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Miranda Kerr's Stylist Criticizes 'Fashion Police' Panelists

Miranda Kerr's Stylist Criticizes 'Fashion Police' Panelists

Miranda Kerr steps out in style while leaving an office building on Thursday (January 17) in New York City.

The 29-year-old model’s stylist Jessica Paster recently criticized the Fashion Police panelists Kelly Osbourne and Joan Rivers for being unqualified for critiquing fashion.

“It’s an opinion. These are not fashion people. If Kelly Obsourne didn’t have Fashion Police, what is she going to do? Did she go to school to be a lawyer? Did she go to school to be a stylist? What I’m trying to say…it’s not derogatory. I think she’s nice and cute at what she does. But it’s just an opinion,” Jessica told Fashionista.

“What gives Joan Rivers the right to talk about what people are wearing when she looks like she’s being injected by god knows what,” Jessica added.

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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • spartacus

    he has a point

  • Le

    Honestly, I absolutely agree with her.
    They are so mean, and they talk in a way like they actually have enough knowledge to say what they are saying!

  • Truthie

    Lol! Who does this butch think she is? Her stylist, really??????????

  • RupertSanders

    she is so sexy

  • http://!!! SAM

    I agree. Kelly Osbourne is nothing more than a mean bully. I think her ego became inflated after Dancing with the stars. She is a nobody and E is getting a bad name for keeping her.

  • LooseLipz

    And then there’s Guiliana Anorexic. What a horrible role model and critic. And totally annoying the way she poses.

  • really?

    Everyone on this site and others sites critique fashion and talk smack about what people wear all the damn time. Take a look at the threads after any premier or awards show. I don’t agree with the Fashion Police, but it is an entertainment show. NOT a show that should be taken seriously. Every Entertainment show does a best and worst dress. Every gossip site talks about what celebs wear. Hell look at the magazines they do a Do and Don’t section. We have shows like What Not to Wear. TV shows do makeover shows every single week.

    I think her comment is coat riding that mess with Gaga. Everyone gets in on the latest feud. Why the heck does anyone care what Joan and the others are saying. As noted it is their OPINION. And we see comedians being “mean” and nasty all the time. FEMALES more then others.. where is the outcry when those females are calling other women foul names. Don’t recall hearing an outcry to that.. but all of a sudden women are crushed because Joan and her panel don’t like their fashion choices. Get real. they are talking about Clothes. Clothes.

    and Jessica’s last comment puts her in the same same nasty category as Joan. and makes her look totally hypocritical. HOW do you admonish someone for doing what you yourself just did.. and How is what Joan looks like have anything to do with her talking about Fashion.

    Jessica AKA (POT) meet Joan (Kettle)

    I don’t watch Joan;s show anymore so I don’t hear what she says. maybe these other people should start changing the channel

    Maybe she should have a talk with Miranda for being a well you know..

  • jessica paster is my heroe!

  • Yohji

    Kelly Osbourne always looks terrible. So does Giuliana. Anyone check out the Miss Havisham get up she wore to the Globes? At least the guy with the funny laugh is a credible stylist and actually says things that make sense.

  • Seriously

    As for Fashion police, being famous and a public figure means opening yourself up to criticism. They chose to be famous; it wasn’t forced upon them and criticism comes with the territory. They were well aware of what fame and celebrity entailed before they obtained it. At least they have their vast riches to comfort them or to provide solace if they are so bothered by the opinions of others.

  • Lea

    Jeez, it’s not a judgemt of your character lady!!!

    Come on now…..”Don’t hate the players, hate the game”. This is the game of business in Hollywood and such and everybody is playing it. The “who are you wearing?” on every red carpets…to everybody and their mama having a stylist as if they can’t dress themselves….to gossips magazine and blogs… to freebies as if they can’t buy the stuff….and so on…It’s part of the game that keeps the machine rolling….

    So yeah, I say bring it on…it’s all entertainment for us poor-5-to-9-job-folks.

  • precious

    Harsh, but oh so true! I agree with Miranda! Go Miranda!!

  • Marie

    Fashion Police is a funny show, funny – get a sense a humor. They can start their own fashion opinion show, with all the serious stylists and no one will watch it because it would be boring. I watch for Joan, she is funny as hell and she doesn’t hide her surgeries. they give their opinion and make fun, but I do agree what is good for the goose is good for the gander, but geez lighten up a bit!

  • Reba

    @LooseLipz: agreed! Why are people bullying Kelly and not Guiliana?

  • Anon

    Miranda looks beautiful in the pics. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of her book treasure yourself?

  • Sammy

    Couldn’t agree more.

  • Seriously

    My comment was more directed towards the people who have said that they are against the criticism period because it is criticism, but it wasn’t really specific to the point being made here. Regardless, it is possible that people can make discerning critiques of fashion and style without having a “background in fashion or styling”. Opinions of what is considered fashionable or stylish can vary from one person to the next and they weren’t really chosen because of any real expertise on the subject, but they were also chosen because they are supposed to be entertaining. There are numerous other people who could certainly replace the panel of fashion police. Once again, the celebrities being criticized have vast amounts of money, so it’s not effecting their lives. Criticism comes with their fame and their fame is one of the main reasons why they are able to live extravagant and luxurious live styles.

  • @anon…..#16

    You can get “Treasure yourself” on line at Amazon.

    It’s a wonderful book for young girls, the book has actually been recommended by the Australian Government as a teaching aid in schools.

    Miranda was on Ellen talking about the book, Ellen said how much she & Portia loved the book.

    Miranda is writing a second book as the first one was such a success.

  • jenn

    I agree with the stylist, Kelly always looks like sh!t

  • Dayum…

    I am blown away by the fact that she pays a stylist to make her look like a sk@nk when she can accomplish that all on her own.

  • @Seriously #18

    Yes everyone has a right to an opinion BUT a lot of the time it crosses the line into just plain spite.

    Just because celebrities are famous doesn’t mean their not human, they can be hurt the same as everyday people.

    It would be one thing if people kept it to an opinion on their clothes, hair and shoes but they don’t.

    They get a lot more personal & attack their looks and personalities. Most of the comments on here are just mean & vicious. A lot of people make judgemental comments from looking at photographs taken over a few moments. Yet they have no clue what goes on in that persons life over a 24 hr period.

    Then you get people who “hate” a celebrity for some ridiculous reason even though they’ve never met & don’t know the celebrity.

    Look at LeAnn Rimes, I’m not interested in her at all, but I’ve recently started reading about her & I was shocked at the comments. Calling her a rodent & other derogatory names. If people dislike her so much why click on her articles? They do so because they “hate” her on behalf of another celebrity they watch on a reality show.

    This type of “opinion” is crossing the line into bullying.

    Because people are anonymous they think they can write whatever they like but I’m sure if they had to give their real names they wouldn’t be so insulting.

  • http://None 55vineyard

    It is kind of cold that time of year in New York, I would not want to be wearing that short of a dress, even though she looks like she has good legs.

  • yes

    Miranda looks flawless!
    So gorgeous!

  • @10

    Tell that to Kelly.
    She is constantly whining about people insulting her. Calling her fat, ridiculing her hair, etc.
    Yet she bashes others.
    She is a hypocrite.

  • @16

    Barnes and Noble now carries it.

  • hmm

    Judging by the hair and makeup, I’d say another photo shoot?
    Mango? VS? Another editorial?

  • ..

    didn’t have to read this to completely agree with her. who in god’s name would take fashion advise from a woman with purple hair?

  • Jerry

    Oooh Kelly Osbourne got BURNED! She truly has zero talent or capabilities and is no different from the Kardashians. I don’t buy a word that comes out of her mouth on Fashion Police.
    At least Joan Rivers is a legendary comedian.

  • Zac
  • anna

    she has a stylist?? so much for being naturally fashionable.

  • Claire


  • mimi

    I totally agree… Joan Rivers is just a big rude opinionated mouth trying to make herself relevant.. and failing. Kelly seems nicer, but absolutely unqualified.

  • an

    lol she is so right ! Just because she is a celebrity does not give her the right to criticize others style , especially when she dresses herself like a potatoe bag !
    Miranda is so beautiful :o

  • Xo

    I do agree with her point about Kelly. She doesnt have a background in fashion like George does, and most of the time she’s sitting there in an outfit just as bad, if not worse, than the one she’s critiquing. I can see why they included Guiliana because she interviews for the red carpet and is familiar with the things certain people wear. Joan I think is there for shock value. She did the red carpet stuff back in the day, but her role on Fashion Police is basically to sit and listen to what the other’s think and then make some sort of offensive comment about the person. I just dont find it funny. It would be one thing if she kept her critism on the person’s clothes, but she just takes it too far sometimes with the personal digs. She can’t go an episode without calling someone fat, slu+ty, gay, or some sort of oral sex joke. What does any of that have to do with fashion? I watch the show because I love fashion and like hearing other peoples’ opinions on certain looks, not to get a human anatomy lesson.

  • Poiuy

    Joan Rivers is the funniest woman in the world!!!

  • Me

    I liked Mirandas style more when she wasn´t rich enough to hire a stylist…. Now she dresser very weird… and I liked more her old hairstyle. She should have a more cold and ashy haircolour… look at pics of her from 2006, much better!

  • Zac
  • Ala

    finally someone flamed the fashion police panel lol

  • Scott123

    They are fashion critics. Like a movie critic, or a tv critic. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong. The public doesn’t always agree with what critics say, but critics often set the trend on a given matter in the public eye. I have watched the show, and Joan is almost always funny whether she is right or wrong. And Kelly, that lavender hair……ummm…you are so much prettier than Dame Edna..really. ;-)

  • Jess


    But stylist school… is that the one Kim Kardashian went to before deciding it was not the best way to go about the business?
    WHY o WHY would a lawyer comment on those shows?? Those pages need to get filled – so thank the professional stylists for relishing their envy enough to put people in short skirts and booties, with shapeless overcoats. Kardashians were smart – they learned to dress THEMSELVES, early.


  • Jess


    But stylist school… is that the one Kim Kardashian went to before deciding it was not the best way to go about the business?
    WHY o WHY would a lawyer comment on those shows?? Those pages need to get filled – so thank the professional stylists for relishing their envy enough to put people in short skirts and booties, with shapeless overcoats. Kardashians were smart – they learned to dress THEMSELVES, early.

  • Beautiful girl

    Finally someone said it! I agree girl!

  • Sa

    What upsets me is when Joan rivers makes awful remarks about lea Michele’s character on air in hideous, misogynistic terms but hasn’t met her. Kelly Osborne who has and says how great she is but still insists on sitting cowardly by when rivers hates in her. This from the same channel as kristin de santos who describes the “lovely lea” in her piece. I always watched the show for fun but after the golden globes edition which surpassed meanness I have deleted it from my DVr.

  • Re

    @Sa: what is awful hypocrisy is how Rancic criticises tanning of celebs but looks orange. And rivers proposes nose jobs and other plastic surgery for others (cos it worked so well for her). Don’t pretend this is a fashion show: it is for a bunch of hags to bitch about other women.

  • lawlerskates

    YESSS take those ugly snobs down a notch. I don’t get why silicone-filled joan rivers has any authority on anything/anyone good looking….I think you have to fill that requirement first prior to judging other good looking people (like Miranda Kerr). Bashing people’s appearance means you have issues with your own. I could honestly care whichever Tom, Dick or Harry wears….what matters to me is what comes out of your trap.

  • dawne

    Folks, this is a m o d e l……..puhleeeze,,,,,,fameho’s are too sensitive when the spotlight they crave turns on them or their army of enablers. This is not a talented woman; she merely won a minor genetic lottery. We certainly can tell she ‘treasures’ herself as she makes eye contact on every pap walk she struts. I wish women would treasure themselves enough to admire women who actually make the world a better place.

  • @46

    And yet, here you are on a gossip site.