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Jennifer Lopez: Blue Bikini Babe!

Jennifer Lopez: Blue Bikini Babe!

Jennifer Lopez rocks a blue bikini while sunbathing on a yacht on Sunday (January 20) in Miami, Fl.

The 43-year-old actress was joined by friends and family, including her adorable daughter Emme. The group soaked up some sun on the boat deck before sitting down for a meal together.

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The day before, Jennifer was spotted lounging by the pool with Emme and her twin brother Max.

25+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez spending her day on a yacht…

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jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 01
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 02
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 03
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 04
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 05
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 06
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 07
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 08
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 09
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 10
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 11
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 12
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 13
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 14
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 15
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 16
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 17
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 18
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 19
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 20
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 21
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 22
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 23
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 24
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 25
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 26
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 27
jennifer lopez blue bikini babe 28

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  • rikki

    actress?? she was in like 2 movies. ha

    she looks good but where is her 20 year old boyfriend?

  • jen

    Did she FINALLY get rid of that freeloader Casper? I hope so. She kooks a lot nicer without the stupid turban on her head.

  • jen

    By the way, do jlo, her cousin, that Anna lady and Benny Medina have lives without each other? That’s all they seem to do, be with each other, swimming, on boats or shopping. What insipid lives. Get a book and read, show interest in what’s going on around you… And Jlo, be with your kids on your own and behave like a mother, not as part of a ‘whole lot’ of mothers. The kids wouldn’t know the difference. Build some memories with them so you can look back when they are older – just you and them!!!!

  • .


  • zoiey moore

    Really sweat color is her bikini..

  • NYC

    How annoying is this woman?
    GO Away and be a mom to those kids.
    They were photographed kissing on the lips because JLO acts too sexy around them with her boy toy. I’m all for moms having their fun but not in front of the children. Children imitate what they see.
    She’s gross.

  • David

    Fame Ho
    Ben is walking all over her career, FINALLY!
    She destroyed his and now he got it back.
    Most people cannot stand working with her on a set.
    I wonder why that is?

  • sikafashion

    If I was running a team and you told me I could have a player of Royce White’s ability as my 12th man for 41 home games I would do a little danc

  • Joseph

    she is stunning and such a great Mom!
    What an inspiration….just shows you truly can have it all!!!

  • XxXxX

    nice body

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @rikki: make that 27 movies and 4 TV shows but…ok?

  • OMG Google Kelsnetwork and see

    hot body

  • q

    she should get back to those (ridiculous) romantic comedies because TBH she isn’t bad in them (iknowiknow shame me) but i liked her in maid in manhattan and the wedding planner.

    I mean if it’s between her and jennifer aniston i’d prefer jblow. (also everyone needs to watch Selena, even if they hate J.L, it’s a pretty amazing story that’ll make you cry)

  • Daren

    It’s not like she is going to the Country Mart every day. This hard working star is taking a vacation with her family, What’s wrong with that? The Asslick’s are a bunch of jealous freaks.

  • Zac
  • ChrisMustoe

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • Sheila

    Weird how her manager Benny Medina goes on holiday with her, like she can never truly turn off (like Jennifer Aniston who bring Stephen Huvane everywher).

    Since American Idol has restarted with Mariah, JLO has been everywhere again, maybe trying to keep her face in the news. Seems she is going for the “see, I am Motherly” shots lately. Normally the nannies attend to her kids and she barely holds their hands usually, but woah 2 days in a row where she towels them off, those kids must think WTF when she pays attention to them!!

  • suana 233

    benny medina has been her manager for over 10 years, she really trust him with her career, over marc anthony advice.

  • Tiff

    That cousin of hers is an a bitch, horrible person.

  • katie

    I actuaaly think jlo is a great actress, people don’t give her enough credit. and I hope she got rid of casper. shes a needs a real man.

  • grace

    HOW THE HELL IS SHE 43?? she looks good. and I agree, she needs to get rid of casper.

  • mike1025

    Jlo is looking hot!!

  • Josie

    @shiela. She only pays attention to those kids when the cameras are on her, and its not like the paparazzi are sneaking and taking pictures of them. There are always SO MANY pictures because I’m sure she hires a photographer to take those pictures when its time to do her “see I’m a good mother”

    @NYC. I saw the pictures of the boy kissing his sister in the mouth, but I do believe her boy may have a developmental problem from how strange he looks in some pictures, but JLO is perfect, her life is perfect, and she would never admit if her child has some type of defect.

  • trackn

    She is 43 and she looks like that!!! She really has some great genes. Looks so much better in a bikini than some other actresses half her age

  • janice

    So agree @Jen and @sheila

    Jennifer Garner has terrible fashion style but she could teach JLo a thing or two about being a mother.Just look at her face she looks miserable when she’s with her kids .Different when she is with her boy toy.I hope that she finally has a wake up call at the GG awards and dumped him.Jlo you look like ridicules and people are going to keep treating like that till you dump him

  • Bratari

    JLO is beautiful

  • thor

    Gorgeous creature!!Please dump Casper and stay with me.I´m 27 and i have a crush on you.

  • She Stinks!

    Cover it up grandma, no one wants to see it. Again, JNO class has to stay in the public eye by getting naked to stay relevant, yet its not working. It won’t be long until its Jennifer who? Wasn’t she some no talent classless hack from the late 1990s? Trash!

  • bob

    Sexy as hell.At my work all the guys are unanimous to say that she is the hottest lady around.She owns us.

  • HoneyWest

    Well it looks like she’s having a great time with her family and friends and her kids. Where is Casper? As if I care! For once she is without that gigolo boy toy of hers, it’s a treat not to see his ugly baldheaded ass in the pictures. He’s not good looking enough to be in them. She needs to dump Casper and get a real man that is better attractive, have money, well established, well educated, have industry connections, better fashion sense etc., not some over posessive 25 yr. old freeloading off of her where she has to support and feed this loser! Feed him and end up paying for dinner when they go out , how embarrassing for her. Go get a job! I wouldn’t date a broke back up dancer if my life depended on it, there’s not that much love in the world sweetheart. I can’t believe she is 43 yrs. old and look sensational! Taking a nice vacation with her kids and friends, its about time and no Casper, she could do without him, he has nothing to offer her anyway but a headache! He’s just a kid not a man.