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Leonardo DiCaprio: Lakers Game Night!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Lakers Game Night!

Leonardo DiCaprio sits courtside with a friend at the Lakers vs. Heat game held at the Staples Center on Thursday (January 17) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actor was also joined by Ellen Pompeo and her hubby Chris Ivery as they watched the Los Angeles Lakers lose against Miami Heat, 90-99.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Also pictured: Mark Wahlberg with his wife Rhea Durham and their two cute sons Brendan and Michael.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and others at the Staples Center…

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  • z

    Looking so adorable.

  • : )

    so cute
    leeeooooooooooo :))

  • ,…

    Leonardo DiCaprio may have a hectic schedule, but the Hollywood star has said that when he does get time to relax, he acts like a ‘complete idiot’ and discusses absolutely ‘nothing of importance.’
    The ‘Django Unchained’ star may take his movies ‘very seriously’, but he’s said that when he does get some rare time off he loves nothing more than to act like a ‘fool.’
    He said: ”I take what I do very seriously when I’m on the set that’s all I focus on. So my vice is to hang out with my friends, talk about absolutely nothing of importance and act like a complete idiot.
    ”It’s like therapy to just be a complete idiot with my friends,” he told the Daily Mail.
    However, Leo says that he hasn’t spent time with his friends for a ‘year and a half’ because of his hectic schedule, which has seen the star shoot ‘Django Unchained’, ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. This means that the actor is supe-excited about finally spending time with his pals once he’s finished promotional work.

    He explained: ”I love to have friends over, but I haven’t really been home for a year and a half so I don’t even remember the last time I did that.”
    ”I’ve just done three movies back-to-back, so I’m looking forward to getting back to my house.”
    When the 38-year-old star isn’t at home he loves to escape from his busy showbiz lifestyle by diving underwater and ‘disconnecting from earth’.
    He added: ”I love diving – it’s one of my favourite things. I’ve been to a lot of different places around the world and sought out coral reefs and different species to see underwater.”
    ”It’s a whole new experience when you’re down there. You really disconnect from earth and you’re almost in a dream world.”

  • Leooo

    Leo has so many friends my goodness…

  • ebony what are Leo and his mystery date doing in this picture?! :D

  • anonymous

    Looking his usual handsome self. So much better even without all the make up they put on him during the filming of The Wolf Of Wall Street.

  • girlpower

    @Leooo: This means he’s a nice person. When you don’t have friends you are silly.

  • Priscilla

    He’s so cute with the cap. ;) And i agree. He always looks great but i prefer the casual look too as he is more himself that way and he doesn’t need all the make up and styling.

  • Angelina

    Ellen Pompeo looks bored to tears.

  • Friday friday

    The great Leo is one of the best though unrated actors in Hollywood.

  • party hard

    Leonardo DiCaprio Dances to Kanye West in West Hollywood

    Leonardo DiCaprio may have lost the Golden Globe for his role in Django Unchained, but that didn’t stop the actor from enjoying himself a few nights later.

    Alongside best friend Lukas Haas, DiCaprio visited West Hollywood hot spot Bootsy Bellows on Tuesday night.

    Donning a newsboy hat, DiCaprio mingled with club promoters, while Haas did “his own thing,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE. “Leo hung back and sat on top of the banquette. He was getting a ton of attention from the ladies.”

    The usually quiet DiCaprio was “upbeat” and “even danced and clapped along” as music from Jay-Z and Kanye West played. And when the actor was approached by other clubgoers, he was “very gracious and chatted with them for a few minutes,” the source adds.

    Once the lights came on, the two friends reconvened to figure out their plans for the rest of the night.

  • bh
  • e cig

    Leo is smoking an e cig in one of the pics….how is that possible indoors like that?! I don’t really understand what e cigs are…

  • nom

    Uh my God Leo is looking DIVINE lately…

  • e cig
  • Nenay

    Think Leo was voted best dressed man at the GG’s….rightly so if you ask me, he looked stunning

  • ?

    Wonder who the guy beside Leo is, never seen him before

  • cutie

    Haha my grandad used to have a hat like that – So cute Leo

  • hawwt

    Oh Leo the things I would do to you……

  • linz

    @e cig: E cigs contain no tobacco. Its just vapors so they are allowed indoors. I’m so glad he quit smoking! Its such a nast habit. He’s looking fab lately!!! :-)

  • Kelly

    He has the nicest skin, I wonder does he use product on it…and if so what one..

  • -

    It’s a shame that he got so bloated in the face as he has aged.
    he used to be beautiful.
    Now, not so much.

  • LOL

    It seems he has switched to newsboy caps in recent pics lately.
    Are b-ball caps now a thing of the past?

  • Kirsten

    He has been looking gorgeous lately. So handsome.

  • Message

    @Kirsten: Agreed! He is looking all kinds of yummy. Go Leo!

  • Mari

    I agree with you all that Leo has been looking fantastic lately. Those shoulders are delicious. In addition to looking great physically, there’s also something else . . . he looks happier lately, doesn’t he?

  • @26

    Maybe hanging out with funny guys like Jonah Hill has been good for him?

  • sarah

    yes, @Mari, we sure can notice that he’s been looking very much happier in the past couple of months.

  • French/German Fan
  • Odd

    @French/German Fan:
    Are these interviews really new?
    I could have sworn I had read him saying this stuff before. Maybe I’m mistaken.

  • Odd

    Had another look. Sorry. I guess I’m wrong I guess its cause of the same questions thus the same answers.

  • sarah

    Thanks French-German girl.
    Nice interview, indeed. He will take a break from filming, but he still has two movies to promote in the coming year. I guess he’ll take time to enjoy the company of this good friends because it seems that this is what he likes the most in life.

  • CanadaGirl
    Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the sexiest GOOD actors in Hollywood, says he will be taking a break from acting to focus on his environmental campaigning.
    In an interview with a German newspaper, the Django Unchained actor said:
    “I am a bit drained. I’m now going to take a long, long break. I’ve done three films in two years and I’m just worn out. I would like to improve the world a bit. I will fly around the world doing good for the environment.”
    We can’t really fault him for wanting to help the world – that’s such a nobel goal.
    Still, we just can’t imagine a world without his beautiful face in the movies.
    Hopefully his break won’t be TOO long!
    Check out more pictures of steamy Leo (below) !!

  • CanadaGirl

    I’m looking for the German version of the article to translate.
    Hmm… wonder of this is real or rumour?

  • CanadaGirl

    It’s being reported… everywhere… that he wants to take a break for awhile.

  • : )

    after Inception he said he gonna take a long break too but we still get J edgar in 2011

    I hope his break not more than 2 years

  • CanadaGirl

    Here’s the article:
    “Four Seasons Hotel” Beverly Hills. Suite 1,501th
    It is quiet.
    His body language is gentle-manly. A blue sweater and a light blue jeans French. Laced brown boots.
    A strong hand pressure. A strange gentleness. A face that the world has known.
    When he speaks, you can hear him at all, but stares at him. Face a landscape of child, man, macho and mystery.
    PICTURE: Who is Leo DiCaprio ?
    Silence. His bright blue eyes are getting brighter and sharper – almost hypnotic.
    Leo: “I have a lot of people.”
    Enlarge Leonardo DiCaprio, Norbert Körzdörfer PICTURE columnist Norbert Körzdörfer meets international star Leonardo DiCaprio in “Four Seasons Hotel” in Beverly Hills
    Photo: Hubert Boesl
    IMAGE: In the sensational Spaghetti Western slave ” Django Unchained “They play the most perverse monsters in your career! Why?
    Leo: “I’m the devil – the most evil character in my life. When I read the script, I was almost sick. ”
    Leo told BILD: “How was the premiere in Germany?”
    IMAGE: Cool! Cheers! A bit long! The Germans love you! But you’re such a perverted pig that all cheered as they died.
    Leo: “I had to be so obnoxious in order to understand the vengeful violence and the historical truth.”
    IMAGE: How wicked and brutal may be the cinema?
    Leo: “Cinema is art! It is not truth but entertainment. Django churn ‘is! When did you last see a movie about slavery? ”
    IMAGE: How are private?
    Leo: “I’m a bit worn out. I am now a big, big break. I shot 3 films in 2 years – and am actually all ready. ”
    IMAGE: Flee?
    Leo: “Yes, but not in front of my responsibility. I am privileged and wealthy. I want to improve the world a little bit! I will fly around the world in order to do good for the environment “(Leo’s website:
    More on “Django Unchained”
    Django Christoph Waltz star in interview
    Christoph Waltz, “Tarantino’s screenplays are the hammers!”
    Oscar winner Christoph Waltz (currently: “Django Unchained”) says in interview from cult director Quentin Tarantino. more …
    Cult director Quentin Tarantino is already thinking about retirement!
    Christoph Waltz, Spielberg PICTURE columnist calls his Oscar favorites
    “Django Unchained” Django returns
    IMAGE: Do you speak German?
    Leo laughs: “It’s a little rusty, but it’s – for example, poppy seed cake! I spoke German with Christoph Waltz on the 130-day set. ”
    IMAGE: Your last visit to Germany?
    Leo’s blue eyes swim a little, “That’s sad. My grandmother was floating in the sky. She was a great hero of my childhood -. Beside my mother ”
    PICTURE: her mother (66) emigrated from the German war ruins in the New York slums Bronx!
    Leo: “Yes – she experienced suffering, hunger, misery, and yet they gave me security, hope and strength. She was and is my guardian angel. ”
    IMAGE: Describe yourself ..
    Leo: “I am a very happy man. I always wanted to be an actor – and my life is like a fairy tale. I’m growing up too slowly. But I may still be a bit of a crazy kid. ”
    IMAGE: life goals?
    Leo: “family, children, happiness – and a healthy environment.”
    Leonardo DiCaprio: His most famous films
    The breakthrough
    Enlarge DiCaprio opposite Johnny Depp

    1993 DiCaprio stars alongside Johnny Depp the mentally handicapped “Arnie” in Gilbert Grape – Somewhere in Iowa
    previous item next item
    Photo: dpa Picture-Alliance
    IMAGE: How “green” do you live?
    Leo: “My roof is full of solar panels. My own car is electrically powered, Sisca. A normal person does not travel more than 50 km a day. This goes well with socket. ”
    IMAGE: What’s the price of fame?
    Leo: “The loss of anonymity. However, I do not do what I do. ”
    IMAGE: What do you do when you do nothing?
    Leo: “I like to dive. I like to watch basketball. But now the German national football. I collect art and hang out with friends. ”
    IMAGE: You will soon be 40 …
    Leos short goatee grins: “A wonderful feeling. I explore the production – and what’s really important in life. I want people who are worse off help -. Because I was doing so well ”
    More theater stories you read here …

  • CanadaGirl

    @: ): He’s got nothing on the burner at the moment. There are a few in development, but that could producer credit…

  • CanadaGirl

    @French/German Fan: Sorry… just realized that you posted a link to the same article. :(

  • ????

    C’mon Leo… what is so exceptional with making 3 movies in 2 years for an actor??? What about Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck or Matt Damon, they all have busy careers? They are all working on one movie after the other. And they are married with several kids. Aren’t actors supposed to make movies one after the other? I don’t get it.

  • : )

    @40 Because he is lazy lol

  • : )

    @38 don’t worry we will still have pap pics of him enjoying his life haha

  • omg

    @????: I am so weary at having to work 8 hours a day, five days a week just to put a meal on the table…ho hum, still love y’a Leo

  • Elena

    I don’t know where this gif set ( ) of Leo and Jonah came from, but it’s hilarious. I guess the bromance is the real deal, and it’s fun to see Leo goofing off.

  • Fan

    Thanks Elena. Jonah and Leo seem to have developped a nice friendship and they seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. That’s cool!

  • linz

    @: ): Or maybe he wants to make quality movies that are memorable. If I remember correctly Brad Pitt’s last film was hated by critics and was a complete flop.

  • Erin

    Me so gross

  • : )

    @46 I was just kidding haha

  • @ebony#5

    I don’t think if she qualified as “his date” at the party, but the girl happens to be Leo’s good friend, Emily Daniels Mace.×350.jpg

  • @37

    Thanks CG. Missed having ya around!