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Miranda Kerr: 'Treasure Yourself: Power Thoughts For My Generation' Author!

Miranda Kerr: 'Treasure Yourself: Power Thoughts For My Generation' Author!

Miranda Kerr keeps it chic while arriving at JFK Airport for a departing flight on Friday (January 18) in New York City.

The day before, the 29-year-old supermodel looked stylish while exiting an office building in the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Miranda recently posted a picture of her new book “Treasure Yourself: Power Thoughts for My Generation” and tweeted, “#treasureyourself by #mirandakerr now available at #barnesandnoble ❤Miranda xxx.”

Miranda‘s book is a collection of thoughts, memories and lessons, which focus on self-improvement.

FYI: Miranda is wearing THVM-This Here Very Moment jeans.

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  • Dieter

    Instant hard-on !!!
    CREAMED MY JEANS !!!!!!!!!

  • kiny

    She must have written one page. Of course she has tons of help. She’s always flying everywhere and photographed by paps in the streets. From where does she take time to write a book?

  • ?

    Flights can be long and boring.

  • @2

    It’s actually been out for a while in Australia.
    It made the best seller list there, and an award from the Australian government.
    It has been available online through Amazon, but now it in Barnes and Nobles bookstores in the States.
    Congratulations to Miranda!!

  • Tam

    She looks lovely. Guess that she is heading back to ‘her boys’.

  • sara

    Such a beautiful girl. Love her!!!

  • Kimberly

    Miranda is beautiful. I just ordered her new book from amazon. Am excited to read it. Love seeing pics of her, Orlando, and Flynn. They are a beautiful family.

  • KoraKoraKoraKora

    Oh good another book full of “women are like flowers, a sunflower is a sunflower and cannot be a rose so you should just accept you sunflower life and be happy” but its totally not patronizing folks, because she totally loves all flowers so you should all buy her new book and also Kora because its infused with Rose Quartz vibrations and you’ll shit positivity and rainbows if you use it.
    Did I mention Kora?

  • re

    “Thoughts for My Generation”


    Get over yourself, honey. .

  • dooliloo

    *Le YAWN*….

  • anthony

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  • @Kora……#8

    You can whinge & moan about Miranda as much as you like. Thumb down any positive comments her. Mock & belittle her…..

    BUT it will NOT change the fact she is not only a supermodel but also a successful businesswoman.

    Creating her OWN organic skincare line Kora. Writing a best selling book for young girls which has not only won an award by the Australian Goverment but has also been recommended by them to use as a teaching aid in schools.

    What are you doing? Sitting at your computer writing snide comments about a women you don’t even know & never met all out of spite…..Jealous much???…….lol.

  • keke

    @@Kora……#8: trolls die when you dont feed them. If you are so annoyed at her haters simply ignore them and they shrivel up back under their bridge.

  • @13

    That may work for your average Internet troll, but these Miranda hater/stalker trolls are a unique breed.
    They see a lack of ‘food’ as an invitation to party. They are at their happiest when no one challenges them.
    The best way to get them to run off with their tails between their legs is to confront them with facts.
    Facts drive them into their dark little holes to lick their wounds.
    Embarrass them, and watch them slither away.

  • LOL

    If you idiots bothered to look at the pictures from the Golden Globe, you can see Orlando’s manager telling him to hold her hand – sure signs of a “loved up” couple that he can’t be bothered doing that and needs his manager to tell him.

    Treasure Yourself – shove it – a load of crap by a narcisstic woman who is as full of shit as manure in a barn.

  • @15

    Uhmm, how can you tell what a person is saying from still photographs?
    Here’s a hint. YOU CAN’T.
    Projecting, much?
    And why were they holding hands outside the afterparty when they were standing in near darkness, with the only photographers being paps across the street?

  • @LOL

    How can she be narcissistic when the (very successful) book is full of encouraging words to young girls.
    She tells young women to believe in themselves. To take pride in themselves. And to stop comparing themselves to other people. She wants then you love themselves. She isn’t telling them to love her.
    Nothing narcissistic about that at all.

  • hmmm

    Funny that the haters keep claiming that she only has one fan, no one knows her, and that no one cares about her.
    Well, she doesn’t have 1.4 million twitter followers anymore, that’s for sure. She now has over 1.5.

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    This “book” is not the next great American novel.
    It´s basically just another “celebrity” self help book (or handbook) and she is saying what everyone else says, but not in a cool, new or interesting way. There are plenty of grammatical errors in this, and why has no one caught it, like an editor? It has been available in Australia for some time, so let´s hope they caught those mistakes in the reprint at least.
    The layout … well, it speaks for itself. Only the first 94 pages are Miranda´s actual writing. 14 pages of pictures and the rest of the book are just filled with affirmations (quotes), one quote per page and a drawing of a butterfly. It´s also filled with pictures of her + family. That is a bit “look at me”.
    In my opinion – they spend more time with the looks of this … not the content. This is not a “book” for everyone. It´s advertised for preteens/teens.

    Please buy it before making up an opinion on how great it is.

  • blah

    Is she nuts. Has she gone bonkers. Cameras cameras cameras. WTF i swear. and she is not ‘beautiful’ she is ‘cute. One hell of a difference between the two. She talks like she learned how to talk and she is going to be an author. hahahahaha…

  • @19

    I don’t recall anyone claiming that it was the next “great American novel”. Especially since not only was it written by an Australian, it was never portrayed as anything but a self help book.
    And since she is relating her thoughts and motivations to her experiences growing up, why wouldn’t she also focus on her family life?
    And she has always said that this was a book for “young girls”, so I don’t really know why you are complaining. You are evidently not a young girl, so what did you expect to get out if it?
    Why did you read it in the first place? You are obviously biased against Miranda, so why support her book?
    You did support her book, right? I mean, you aren’t really stupid enough to critique a book that you haven’t even read, are you?
    Are you??

  • @blah. #20

    You make no sense…..”she talks like she learned how to talk”…….You’re criticizing Miranda yet you can’t even write a coherent sentence!……lol.

    BTW, Miranda isn’t cute, babies & puppies are cute. She is beautiful, her dimples give her a sweet, angelic yet sexy at the same time look. That’s why appeals to both men & women and makes her unique, her dimples are her trademark!

  • @20

    “She talks like she learned how to talk”?????
    Uhmm, ok
    “And she is going to be an author”
    Well my dear, she already IS an author.
    As a matter of fact, she is an author of a very successful book that has been translated into several different languages, and in now on the shelves of one of the nation’s largest book store chains.
    You walked right into that one dearie.
    Oh, and btw, not only is she beautiful, she is drop dead gorgeous.
    IMO anyway. Which is just ad important as yours.

  • @Insertcoolnamehere…#19

    The book is for young girls not mature women.

    If it’s as bad as you claim why did it win an award from the Australian Government & recommended by them to use as a teaching aid in schools???

    You jealousy is showing, AGAIN……lol.

  • InsertCoolNameHere


    Wauh, you should really calm down.

    A person can´t have an opinion about something without knowing it. Therefore … I don´t have the luxury to say it’s a crap book without having read it. So I did.
    And just because it´s for preteens/teens I can´t read it? Ha! … What about Harry Potter, which is a children’s book and adults reads it as well … that´s the only way you can judge a book. By reading it! It has nothing do to with genre or how fancy the cover is – Just because Miranda is the creator, does not automatically make it great. Read it first.

  • InsertCoolNameHere


    You should calm down as well.
    That book is not relevant in the school system. What class would that fit in ?

  • @23

    Can you believe these “haters” they seem to be either the Delphidiots or Adriana Lima crazies, what a combination.

    For the life of me I can’t believe after all these years they are still so filled with jealousy & hatred over Miranda being happily married to Orlando, just weird.

    What is so strange about the Adriana Lima crazies is that their so threatened by Miranda when there is no need. Miranda said in a recent interview how she had been friends with Adriana for years and she had asked her for tips when she was pregnant. There is plenty of work for both of them so I don’t understand their jealousy.

    Regardless I know there are plenty of us fans to defend her from the crazies!

  • @InsertCoolNameHere

    Of course you can read it, but you don’t seem to like Miranda or his ideas and this book seems to be aimed at preteens/teens. So if it’s not a terrible question, why did you read it?

  • InsertCoolNameHere


    To be allowed an opinion with the proper knowledge to support it, instead of those people who just bash with no facts. I think that is reason enough for picking up a book.

  • @InsertCoolNameHere

    Yes, I actually respect you for bothering to know what you’re bashing. I haven’t read it, nor plan to, so I can’t say if I agree with you or not. But I still think it’s strange to buy a book by someone you don’t like and that is not aimed at you.

  • @Insertcoolnamehere… #26

    There is more than one person posting here so I’m not sure who you’re addressing. You need to quote the comment number.

    The Australian Government wouldn’t have recommended the book be used as a teaching aid without knowing what classes it would be suitable for. I imagine late primary to year 10 in health/biology classes.

    There is no need to tell anyone to calm down as far as I can see people are responding to your posts with patience, simply answering your comments with facts.

  • InsertCoolNameHere


    Neither was Twilight (in terms of age) … and I read all 4 to be able to do the same. It´s just a principal opinion thing for me and yes I am not a fan of hers and I stand behind that, but I don´t bash other people just to bash. There is simply way to many celebrity books getting published and I like to know if some of them contribute with something or not. I study library and information science, so books is a major thing for me. All types of them.

  • @InsertCoolNameHere

    Oh, ok. That makes more sense, I guess. (I’m #28 and #30, as I see there’s a little bit of confusion)

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    @@Insertcoolnamehere… #26:

    No, that one was for you and I clicked reply in the bottom of your comment. So … pretty sure that´s how it works on JJ. I just don´t chanbe my name at the top like you.

    I did not feel like it was calm, so that´s why I wrote relax. People are so quick to bite here and I did post the first comment in a calm way as well. We don´t all have to have the same opinion.

    I still don´t think it fits for school at all. It´s not written for the purpose of education.

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    My name is all over the place. I do get that it´s just two people. :P

  • Sally

    I gave the book to my niece who is 12. She is just a little over weight & was feeling self conscious as her friends are all very slim. She loved the book, especially the flower analogies or as she put it “cool about the flowers” She decided she was a sunflower. I think it’s a wonderful book not only for young girls but teenagers as well.

  • @insertcoolnamehere…#35

    No there is more than 2 people, my posts are #24 & #31

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    ohhhh … well. Ups. ><

  • Jennifer
  • Sabine

    What’s up with the comments??? Some appear grey-ish and can’t be thumbed up or down. Really annoying!

  • @40

    That means that you have already clicked on them.

  • Jean

    This girl is SO full of herself. She thinks she is so cute. I would not buy her book, or anything that has to do with her.

  • Jean

    @@blah. #20: #22

    She is NOT beautiful, although she thinks she is. She is pathetically conceited.

  • @Jean

    If she isn’t beautiful to most people, why does she end up on all of beauty polls?

  • Jean

    @@Jean: #44

    What damn beauty polls? HAHAHAHAHAHA Get real. The girl is not beautiful.

  • Jennifer

    People don’t like her because she is so full of herself. Always mugging for the paps, giving out advice like she is an authority on things. Telling people how to eat, and how to dress, like nobody knows these things but her. Nobody knew how to dress and eat, and feel good about themselves UNTIL Miranda Kerr came to the country. She is just unlikable.

  • Jennifer

    @40 @ 01/19/2013 at 1:56 pm #41

    That means that you have already clicked on them.
    It does it to some comments you have not even clicked down or up on. I have the same problem.

  • @46

    She isn’t telling you how to eat. Well, except for common sense approaches to health. She is telling you what regimine SHE follows, because people keep asking her about it.
    You can choose not to listen, you know. But I guess that it’s hard not to hear what she is saying when you stalk her across the net.

  • Sabine

    @@40: No I haven’t.

  • Sabine

    @Jennifer: Thank you! Yes, it does it to comments I am just *reading* for the very first time. Wonder what’s up with that.