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Olivier Martinez: Art Gallery Stop with a Pal!

Olivier Martinez: Art Gallery Stop with a Pal!

Olivier Martinez checks his phone as he and a pal leave an art gallery together on Wednesday (January 16) in Los Angeles.

The 47-year-old actor and his friend kept busy running errands on the super sunny West coast afternoon.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivier Martinez

This past weekend, Olivier celebrated his 47th birthday on Saturday (January 12). Happy belated birthday, Olivier! We hope it was a good one!!

Olivier was last spotted out and about with his fiancee Halle Berry back in December in Paris after spending the holidays in the City of Light.

FYI: Olivier is wearing Levi’s jeans.

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  • Jennifer
  • Rocky

    Did he die his hair?

  • Annie

    1 pair of jeans, one jacket, 100 nasty personality problems. Would not hit.

  • Fran

    I would not leave my kid with him for 12 seconds.

  • Gtrt


  • DemiTasse

    Well, she was out to the BET awards without him and she won some big award, and she went to the Globes without him, but I could understand that because she was just a presenter. Anyway, I hope she has enough sense now to realize the public is angry at him and how unpopular he is with her fans. Maybe that’s why we haven’t seen any pictures of the two of them going out to dinner or “playing” with Nahla for the cameras

    Maybe Halle finally realizes that after the whole world saw the battered face of Nahla’s father, for Halle to go around with Olivier looking like a happy couple is just insulting.. If Nahla is lucky maybe Halle will dump her fiance and pay him to go back to France. As Tina Fey would say:She needs some “me” time.

  • Andie

    More fake photo ops to try to fix his image of violent boxer,but it’s too late,people already hate him and that creepy woman.This guy is pathetic.Since he came into Halle’s life,he crushed what was left of her reputation.She was already destroying her reputation during the custody fight without this idiot near her,but their set up together against Gabriel was lame.Even police they bought to blame Gabriel,when everybody knows they set him up.Nice try,but you’re still violent and dangerous.He shouldn’t be allowed to be near Nahla.If he almost killed Gabriel,i fear what this douche can do to Nahla if he gets too nervous and violent.He’s as creepy and crazy as Halle.

  • Rocky


    Thanks for the close up pictures. He DID die his hair. Those sunglasses are gross looking.

  • me2

    i agree….i wouldn’t let him alone with my child….i wish he would go back to france…where they don’t like him much either….wake up halle…before he does something else bad…wake up halle..

  • mh

    @Andie: Get real it’s funny how when the leach has his child you say he is such a great father. No mention of photo ops. He needs to get a JOB and stop living off child support. You can hate Halle all you want atleast she still has a career Aubrey doesn’t.

  • uh, not so good

    he does NOT look healthy, his skin looks like he has HEP-C or some serious liver disease!!!!

  • OM is a drug and smoker

    @uh, not so good: OM is a chronic alcoholic and smoker.

  • not true

    @mh: Not true…not taking up for Gabe–but he’s been working more than Halle’s leeching fake fiance even with Halle dragging his a$$ in court since 2010. It’s her own damn fault she pays Gabe support since they never had an agreement in place for the relationship/arrangement. BTW on another site Halle’s Frog Prince is seen with the same guy from the JJ art gallery pix and his wife talking to Ollie about selling his Aston-Martin convertible–not a good sign–Halle’s continuing to wise up. He will be out the door 6-9 months or less. His job was to get her to France and discredit /dispose aubry–he’s failed more than twice. Still damage control until she can get rid of him.

  • he’s toast

    @Andie: He’s toast–he’s not going to be around much longer. Halle really has no use for him. In fact he’s supposedly crazier than Halle if that’s possible.

  • Halle’s wising up

    @DemiTasse: Halle’s wising up on less is more. He’s toxic for what’s left of her career.

  • bad dye job /selling car

    @Rocky: @Jennifer: bad dye job. supposedly selling his car to the couple in pix. He needs the money. Guess Halle’s not footing the bill. And the call Aubry a K-fraud?

  • drunk not drug

    @OM is a drug and smoker: you mean drunk

  • ferris

    does he own at least another pair of pants?? he wears the same outfit on every occasions! yikes

  • Beautiful girl

    He was so hot back then. Now, not so much.

  • truthserum

    There is no logic to halle berry or her custody sitation or her emigration plan, now olivier martinez says he is homesick and will move back to his native country france permanently, how far will this axe fall, somebody better take the initiative and run first

    halle realize when a break up happens there is absolutely no more points to prove; alone at the BET awards, alone at the golden globes 2013, take stock halle, you can buy yourself an ugly green ring,

    YOU and that olivier went directly for gabriels face knowing full well that gabriels injuries could have cost him his modeling career, That olivier is a complete crazy; Halle ask yourself what kind of mother are you, the kind who plans and set ups your daughters father attempted homicide

    kate winslet is an awesome actor, but i will not support the movie 43 because halle berry is in it

  • mh

    @not true: Get real he hasn’t been working read the court documents. She said he barely gets jobs so it would be easy for him to travel to see his daughter. Oliver has more money than Gabe. Oliver has said he doesn’t care about being a big movie star, he just wants to make enough to live. He has businesses so he is not broke. I think he is worth over 20 mil according to Forbes.

  • mh

    @truthserum: Oh so sweet little Aubrey isn’t capable of starting a fight with a much smaller and older guy? Get real you people crack me up thinking Aubrey is this sweet angel. He lives off child support and barely gets jobs. Male models are a dime a dozen. He needs to get off his a$$ and learn a trade oh thats right he gets child support for the next 14 years he’s got it made.

  • Oh please…not true mh

    The money is for Nahla and not Aubry’s personal and was awarded to him because Halle complained his place wasn’t good enough for Nahla and never had a stipulation drawn out in their agreement. Check your facts. Regardless of whether Gabe is a complete angel or not. Halle sung his praises on The View and several publications saying how she admired his hard work ethic–Louis Vuitton, True Religion, 2012/2013 Fall /Spring Hugo Boss etc more than Ollie’s cyber movie and other film project. Who cares what he’s worth . Celebrity Net Worth has been printing that figure for the last 2-3 years-not Forbes. Martinez has also lost millions of dollars recently in a french investment scam and has to pay some hefty fines for his 20+ restaurant violations and is a joke in his own country according to all of my French friends.

  • he’s selling his car

    @<a href="/2013/01/18/olivier-martinez-art-gallery-stop-with-a-pal/comment he needs the cash you bozo

  • he’s selling his car
  • nanette

    @Oh please…not true mh:l let me tell you that in France we don’t care much about celebrities and their lives, and if it’s true that we do not consider monseiur Martinez to be a mega star or anything,we do not think of him as a joke either,but as an average actor lucky and clever enough to make money and date beautiful women,being Kylie the one people most loved. Now I don’t know what kind of french friends you have(maybe they are imaginary and you are a teenager) but my friends(rea l people)) have been taken aback and left wondering why a small,old and not very feet man could beat up a much stronger and younger man,.I think I’ve heard more people laughing at Aubry and his inability to defend himself. Secondly if you tring to make a point about Aubry been wealthy because he’s done 2 o 3 modelling jobs in he past year,you have to realize that’s is nothing,even the most succefull male models need to work at least in FIFTEEN modelling caimpagns a year to keep-up their lifestyle,hence Aubry rely in Halle month payments.Finally the 20 million euros fortune from Martinez is true ,maybe he had bad luck with his restaurant and properties investements and lost money,but also he’s done 2 o 3 movies in thr past year and it seems he gets paid 2 o 3 million per movie,but I doubt it that he is finished righ now. I’m not sure in the future if he continue with Halle and that is another topic of conversation among my friends. We allways wander She must have some sort of hold on him,and I know she is beautiful,but he could find somebody equally beautiful french woman and maybe have children with her in stead of being fighting for someone else child.

  • agree

    @nanette: My French friends agree with you. Don’t know where the poster got he was a joke other than maybe what a bunch of posters wrote when their fight broke out. I don’t have a clue about Martinez’s or Aubry’s work schedule or net worth over the last 2-3 years. Nor do I know much about modeling. Regardless of that, one theory is why Aubry gets any support for Nahla from Berry not because she makes more $$$$ than him with her movies, appearances, endorsements and such was–to shut Berry up after her complaining that Aubry’s environment was substandard for him to be jointly raising Nahla and that they never had anything in their agreement never having him sign anything. Whether any of this is true, I am clueless as you are. And am clueless as you too mon ami/e if they will stay together. Who knows who has a hold on the other????

  • je ne sais pas

    @nanette: Je ne sais pas si Monsiuer Martinez is a joke in France or how many movies he’s made in the last several years after a long hiatus or what he makes [er picture or how he invests his money. Joke isn’t the right word-insignificant or not taken seriously would be more appropriately—lost in the translation?

  • je ne sais pas #2

    Who knows how many modeling gigs locally and abroad St Gabe has done since the split when Halle hasn’t been hauling his butt back in court every so many months?

    Does he boxing /self defense lessons against an ex boxer , maybe?

  • Shelbethegreat

    love olivier he is great