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Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Football Sunday!

Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Football Sunday!

Diane Kruger and her longtime love Joshua Jackson head to a sports bar on Sunday (January 20) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 36-year-old actress and 34-year-old actor went to watch the big Super Bowl determining games that day.

Diane and Josh cheered on as the Ravens beat the Patriots and the 49ers beat the Falcons, making the Super Bowl officially the Ravens vs. the 49ers!

Be sure to tune in to the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 3) – Beyonce is performing at the halftime show so stay tuned to for all the pics.

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# 1

What a beautiful couple!!

# 2

they look so cute together.

# 3

i love them, my favorite couple.

# 4

awwwwwwwwww so cute

# 5

He looks hot, she looks pretty. They are perfect, just perfect.

# 6

mmmm….Joshua Jackson

# 7

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# 8

Diane Kruger is beauty, very good actress and i love her… she looks AMAZING !!! And i like her relationship with Josh.

# 9

Joshua and Diane are a very good match.

Oh Joshua Jackson, you’re delicious.

Joshua, put a ring on it!!!

I spy Peter Bishop! <3 Isn't that The Peacoat©!?

Diane Kruger is hot! Been crazy about her ever since Inglourious ********!

im so jealous of diane!!!!!!!!

A very good movie “pour elle”. They did a americain remake of that movie a couple years ago starring Russel Crowe.

Diane and her co-star got praised by the critics:!

Love me some Joshua Jackson.

new crush…. Joshua Jackson <3

Forever in love with Diane Kruger

Why don’t I look like Diane Kruger waaaahhhh

Josh is great . Handsome and sexy!


I like Diane Kruger, though. She’s always interesting to watch.

Joshua Jackson I love you, but I fully accept the fact that you are with the incredibly beautiful Diane Kruger

reigniting my love for Joshua Jackson

Wish I was Diane Kruger… She’s a cool lass

I will always love Joshua Jackson! ♥

The perfect couple. Got a soft spot for Diane Kruger & Josh Jackson.

Introducing our Feb cover star, the ultra-stylish Diane Kruger! Be sure to get the new issue of GLAMOUR, on sale Monday

I have a massive crush on Joshua Jackson.

Excelente actriz Diane Kruger.

Joshua Jackson you complete me <3

Diane Kruger. HOT DAMN!!!!!!!!!, what a beauty.

Love Joshua’s down to earthness .. Diane is so gorgeous, and they seem really happy together.

Diane Kruger is perfection

Joshua jackson you flawless.

They seem to travel a lot and they also seem to spend a lot of time together, going everywhere and sharing each others interest. Now that is real love!

Diane Kruger is beautiful :o

Joshua Jackson is an awesome actor.


Joshua Jackson….My dream man.

Diane is such a natural stunner

They are THE cutest ! It’s refreshing to see how normal they are! :) aww

They make a good-looking couple! So happy to see them together.

She looks like she’s pregnant, could Josh finally get his wish come true?

Do you think Katie Holmes called during the game? Josh and Katie forever!

Diane Kruger is absolutely gorgeous, such an underrated actress.

He looks gorgeous, she looks frumpy. He’s too good for her.


Come on, like she’d get pregnant. Her career comes first, even before Joshua. There is no way a woman like that would let anything get between her and her career.

So nice to see a celebrity couple who look so happy and in love.

céline @ 01/21/2013 at 1:06 pm

Diane, je t’aime, mon amour. Joshua est trĂ©s beau.

They are always so happy and down to earth. Diane and Joshua are one of the best couples in Hollywood. I hope they stay together forever.

They aren’t going to be a Hollywood couple for long, Josh better get out there and find a part quick. His acting skills aren’t the best and there are tons of actors who are more handsome than he is, the competition is thick out there. As for Diane, she has already past her prime, Hollywood is always looking for the next young/hot star. There are tons more talented actresses than her out there, competition is thick. They are both mediocre actors, so they better start looking now.

Diane is a really pretty lady, no wonder that Joshua is madly in love with her.

I so want a Joshua……

These two are nothing more than C-list actors. Diane may have been in some big movies, but she by no way contributed to their success. Poor Josh had a show that barely hung on, the only reason it lasted as long as it did was because of John Noble. Maybe they should do another laughable car commercial.

This couple is just awesome .. just makes u want to smile.

OMG, what has happened to Diane. She looks so old. I remember when she was young and beautiful. Now she looks like a housewife going to the neighborhood pub to get a drink. Her looks and fashion have really gone down hill.

Joshua and Diane. It was meant to be!

Yum Joshua Jackson :)

I am in awe of Diane Kruger, she is so talented, pretty and with such fantastic style. Her boyfriend is awesome too.

Unfortunately I think this ***** is pregnant, That would be great misfortune to humanity, kim kardashian and D’vil pregnants,it misfortune would be bigger if kate bosworth pregnant too , poor children would have to compete with Suri as the kids more overexposed the world

He can do no wrong and they seem like a lovely couple.

What a cute and adorable couple. They’ve managed to preserve that early spark many people miss in their long-term relationships. I think they are in for a long haul. Josh and Diane will last forever. :)
I am not certain but Diane really looks pregnant on these photos. It would be such wonderful news altogether! Josh has finally deserved to become a caring loving father after so many years of a wonderful relationship. I know she had said in some interviews that her carrier came first, but i really hope she had changed her mind after having spent seven years with this loving and supportive good-looking man. Josh is such a father material
Their baby, whether it’s on its way now, or whenever they agree to have it, is going to be incredibly beautiful! Imagine a little girl with Josh’s eyes and Diane’s pretty face! :) :)

I think she’s pregnant too. She can kiss her career good-bye, she doesn’t have the talent most Hollywood actresses with children have. They would have a beautiful child, not as beautiful as Suri though.

Both so good looking

One word that could define Diane is ‘Average’ she is an actress Average, Average until in the stature 5.7 is not a great stature for a model, Gisele BĂĽndchen is 5.11 she also had a middle-class education, her parents, an alcoholic and her mother a bank employee, they were middle class, so for me she is medĂ­ocre

@Frei: Megan Fox may even be a mediocre actress, but she is most famous, most beautiful and hotter than Diane

I’ve never been more jealous of a woman. I WANT JOSHUA!!

Such a sweet couple hope they last x

More spam from Di’s lonely fan. You’re not fooling anyone with all your fake names and, and neither is your idol with all her pap calling and famehoing.

Josh can act. Fringe was a good show. Diane is a colossal bore on every level.

There are so many more famous couples. These two are papped all the time because Diane tips them off. It’s overkill at this point.

I’ve added a gorgeous scan from Vogue Magazine’s “Best Dressed” issue into the gallery

Megan Fox is a crappy actress and a plastic freak married to an old man who’s last hit was a bad 90′s TV show.

Another pregnant before marriage celebrity. How original. I wouldn’t put it past her. She’s getting old, still not famous despite all her desperate pap calling behaviour, and he still hasn’t married her.

What a fine specimen of a man!

@Tom: From now on I think Josh may have more opportunity in his career than that Diane, she peaked in Inglourious ******** (I think she trasou with Tarantino to get the role) ever since, she only makes low-budget films such as The Green Blade Rises, the first film of a director unknown that before was just a consulting producer, 5 to 7 also a film by an unknown director, The Host is a mystery, is teen movie, for indeed the general public, just care, in these movies, of the protagonists ( or someone knows someone from the cast of twilight besides Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart) Josh was working on show where he was involved with large companies and persons related to movies and tv they can open big doors for him , JJ abrams Bad Robot responsible by major productions in film and TV, as mission impossible and star trek, Fox connected one of the biggest movie studio in the world, 20th Century Fox
Warner idem, beyond by Akiva Goldsman
Oscar winner and a big movie producer, Roberto Orci and
Alex Kurtzman producers of hit movies

actress Diane Kruger reveals that most come to love sports , thanks to her boyfriend: – Joshua has made ​​me a sports fanatic. I always watched the Super Bowl, but now I watch all the games that precede it. We enjoy the sports bar and cheer along with a loud voice

Low budget doesn’t mean bad. Most of the best films are indies. Diane is just unexceptional. Boring. Blah. She’s not famous enough to attract paps every week so you know she calls them. I hope he gets more work. He’s a good actor. He deserves better than being a partner in her fameho games.

unemployed, fringe finale sucked!!!

Love this couple. And she always looks effortlessly beautiful.

@lol: most artists, dislikes of being papped, just the artists medicres like kate bosworth and Diane Kruger likes of being papped,papped don’t is denotation of sucess how this troll thinks, is only compares diane kruger with Marion Cotillard marion isn’t papped, she only appears to promote her work , her private life isn’ t exposed is for this reason that everyone respects and admires marion, besides her being a great actress, something that diane, isn’t

She totally looks pregnant!

I love her casual style

What a beautiful and cute couple! Love them!

Diane is so pretty. Her light makeup perfectly suits her.

Diane Kruger has great style. Even in casual clothes, she always dresses on point.

She look like an older European woman. Nothing special at all.

Thes two are very cute

Fringie A petition comes to open on fringe movie sur twitter For this morning.

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