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Lance Armstrong's Confession to Oprah - Watch Now!

Lance Armstrong's Confession to Oprah - Watch Now!

Lance Armstrong admits to using banned substances in an interview with Oprah Winfrey on her show Oprah’s Next Chapter.

The 41-year-old athlete admitted “yes” to using banned substances to enhance his cycling performances, using EPO, using blood transfusions and blood-doping to enhance his performance, and using other substances such as testosterone, cortisone, and human growth hormones.

Lance also admitted that during all seven of his Tour de France victories, he used banned substances or blood doped, and he shared that he could not have won the tournaments without them.

“I don’t know that I have a great answer,” Lance said when asked why he started using the substances. “I will start my answer by saying this is too late. It’s too late for probably most people. And that’s my fault. I view this situation as one big lie that I repeated a lot of times. It wasn’t as if I said no and I moved off it.”

Lance Armstrong’s Confession to Oprah – Watch Now!
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49 Responses to “Lance Armstrong's Confession to Oprah - Watch Now!”

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  1. 26
    Bianca Says:

    Everyone in this sport is taking stuff. So they are all guilty. Not juste Lance!

  2. 27
    Ivy Says:

    He is a disgrace to cycling. He and many others had everyone fooled. How sad that everyone on the podium, even in second and third place, had done banned substances. Why does everyone in cycling feel the pressure to cheat? Maybe therein lies the problem. Maybe this sport is just too damn exhausting. For all I know, I refuse to watch anymore cycling competitions on TV.

  3. 28
    powerheart Says:

    This makes Miguel Indurain the best of the bests.

  4. 29
    Justme Says:

    All this mea culpa is NOT sincere to me, it’s only to repair is his image which I believe is not reparable. NO WAY can anybody look at him now without thinking about any of this, without seeing him as a cheat and lier and a bully. He has lost respect, credibility and has to live with that the rest of his life. I feel sorry not only for the ones he threatened and bullied, but for his children, imagine going to school and everybody knowing your father lived a lie, no way is it not impacting them, it’s like a black shadow that will follow them around too.

  5. 30
    geeza louisa Says:

    He wasn’t the only team doping so unfortunately the sport of cycling has a black eye now. But to me even more important the good work he did for testicular cancer survivors, patients and families is now tarnished. Who cares about cycling in the end? What is important in life are the people you help and now his legacy for those cancer patients with testicular cancer has come crashing down. Although I am saddened and feel hurt by his confession (even tho like many I suspected he did dope), I will always be grateful for the hope he gave my son when he got cancer. His books which had a strong theme of fighting the disease inspired my son and so many like him. For that Lance is how I’m going to choose to hold you in my heart–as the man who survived cancer and gave hope to thousands that they could do the same.

  6. 31
    karl Says:


  7. 32
    LooseLipz Says:

    His worst offense was milking off the Cancer Live Strong Campaign. Imagine lying to cancer victims all over the world. And making money money it.
    He should not only be forced to pay back his million, but he should retire for life and donate all his money to charities.
    He’s a complete self serving MoFo with the attitude of entitlement to the umpth degree.
    He will never be forgiven.
    As for Sheryl Crow, shame on her for living the lie along with him. What is HER problem????

  8. 33
    Dave Franco Says:

    Agree. Sports ain’t the same. Everyone is using some type of drug. That’s why I only watch Hockey.

  9. 34
    Dave Franco Says:

    His eyes says it all. He does not care. Such a narcissistic prick.

  10. 35
    Liuik Says:

    Psychopath much?

  11. 36
    flo Says:

    my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u’re all so cruel and judgmental… it’s really sad. have some empathy :(

    he’s only a human!!!!!!!!!!!!! errare humanum est! personally, i feel very sorry for him, he’s lost everything. i hope people will leave him alone soon :(

  12. 37
    Etipo Says:

    yeah right! like he didn’t sued and bullied his team mates, journalists and sport officials who didn’t believe him… poor little thing! people are so mean with him not to recognize that his confession is truely genuine and sincere after all these lies…

  13. 38
    solecito Says:

    Oprah: “Are you getting a reality show on OWN?”
    Lance: “Yes”

  14. 39
    rachel Says:

    What a horrible human being. he has no soul

  15. 40
    re Says:

    geeza louisa – Lance got cancer from doping. You still think he’s a hero?

  16. 41
    titiparisien Says:

    The problem is that he didn t only cheat

    marco pantani , alberto contador were also caught

    but armstrong bullied , sued fired and ruined tons of people who wanted to say the truth

    that s why he s so hated

    and no , not every one is doped

    it s a cheater excuse

  17. 42
    Betty Whitte Says:

    Everyone cheated. Get over it. All the Baseball players did steroids and their teams made a lot of money. They should worry about keeping their wives happy and buying Bedroom Toys from AthenaToysdotcom

  18. 43
    Rachel Says:

    This is sad. The person so many fans looked up to, the person so many athletes looked up to. It’s sad.

  19. 44
    JayNaz Says:


    Lol!!!!!! best comment :P

  20. 45
    hookuprichcom Says:

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  21. 46
    naivety Says:

    He keeps talking about how he survived cancer – cancer that I am pretty sure his doping caused directly if not indirectly. Did he got back to it after beating off the cancer – that is a selfish and stupid man with no regards for his family.

  22. 47
    naivety Says:

    @Betty Whitte: Oh Betty he did not just cheat he was the kingpin of a drug syndicate, he became a drug dealer if I need to make that simpler, as he no doubt made money on that as well

    @Etipo: Lance tried to destroy the lives of others who WERE TELLING THE TRUTH

    so forgive us if the rest of the world is not willing to cut him much slack right now

    I still think he hasn’t told the whole truth yet

  23. 48
    naivety Says:

    @From Paris with Love: There is something you can do about it, make it legal to use perform enhancing drugs or you have the clean circuit and the dirty circuit, at least it is all above board

  24. 49
    naivety Says:

    that is it all the players of all sports declare if they are clean or dirty and they keep separate records

    a hockey player who scores 50 goals clean trumps a dirty hockey player that scores 50 goals in a season

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