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Ian Somerhalder: Ready For the Inauguration!

Ian Somerhalder: Ready For the Inauguration!

Ian Somerhalder makes his way through the airport with his luggage on Sunday (January 20) in Washington, D.C.

The 34-year-old actor is in town for the inauguration of President Obama where he is slated to attend the Artists Making an Impact celebration on Monday night (January 21).

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“Another plane-this time?” Ian tweeted earlier in the day. “DC bound for inauguration!Ready to freeze for huge gathering of truly bad-ass people.Thank you to all of my bosses for letting me go to Washington!”

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  • Danny


  • shelby

    I used to like him but he only tweets to ask for money for something, brag where he’s going and asking us to vote for him or his brother. Dude get over yourself. Now the 50 year olds who watch that show will leave nasty messages

  • Marlene

    He’s pretty, but comes off as really sleazy.

  • Hyui

    Ian Somerhalder is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • holly

    Why does he always wear a hat? Does he have hair plugs?

  • Bella

    I love his style, such a gorgeous and humble Man :)

  • Sammy

    hehehe I agree with Shelby.. his twitter feeds are mind numbing and desperate (like giving away signed copy of his 50 shades of grey book to who ever donates money) *eyerolls* . I had to unfollow.

    Well… on a solid note Vampire Diaries is back after a long hiatus and hopefully they don’t disappoint viewers with a cop out.. :)

  • Zac
  • rain

    Hello, Ian!

  • http://fb connie

    The gay community should get out to support Obama because he supports them.

  • French girl

    Is he gay ?

  • arron

    @French girl: like alot of actors who haven’t come out Ian has a beard. The cw has a “relationship” for the cameras with his co star Nina. I wish Ian would know that his fans will still love him. Look at Matt Bomer from white collar. His career hasn’t been affected.

  • arron

    @Sammy: Ian you are wearing a $700.00 Burberry Cashmere scarf asking for money for this and that. Why not buy a cheaper scarf instead of asking a bunch of teen girls who cannot afford it.

  • Bella

    @French girl: NO HE ISN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Isabella

    @Sammy: You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about…seriously, go check out why he needs the money before you judges him! ( and btw, he’s NOT forcing anyone to donate) he’s doing all this for a really great cause and I pity you guys who hate on him for that! Jealousy everywhere…..makes me sick!

  • karrie

    @Isabella: You do understand that he is wearing a $700.00 cashmere burberry scarf. Can you imagine how much his coat is? It does seem somewhat crazy he asks a bunch of teen girls using their parents money for “his causes”. They may well be good causes but come on even I’ve seen some of his tweets. Guess that’s why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

  • Liz


    @karrie What ignorant comments. He doesn’t ask for money. All of Ian’s fans know of his ISF foundation and how passionate he is about it. It’s a wonderful thing he does and he tries to bring awarness to some great causes through it. No one has to give money. He doesn’t do anything different than any other celeb on social network who is passionate about a cause and encourages awarness. And teenage girls? Ian has fans of all ages. Get facts before making comments about someone.

  • Anne

    I understand those people who get tired of Ian asking money on Twitter, maybe it´s a little too much sometimes, but on the other hand having a Foundation you need money in order to do things and it´s very difficult to get that, and I guess that Twitter is another way to let people know what he needs.

    About being gay or not, he is not lol but I agree that his relationship with Nina is mostly work and friendship, that´s why he will never confirm the relationship and still not acting like a couple because they are not. They both know that what fans and articles say is not totally true but as long as the show is on air they will keep playing cat and mouse, once the show is over they will be “free”. They both have fun and seeing another people.

    Ian has met a girl through his Foundation not famous (she is in DC too) who is involve in this business too.

  • Sammy

    @French Girl – Naw.. I don’t think he is gay…

    @Isabella – Have you actually read what I said? I have no problems him asking people to support his foundation. Everybody asks for money to support foundations not just him.
    I am saying I find his tweets totally delusional like he is the only human saving the world. There is a difference between saying hi guys please support my foundation… and I got a special invite by the President and here we are discussing how we can save the world together.
    Also his incessant promotion for the Christian Grey role XD . Seriously read his tweets :)

  • Pennie

    Is she a blonde. I met ian at the “artist make an impact”dinner thingy with like a few other fans, when he was approaching this blonde chick and him looked extremely cozy, I was wondering who she was because I thought he was dating nina. we asked him for a pic, he declined at first but then changed his mind and agreed. while he was taking a picture he asked me ‘how I know he was going to be here?.’ I found it strange he asked that, since I thought it was posted everywhere. Apparently the event was suppose to be private so the 7fans who were their wasn’t suppose to be.

  • blueberry

    Hey, you just confirmed what I was told on that private dinner. Hmm he’s always been close like really really really close to his (girl)friends but he’s kinda crossing the moral lines, and this quickly becomes inappropriate. I know I won’t be happy if my bf was acting like that with other girls. By the way I’m pretty sure he’s with Nina(or were… Idk what to think on that blonde chick). People from Atlanta who witnessed some things know that for sure.

  • jess

    what have assisted the people from Atlanta? I did not understand

  • Anne


    I don´t know if the girl is blonde or not to be honest, I was just told what I wrote. Yes Ian asking about how did you know that he was going to be there is very telling in my opinion. Why he was with another girl in a private event and not with Nina if they are so serious???. My point is that what is really happening when there are not cameras around is completely different. Ian yes is a touchy guy with his friends why not with NIna?? he behaves with Nina the same as with another friends. They have to keep this NIAN thing for convinience, for publicity and they have to until the show is done. Again Ian and Nina when there are not cameras around they are not together. They don´t live together, they are friends and that´s all, but everything to keep the fans.

  • Anne

    Oh but you can bet that from time to time they will appear together at some events (in two weeks they have one apparently) and people will keep thinking that they are together. I understand that people like them together, but as we say the reality is very cruel.

  • Pennie

    oh you heard about the private dinner, wen I googled it, I barely see any photos, but there are some professional photos and he’s not even with the blonde at all, and it’s like she never existed their. It’s like she knows when the cameras appear and she’s out of the way. It’s very strange.

  • Pennie

    yeah I have a feeling their not really together. Ian and Nina never really show affection and most of the time nina doesn’t even smile when she’s around him. barely or no couple photos on their vacation. their trip could have just been a way for them to be with other people secretly.
    But I really wanted someone to take a picture of that blonde,it was oddly suspicious. unless he’s like a player and just date lots of women or something.

  • Carol

    Ian doesn’t ask his fans for money. He’s passionate about his foundation and like other celebs that are on social media, he posts about it and brings awareness through it. Some will find any little thing to hate on. Get the whole picture before you post falsehoods about someone. He’s a great guy, proud to be a fan.

    As for he and Nina… some things strike me as a bit off about their relationship, but it’s none of my business. If it makes fans happy to believe they are reallly together, so be it. I don’t think they are totally platonic though, would you be with Ian? lol I think once TVD ends and they no longer work together in Atlanta and go on to their seperate projects, they will likely move on from each other.

  • Isobel

    It´s obvious that Nina and Ian are just friends, but like many young celebrities “couples” they just have to play this game., everything for the fans. They are lucky that they live in Atlanta and can do whatever they want. And I agree, when the show ends, they will move on from each other 100% sure of it.

  • Jane

    Whatever is up between Ian and his blonde or the many blondes, brunettes and redheads in his life, if its all for show with Nina I really wish they wouldn’t do that. She’s young and hot and she could be living it up big time with any number of hot guys her own age instead of self-centred, aging, balding Ian. I mean he’s okay but they are in totally different stages of life. Girl should be partying falling out of cabs and flashing things … Not keeping up publicity relationships.

  • Anne

    But do you think that Ian and Nina are not having a good time with another people?? of course they do, the thing is that we don´t see it!!. Ian being in Washington with another girl and being with her in that dinner it´s very very telling, every actor hides very well what they want to hide. It´s clear that Nina and Ian are professional and work right now it´s the most important thing for them, they are famous now so let´s make the best of it they need publicity as every actor. Sure Ian and Nina two years ago started as a friends with benefits, flirts, people paid attention to that and fans too and it´s a good publicity, let´s face it, but their relationship changed and didn´t evolve but now how can you say hey we are just friends?? they can´t right now many fans love that couple, gives extra publicity to the show and to them, if they say oh we broke up may damage the show, DE etc. So they appear together from time to time, fans with a couple of pics have enough to continue thinking oh what a beautiful love story, but they go on with their lives separately and discreetly and letting people know what they want. When they are together, sure they bring people with them (Thailand is a good example) Ian and NIna are professional and ambitious and they know that until the show is on air they have to continue with this “relationship”, co-stars, family know it.

  • Pennie

    I feel bad if there not really dating though. you would think at Ian’s age he would want to get married and had kids soon or a few years. Since he’s not getting any older and nina stated time and time again she’s not ready to get married or anything. And who knows how long TVd will last. I just hope they are living their real lives behind closed doors because if not it would suck in the long run.

    also some pics came out from that private dinner he went to and that blonde wasn’t in any of the pictures, it’s like she was never there. they are so good at making sure she dosent get a picture to stir up issues.

  • Anne

    But on the other hand what happens to Ian and Nina, happens to every actor above all, in their early stages of their career. A pretty good example is Robert and Kristen, look what happened, it´s a good example that their relationship was not like the fans thought, in their private lives is totally different. But they let people talked and think oh how in love they are, and at the end of the day, is all publicity=money very important in Hollywood. And Ian and Nina are very similar, play that game of let people guess, let´s show up together but not posing together, that game of hinting but not showing, very clever game. It´s a pity that Ian (with his age) and Nina allow this game, because it´s clear that Ian and Nina are not together, a real couple don´t behave like that. Spend more time apart than together, I know that they work together, but I meant in their free time. They go to the private events with another people, what kind of couple is that?

  • Jane

    @Anne: Not all Hollywood couples show up everywhere together. They have their own individual careers and goals. So they would naturally have things they do apart. I think the more concerning thing is that they do not present themselves, professionally, as a couple. For example look at couples like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel or Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth or Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes or Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis and I could go on and on. They walk red carpets together. They talk about each other openly in interviews and on TV. They might have been evasive at first, but after things were known they were very open about each other. For all their posturing, Nina and Ian do not present themselves to the world as a “couple”. If they are dating, even in a not very serious way, they are doing so behind the scenes and without much serious intentions right now.

  • Anne


    Exactly, and that´s one of the reasons why I think that they are not a couple. After two years of people guessing about their relationship, Ian still have to confirm the relationship. He says nothing and that means a lot. And all this is not about keeping the relationship private, no. And they will never confirm or being open about it, because their relationship was never serious, but on the other hand they let people assume that they are together, living together and very much in love. I am pretty sure that when Ian and NIna find someone that really fall in love with, and sure about their relationship they won´t hide. Ian will show up with his partner in events related to his foundation and talk about her (like he did with his real last girlfriend) and Nina the same. It´s a matter of the right time, the right person and wanting to settle down. There will be a time that they will move on in their lives, in their careers and Nian will be over.

  • Verite

    But I have a question. If Ian was romantically “cozy” with a random blonde at this party which by the way was full of press, why has there been no pictures or gossip about it? If he’s messing around with girls why hasn’t there been a single pic or gossip item or anything? Gossip magazines LOVE it when couples fool around on each other. Look how much activity they got with Robert and Kristen. Maybe you might think something wrong about their relationship but saying they are both seeing other people and having fun and yet not a single news item … It doesn’t add up. They aren’t A-listers but they’re popular enough that a news item about either of them stepping out with other people would sell papers and get views.

  • Pennie


    well the event was private. Like the number of fans that came to see the celebrities was 7. and only two were there to see ian. when he was approaching me and the other chick who was there to see him was like “is that him? is that Ian?!” we noticed the blonde and she was holding him like u know how ppl walk and the kinda have their hand in the guys chest while there both close together. I should have token a picture,but my mind was in fan girl spazz mode that I didn’t think about it. when he got close and we said hi to him, ian and the blonde immediately sperated. we asked him for a picture and he declined at first then changed his mind and said he’ll take a pic. then that’s when he asked “how did we know he was going to be here.” which me and the girl thought was wierd cuz he’s famous and alot of websites said he was going to be here. he went inside after signing some autographs. camera men weren’t allowed in unless it was strictly for the event. Like only one camera man. and in thosepics only the celebs photos were taken. There we’re alot of rich ppl who went to the event too but wast celebrities so they weren’t in the pictures.
    now I’m not sure who this blonde chick was, she looked older then nina. and you would think ian would have tweeted about going to the event or maybe something after he left DC. But he said nothing about it. He didn’t even acknowledge that he went to that dinner.

    He could be dating nina too but I just felt alittle off after that night.

  • Pennie

    sorry for my grammar errors in my last post. Typing fast on my phone.

  • Emily

    Is the blonde the woman who runs his foundation? If so, I doubt there is anything going on, they are just friends. She probably goes to events like this with Ian occasionally as a member of his ISF team. She may even live in DC. I doubt he would openly be with someone at an event like this even if it was private. People talk, and have discreet cell phone cameras. I think he would be more careful. Ian is very touchy feely with everyone so just because he and this woman seemed affectionate with each other it may not mean what some think.

  • Verite

    @Pennie: ok but this doesn’t answer my question. Ian is always walking around hugging other women and with women all over him. That’s nothing new for him and proves nothing. There is no doubt in my mind that if either ian or nina were dating other people there would be news and gossip and pictures everywhere. I am just saying that people often see things and misunderstand them. There are a few of you here who constantly come on this site and everywhere adamantly posting about how these two are fake. It’s the same two people and you post the same stuff using the same sentences all over forums and tumblr. You guys do not constitute enough proof for me. If these two are dating others that’s their business but we all know if that was happening it would be much more widely known and talked in the press.

  • Pennie

    well I’m not those people who go online posting this. I was just curious about this mysterious blonde that no one knows, who ian was cuddly with. he could be dating nina and just really affectionate with his “dates” he bring along to his dates. but DC is diff then LA and ATL,there was no gossip sites people there that night, only a few people waiting to meet some or their favorite actor/actress. so you don’t have to believe me or anything, because I know what I saw and it just seems a bit odd. everything just doesn’t make sense.

  • Sara

    My first post here. English it´s not my language so apologise in advance.

    @Verite I have been kinda “shipping” (athough I am too old for that lol), Nina and Ian since the season 1 ended, I like them, they are cute and when those Lakers game pics came out, I was kinda curious. And although I get your point, I get also the others who say that Nian are not a couple. I will tell you that for months have been having that feeling that maybe their relationship is not what we may think. My “list” of doubts has been increasing more and more. For me as many stated here, are not behaving like a couple (at least how I see a couple) and yes it´s true Ian is very touchy guy and maybe it doesn´t mean anything (althogh I think that when he has a serious relationship he won´t be that touchy) but that same thinking can be applied to Nina, he behaves the same way. And to be honest it´s been a long time since we had a sighting of them kissing or being very couply.And IMO not having gossips or news about them having another love interest it´s not a excuse, a celebrity can hide very very well his/her private life, they have a team of publicits and even friends in gossips sites, journalists who won´t say a thing (Perez, this site is a good example), they both have good press and let´s face it they are not A-listers and they live in Atlanta where there are no paparazzis there and when they go to LA they sure know how to move there. And I totally understand people thinking that two celebrities can have a fanservice relationship, I would tell you a number of them that for me is very obvious. I agree with some who say that it´s very significative that if they are a couple still behave like they are not, and even Ian talk less and less about Nina or say nothing at all, I remember that in the beggining he talked about her in a flirty way, there has been a big change from Ian in that regard.

    And reading Pennie´s brief encounter with Ian well adds another reason for me to believe that these two are not a couple after all. I agree with Jane that not all the Hollywood couples show up together everywhere, they have their things too, but them I don´t know …..something is off, they don´t appear together unless it´s some event that cast go together but if it´s something related to his Foundation or another thing Nina is not there, I don´t know if I have my couple I would want to go there, but instead he brings another girl as his date to that event (or at least the event that we are aware of) and was cuddly and maybe he dared to bring that girl because he thought that no one would see it, and again if I have a girlfriend I don´t go to an even with another girl. I have no doubt that Ian and Nina help each other out, and care for each other,and there is a good chemestry between them. Nina says many times that they are like family and that´s how I would describe their relationship FAMILY. And maybe that´s why they don´t talk or make official their relationship because there is not a love relationship between them after all, so better shut up and let people think what they want (after all this Nian relationship doesn´t affect them in a bad way) that they will go with their lives when they are not in public and it´s exactly what they are doing. Of course they will go to some events together or even family together, but for me at this point it does not change my point of view, both families know the truth and they will support them no matter what, and they know how this business works and furthermore they have to be very carefull because we have the show here, and Ian and Nina help a big time to promote and to sell the show, so sure they would tell them be discreet as for what you do in your private time.

    IF and I say IF they are more than friends, for me it´s plain obvious that they have an open relationship, with no commitment or obligations between them. They said many times that their priority is their jobs and not time to settle down, so maybe they have fun in the meantime.

    And I agree also that probaly when the show ends (I would be surprise if that happens earlier) they will go on to separate ways and maybewill be more open as for what it´s really going on in their lives. TVD is over and Nian is very connected to that.

  • ellie


    I agree with all the comments you say about the Nian saga, but I have been told by a reliable source that Ian and Nina are living together whilst they are filming in Atlanta, this is probably to save on rent as Nina owns her own property in Atlanta. Not sure what the whole deal is on their relationship I think its all for the fans benefit. To be honest, I personally couldnt date someone like Ian I mean I feel for his gf because he strikes me as a very flirty person and I dont think I could trust him. If Nian are the real deal then I do feel for Nina if he is out and about having secret meetings with another blonde. Ian just doesnt sit well with me there is something not right. I agree with the money he makes at conventions and acting I find it quite annoying he asks the public for money, maybe he should look into selling his audi or one of his so called homes or better still why doesnt he pump in some of his own money he makes at these events to his foundation.

  • shazna

    Maybe we all reading into it too much. I mean it could all be rumours and who knows about the blonde it could have been his sister or a relative for all we know. I just hope it doesnt blow up in anyones faces cause both of them will get hurt. :(

  • Anne

    @ellie I think that neither of them are interested right now in having a serious relationship, to settle down or having kids, Nina said it many times and it´s very obvious that for her, her career comes first plus she is very young, her main focus is that and you see that clearly when she hasn´t missed any Hollywood event recently.

    And Ian well more or less the same, I don´t know him personally but I see him as a guy that lives the moment and if he sees something he likes (including girls) goes for it. I don´t know I don´t see him to settle down right now, he is a flirter big time and furthermore he loves this player image,works for him and especially for the fans. He needs them (for their career and for his foundation) and fans love him being flirt and touchy. He can be a serious guy and you can see that regarding his Foundation and I believe that he works hard to keep it going and growing but as for women right now I don´t see that, maybe because he hasn´t found her yet.

    As for they living together, I think that he has his own place, I know that fans are comparing pictures with tv, cats or whatever to have a clue about that. But the only thing that I am sure of is that their relationship is above all friendship, the romance, flirts etc was over long time ago and right now what is left is friendship. Their relationship had not future anyway. They see another people and have a good time with another people because they are single and with no obligations , but they better keep it in private and quietly (Ian trip to DC is an example and many places that we are not aware of). I am pretty sure that they are really tired of this Nian relationship (and you see that clearly) but right now is not the right time to stop it, the reason? the show.

  • sandy

    @Sara I think you have hit the nail on the head. I agree with everything you have said. Nina & Ian are close and yeah I agree its almost like family. Its been said that Ian is a big time flirt and you know what women love the attention he gives them and he really knows how to make someone feel as if they are the only person in that room. Maybe this woman was another close friend, no one really knows and its all speculation at the moment. @Pennie from reading your comment I also have many doubts in my mind but I also have been having a very of my own about the relationship. The only time we get to see them showing PDA is really when an event is going on or there is some other event going to happen that they are both involved in. We dont want to cause any bad rumours for these two, I say let them get on with it they are old enough to know what they are doing. :)

  • Sara


    Nice post. I am completely sure that they are just very good friends right now, that maybe they were more than friends in the past?? probably but not right now but fans of this couple don´t want to see it or believe it, which totally respect.

    And for them this Nian relationship is good publicity for them, you hardly read a bad article about them, I think that both have a common goal that is their careers and you need to get some attention (like any actor / actress by the way) so it´s good publicity, a love relationship between co-stars sells and they make the best of it, and make fans happy and they at the same time are able to live their lives as they want, all they have to do is from time to time appear together to some events and that´s all.

    The clue here is the show, once the show ends, Nian ends too.

  • Sara


    By the way, what they are doing is what maaaaany actors do in Hollywood, is how this works. So let´s not blame them for that. They are old enough to know what they are doing, they are not criminals lol, they just entertain and make fans happy.

  • sandy


    I completely agree its not uncommon for actors to have an agreement to have an arranged relationship so to speak. People love the Elena & Damon together the fandom goes crazy every thursday night when these characters get together so having these two making out that they are more than just friends is good for their images and of course the show makes the fans love them more all good publicity and with good publicity comes good ratings for the show. I say good luck to them both, they have to make the most of it before the show ends as when it does I dont think they will be in the limelight as much as they are now. Whatever they both choose to do with their lives to further their careers is up to them as long as they are both happy and not hurting anyone whilst doing it I dont see any problem. :)

  • sandy


    Agreed! its not uncommon for actors to have an agreement to have an arranged relationship so to speak. People love the Elena & Damon together the fandom goes crazy every thursday night when these characters get together so having these two making out that they are more than just friends is good for their images and of course the show makes the fans love them more all good publicity and with good publicity comes good ratings for the show. I say good luck to them both, they have to make the most of it before the show ends as when it does I dont think they will be in the limelight as much as they are now. Whatever they both choose to do with their lives to further their careers is up to them as long as they are both happy and not hurting anyone whilst doing it I dont see any problem. :)