
    she told she loves TO READ everything about laser therapy.
    Endless and non stop.
    Nothing else.

  195. 195
    ellie' Says:

    awe #182…wouldn’t give u the time of day love..!!!!

  196. 196
    ellie' Says:

    Such jealousy still with hottest STAR in Hollywood..everyone wants Jennifer Aniston…even you love her , you live on here…

  197. 197
    ellie' Says:

    I’m bored I usually go on other sites of more great stars and actors..but one in particular is AJ & BP its quite interesting that I can read more about Jens life then theirs…Its amazing to know something about Jennifer and Justin just go to there site..but I normally would never go there , such a bunch of the nastiest a*s people ever….
    Everyone has a nice Day!!!

  198. 198
    ellie' Says:

    Once again to the other the way Jennifer Aniston & Justin Is only spoken about…I’m bored I usually go on other sites of more great stars and actors..but one in particular is AJ & BP its quite interesting that I can read more about Jens life then theirs…Its amazing to know something about Jennifer and Justin just go to there site..but I normally would never go there , such a bunch of the nastiest a*s people ever….
    Everyone has a nice Day!!!

  199. 199
    ellie' Says:

    and Jennifer has freshest face ever..and the biggest star ever..

  200. 200
    ellie' Says:

    your already ugly ..who cares don’t use the product…

  201. 201
    ellie' Says:

    Justin & Jennifer FOREVER!!!!!

  202. 202
    Gun Says:

    Stunning star

  203. 203
    Gun Says:

    Rock star

  204. 204
    Gun Says:

    Get out brangloony

  205. 205
    Gun Says:

  206. 206
    ellie' Says:

    Jen kicked Brad to the curb…He and Angie are the perfect couple ever..they love to literally love to sh^t on each other….yum yum..AJ & BP..Move on already sick of all this bullsh*t from u a-holes….
    Jennifer & Justin forever…and they picked the perfect person…

  207. 207
    LOL Says:

    Jen kicked Brad to the curb, and then spent the next seven years crying to Vanity Fair, Oprah, Katie Couric and anyone that would listened, funny thing to be doing if you’re the dumper.
    ” ” from her friends, Brad acts as if Jen never existed, ” ” from VF Jen was willing to wait, but Brad wanted a clean break.

  208. 208
    LOL Says:


  209. 209
    LOL Says:

    @ellie’: I believe you, from A list to unemployed man, perfect person alright.

  210. 210
    or JL Says:

    Minivan old cat ‘lady’ –
    is it about Jolie with her kindergarten?
    And no Brad Pitt in this minivan. :)
    Jennifer Aniston is a Mercedes Lady.
    Or Bentley Lady.
    She never rode minivan.
    Just ranger Rover, Bentley and Mercedes.
    The truth hurts sushi.

  211. 211
    or JL under moderation Says:

    the truths hurts.

  212. 212
    _ JL loves moderation Says:

    @or JL:
    sorry: Range Rover

  213. 213
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @or JL: she sure did get rode over!!! by the Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, the model guy (poor man’s Brad Pitt), the grip guy, sports fcu.k guy, John peeboy Mayer (twice) fill in the blanks_____\___\\\ lets us not forget stinky fingers butler!!! Bwahaha!! Truth hurts Just LOSER!!!!!

  214. 214
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @or JL: puleeze!!! she had to pay an out of work gigolo to pretend he doesnt have to turn off the lights, and put a brown paper bag over her BUTTAFACE!!! in, order to stomach looking at her unfortunate mug!!! so, talk to me when she doesn’t have to pay someone to pretend they like her sorry ass!! Bwahaha

  215. 215
    _ JL loves moderation_ Says:

    Did you smell that finger?
    Love it? :)

  216. 216
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @_ JL loves moderation_: JUst LOSER, my lil’ retardiston…yes, you told the world many many times how much you love having fingers stuck up where the sun don’t shine! doesn’t surprise me that you like smelling it afterwards too! to each its own!!! bwahhahah

  217. 217
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    “”" I am shocked … and the World is shocked”"”
    from the chicken lips the thunder thighs her self…
    Doesn’t sound like some one who’s doing the dumping to me .. LOL…
    10 plus Men and BP have run for their lives so far…
    Lets hope and pray the Jobless hairless skinny jean Gigilo Phinnochio will last Forever!!!!!!

  218. 218
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @ellie’: wouldn’t give me time of the day yet, you still replied and made sure the number is seen..bwahha your ass is OWNED!! pyscho Ellie! how is your FAKE DAUGHTER JESSE? did the talibans take her out yet? bwahahaha

  219. 219
    * moderation loves JL * Says:

    @ChelSHIIT HOndler:
    She has an ability of choice.
    Don’t worry about her.

  220. 220
    BB Says:

    Ha ha..Looks like JL has shiiiiboob all in an uproar over how wonderful eveyone speaks of the perfect Jen & Justin..I do have a problem with her making fun of the word r.e.t.a.r.d…That is getting real old and should be banned from this site..Someone is gonna get in trouble one day with this poster..What she says about Jen doesn’t matter at all..No one takes this piece of filth seriously just like no one takes the J/P’s seriously..It’s just a bunch of crazy talk until you start making fun of the mentally challenged..Then it just s.u.c.k.s…
    Hey JL ~ You know ME….

  221. 221
    rotten sushi is RE.TARD Says:

    all the site knows that.
    Reputation first of all. :)

  222. 222
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @BB: psychotic Ellie, took my advise and changed back to your other alias, huh? (BB) Buttaface B.itch suits you much better anyways!! oh stop your whining and fake concerns!! you know damn well you don’t give a f.cuk. About the mentally challenged! you bissh didn’t demand your PR. Queen to make a public apology for using the word (that you’re oh sooooo offend by) save your crocodile tears my lil RETARDISTONS for when the gigolo leaves the old sugar granny in the mercedes she bought him! bwahaha

  223. 223
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @BB: bwahaha!!! Whats wrong, Butterface B.i.tch? can’t handle the truth? is that why you wish ill on a complete stranger? tsk!!tsk!! you should learn from your fellow RETARDISTONS..wishing stillborn, plane crash, even rape on the JP kids is only bad karma coming back to you 10xover!!! see your PR Queen for example..went from A-list husband to now paying for a drug addict bald gigolo! old hag w/dried up womb…no family to spend holidays real fans to support her dying career!!Oopsie!! Only two psychotic mental minions left!! careful my lil re.tar.ded one when you wish ill on people! remember to hold hands with Just Loser when you get off the short yellow bus!!! Karma will get you!!

  224. 224
    sushi's Karma Says:

    All what sushi will be able to say after the crash – “bwa-ha-ha”!
    - How do you feel rotten?
    - Bwa-ha-ha!
    - What’s your name?
    - Bwa-ha-ha!
    - Is Jolie’s Karma good?
    - Bwa-ha-ha!
    - Do you want to share your liver to Jolie?
    - Bwa-ha-ha!
    Karma always is correct.
    Just look at Jolie.

  225. 225
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @sushi’s Karma: exactly just look at Angelina Jolie!!! going to be directing her second high profile movie! how is that lifetime TV directing gig that your PR Queen was dying! out of her wrinkled skin to direct? what?!!! no offers? thought her gigolo was an established writer? too bad no one saw Rock of ages&WanderBUST!!! now that’s combined talent right there!! poor Just Loser!! Karma smacked the old barren PR Queen in her buttaface!! now she is reduced to shilling drugstore brand for her minivan Walmart shoppers!! Karma baby!!! Bwahahaha!!!!!!

  226. 226
    peoplewillaugh from this site Says:

    I have a massage
    What about sushi?
    Not too quickly?

  227. 227
    BB Says:

    Oh sushihoochie ~ I just don’t know how I will sleep tonight after your harsh words..It seems to me that I got under your thin skin today huh??? It really isn’t that hard to do…The only person I wish ill on is you sweetie..You are as pathetic as they come…No wait, Jolie is as pathetic as she cums..You are second..All the cuss words & the name changing is not attractive at all, but we all know you are fat girl that can’t get laid to save your life..It will be ok..Wait, no it won’t..You have such a boring life that you are useless to society in general..Are there feathers growing out your butt yet??? I am sorry if you feel that picking on posters fullfills your useless life..Keep changing names & pulling for those J/P’s..They need all the help they can get..Who better than you from the same gutters…Jen would have a big laugh over your butt if she cared…But as always “I made ya post”…That was all I wanted…I didn’t expect you to lose your cookies completely..hahahahaha…Keep making fun of mentally challenged, but ask Jesus to take the wheel on the way home…Karma baby Karma..

  228. 228
    rottensushihoochie Says:

    Give me a minute
    BB has got me all flustered
    She just burns my bush!!!!

  229. 229
    Bradiswaitinghissoulmate'sEND Says:

    Poor rotten sushi
    still thinks Jolie dreams about directing.
    She dreams about knowledge –

  230. 230
    Jesus... Says:

    @Bradiswaitinghissoulmate’sEND: Sorry, sweetie but she doesn’t “dream” of directing, she already signed to direct Unbroken based on a high-profile novel and already had her debut in directing with a movie nominated for 1 Golden Globe, 2 other awards and won 4 awards, including the Sarajevo film festival. Let’s see something similar from your idol, ain’t gonna happen. Where’s her Oscar, sweetie? Angelina won hers before she tuned 30 and has another nomination, Aniston has never been at least ONCE even nominated lol… not even won nomination, pathetic. You think the Academy Awards are stupid for not giving her any attention? She sucks big time. And before you’ll tell that she’s gonna won hers someday, blah blah… those are words, honey, I want facts, but there are none:).

  231. 231
    babysitter Says:

    I guess JA feels better with her life
    and with peoples love
    and with wards she has
    comparing to Jolie with her disappeared Oscar.
    Academy Awards is a very interesting “kitchen”
    (do you like the Broken Mountain? :))
    Sarajevo film festival –
    what is it?
    Is it a festival of raping lovers?
    Who is a main sponsor of this “festival”?
    Jolie? :)

  232. 232
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    The old Chinny has always been a liar and a hypocrite…. She paid millions to PR to try to change fact and get attentions … Unfortunately, all the buying of people .. pools and planting stories then denied .. Is only temporary fix.. Bcos … You can’t change fact!!
    He’ll Hath No Fury Like A Women Scorned………..

  233. 233
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    BP thread from the 11th of January “” 2345 “”" post
    The Power of an International “”" MEGA”"” STAR !!!
    Chin thread from 17th of January 233 “”" post .. Poor thang!!!!
    the last 6 days only get 33 post ( LOL )

  234. 234
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @BB: buttaface bi.tch, you need to take your meds my lil one…you shouldn’t let a complete stranger get to you to the point of showing the whole cyber world how pyschotic you are! keep wishing ill on me sweetheart, becuz you are nothing to me except good for couple of laughs! name changing, fat, ugly, cant get laid? weren’t you the one going ape sh*t becuz you don’t want people to make fun of the re.tar.ded why you talking about Just Loser like that? damn you RETARDISTON!! no such thing as loyalty among you lil cockroaches! bwahaha

  235. 235
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @BB: buttaface bi.tch, I know I address this w/you before on the last deadend thread#221.but of course, you were hiding behind a different name..stop trying to turn this around and stop with your fake concerns for the mentally challenged..i understand that your momma dropped you on the head too many times as a baby…so, let me explain to you short yellow bus rider one more time, and repeat over the same thing that already been said..”no no honey…I’m not making fun of the mentally challenged you dill-hole!! just the lil RETARDISTON!!! do you know Just Loser in person? awe, im sowiiee!!! I know it’s not his fault for being the victim of an abortion gone wrong!! bwahaha!!! now, are you demanding your sweet and innocent, pure as snow ms. Chinnifer Nippleton, to make a public apology for her missing a sensitivity chip when she used a language that is so offensive..especially, for someone who is in the public eye she should know better!!! oh, that’s right! you boycotted her movie becuz you’re not a hyprocrite! you’re sooo offended!! no wonder WanderBUST was an EPIC FAIL!!!”.. can u understand now? I’m not making fun of the mentally challenged only you lil RETARDISTON!!! Bwahaha

  236. 236
    step by step Says:

    Jolie can make 16 children –
    and nobody care…
    But JA pregnancy rumors intrigue people every time.
    Feel the difference.
    People care despite all. :)

    The Star on the Walk Of Fame
    is not a “temporary fix”.
    It’s forever.

  237. 237
    BB made sushi FURIOUS :) Says:

    HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA !!!!!!!

  238. 238
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    Awe how cute!! the lil RETARDISTON are cheering for each other!! Hooray for the re.ta.rds yay!! clap!clap for (BB) buttaface bi.tch& (JL) Just Loser!!!they sure know how to pick cute nicknames for themselves!! Bwahaha

  239. 239
    Jesus... Says:

    @step by step: Sweetie, do I need do remind you that when the twins were born in France, reportrs camped out for 2 WEEKS in front of the hospital Angelina was in, not to mention all the verve around Shilos’s birth, look it up, it’s on the internet and then you won’t be able to say “nobody cares” lol. As for the Academy Awards, they are no kitchen, they only give praise to the actors worthy of their time, think about all of those other so much younger than Aniston actresses who got their Oscars and she still hasn’t received even a nomination (Natalie Portman, Anna Paquin, Charlize Theron, Marion Cotillard, Kate Winslet etc etc), all of the winning movies and people who scored an Academy Award if you think about it are good, interesting, have an actual message, unlike your idol’s dumb movies. They are the most prestigeous Awards in the world and no kitchen, also, Angelina’s Oscars hasn’t dissapeared, wtf are talking about, there’s no “Broken Mountain” oh, and Sarajevo film festival is actually, obviously, a quite big and respected film festival, but you wouldn’t know since Aniston never got their attention either. If you think that “In the land of blood and honey” is a movie that celebrates rape, then you’re an idiot, I bet you didn’t even watch it, while everybody can agree or disagree about how good the movie is, one thing’s sure: it does not celebrate rape, some people have reported that’s been even shown in some schools, so there. If you had a working brain, maybe you would understand that, but stick to stupid rom coms as your idol, because obviously films with some depth aren’t for you. Admit it, she’s not and has never been Oscar material. Her last movie was a total bomb and she only has succees in box-ofice only when she has a good male co-star, again I ain’t lying, look it up and see for yourself. Angelina has about 2 People’s Choice awards too, by the way lol, so there, point taken. The star of Walk of Fame was bought, as all of them are, lol think again. Even Brad Pitt began to score Oscar nominations AFTER he dumped her, so yeah, point taken ;).

  240. 240
    Frank Says:

    @BB: Jennifer is that you?!!! Wishing someone gets run over by a car and have brain injury is something that would come out of your mouth. You are a sick person! Karma will get you back worse than the person you wish ill for. Shame on you, no wonder you get dumped. Most people are happy and enjoying life so why can’t ya?

  241. 241
    former MJ (MORONIC JOLIE) Says:

    Sushi thinks we don’t know his previous nick is MJ. :)
    M O R O N I C J O L I E.
    Yes she is :)

  242. 242
    Frank Says:

    @former MJ (MORONIC JOLIE): Karma will get you, you are a moron and a

  243. 243
    Frank Says:

    @former MJ (MORONIC JOLIE): Karma will get you, you are a moron and a distaste. Maniston has no love from her own mother and her fake ring has made Justin flea to Heidi. If you think about it, all those who dumped Maniston have either got married. have a child or in a loving relationship. Maniston is still saying compliments to herself and her lover like she used to do when JohnM was around. Similar pep talk. She is not a promising material and Aveeno is making a mistake.

  244. 244
    moviegoer Says:

    “…she is not an Oscar material…”
    The same thing “experts” told about Helen Mirren.
    Don’t worry.

  245. 245
    Jackie Says:

    I think Jennifer wished she can say she is pregnant by the time she has her 45th birthday next month. The old bag must have eggs so rotten they self vomit and still no baby at her old age. Maybe Heidi can surrogate, lol.

  246. 246
    Aveeno is great product Says:

    Aveeno has a very good reputation for decades
    thanks to natural ingredients.
    To pay $ 40 Millions for “mistake”?
    Excuse me :)

  247. 247
    Jesus... Says:

    @moviegoer: Oh come on, babe, we all know she’s no Helen Mirren, it’s insulting to Helen to compare them. Step by what? Lol, she’s 44 and she’s never been nominated, not even ONCE. There are child actors who are way better than her, look at the little afro-american girl who’s about 9 and got nominated this year for best actress. Just truth, nothing more, nothing less.

  248. 248
    Jesus... Says:

    @Jackie: Heidi has pride and decency unlike this hag, she could have thrown a big fiss after Theroux cheated on her with Aniston for money, she could have made lots of money by going to the tabloids and playing the victim card, but she didn’t, she preferred to keep low profile and keep her dignity, not appear like whiney little *****. Also, have you seen the beauty that Heidi is? Aniston is no concurrence to her, I bet her paid gigolo has to keep in check everytime not to scream for Heidi. Lol, too bad..

  249. 249
    Jackie Says:

    @Jesus…: Yes, I have seen pictures of Heidi. She is way beautiful compared to Maniston. Heidi never came out and dished anything about Justin or Maniston and she could have. Maniston on the other hand is so full of hate and jealousy she just comes out like an ash! The minute she came with her “uncool” crap, Friends was a disaster forever. Just look at Maniston’s life and no wonder she has been dumped like a hurricane with each men and even her mother does not have a relationship with her. It’s all hipped up in the beginning until they get to know the ugly Maniston and all run like hell away from her. Courtney and even Eva don’t associate with her. Let’s see, only the booze luvin Chelsea dog sticks around. Maniston is all and all an epic failure!

  250. 250
    Jackie Says:

    Why does Mani has big swollen cheeks? She looks like a pink pig!

  251. 251
    Anna Says:

    Jen Aniston is ugly IMO. And very superficial and vain. I don’t understand why she has any fans. Those people must have very low standards.

  252. 252
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    Yes… I did.. I do… and I will…. my ass….
    she knows from the start that BP wanted children’s.. her PR will FOREVER continue planting and denied until the Kingdom comes…
    Despite all the people care to KNOW that she didn’t want to ruin her body and career… where is the more talented Friends cast Lisa and Courtney?
    If she don’t have that hair extensions .. She would forever look like a Man … Poor thang… She think she’s a teenager ( LOL)

  253. 253
    Aveeno is great product Says:

    44 is a very good age to act in the movie.
    Anyway Jennifer looks younger
    (no comparing to Jolie)
    If you like 9 years old afro-american girls –
    this your choice :)

  254. 254
    Anna Says:

    @Aveeno is great product: Looks like members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences also prefer the 9 years old girl to Anuston.

  255. 255
    Anna Says:

    Sorry, I meant Aniston. It was a Freudian slip I guess.

  256. 256
    Aveeno is great product Says:

    Do you want to say American people have low standards?
    They look at all the celebrities
    but their choice is Jenifer Aniston .
    How many fans do YOU have Anna? :)

  257. 257
    Anna Says:

    The American people have “chosen” Aniston….??!! Your brain must be infected with delusional parasitosis. You’re not well in the head I think…

  258. 258
    Aveeno is great product Says:

    No it was not a Freudian thing
    but your education
    and jealousy concerned with your appearance .

  259. 259
    Aveeno is a great product Says:

    try to read the previous title:
    Jennifer Aniston – People’s Choice Awards 2013 Winner!
    Try Aveeno dear.

  260. 260
    ellie' Says:

    You the sickest of all freaks are still here..upset Jen got 40mil 4 Aveeno…LOL

  261. 261
    Anna Says:

    The People’s choice awards have received a lot of criticism in the last years for essentially rewarding any celebrity who will show up. So yeah, bye crazy.

  262. 262
    Anna Says:

    @Aveeno is great product: ewww how scary dementia can be… Now I’m jealous of Jennifer Aniston??! Concerned with my appearance ?! You’re not well I guess… You need professional mental help.

  263. 263
    Mel Says:

    Stop with the constant mentioning of the supposed 40 millions Jennifer is received. There have not been an official confirmation as to how much she is actually getting.

  264. 264
    Jesus... Says:

    @Aveeno is great product: Oh, please, stop with those pathetic innuendos, I don’t “like” 9 year old little girls, I’m not a pedophile, my point was that this little girl gave an amazing performance at such an young age, got nominated for the Academy Awards at 9 years old! While Aniston never scored one, and she’s 44. Sure, any age is good to act in a movie, but she has about 2 decades of so-called “carreer” but she’s known just for chick flicks and a TV show from the ninetiees, duh. Courtney Cox was better than her in that show anyway. And you say she looks younger than Angelina? Well, we can agree or disagree on that one, because that’s your opinion, but remember this: Angelina may look tired and worn out in some pictures, but she’s working mother of 6 children and an active philantropist, she constantly travels all around the place, she acts, she directs. If you ask me, Aniston has a “meh” bone structure, ugly skin, bloated nose, huge chin and her hair it’s not even that good. You can see that she uses botox. Angelina’s cat eyes, full lips, fine nose, perfect simetric face make her look like she’s a sculpture and no matter the age she’ll always be remember in Hollywood as a great beauty and a greater actress (see Gia, George Wallace, Playing by Heart, Girl interrupted, Changeling, Beyond borders etc.) Angelina meets with leaders of countries worldwide, she has received many distictions for her philantropic work, come on, she’s uncomparable to Aniston. And the best thing about her is that, unlike Aniston, she has obviously grown and matured, she was a wild kid, she was carefree and reckless and I love her for that, but later on she became a mother and started to be more concerned with serious matters. What’s Aniston biggest accomplishement? Her hair, Rachel Green, the blue eyed contacts that she wears all the time because you know that she has brown eyes, milking a divorce for 8 years and still counting? She has Chelsea Handler do her dirty work for her and pick on innocent children, how disgusting is that! Puh-lease…

  265. 265
    Mel Says:

    @ Jesus: bravo – well said.

  266. 266
    Jesus... Says:

    @Mel: *bows* Thank you, Mel!

  267. 267
    BB Says:

    Well good morning rottensushihoochie…I can see you & your multiple names were very busy until the wee hours of the morning…You lost your cookies yesterday after my words rang true to you…You are not only a racist, but you love to pick on mentally challenged children & others with a mental disability..Each & every time you use the word r.e.t.a.r.d you are mocking people with mental disabilities..You can keep repeating yourself over & over again that you are not, but your words are the proof in your filthy posts..I am not going to stop telling you what you are about either..I have reported you for the things you say on here & I was assured you would be taken care of very soon..I don’t care what you say about me or Jen..We have all that we need in our lives & you are up all hours of the night showing your jealousy over Jennifer being the huge success that she is & always will be…I still wish ill on you so you can learn your lesson about Karma..It will bite you soon sweetie..All the cussing & ranting & raving on this site you do is not going to make Jen less popular…It will not make her less rich than she is..It will not make her less famous..It will only make you look like the fool you are…$40 million dollars paid to Jen from Aveeno has blown that stupid, illiterate head right off your big ole fat body..Try some yoga or pilates or something..Prozac would be perfect for you, but you really need to get your act together before Jesus gets a hold of you..Always remember…”God don’t like ugly”…

  268. 268
    Ssshhiii_baby Says:

    Who told you about Prozac?
    Is it so noticeably?
    I LOVE Prozac!!!
    LOVE IT !
    Oh pilates is hard and boring…
    Yoga is not for my fat body.
    Just Prozac! And beer!
    I don’t need God liked me.
    Prozac loves be better!

  269. 269
    Sushi is a Prozac_baby :) Says:

    One look at Jennifer Aniston makes syshi frustrated.
    Her look!
    Smiling all the time, so shining and so sexy!
    She is everywhere!
    How can she do all of that?
    Her life is a complete Holiday!
    What about MY life?
    Where are MY millions?
    Where is MY Fame?
    I’m famous just on the JJ site
    and just as a stupid jealous poster…
    Where is the justice in the World?
    Where is my Prozac-buddy?
    What must I say now?
    A little doze – YEAH….
    I feel good!

  270. 270
    Gun Says:

    LoL loons meltdown

    Jen rocks

  271. 271
    Jesus... Says:

    @Sushi is a Prozac_baby :): “Her look!
    Smiling all the time, so shining and so sexy!” – Easy, lots of photoshop for the magazines and botox, fillers, professional make-up (and she still doesn’t look nor shiney or sexy, imo.
    “She is everywhere!
    How can she do all of that?” – Simple, she is a paparazzi *****, she has a deal with them and loves their attention, not to mention her crazy publicist Huvane who’s been constantly pushing her down everyone’s throats.
    “Her life is a complete Holiday!” – That’s right, all she knows is herself and her needs, her image, her hair, she’s 44 and acts like she’s in highschool, very shallow way to live a life, if you ask me. Believe it or not, I’d rather stick with my modest income and lack of fame instead of being like her – the actress best known for being dumped by Brad Pitt a.k.a the pity-party princess. No thanks.

  272. 272
    Heidi Says:

    Good morning. Justin loves me so. What do I do?

  273. 273
    BB Says:

    LOL #269…Too funny..:)

  274. 274
    Jesus... Says:

    @Heidi: Morning, Heidi, please, forget that f-ucker Justin, he doesn’t deserve you, better yet, why don’t you tell me how do you keep so gorgeous and if you’re single:D.

  275. 275
    Heidi Says:

    @BB: Talk about karma, Jennifer gets her karma daily. Behind her smile is a wicked woman and no she is not that rich as she claims. She is getting old and not showing any maturity and that is a sign of someone who is retarded. I read it somewhere that Brad dumped Jennifer 7-8 years ago and to this date on Jennifer’s site she is still full of hatred toward Angelina. She needs to give it up, Angelina won and has her life is filled plenty darlings to keep her happy and contented. Jennifer leads an empty unhappy life and all she could do is blog made up lies of how great her life is when we know it is not. Jennifer deserves all the pain and failures that follows her because she is just an evil person. Happy people do good to others no matter what. Justin is not stupid, he has a mission and I get it.

  276. 276
    Nobody asks you. Relax Says:

    I don’t know what is your occupation
    but she is an actress and model
    so her look and image is a part of her job.
    Do you think it’s easy?
    Try to lose your weight just on 3 %
    – you’ll see how it is …
    Try to make a surgery – no fear?
    Oh I forgot you prefer a “modest income” –
    well, no money – no look …
    The only thing you can do with your modest income
    is to write here
    her life is “shallow”…
    This is your vision.
    And you are right in one point:
    nobody asks you.
    What are you doing on this thread
    if you don’t like her?
    You live here your “modest’ (pitiful) life.

  277. 277
    Heidi Says:

    @Nobody asks you. Relax: You are pissed, yeah, it does not take much to piss of the retarded one. Bye life is good.

  278. 278
    poor Heidi Says:

    YES !
    Jennifer has her Karma daily.
    She is a face of Living Proof line.
    She is an Aveeno spokes person -
    $ 40 millions in to addition to her money -
    what a ‘horrible’ Karma!
    People Choice Awards 2013 -
    What a Karma!
    This February she starts a new movie –
    just look at her Karma poor Heidi!
    I don’t say about Cabo.
    Cabo San Lukas is her Karmic place!
    What is your problem Heidi?
    Jealous much?

  279. 279
    and you too Says:

    the post #276
    is an answer to “Jesus…” ( #271).
    But you may relax too.

  280. 280
    Jesus... Says:

    @Nobody asks you. Relax: Here’s the thing, there seems to be quite a bit of people who agree with me in what I post around me, so if you asked me or not, I don’t really care. Don’t you worry, my life doesn’t revolve around posting here, but I enjoy annoying Aniston fans because they are about the worst kind of supporters a public person can have. They bash on innocent children, wish for Angelina and Brad to die and accuse them of molesting their children, compare Angelina to Adolf Hitler and, also, wish for her to die in a plane crash along with her kids, just really, how disgusting is that? And all of it for what? Because Brad dumped her ass 8 years ago, big f-ucking deal. “No money, no looks” you say? Why it’s obvious the reason you have such low standars of beauty then, there are thousands of women in this world who don’t earn at least 3-4% of Aniston’s income, and yet, they are naturally beautiful, more beautiful than her, just look at Heidi Bivens, the girl who was cheated on by her long-time 14 years boyfriend with Aniston:). Believe it or not, I enjoy my modest life, I may not have Aniston’s milions, but again, I haven’t sold my dignity on tv, I haven’t whined about my problems for the entire world to see and start to take pity on me, I’m not known for 44 years old and still not able to put on a bra, my main concerns in life aren’t just my hair, my looks, how to gain more fame, and, most important, my reputation it isn’t “the chick who got dumped by Brad Pitt and threw an 8 years long media circus afterwards”, so yeah, I’m alright with my modest life as it is, and would n.e.v.e.r. trade it for Aniston’s. By the way, I don’t have to lose weight, I’m already thing lol.

  281. 281
    Jesus... Says:

    @poor Heidi: How could Heidi be jealous of Aniston? Have you seen how that girl looks? Aniston may have the more money, but Heidi has the integrity, the beauty and the respect.

  282. 282
    LOL Says:

    Ticky is doubling up on her therapy sessions, eight years and she still can’t get over BRAD, says STAR mag.
    She probably miss the A-list status, sure she has money, but she is a nobody in the grand scheme of things in Hollywood, dude still have to audition for those terrible bombs.
    No wonder she is hustling aveeno and the hair products that give you straw hair like her extensions.
    Her pr ho will be denying this story, he only denies things that are true.

  283. 283
    Heidi Says:

    @poor Heidi: Let’s see if I can have the retarded one understand:

    Jennifer has her Karma daily – more than 10 man including Brad has dumped her and it will never stop.
    She is a face of Living Proof line – Her face is disastrous unattractive.
    She is an Aveeno spokes person – There are OilofOlay, Johnsons, Jensens, Nivea and so on so who cares about Aveeno?
    $ 40 millions in to addition to her money – That’s more than what she makes in a movie. What lies you concocted.
    People Choice Awards 2013 – Bought her award, an unrecognized award. Award for what, she is ugly and no talent!
    This February she starts a new movie – boom boom tank!
    just look at her Karma poor Heidi! – Heidi is very happy unlike JA.
    I don’t say about Cabo – oh please, with all that money and only go to Cabo? Limited aren’t we?
    Cabo San Lukas is her Karmic place! – um try boring!
    What is your problem Heidi? – JA is so unhappy with her empty life.
    Jealous much? No, there is no soul who would trade with you. Karma!

  284. 284
    formerAGAissocalled"Jesus..." Says:

    Hi AGA!
    Missed you much!
    Your hate is even stronger now.
    Jolie is Adolf Hitler?
    You told that :)
    May be you are right. :)
    I’m sure you would be happy to talk about your problems on tv
    nobody care,
    nobody invites you with your modest life on tv :)
    About bra -
    having the boobs like Jennifer has
    you kept a topless style
    everywhere :)
    In the office, in the market, in the street.
    Right? :)
    She doesn’t need to “gain more fame” –
    she does her job –
    she is a talented actress, a sweet person, a beautiful woman
    having 40 millions dollars for her beauty
    and for her achievements
    (from Aveeno, and it’s just one contract)
    You can’t get that
    Jennifer Aniston is INTERESTING to people
    that is why people want to read everything about her.
    Her Fame is just a RESULT
    of her life.

  285. 285
    BB Says:

    rottensushihoochie is so busted…Her MPD has kicked into full gear..She is the Heidi we see allllllll over Jens threads…She busted herself on this page..If you look at the last two pages you will see she is sooooooooo busted..This chicken has no spine at all..She hides behind so many different names..She is obsessed with Jen & it is getting creepy…

  286. 286
    because :) Says:

    Prozac can’t work endless.
    She needs a stronger meant. :)

  287. 287
    Jesus... Says:

    @formerAGAissocalled”Jesus…”: I have no knowledge of who this “AGA” is, but whatever floats your boat… First of all, I did not say in any way that Angelina Jolie is Adolf Hitler *shudders*, what I said was that one of Aniston’s fans (and if I remember correctly, it was you who did it, under your nickname “JL”) compared her to him, which is not only highly offensive and disgusting thing to say, not only for Angelina, but for everything having to do with the Holocaust. And you, by still standing for this gross point, proves me how much of a sick person you are. I would NEVER, and I mean never, go on t.v. to dish about my problems, my love life or anything like that, stop trying to put words in my mouth honey, it doesn’t work with me, even if the BBC came knocking on my door asking to whine to them about my troubles, I would still say hell no, that is no f-ucking wish of mine, so if people care or not, it’s completly irrelevant. I have some decency, unlike your idol. Her breasts aren’t even that hot looking, she’s showing her age, and for a respectable woman to constantly act like bubble-head teenager and flash her nipples all the time, I find that pathetic. Her fame is only due to a tv show from the ’90, a good haircut (which she said she hated, ironically) and the enormous pity-party she threw for herself in the eyes of the entire world, there are many lame females who relate to her pathetic self, that’s her “fame”. Where’s her Oscar? Not even once nominated. Where are the real, prestigious awards? Aveeno is no Nivea, Oilof Olay, L’oreal, Jensen or Johnsons, so you can’t say that it’s much of a big brand on the skin-care market products. Also, the 40 milion $ deal is just rumour, an official statement hasn’t been released, just to snap you out of your deluded state:). As I said before, I’m perfectly fine with my life as modest as it is, I have my principles and my dignity, and I would NEVER in a milion years trade it for Aniston’s.

  288. 288
    AGA is the same liar :) Says:

    Don’t laugh me !
    AGA is the only person
    who repeats more an more the points
    about “Jolie’s plane crash”, about “insulting the innocent kids”
    and so on.
    And who adds something new every time.
    I told the thing Jolie did to Jenifer
    is a Holokaust of Love.
    No one word about Hitler!
    But who care
    when you talk to person with “dignity” and “principles” like yours?
    Of course you will never talk on BBC
    about your pitiful life without any achievements.
    People with achievements are TOLERANT to the success of others.
    They are able to respect this success.
    You say Aveeno contract is not a big achievement?
    $ 40 millions – it’s not a big achievement?
    Did you smell just $ 400 000 with your “modest” life?
    Aveeno looks in to the future.
    People want everything natural today.
    Aveeno based on natural ingredients
    and Aveeno is successful on the market near the Nivea and L’Oreal
    BTW Jennifer worked with L’Oreal too.
    It’s strange your memory works a little ‘special’
    in this case.
    You may keep your ”principles” of endless hate and lie.
    It’s your life.

  289. 289
    yep Says:

    Jen is looking amazing!

  290. 290
    Ivermom Says:

    Pshhhh…Jen still hooked on Brad. How could she think of anything other than hot stuff Justin, he is 10 times better looking, Brad is washed up!

  291. 291
    yumm Says:

    Her breast is the best! Love the nipples.
    Real Hollywood style!

  292. 292
    LOL Says:

    @Ivermom: get your cataracts taken care of. First of all he looks to be manorexic, even with the tan, you can he was a fat person with all that loose skin. Any man that uses shoe polish to hide a bald spot and wear legging is not cool, so how can they be hot, and the kicker, he is jobless.
    Of course she misses Brad’s money, and A-list status, the Friends residuals money is over, she is not even getting a million for any movie, with a budget of five to fifteen million.
    All the other men took off because they did not need her money, but this broke unemployed loser, will have to stick around, where else is he going to get a Mercedes, top of the line motorcycle and a twenty-one million $ house to live in, a paid escort.

  293. 293
    Cece Says:

    @yep: What an imbecile. We can see the same person changing names and complementing Jennifer. Who else but Jennifer herself. She does the same thing on her thread, day in and day out. So desperate that she lies and lies. Buahahahaha

  294. 294
    Cece/Sushi - rotten IMBECILE Says:

    Sushi other people are like him. NO.
    She is busy with her work.
    A big pleasure to read Sush’s rotten “wisdom”…

  295. 295
    Sara Says:

    Just to point out something about Aveeno – they test their products on animals. Since they are supposed to be all natural then they should have collaborated with someone who is equally naturally beautiful. Not Jennifer who is a self confessed laser addict, had Botox and plastic surgery and ruins her skin with sunbathing yearly.

  296. 296
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    Since my # 336 post yesterday… this sick Psycho Nut Job Luupy LaLa and Jennifer herself desperately posted under so many aliases and changing Names after name to # 395 ….. Sad…
    Thank you @Jesus…: for your Words of Wisdom …

  297. 297
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @BB: buttaface b.itch, how sweet of you to always have me on your mind even when I’m not posting!!!your ass is OWNED!!! wow!! how original to steal my name…sowieeee! unlike you unemployed welfare collectors, parking your lard ass here 24/7 living vicariously thru “Rachel ” your BFF! I have a real life! and, no worries buttaface b.itch I don’t need to hide behind any other names unlike you!! lmao how you RETARDISTONS like to turn things around!! whiny lil re.tared one report me all you want!! please show me proof in any my post that I’m a racist? bwahaha…truth still’re just piss becuz you&i both know who you really are…ain’t that right, Evil Ellie!!! be careful what ill you wish on people..especially little kids just becuz you hate their parents! the Taliban is going to the same thing to your FAKE daughter, Jesse…like what you wish to happen to Zahara..I know you don’t want me to expose your true evil identity!!! keep having sweet dreams about me when I’m not here!! yay!! clap! Clap!for the RETARDISTON

  298. 298

    She was selected in to the Friends
    before all the laser technologies.
    Just because she was naturally beautiful.
    And a talented actress.
    Everybody knows her age
    Everybody knows her look.
    Her look is a Dream of millions of women.
    That’s why she is a new_ Aveeno_face.

  299. 299
    BB Says:

    I am so happy to see rottensushihoochie is all stirred up cuz I called her out…I only need 300 hits by 5:00 ET today to win the pool…I love to get the crazy loon so flustered, she plays right into my hands…#290 you are so spot-on with your post..I have to thank the ever so demented rottesushihoochie & her many many names for the new pair of very expensive shoes I plan to buy with my winnings today…I can always count on her to be my puppet…tata..

  300. 300
    Sushi/MJ - IMBECILE-BWAHAHA! Says:

    Hey rotten sushi
    nobody wishes you something.
    You was told to be careful with your mind.
    No need to wish you some illness
    because you ARE ill on head already.
    And not just on head :)
    That’s why you are on the Thread
    of celebrity you hate.
    Take a care about
    your F life
    because God loves to keep our Planet CLEAN.
    The best wishes from JL.

  301. 301

    Sushi’s place is a “Just Psycho” site.

  302. 302
    pretty much ? Says:

    What the money Jolie pays to JJ
    for this informational politics?
    “Just Interesting” site.

  303. 303
    Is JJ a Jolie's property? :) Says:

    Looks like.
    A part of PR machine.
    A very visible part.

  304. 304
    BB Says:

    WOO HOO!!!!!! Thanks a big fat friggin bunch peeps…On my way to Macy’s to get those shoes….The Puppet Master wins again!!!! Jen rocks the industry…Love ya’ll…Love Jen…:) :) :)

  305. 305
    Gun Says:–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7Zmk9aW5zZXQ7aD02MDM7cT04NTt3PTYzMA–/

    Love it

  306. 306
    dolf in Says:

    Life is good :) :) :)

  307. 307
    Heidi Says:

    Jennifer is an ash! She lies about everything. Karma will get her so bad.

  308. 308
    AGA Says:

    She must be desperate for $$$$ to be flogging all these products.She has to pay for JT’s monthly handout and all her usual BS-her beauty routine $$ is huge and no $$$ coming in from movies,so its down to shilling for products—Pathetic!!!!!

  309. 309
    Kathleen Says:

    I Absolutely LOOOVE Jennifer Aniston!!
    I just bought a Jennifer Aniston movies box set thing today!!
    YAY!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  310. 310
    piyo Says:

    Aveeno….I’ll be looking out for it….!

  311. 311
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @BB: woohoo!! 300 comments that’s it? wow!! what high standards you retardiston set for yourselves!! bwahahahah ..that is all it took for (bb) buttaface bi.tch to finally take her lard ass off PR Queen’s thread and pretend she can afford an expensive shoe!! bissh can’t even pronounce anything expensive let alone afford to buy one!! puleeze! if that was the case you would support your PR Queen…WanderBUST wouldn’t be an epic FAIL!!! her men’s repellant eau de TOILET spray is now in the buy one get one free aisle! now because of you lazy no job having, welfare, disability check collectors the HOMELY woman child next door have to resort to shilling drugstore bottom of the barrel brand for you WALMART shoppers! there! threw you another bone! maybe now you can get that all in one shampoo..finally! have straight flat deadend hair like your hairness and cover your BUTTAFACE B.ITCH!!! bwahahha

  312. 312
    BB Says:

    Oh so sorry I have got you so furious rottensushihoochie…I can’t help it that I can make you post whenever I need you to..We know you are not the brightest bulb on the tree sweetie..I am wearing my new shoes you bought me today, & they are oh sooooo beautiful…Jen loves shoes just as much as I do..It’s my weakness..I know your weakness is hearing about Jens amazing success in the industry & her yummy man Justin..Your anger shows bigtime in your stupid comments…I can feel your jealousy for Jen through my monitor..You get so flustered & sound soooo pathetic..You try & have a nice weekend now…I know it will be hard with such an empty life, but try & get out in the sun for a change..I hear sunlight is good for crazy people like you..Jen & I thank you for all your support…hahahaha..I still love my little puppet though..It should be nap time for you huh? Go get in your playpen & dream of having Jens life..At least you can dream lil puppet..tata..TGIF…

  313. 313
    BB Says:

    Look at poor rottensushihoochie waiting with baited breath for me to post…It didn’t take 15 minutes for you to sniff my post out like an old hound dog..Before you start throwing stones honey, remember you were the one on the J/P thread that wished death on a poster’s daughter that is fighting in Iraq..You know you did & JJ deleted it because everyone was upset about your demented evil comments..I am very happy to upset you on a daily bases, & I don’t have to crawl out of the gutter with all your cussing & name changing (Heidi)..Your words don’t hurt sweetie, they bring entertainment for me especially on a Friday…Remember to watch your back..With all that evil festering inside you, you are bound to get slapped down oneday…Keep making fun of the mentally challenged & see how that goes over with God..I would duck if I were you, but thank the good lord I am not you…Jen is the greatest actress in Hollywood right now…She will never go out of style…Don’t forget that big $40 million dollar check she deposited in her account…I know, I know you want her life so bad it is making you crazier than you already are..I am gonna go get some lunch with friends..I will check in when I return…I know you will post, cuz I can make you post whenever I want you to..My pathetic lil puppet…:)

  314. 314
    Guest Says:

    @BB: Um, maybe Jennifer should switch to a better product. She doesn’t look good and after seeing her, I definitely don’t want to buy Aveeno and look ugly like her. Happy Friday to us beautiful ladies!

  315. 315
    BB Says:

    See rottensushihoochie your comment has been deleted..That is what you get for being sooooo demented & evil…
    @Guest..Then don’t buy the product..It certainly won’t hurt Aveeno..Jen is beautiful & most people recognize her beauty & honesty..Aveeno will sell their products with this girl as there newest face…Perfection at its best!!!!

  316. 316
    Sara Says:

    @ BB: Jennifer is fake and dishonest – she ruined a 14 year relationship and is a honewrecker plus she has had Botox, laser treatments and takes sunbath like it will go out of fashion. Aveeno madea huge mistake and everyone will see that when the times comes.

  317. 317
    guest a little UGLY Says:

    No Aveno can help to poor guest :)

  318. 318
    Sara_shmara Says:

    Are you agree $ 40 Millions are not fake :)
    (all the day jl was banned – love it)

  319. 319
    tricia Says:

    I tried Aveeno Crema Mani yesterday.
    It’s lovely!
    This hand cream works everywhere!
    My hubby loves me :)

  320. 320
    Sweet Dreams Says:

    Looks like mo.deration manager gone to sleep. Life is incredible!

  321. 321
    Sssushiiii_hoshiie_rotten_baby Says:

    Don’t you know everybody on the JP thread must repeat his points
    40-50 times?
    Because of big raiting
    and because re.tard public needs a time to get
    what they are talking about.

  322. 322
    Heidi B. Says:

    I’m soo poor!
    I want to be pretty like Jen –
    I do all for this:
    drink smart water (4 L daily)
    eat different salads
    and use Aveeno now.
    Aveeno is great but I want to pee all the time.
    WHY ?????????

  323. 323
    Where is rotten s.? Says:

    Sushi is a new face of_Prozaac_!
    Good job :)

  324. 324
    face Says:

    A Zero money deal.
    Sushi’s fee – a bucket of pills.

  325. 325
    Marina Says:

    Im NOT surprised!
    Shes reaaallly pretty!

  326. 326
    Marina Says:

    Im NOT surprised!
    Shes reaaallly pretty!!

  327. 327
    LOL Says:

    She is pretty in a room of burnt patients.
    Waiting for the Super Bowl Ad for aveeno, oh wait they can’t afford one after paying Ticky 40 million, babababa
    Now if her Gigolo eat all his seaweed, she may take him to the Super Bowl, not gonna happen, the cheerleaders are too pretty, he may try to leave with one.

  328. 328
    LOL: who is talking? Says:

    She is pretty no matter what you are blabbing here.

  329. 329
    Heidi Says:

    @Heidi B.: Hahaha, continue on believing your lies. Jennifer Aniston is still delusional and if she is really honest to herself she will see the truth. So many haters of hers does not equal to one person. Even the ones she claims are closest to her ended up leaving her. She refuses to face the truth. Botox has blinded the retarded one. Poor Justin, just a left over.

  330. 330
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    Thanks God for Botox and a Hair Extension …
    Without it Maniston the ChinMan will be for ever look like a Man !!!!!

  331. 331
    Thanks God Says:

    Thanks God for beauty and talent.

  332. 332
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    @Thanks God:
    At least 200 post in this thread its all yours… You do your girlfriend Dolly proud!!!!!

  333. 333
    ThanksAveeno Says:

    It’s because I use_Aveeno_for posting.

  334. 334
    necessary Says:

    you may try_Aveeno_Therapeutic Mental Gel.
    It transforms hate in to tolerance
    and love.
    You will post positive comments about
    Jennifer Aniston. :)

  335. 335
    Gun Says:

    Love it

    Friends Forever: What Courteney Cox Loves About Best Pal Jennifer Aniston

  336. 336
    WhiteSwan Says:

    Celebitchy & Celebrity Dirty Laundry both reported that Aniston is back seeking help to deal with brad dumping her i guess Star Rag story about Brangelina expecting baby #7 sent her over the edge……….. Get over yourself Aniston W#ORE ……… L O S E R!!!!

  337. 337
    GreyDog Says:

    Nobody knows what does Jolie really expect.
    7th kid or 17th – Brad will never marry her.
    We read just rumors written by her pr guy.

  338. 338
    GreemWorm Says:

    Huvane loves to play with information.
    Don’t worry people about Jennifer.

  339. 339
    sorry: GreenWorm Says:

    The same thing there is on the
    and other sites –
    all the questions to Stephen H.

  340. 340
    Black Cat Says:

    Even if it’s a truth
    it doesn’t make her a loser.
    No one reason for that -
    Jen loves people
    and people love Jen.

  341. 341
    GoldenLark Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is the best.
    No matter what.

  342. 342
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    Dolly’s boyfriend barking out of his stinky A$$ spreading filth about the JPs … then preach about transforming hate in to love….
    try saying that to your master the ChinMan who’s hating on her mother so much her Therapy died from being drained and suffocated …. She will kill hear new therapy next from her hatreds toward her mother and the JPs!
    Good job… Keep up with the Therapeutic Mental gel …
    so you can post positive comments about the JPs!!

  343. 343
    Gel Says:

    @ChelSHIIT HOndler:
    There is no her hatred to her mother.
    There is hatred FROM her mother.
    There is no Therapeutic Mental Gel
    - that was a joke.
    A humor.
    To get it you you need your usual_Pro.sac_with beer.

  344. 344
    ChelSHIIT HOndler Says:

    BP THREAD in *** 3 *** DAYS …. 330 post.
    The power of international MEGA star.
    JA THREAD IN *** 3 WEEKS *** 343 post.
    The power of Dolly’s boyfriend with 205 multiple ALIASES … LOL….

  345. 345
    Heidi Says:

    JA makes up lies. Own up your ugliness. Goodbye Avenoo, goodbye JA!

  346. 346
    BB Says:

    I hate it for ya trolls, but Jolie is not pregnant & Jen is soooo over Brad…If you want to believe The Star rag-mag go ahead..Candice Trunzo the CE of the rag-mag has always made up crap to sell her rag…Don’t you think if any of this was fact JJ would have posted threads before that Star came out, therefore it is all fiction to sell mags to the naive people that buy & believe her crap…And God knows if Jolie was preggers, she would be screaming it from rooftops..She has been out of the news forever now & she would use this immediately…
    Now this Aveeno thread is fact..Jen was paid tons of money to sell Aveeno..FACT! No news on the J/P’s..FACT! Jen is the better person out of this entire triangle & always will be..

  347. 347
    Angie Says:

    FACT! :)

  348. 348
    LOL Says:

    Squiggy is in NYC, sniffing for Heidi, where is his Sugar Mama? recovering from her lipo
    Meeting my foot, he can’t even hire for a Nathan’s hotdog Ad, to the troll, that keep saying Squiggy is handsome, get real, he looks like organ grinder m>n>ey. He may lose his allowance, because he is growing a beard again, and ticky will cut him off, if he don’t toe the line. Poor fellow he better get his act together, no job and he is in his 40′s, even his mate Ben Stiller can’t get work, and he was the one giving Squig a bone.

  349. 349
    Angie_from_rooftop Says:

    No more pregnancies!
    Because children can’t be material for b.lack.mailing.
    It’s clear to God.

  350. 350
    Angie_from_UN_tribune Says:

    How can she protect refugees and those kids
    If she uses own children “to keep a man”?

  351. 351
    Angie_Benetton_lable_admirer Says:

    What about her plans to publish
    US Benetton catalog?
    United Colors :)

  352. 352
    Pax Says:

    Mommy collected us not for publishing this catalog.
    She told us that.
    We trust her.

  353. 353
    Maddox Says:

    Mommy loves just good news about her.
    She hires many people for this work.
    They are agree for everything because they need cash.
    Mommy told to cancel JLcomments.
    All the day on Friday, all the day today.
    So what?

  354. 354
    Zahara Says:

    I love to read internet news about celebrities.
    I wander – what are the Heidi’s plans for the near 14 years?
    Just asking…

  355. 355
    Shiloh Says:

    We can’t read letters and words
    but we ask Pax to open Google with the mommies photos.
    Just WOW !!!!!!

  356. 356
    the _twins Says:

    We ask nanny to buy Aveeno_Baby_Wash&Shampoo.
    And the Daily Motion!

  357. 357
    the_twins_2 Says:

    Sorry: not motion but Lotion.
    We read not well yet.

  358. 358
    XxXxX Says:


  359. 359
    Haters to the left Says:

    Shes beautiful:)
    I’ve always always always adored this lady!

  360. 360
    LOL Says:

    Vince Vaughn
    Paul S the poor man BP
    John Sud
    Her former caterer’s husband
    The guy that called her sports fcuk
    John Mayer
    John Mayer
    Jon Fav
    Gerard Butler
    These are not children, these are just a few of the men that hit it and quit it in the last 8 years.

  361. 361
    Jesus... Says:

    Hey, you sick individual, invoking Angelina’s children just shows how much of a deranged in the head person you are. We all know it’s you, our sicko “JL”! Now pay attention, whatever I may say about Aniston, that I don’t like her, that I think she’s a bad actress, that I think she is pathetic as a public person, if Aniston had any children (which I doubt she ever will), I wouldn’t even DARE mention their name or say the smallest thing about them. Innocent children are about out of discussion, but, of course, you wouldn’t know that because you seem to be a sicko. However, what can I say, your idol herself asked her disgusting friend Chelsea Handler to pick on publicly on Angelina’s innocent children, so I actually don’t have what to ask of you.

  362. 362
    Hello Says:


    FUGelina men list
    Her mother boyfriend

    Her brother

    Mick Jagger

    Jonny lee meler

    Billy bob
    Her tattoo artist

    All of her co star , Colin Farrell, bradshitt

    Don’t forget the directors of all her movie ,,,, list goes .

  363. 363
    Jesus... Says:

    Do you have any proof for all of them, fuucker? We do for those who screwed Aniston and then dumped her, she admited dating them. As far as I am concerned Angelina was only with Tommy Lee Miller, Jenny Shujitzu, Billy Bob Thorton, Brad Pitt with whom she is still now. “all the directors of her movies blah blah”… proof, little punk?:) No? Just rumors? Your argument is invalid.

  364. 364
    What_about_horses? Says:

    How can stay kids ”innocent”
    near the pervert “mom”?

  365. 365
    Jesus... Says:


    JL, you are starting to prove yourself to be just as sick as I assumed. Yes, back in the day, Angelina did that raw photoshoot with a horse, it was a photoshoot and nothing more, you deranged Aniston fan, just like so many other models do with tigers, lions or exotic animals in sensual poses. It doesn’t mean bestiality, it’s just a form of art. Angelina was a model before, and the fashion industry is known for having all kind of deviant themes and ideas in photoshoots. It”s just a concept, and, the way I see it, it’s just supposed to suggest a wild side of the girl who is posing along with the animal in cause, to suggest a little mystery of instinct and rawness. It may seem weird for some, but it is a form of art and one of the main characteristics of art is that it can be deviant. There, maybe you’ll try think a bit more from now on than just type whatever sick, nasty little tought that’s going through your head.

  366. 366
    Dirt_not_Art Says:

    You can’t find Jennifer Aiston
    involved in to the “art” like Jolie with HORSE.
    That is why Jennifer has reputation of Classy Lady.
    Without adoption.
    Without UN.

  367. 367
    Jesus... Says:


    But that’s the thing idiot, art is not “dirty”, art is just art. I already explained you that it is a concept often used in fashion photoshoots as well as sometimes in art. Can’t you comprehend anything? My bad, I should have known not to try and be reasonable with Aniston fans. By the way, you can’t find Jennifer Aniston involved in any form of art at all, almost all her work is superficial and shallow just like her. She has no class, if she had any class, she would act better, if she had any class, she wouldn’t have whined to the entire planet about how Brad Pitt dumped her ass, if she had any class, she wouldn’t use Angelina’s name to make publicity for herself, if she had any class she wouldn’t be friends with Chelsea Handler and she wouldn’t have asked her to pick on Angelina’s innocent children. Of course she could never adopt a baby, adoption is a very huge responsability and you have to want a child in order to do that, which Aniston doesn’t otherwise she would have adopted or given birth via sperm donation by now as many other women do, actresses included. She’s 44, she’s always bragged in the past about how she wants kids, but now you can see her true colors, she doesn’t want any and she actually never did. She’s such a fake wannabe. Do you even know that the UN is not a joke and only committed people can work for them, people willing to make a change, Angelina has been a goodwill ambassador for almost 10 years now, that’s no something to take for granted, it’s somebody who wants to be a part of a good change. Not to mention that she received a higher rank a few months ago I think as an distinction for her work. That’s class, being a good person, not Aniston with her hair, romcoms, contant dating and whining. Angelina meets with political leaders from all over the world, she met with president Obama, before Brad, she has been a single mother for 4 years, she had her mother passing away and still managed to pick herself up and go on for her family and her work. Admit it, Aniston could never do that. She’s just “Rachel from her with the haircut”, not even that anymore…

  368. 368
    Sh1t_can't_be_Art Says:


    Sh*it is just a sh*it.
    Look at Jolie’s photo in the toilet.
    Try to google “jolie dirt”.
    May be you LOVE THAT? :)
    She has no moral power for the foreign leaders.
    What was the Putin’s answer to Jolie?
    Elegant F U.
    Don’t laugh me

  369. 369
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @Jesus…: don’t try to rationalize with these retardiston..(JL) Just Loser doesn’t understand what having morals or class means…he is in the same group as Evil Ellie…she is rabid Aniston fan who went as far as wishing for Zahara to get rape!! sick&evil! she then lied to say she have a daughter fighting in IRAQ. so people would feel sorry for her and forget her real mother would wish harm on any child if she was a human being..she thinks people forgot..but I’m a long time poster and no matter how names she hides behind I’ll catch her ass! she went by ellie changed to Jilly, Ivermom,now it’s BB…buttaface *****! that’s why she hates me.. tries to report me whenever i speak the truth about her! you know she is evil..she even wished for me to get run over by a bus and be brain damage! yes! a complete ..psychotic indeed..go ahead and try to dele my can run and try to hide behind many names..but the truth will always come out…karma will get her..and the taliban will take care of her FAKE JESSE..

  370. 370
    Jesus... Says:

    Thank you, I already see there isn’t really a way to deal with them. Jeez, I may be a big admirer of Angelina and one of those people who detest Aniston, but I would never go as far as wish for such terrible things or death on Aniston or her fans, as much as I detest them too. I mean, yeah, we totally have different opinions, and our ways of thinking and these too women we admire are completely opposites, but still, we’re human beings… to say we wish for each other to get brain damaged in a bus accident? You’re right then, these here are not quite right in the head.

  371. 371
    Jolie's_shame Says:

    Sushi, we remember MJ (moronic Jolie),
    we remember AGA -
    all of you make a very bad promo to Angelina Jolie.
    Her reputation is not good
    but your ‘activity’ just kills Jolies publicity.
    Congrats! (JL)

  372. 372
    BB Says:

    OMG~ I am Laughing so hard at this Jesus person (aka) rottensushihoochie…It is so hard for her to hear anything negative about the biggest wh@re Jolie in Hollywood…It is just as hard to see Anistons success that never seems to end..The Jesus poster waited with baited breath for each & every post thinking she could hurt the most popular girl in Hollywood..How transparent is that JL? I love it!!! They get so mad & then rant & rave like a baby..I’m going to go check out Jens new thread now..When was the last time the J/P’s were on this site??? Oh yeah, about a month & half ago…Works for me…Jen owns these haters & she knows it….bruhahahahahhaha

  373. 373
    BB Says:

    P.S. rottensushihoochie…I have been on this site way longer than you have & trying to talk your way out of bubble gum will not work..You are the one that wished death upon Ellie’s daughter fighting in Iraq & you ticked off all the posters on that J/P thread, even the Aniston haters..Your mean, nasty, evil comments were removed quickly & you know it..What kind of angle are you trying to work now lil one??? You are too stupid to be as good as I am on here, so don’t ever try..I will always be BB & never change names like you do..You know you have to hide under other names because you have a bad rep on this site..I simply just don’t care what anyone on here thinks about my comments..You are the scared one…I would have put this in the above post, but I didn’t read your ridiculous comment until after I posted…See your candy azz on the new Jen thread…Try & stay on your meds or you will get kicked off once again for making fun of the mentally challenged…tata sweetie…hugs & kisses…:)

  374. 374
    Elvis Says:

    So many haters! She looks fab…and making mucho money at it! Jealousy is ugly

  375. 375
    tolsom|tolsom skin-care Says:

    You actually make it appear so easy with your presentation however I in finding this topic to be really something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very extensive for me. I am looking forward on your next submit, I will attempt to get the hold of it!

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