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Kate Bosworth & Amanda Seyfried Take Off for Sundance!

Kate Bosworth & Amanda Seyfried Take Off for Sundance!

Kate Bosworth and her fiance Michael Polish hold hands while they head into LAX Airport on Monday afternoon (January 21) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress and her love will be premiering their film Big Sur during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

“hold on darlin’ we’re headed up the mountain. #bigsur #sundance2013,” Michael tweeted, to which Kate replied, “Away we go!”

Also pictured: Amanda Seyfried making her way through the airport to catch a flight to Park City, where she will be premiering her film Lovelace.

FYI: Amanda is wearing The Frye Company boots.

25+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Amanda Seyfried at the airport…

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kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 01
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 02
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 03
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 04
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 05
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 06
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 07
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 08
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 09
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 10
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 11
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 12
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 13
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 14
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 15
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 16
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 17
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 18
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 19
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 20
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 21
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 22
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 23
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 24
kate bosworth amanda seyfried take off for sundance 25

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  • Shelly

    Love Amanda she always looks so amazing low maitenance and natural. She has the most amazing blonde long thick hair

  • Really?

    Amanda looks cute. In that outfit Kate looks like the lost Trolson sister.

  • ladybug

    Big Sur premieres on Wednesday evening and they’re leaving now? And AS movie debuts tomorrow.
    Wonder how many outfits KB brought so she and MP can go papwalking for two days.

  • Suze

    I LOVE Amanda!! Even dressed casual, she’s still stunning.
    If KB & MP lose anymore weight, they will cease to exist.

  • JJ stop being Kate’s PR

    Pic 18 there’s Jennifer Carpenter – Debra Morgan on Dexter.
    You’d think a lead actress on a hit show would be worthy of mention more than 10 pics of CocainKate Blowsworth waiting in a freaking line!!! They scream LOSERS on twitter btw.

  • Macy

    Amanda looks so much better than Bosworth does. That jacket is hideous. Two full days of anticipatory papping, yay for us. Ugh!

  • Eresyn

    LOOOOVE Amanda!!! she’s very beautiful, and no matter what she wears, she always look good and comfortable IMO. Her hair is just so perfect and healthy.
    I can’t say the same for Bosworth’s hair, though. I know she has baby fine hair, but you can see how malnourishment is affecting it to a very alarming point…that even when she has it styled and stuff, you can still see something’s bad is going on with it…

  • Knuckebones Game

    When they have sex it sounds like shattering glass.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: You mean you’re not looking forward to probably three plus days of JJ’s multiple posts of KB and MP famewhorepapwalking their way through Park City?

  • Suze

    My last comment is in moderation, but on another site, it claims that MP pretty much pushed some guy away that was trying to get Kate’s autograph. Maybe the guy said something nasty, but come on.

  • Why?

    Why do they tweet each other when they spend every second minute together?? L for Losers.

  • ladybug

    @Suze: Which site?

    @Why? Maybe because, for very brief moments they’re in separate rooms?

  • Suze

    @ladybug: It’s on I’m Not Obsessed.

  • DailyNightly

    I’m thinking set-up, since I NEVER see anyone asking for Kate’s autograph. And if someone really does want it, Kate should be grateful.

  • DailyNightly

    @Knuckebones Game:
    Or like teeth grinding!

  • DailyNightly


    Are they in separate rooms? Details, please!

  • Olivia

    @ladybug: I believe The End already premiered but maybe has a second showing at Sundance. Variety has reviewed it. The review was okay. One of the criticisms was there was no heat between Brit and Alex and they praised some performances but not Alex’s. The second half drags a bit but the director shows a lot of promise. Mostly it was about Brit and the director.

    I’m not buying random comments about sightings without proof. I don’t care if it’s AS with some babe or Michael with an autograph seeker.

  • Macy

    Oh for sure! I can’t wait to see the smugfest/creepfest on full display.

  • Warped


    The East has a few more showings and it is getting very good reviews.
    Alex is still in Park City so there is a chance he may run into her. Robin B is in town though so she is probably running interference for Alex. I don’t think Kate is very high on her priority list. I too think that KB/MP relationship is sick. Just looking at Alex photos with his costars and seeing how at ease and natural the PDA is with them puts the show that Kate puts on look very sad and forced. I don’t see this relationship ending very well. I doubt she will actually marry him.

  • Shelly

    @Eresyn: Kate has very fine hair compared to Amanda’s thick hair but I agree Amanda’s looks healthy and shiny compared to Kate’s hair. Does diet have a lot to due with hair you bet?

  • DailyNightly

    I think you are right, I doubt Kate will marry Molish. He is not generating enough interest/offers for her to go down that road. No one seems to be offering to subsidize her wedding costs in return for pictures/exclusives.
    She’ll hang on to him until something more promising comes along. Fortunately, I don’t think Alex will go down that road again.

  • Jeannie

    @Suze: I just looked at the pictures. The guy looks shocked. Even if the guy did say something inappropriate, MP knew he was being filmed & should try to control his temper. If the guy just really wanted an autograph, well, MP needs to remember that if he wants people to see his movies & keep his fiance employed, he needs to be nicer to fans.

    @DailyNightly there are pictures of her signing autographs on I’m Not Obsessed.

  • :o

    Kate’s legs.
    Oh, honey. You really need to eat something.

  • DailyNightly

    That’s the first time I’ve EVER seen anyone ask her for an autograph.

  • Eresyn

    just saw the pictures…she should be so grateful, one of her five fans or so, actually asked for an autograph…Seems that MP wants to be her only and one #1 fan ;););)

  • Jeannie

    @Shelly: All the bleaching & “dieting” has taken a toll on her hair. Her hair was once healthy,,20290121_1127438_20886641,00.html

  • Jeannie

    @DailyNightly: Ha! It does happen from time to time :D

    @Eresyn, If he keeps doing that to people, he’ll be her only fan.

  • Macy

    Her legs look so gross in those photos. The biggest thing on them is her kneecap. Her thigh is ridiculously scrawny. It looks repulsive.

  • Shelly

    @Jeannie I agree that bleach and extreme dieting does awful things to one’s hair. Amanda does not color her hair and she eats llke normal girls too. Plus, Amanda just plain has great hair right?

  • Jeannie

    @Shelly: Oh absolutely, her hair is amazing! I really like her & hope she does well at Sundance.

  • chelle

    @ladybug: If I was Amanda I would be extremely insulted being linked to those 2 pathetic famewh*res…Amanda has actual talent to back her up and all KB has is…well… a hobbit and piss poor taste in fashion

  • Carla

    Amanda is an attractive woman but Kate is much prettier.

  • Fashionista

    Looks more like a tap on the arm than a shove! I’d call the headline poetic license. Anyhow, I love Kate’s boots.

  • Tom
  • ladybug

    @Olivia: Not sure what a AS specific comment is doing here, but yes, The East has already had two and will have three more showings. Big Sur will have four showings.

    @DailyNightly, the separate rooms comment is in response to Why?’s asking why the tweet each other if they’re always together-maybe they tweet when he’s in the kitchen and she’s in the bedroom picking out her wardrobe.

    The autograph thing: I have no idea what was actually going on, but first impression is that it was MP being rude, even if that may not have actually been the case.

    @Tom, stop with the )*@#$ spamming.

  • Jeannie

    @Fashionista: Regardless, he shouldn’t be putting his hands on anyone. If there was a problem, the airport handler should have stepped in.

  • Whycantipost


    Then maybe the blind about the controlling director is true. Seriously, pushing a guy who appreciates your woman’s work? You should be standing next to her proudly! They sound like the same person; both clingy and afraid to lose each other. Pathetic. They both need help.

  • Whycantipost


    She is linked to Kate anyway, because they have both dated Skars. Like Amanda more though, she seems sweet, eventhough a bit awkward sometimes when interviewed she seems real and has talent.

  • Tulip

    @Jeannie: I don’t think it’s possible to tell if Michael is actually touching the guy. I touch people all the time when I want their attention and it’s not an act of rudeness. Michael might have been saying – hey, you got pictures, that’s enough, okay? He certainly isn’t going at him with his hands in fists like we’ve seen in the past with someone who shall remain nameless!
    Kate looks great in these pictures. I love her hair color. It’s a very warm and flattering color.

  • Skin and bone

    @Knuckebones Game:

    Good gracious I now have a horrible mental picture of them in bed together all bone and flesh but no meat ewwwwwww lol :)

  • Jeannie

    @Tulip: The thing is, you know that some people will look at the headline & believe it. It doesn’t look good for him even if he didn’t touch him.
    The other who shall not be named incident was with a pap, not a fan. That particular pap is known to be a real jerk.

  • Whycantipost

    I want Amanda’s bag. Ugh, might as well give me the whole outfit, I like it.
    Tbh, I like Kate’s bag too. She can give me that and keep the rest (especially Polish xD). In exchange I will feed her. Seems like a nice deal.

    She seems so fragile, it looks like she lost even more weight. I don’t understand Polish not intervening.. If u love your woman you don’t let her starve herself for whatever reason. Some say she is naturally skinny, but I have NEVER seen someone with scrawny legs like that naturally. It is sad, because she was very pretty (in her old days), when she was a bit heavier (but not that at all fat! Just a bit more meat on her bones and more muscles instead of skin). God, I’m really shifting between disliking her and feeling bad for her.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: Regarding Kate’s hair color, many of us have been saying for years that she’d look better with a darker hair color, something that doesn’t wash her out. It’s a better look for her.
    As for the autograph seeker, his legs show up in another one of the photos so it’s possible that he was just being a pest. Hard to tell from selected still photos.

    @Whycantipost: She looks like she never gained back the weight she lost for Homefront.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: Tulip, there are those who’ve been mentioning for years that she’d look better with darker hair. And she does look better in it, less washed out.

    As for the MP pic, the autograph’s seeker’s leg is in another pic, so perhaps he was just being a pest. Hard to tell from a select few stills.

    @Whycan’tipost: I don’t think she ever really gained back what she lost for Homefront. And it’s not that she lost a lot for Homefront, probably just a few pounds.

  • Reviews

    First review I’ve read. Pretty pictures little else. Grade C.

  • ladybug

    @Reviews: Interesting, because the film doesn’t officialy debut until tomorrow.

    OTOH, it’s a better review than the ones for The Lifeguard. That’s the film that KB ended not doing and is in competition at Sundance:

  • Reviews
  • Jamie

    Why does her face always look so waxy?

  • Warped

    Funny how she had to word her response when asked about falling in love while filming the movie. Wouldn’t want the world to know that she literally left Alex at Coachella and was CHEATING with the hobbit shortly there after. Not that Alex is complaining, but she did something really bad to lose his friendship. Two other exes were at Sundance and Alex is still friendly with both. In fact he went to ERW’s screening to support her. Nope you have to really f’ up to get on Alex’s shit list. She seems to hold a top spot.

  • ladybug

    @Reviews: I guess it’s a way to try and get the buzz going, to show it earlier than the actual premiere.

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