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Katie Holmes: Alterna Haircare's Newest Face!

Katie Holmes: Alterna Haircare's Newest Face!

Katie Holmes has just signed on as the newest face and co-owner for Alterna Haircare, according to WWD!

“I love that Alterna uses natural and organic ingredients and stays away from harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens,” the 34-year-old actress said in a statement. “It’s good for my hair and good for the earth, so I feel good using it.”

“When it comes to hair, great style should be sustainable,” Katie added. “Using the right products means you don’t have to work as hard to look and feel your best.”

In addition to Alterna, Katie is also the face for Bobby Brown cosmetics.

Bigger ad inside…

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Credit: Alterna Haircare
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  • LOL

    Props to photoshop.

  • http://justjared POLO

    Photoshopped!!!!!!!!! We all have seen what her hair really looks like from the previous posts. It looks NASTY!!!!!!!!!

  • Andie

    Good photoshop they did on her.Her real hair always seems to be dirty and messy.And nice makeup too…her real face is ugly and old without makeup.
    Photoshop really did miracles…even her face is different.she’s not that pretty is real

  • Rocky

    Good for her! Anything that helps the enviornment is good for me. Will give it a try.

  • Amelia

    Photoshopped? She had hairdressers getting her hair to look good, and she’s had highlights put in as well. so I can believe it’s her hair. Why does the woman have to have her hair this way when she’s out in the street?

  • Amelia


    Have you seen her in ‘real’ life?

  • Terri

    Hello Photoshop

  • Andie

    @Amelia: Just look at her pics with few and/or no make up,from other post and sites…you will see how her hair and her face really are.Those photos were real.,not photoshopped,but this photo above was photoshopped,just like all the magazines covers photos.:)
    Ah,and most celebrities don’t use the products they are paid to pretend they use(oops,support).There is a chance that she doesn’t use this product too.:)

  • Aimee

    So, her new career seems to be doing endorsements for products we’ve barely heard of and won’t ever use.

  • :)

    lol. isn’t that ironic? that woman can’t even brush her hair!

  • ugh

    Thought that was Lana as I scrolled down

  • Kylie

    She’s going the Jen Aniston route of endorsements over acting. Whatever pays the bills. It’s not like she’s a bankable star.

  • SJP

    I just love it when a singer or actress appears in 20 endorsement deals each year but doesn’t appear in a movie or release an album.

    Let’s not pretend she needs this ‘job’ to feed Suri.

  • yeahit’strue

    Doesn’t look like her at all.


    So why is the beauty industry so popular with actresses? “It’s absolutely the new twilight career of fading stars,” Jo Piazza, the author of ‘Celebrity, Inc.: How Famous People Make Money’, told us. “While they used to be put out to pasture in the theatre, that has become a young woman’s game.” Ouch.

    But don’t feel too sorry for them. “Working with beauty brands allows them to continue to feel glamorous and relevant and is also more lucrative than the movie offers they get once they are past their prime,” Piazza said. “A past-her-prime actress may only get $2 million a movie, [but] she can make $5 million from a beauty line.” Seems like a much better alternative than hitting the theater six nights a week and being paid a pittance.

    Double OUCH!!


    “An Alterna spokesperson told WWD that they saw a parallel to their company in Katie Holmes, saying, “Like her, this is a brand that has been VERY MUCH AROUND, but hiding in plain sight.” It also probably doesn’t hurt that she used to be married to one of the biggest stars in the world, and is a paparazzi staple thanks to that marriage and her stylish daughter, Suri.”

    ***Emphasis mine

  • Pat

    I’ve always thought that Katie’s singing is underrated like Marilyn’s was. I hope she’ll take the time to work on a CD and go on tour. It will be a sell out!

  • Mark

    Remember when she was dancing with the black eyed pes?
    She was doing okay until she broke out with tire white girl moves. Shimmy? Really? Btw, did she and fergie kiss off stage?

  • geeza louisa

    It says not only is she the face of Alterna Haircare, but a co-owner…which explains why she is the face of Alterna. And it must mean she had money to invest in the company. And Jared I sincerely doubt that she “has just signed on” with Alterna as deals like this take months and doing the ad must have taken more than a week. Hopefully this means Katie will quit appearing with dirty, stringy hair. I don’t mind the gray (which they obviously either airbrushed out or else she dyed her hair for the ads), but when you see her with her hair bundled in a top not, obviously dirty, greasy etc….well it would not make me want to buy Alterna. But then this is a woman who owns and is pushing a fashion line–and frequently steps out looking like a mess and not a hot mess so hopes she will adhere to basic cleanliness for her hair are probably futile…but one can hope!

  • odin

    @geeza louisa: Katie’s hair looks beautiful and healthy, and I am sure that she is using all the products she endorsed. Remember her cloth line she advertised, she is daily dressed with them?
    Katie is a hot and successful lady and I heard that Tom wears a wig, it is all over the internet, is it true?

  • Rich

    @odin: OMG, Tom wears a toupee, an Alterna Haircare brand? I want to buy one and I don’t care if Katie is a co-owner, the wig looks so damn good you can’t even tell Tom’s wearing one.

  • Katie Rocks!

    @ Pat, I agree. Remember how the crowd when crazy when she sang this?
    She definitely has “it”

  • Sincerely concerned

    Unfortunately she’s too old or Tom did a real # on her. U tube her doing whatever Lola wants!!!

  • annie

    geeza louisa adores NK, she comes here to bag KH.
    I think most people agree that Katie has nice hair, and especially nice when it’s done.
    a nice little love affair is around the corner, so is sucess.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: I hope so because despite her snootiness, I REALLY think she means well. Besides, how the he double hockey sticks does anyone expect her to survive in “that world”. For that reason, I say “go Katie!”

  • Suri the meal ticket

    How was that Guillermo del Toro skipped KHo, instead of working with Jessica Chastain in his latest BO success ‘Moma’?
    Schedule conflict with the unemployed KHo? LMAO!!
    Good for you, Guillermo, don’t ever make the same mistake, particularly after TommyGirl’s money stopped rolling in.

  • K-FLOP & GdT – NEE

    At the Mountains of Madness (GdT film, interview Jan 7, 2013) –
    “I’m going to try it one more time. Once more into the dark abyss,” he laughed. “We’re gonna do a big presentation of the project again at the start of the year and see if any [studio's] interested.” And yes, Tom Cruise is still game to be on board if they can find a home for it. “Yeah, Tom is still attached. I think it would be so fantastic to make it with him. He’s been such a great ally of the project.”

    K-FLOP and Guillermo del Toro attached to the same project – NEVER EVER EVER (to quote Taylor Swift). :-)

    Ain’t happening, just like K-FLOP winning an Oscar, Golden Globe, Critics Choice, or Screen Guild – NEVER EVER EVER!

  • geeza louisa


    Annie, I am well aware of Kidman’s faults. However, that doesn’t negate the FACT(S) that Katie runs around with dirty hair, greasy hair and messy hair and sometimes all three at once. She has horrible fashion sense. And rarely wears make up which is okay, but often her skin looks unwashed. Why would anyone trust or want to buy a product represented by a person that looks dirty, cares less about her appearance and is a fashion disaster? Why would any company want her as the face of their product? FACE being the operative word. She consistently wears clothes that highlight her flaws. She consistently goes out with messy hair and often dirty hair. She consistently goes out with no make up and skin that doesn’t always look clean. You can page back and look at JJ’s posts or go to one of your comprehensive KH sites and you can see she often wears wrinkled clothes, stained clothes (or she doesn’t change them) etc. So how is that bagging her?
    Yes, when Katie makes an effort she has nice hair–beautiful hair–but she doesn’t make the effort very often does she? Same goes for her face. She can go out and look good in minimal make up, but often you see a face that looks as tho it has old eye make up on. Why would I wnat to buy product from a company that has someone who often looks dirty representing them? I want to buy products that work obviously, but I also would like to buy the illusion that the person using them looks better because of them. And Katie looks great in the ads and then you see her in pictures with that greasy top knot and make up under her eyes and…well blech.
    Well, at least she is earning money after her play closed, her script and potential movie lost their investors etc. She could give up and live off Tom’s money–so she is to be admired for jumping right back into the fray.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    @K-FLOP & GdT – NEE:

    So, is it reasonable to argue that Guillermo del Toro only put up with KHo and altered the plot to secure his access to TommyGirl?
    I hope he gets Tommy to work with him, anyone put up with KHo the dummy duck deserves to have his wishes realized.

  • annie

    @geeza louisa
    you really believe what you’re saying , don’t you
    there’s only a small handful of actresses that go natural eg Mila Kunis
    so explain to me, in a way that makes sense to me
    why does someone like HStern, hire her… Kate Moss , Catherine Deneurve(did my homework on her)
    Ann Taylor…has lots of stars… why Katie, lots to choose from
    Mui Mui…lots of stars why Katie, hundreds to choose from
    Bobbi Brown…why Katie , again hundreds to choose from, adds in glossy mags , television, department stores
    please do not say that TC bought her all them, and do not say she got them because she divorced TC………
    you describe somebody , well according to you, that’s dirty, why doesn’t somebody else who looks put together get these jobs.
    Bobbi Brown has been in the industry for years and years, why not pick Mila for example.
    Alterna has been around since 1994…..maybe she is attractive to them, if not to you, or does she put some kind of a spell on everybody, and clouds their thinking.
    maybe that’s where her true talents lie, in the business world.

  • Octavian

    Annie, you are right Katie looks like a goddess with her awesome healthy hair, sexy body and sweet face (actually she was elected as one of the sexist women of the Millennium) and Tom Cruise was supposed to worship her beauty …I am not sure why Cruise, Travolta and Miscavage are so much into Scientology, I mean Hubbard was addicted to masturbation and he got impotent, and according to his notes he strongly believed he would live 200 years (Going Clear by Lawrence Wright). Hubbard died impotent at the age of 74, so clearly his Dianetics and Scientology OTs didn’t help him with his mental health or longevity. Lawrence Wright message is clear in his book Going Clear, go to College (or if you do not have the time graduate on line, or by correspondence like Arnold Schwarzenegger and earn a BA) if you wish to learn something and be intellectually stimulated and help America with your wonderful and constructive mind!

  • annie

    I forgot to say this, go to Loving Katie Holmes, and her pics at a lot of functions, or natural are every bit as good as the pro ones. although it’s impossible that every pic is going to be good, and that goes for everybody
    the proof is there, although i think that she has been through a few rough times, in the past few years.
    but you are not honest about NK, at all, although you probably think you are.

    You tell them Octavian!

  • K-FLOP – GOOD^3

    “Alterna has been haircare’s ‘best kept secret’ for years,” Joan Malloy, the company’s president and CEO, says in a statement. “But that is about to change. We’re confident that adding Katie’s natural beauty, gorgeous hair and creative instincts to our state-of-the-art, results-driven haircare collection will be a game-changing combination.”

    Holmes will reportedly help the brand grow globally and will appear in ads in March 2013 women’s beauty, lifestyle and salon trade magazines.

    [K-FLOP's response]
    “I’m really proud to be a part of this company [forgot the name?]— not only because the products are incredible [sounds unconvincing, like her acting], but because their ‘accessible luxury’ [accessible to whom? did she she not hear/read the CEO statement - "Best kept secret'-duh!] and ‘free of’ philosophy really speaks to me [that's Suri telling you to get some friends instead of dragging her around],” Holmes says of the eco-conscious brand. “It’s good for my hair and good for the earth, so I feel good using it.”[good ^3 - click my heals 3 times - this has got to work! it worked for I'm so mid-west too!]

    –Katie ‘ho-hum’ Holmes – Alterna better have a plan B

  • Sincerely concerned

    @geeza louisa: Have u a clue how hard it is to wash, dry and “fix” hair, much less make-up. …JUST to go out?!?! Same goes with clothes. That is why the bun is the new thing!!!

  • Octavian

    Dear Annie anytime someone tries to defame Katie we have to defend her, and yes she went through more than a few rough times before she divorced, I mean her ex husband left her on the “Titanic” for good long before they divorced while he left with his scientologist friends, and it is our duty to make sure she is safe too. You know I read the book Going Clear by Lawrence Wright and I couldn’t believe that Hubbard was addicted to heavy masturbations, there were notes written by Hubbard himself just prior he wrote Dianetics about this, and I vomit just thinking that he could have typed his Dianetics with one hand while he would masturbate hard with the other one. Of course this is true otherwise the Scientology would sue the publisher of the book Going Clear. If Miscavage were a true friend of Hubbard then he would take him by force to a psychiatrist to get help but he didn’t care, and Hubbard died helpless at 74… yeah the Scientology heals you without the doctors!

    America is the greatest country in the World and some people take for granted the freedom to do what ever they want, even to invent new religions and hurt other people and destroy families (one of them is Tom’s)…in the name of that religion… or their interst. We are sick and tired of lies and Cruise, Travolta, Kristei Alley etc, stars we invested love, respect and lots of money to see their movies should be sent to live at least for one week, in North Korea to see and feel what it means when you are deprived of freedom… I know, I lived half of my life behind the Iron Curtain!

    It is time for a Lady to be elected the President of the United States of America and Katie Holmes proved she is intelligent, smart, beautiful, charismatic and brave, and she could easily “build” bridges of friendship between countries in this global economy, and … of course… First Daughter will be Suri :) :) Katie Holmes is such a constructive example for all of us, she is the beginning of the New World Order :) :)

  • ani

    “Katie Holmes proved she is intelligent, smart, beautiful, charismatic and brave, and she could easily “build” bridges of friendship between countries in this global economy”. Hi Octavian, how did she prove to you this? She hasn’t any of the above except the aging beauty. Her success is possible only in America. In Europe you are not allow to present something, which is fake. You cannot sale beauty, when this beauty doesn’t exist anymore. The ad of Nathalie Portman was stop because her lashes looked too long to be natural. What about a comparison between a picture of KH from the real life and from the banner? Second, I would like to talk about your comment that she can “build” bridges of friendship between countries in this global economy. She is wealthy woman with TC or without him. Did she contribute something to the society? Did she give some money to the poor? So far, she is looking only how to make more money for her personally. When the acting doesn’t work, she is coping with advertising beauty product or high end fashion. She is trying to carry the image of a shy, down to earth woman, but her actions are proving exactly the opposite. KT is outdated actress, who is trying to restructure her source of income in order to keep her lavish standard of live, nothing more and she is ready to do this at any cost even with the sacrifice of the mental health of her daughter. She is not involved in any philanthropic activities at all. I think, I can’t have a respect for a greedy or self-oriented person like her.

  • Octavian

    There are so many unhappy wives out there who just live with their husbands because the husbands are the providers and they want to live comfortable. Katie is not one of them and she proved it, she is a hardworking lady and she is a doer, that’s why after her divorce she continued to work hard (she made movies even when she was married to Tom), and by the way she graduated the high school with straight “A” Magna Cum Laude, and she could easily continue her education and get into politics. Many famous actors and singers got in the past into politics and they were very successful, for instance the former congressman Sonny Bono (you know him from Sonny and Cher), the former president of the United States Ronald Reagan, the former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, mayor Clint Eastwood, mayor Jerry Springer, senator Al Franken and the list goes on and on. Katie Holmes could run in the future as the mayor of New-York or elsewhere, then make her way to Congress, Senate or higher. If Katie Holmes would run for the Democrats vs. Sarah Palin for the Republicans I am sure that Katie would win (and I am sure she would do way better than Palin in an interview with Katie Curic ha, ha, ha) , and by the way Katie would not need Teleprompters for her speeches. Katie’s father is a well-known lawyer and the politics kinda run in the family :) “KT is outdated actress” no she is not, of course she won’t be able to get a teenager roll, she would get something more appropriate …if this is what she wants. I think Katie got into business, fashion business to learn more about business as a whole.
    “I would like to talk about your comment that she can “build” bridges of friendship between countries in this global economy”, well Katie went last year to China and she stole the spot light….
    Yes she was used to highlife before she met Tom, and even more with Tom, but Katie is an honest person and if she didn’t find the true happiness inside her family then a few pounds of diamonds or flying with a personal jet didn’t mean anything to her, therefore Katie is a person we could trust. I heard Suri loves gymnastics and she is in to it, and who knows she could be a second Nadia Comaneci with a perfect 10. I am really impressed the time Katie devotes to her daughter,

    “Did she give some money to the poor?”, I don’t know and I don’t want to know it really is not my business, I think the government should take care of that not the rich people, you know that’s why we pay taxes, when I came to America I didn’t have a cent, and I never asked anyone for anything (I got a few weeks food stamps untill I got my first job and started to get integrated into the western society so different than the communistic one I came from), I walked miles and miles on foot to get a job and because I didn’t speak English most of the jobs were by the loading docks… You should see me then, damn because so much loading and unloading trucks my body looked as great as Tom Cruise’s body (I am not insinuating anything he is a gym guy ha, ha, ha)…. but not anymore after decades of working in an engineering department …ha, ha, ha :)

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Octavian: just came back from the bathroom after reading this…barf…. Great that she is doing “this” on her own and continuing with the acting route (after all, that is her thing) ……and u think she should go into politics with NO COLLEGE EDUCATION?!?!? So typical with the liberal way of thinking though . Something for nothing. Hmmm, maybe she can get more money out of Tom to HELP pay off the 13 trillion dollar debt. It’s people like u that have helped to screw this country up. Do me a favor and grow a brain.

  • Octavian

    @Sincerely concerned:
    Sonny Bono was a successful congressman… and he was a high school dropout…. so you see everything is possible. The governor Arnold Schwarzenegger earned his college BA by correspondence, the former president Ronald Reagan had average grades in college because he was mostly preoccupied with playing football (maybe that’s why he got so low grades) and he changed the World! Katie Holmes was a straight “A” HS student Magna Cuum Laude, she is very smart, very intelligent, and she couldn’t go father because she was busy with her very successful TV series, and other movies. Now people can graduate the college via Internet, you do not need to get your BA via correspondence like Arnold, and I am sure that Katie could graduate faster than many. Katie is a strong personality like no one else you ever seen, she got out from that Scientology cult after she found out that the “Holly” #1 scientologist was in fact a self sufficient Onanist addicted to daily heavy masturbation at the time when he wrote his Holly Dianetics and OTs… Katie needs a fresh life, she is so much deserving brave lady, you should read the book “Going Clear” by the Pulitzer Prize winners Lawrence Wright… and by the way when you said you just came from the bathroom… that’s because you are a self-sufficient guy too… and to paraphrase you make yourself a favor and grow a brain!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Octavian: It is in college that your metal gets tested and the popular b****** with their daddy’s credit card get weened out. The very fact that she even gave Tom Cruise a second look says it all!!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    No doubt there have been no recent pictures of Suri because she’d probably get social services called on her for child endangerment with the record cold temperatures and the way she LETS her dtr. under-dress…

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: Because right now Katie’s PR people riding off of her high profile divorce.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Octavian: if u have read any of my blogs, I’ll notice I have been more than “go Katie” but please just don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raing..

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Octavian: if u have read any of my blogs u’ll see I have been more than “go Katie”. But just don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining. Most level headed women would see that Cruise is like Howard Walowitz, with the overbearing mother and all, and would turn and run.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sincerely concerned: And you want her in the White House making decisions. I can see it now: on the front lines in Bengazi, working with China, with the borders and the drug cartel, in Albania with the women trafficking. I could go on but then my profession is not screen writing. Would this be a comedy or a drama? We already know Katie doesn’t fare well in the comedy arena.

  • Sincerely concerned

    My last response was Octavia.

  • Octavian

    @Sincerely concerned:
    I have no idea why you are so negatively obsessed about Katie… give her a brake, she needs to get back on track and she does it just fine. She proved that she rather rides the subways and walk on foot than to be covered on diamonds and live with Tom and his cult. The cults are no good they destroy families and degrade the people and you could tell that Tom sucked her life in the last few years, she did not look as good as she was supposed to. Katie is a doer and she will succed not mater what you, others or I write on this blog… watch and see. The initiator of the Scientology cult, Hubbard, used to beat his wives on a daily base, to say nothing that he was a bigamist, opium addicted, an onanist and compulsive liar…. There are complains that the #2 in the cult, Miscavige beats up his members too to follow in the leader’s steps and creed, so using this logic the #3 in the cult, Tom Cruise, could have done the same thing with his former wife… so give her a brake, she is a brave American lady and I’m sure that FBI and CIA are looking deep in Lawrence book “Going Clear”!

    Of course all my Tom Cruise movies I bought in the past are for a while in the garbage, and even if he would levitate for real in Oblivion I won’t care… no more Cruise movies for me, he sucks in the real life as a human being and I won’t encourage him going to the theater buy the tickets and watch his movies! Jack Reacher (I didn’t wach it) did not make the money Hollywood expected and it won’t be a sequel.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Octavian: She chose him as his soul mate. That does not say a whole lot for intuition, character etc.

  • Octavian

    @Sincerely concerned:
    It is a saying, never argue with an idiot because he brings you down to his level where he is the Master of his Domain, and he will always win!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Octavian: Thanks for the insight. I was ready to pull my hair out.