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Halle Berry Pushed for More in 'Movie 43'!

Halle Berry Pushed for More in 'Movie 43'!

Halle Berry dons knee high boots while picking up her daughter Nahla at school on Thursday (January 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The day after, the 46-year-old actress and her fiance Olivier Martinez were spotted shopping on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach.

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Halle‘s director Peter Farrelly for her upcoming film Movie 43 recently chatted about how Halle pushed for more in the film.

“Even I was embarrassed when I asked Kate Winslet and Halle Berry to do what I asked them to do in this movie,” Peter shared.

Peter added “What shocked me is both of these ladies pushed for more. Halle Berry called me and said, ‘I thought you said this is a hard R. It’s too soft.’ So, we came up with a scene where she puts her breasts in guacamole.” But don’t get too excited, she wears prosthetic ones for the movie!

FYI: Halle is carrying a Monika Chiang bag. Olivier is wearing Levi’s.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez heading to school together…

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halle berry pushed for more in movie 43 21

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  • Jess

    Put her breasts in guacamole? Oh, yeah that’s a HARD R. Only if a guy was banging her from the rear and uh, she was somebody else.

  • T_M

    I see he hasn’t bought any new jeans!

  • Marie

    Cute couple.

  • Yup!

    They look cute and happy. Relaxed. Maybe Olivier wants a really nice, calm lady in his life now that he’s getting older. He seems so relaxed and French. If he’s not the type who still wants to “have at it” with every beautiful woman he sees, I think he has met his perfect woman. They’re probably both tired the all the craziness that can be had in relationships.

  • People wear

    the same jeans again and again. As long as they’re not dirty-looking/smelly yet. Heck, he could also have many of the same jeans. Olivier looks clean anyway. He looks groomed.

  • huh

    Interesting he’s with Halle taking Nahla to school. He’s carrying her bag–same one Gabe was carrying.? Besides them shopping together. Yep on the pants and he still has a bad die job and needs to shave. Hopefully he’s sober.

  • turkey baster??????????????

    Heard she also shoots up hot sauce up her vajayjay with a turkey baster, who knows if that’s true???????????????????

  • Halle ho & Frog Prince

    More pix of Halle ho and her Frog Prince. Still give them until Spring-Fall if that long. Rumor has it he’s selling his Aston Martin convertible (art pix with pal–looking at his car)–maybe Halle’s putting her foot down–guess that’s what you get when your fake gf and her ex work more than you.

  • Gayle

    Do the wicked stepsistas have to follow Halle Berry to every topic on JJ? It’s the same people here again and again.

  • Gayle

    And why do you call Halle Berry a ho? My guess is you’ve probably slept with more people than she has. How many Baby Daddy’s you got?

  • Gayle

    Lastly, you probably don’t even have a relationship of your own. Y R U so anxious to see a split here?

  • simy the pig face

    @Gayle: The wanker hating on beautiful women like Halle Berry suffers from arrested and abnormal sexual development.

  • Kenneth Brow

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  • zoloftyaspirations

    She was really good in that movie, Monster Balls.

  • wasting your time

    @Gayle: @simy the pig face: why waste your time posting on folks who post for whatever reason?

  • Gayle #2

    @Gayle: why bother commenting multiple posts or not—folks are going to hate. Just ignore them on this gossip/entertainment tabloid site not a fan site. Remember not all are fans.

  • Halle ho & Frog Prince

    :nope am just one of the many who post here and am a white virgin teenager posting under multiple aliases who likes to rile you few die-hard Halle fans who think she and her so-called fiance can do no wrong

  • nope

    @Gayle: More silly teenage postings. Really don’t care about these two like you do.

  • nope2

    @simy the pig face: you Brit am an American teenage blowing you guys crap….not a guy and very happy. Go comment on the Daily Mail etc.

  • casting couch

    @Halle ho & Frog Prince: so much of the casting rumors of Halle dating/sleeping her way to the top/ . She and her current bf are well suited in their rise to power, anger and relationship history.

  • truthserum

    There is no logic to halle berry or her custody situation or her emigration plan, now olivier martinez says he is homesick and will move back to his native country france permanently, how far will this axe fall, somebody better take the initiative and run first.

    halle realize when a break up happens there is absolutely no more points to prove; alone at the BET awards, alone at the golden globes 2013, take stock halle, you can buy yourself an ugly green ring,

    YOU and that olivier went directly for gabriels face knowing full well that gabriels injuries could have cost him his modeling career, That olivier is a complete crazy; Halle ask yourself what kind of mother are you, the kind who plans and set ups your daughters father attempted homicide

    Kate Winslet is an awesome actor, but i will not support the movie 43 because halle berry is in it ;

  • Jennifer
  • huggybear

    stage outing just look at the pictures

  • van

    The Aston-Marton, I repeat the Aston Marton IS NOT Oliviers. It was given to Halle by the Brocolletti family for her role in Die Another Day.

  • me2

    i can’t believe halle is still with this criminal…

  • huggybear


  • ice queen

    @Halle ho & Frog Prince: Ugh, I think you are a liar! First of all, you’re not Caucasian. And you’re not “pretending” to hate. You’re a real live hater. Admit the truth… for once! You’re obsessed!

  • Emily

    She is such a good mom. She deserves full custody and she keeps her men happy with gifts from AthenaToysdotcom

  • nope

    href=”/2013/01/18/halle-berry-pushed-for-more-in-movie-43/comment-page-1/#comment-27375810″>ice queen: nope , sorry to disappoint you…I really am a white teenager from the Midwest who posts dorky and douchey shi*& on JJ and JJ Jr. periodically.

  • more

    @nope: Where did ever get I was black and a hater. The Frog Prince stuff copied off another poster who meant it derogatory making a cultural insult to Martinez because he was French.

  • 4 icequeen

    @more: meant for ice queen

  • why do you care?

    @ice queen: Why do you even care if they posters are White or Black /other? Or if they really are teenagers? haters or not? This is a gossip site…and it takes all kinds. News flash not everyone who comes to these sites is mature . Nor does mean someone is obsessed jut because they may post a comment from another site–just means they are probably not using their time wisely, bored, don’t have a life etc. Hey I am White , Jewish and Female while I wish Ms. Berry and Mr. Martinez well, I don’t agree with what happened on Thanksgiving between them and Aubry regardless of who may or may not have started it. That’s reason and common sense and has nothing to do with race. Could careless who Berry chooses to be with for any reason. Don’t take this stuff so seriously (no offense).

  • huggybear

    stop calling people liar and grow up the truth hurt

  • justsaying

    halle needed to stop trying to fool people by walking around holding hand with Olivier, you are not a teenager if you are good in love you don’t have to act happy, we can tell .

  • 4 huggybear

    @huggybear: thanks hun…guess some folks can handle the truth as Jack Nicholson would say.

  • kayla

    She bores me so whatever!

  • different car

    @van: The Aston-Martin that OM drives is HIS not Halle’s . Check photo archives of him driving a Volante in his pre Halle days when he was in LA in previous years. Barbara Broccoli did give Halle an Aston-Martin but it was not a Volente-do you homework before accusingf others of being wrong and lean to spell.

  • Van part 2

    @different car: I don’t have a clue if he’s selling his car. But I know for a fact we’re talking two different cars.

  • movie 43/google search

    Check Movie 43 out on movie –there was a turkey baster scene, poster while tacky in comment poster wasn’t lying. Halle’s scene is along with guac (not real) scene and google search…OM does own an AM –Van was partially wrong