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Jennifer Aniston: Aveeno Skin Care's Newest Face!

Jennifer Aniston: Aveeno Skin Care's Newest Face!

Jennifer Aniston has just been named the newest face of Aveeno skin care products, according to E News!

“We can confirm that Jennifer Aniston will be partnering with Aveeno for skincare,” a rep for the 43-year-old actress said in a statement. “You can expect to see the results of this collaboration later this year.”

This past October, Jennifer also signed a deal with hair care brand Living Proof to be the company’s new spokeswoman and an equity partner!

Along with Living Proof and now Aveeno, Jen has promoted for SmartWater and L’Oreal hair care.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Jennifer Aniston as the face of Aveeno?

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Credit: Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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    We can’t read letters and words
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  • the_twins_2

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  • XxXxX


  • Haters to the left

    Shes beautiful:)
    I’ve always always always adored this lady!

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